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Cathy Flores

July 08, 2024 @ (Florida)

Tags: Relationship

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June 14, 2024 @ (USA)

Tags: break up,

Hello my name is Sally my fiancé broke up with me last week i was so sad I changed completely, I wasn't eating and i wasn't talking to anybody, I cried a lot, I was so depressed and stressed out that I was scared I'm going to end up in the hospital because of all the stress and depression until one day i search online on getting love tips because I Love



June 11, 2024 @ (United States)

Tags: ex back

Hello my name is Diana from the USA, I was so deeply in love with a man that even after he began cheating on me I still wanted him back. but things didn’t work out between us as he chose to move on with the same person he was cheating on me with, and I got really hurt



May 30, 2024 @ (United States)

Tags: Bad break up

On April 7th 2021 was the day I started dating my ex boyfriend that broke up with me 2 years later it was the happiest day of my life when we started dating because I have had feelings for him since 2012 and like he's a City transit bus driver so when i would go on the bus sometimes he would be driving the city bus and one day the bus that he was driving was totally empty and I was the only one in the bus and he went outside for a break and I would just look at him because I didn't have the strength to go talk to him and then one day I gave him a paper and told him to text me and that I liked him so he didn't text me when he seen me in the bus he told me in person that he liked me too and so on April 7th 2021 he went to my house and talked to my mom and asked my mom for permission to date me and that day I really thought he was the men of my dreams he was so sweet with me he would pick me up from work and take me home and spend time with me at my house and then I would go to work on the city bus when he couldn't take me in his car just because he wanted to see me i would spend more time with him then with my family and at work i would spoil him buying him things i celebrated his birthday and him presents and then on Thanksgiving Day 2021 he took me to meet his family and his dad and they are awesome people and very sweet they loved me that's why they don't understand why he broke up with me but in December 2021 for Christmas he took me to spend time with him and his family he was still that sweet loving guy with me I had a great time his family loved spending time with me except the thing was that he was jealous of his dad and brother and I would respect my ex boyfriend I was truthful with him the real thing was when I was supposed to go back to spend time with him and his family again In new years eve because his other brother from California was going to visit to his house and he wanted his brother and his brothers wife to meet me so i was excited so in December 27 2021 when he was visiting me i showed him the dress I was going to put for new years eve so when they would celebrate in family and he got so mad he told me that he didn't want me to put that dress on because I was going to be having people look at me so he stopped talking to me for a couple of days I spent the worst new years day crying it felt like my life was going to end because he wasn't talking to me he started talking to me in January 5 2022 and i felt him kind of weird like he was treating me like a friend but I didn't want to see the truth that I didn't have his love anymore I truly thought I was going to be able to fix the relationship I did everything in my part he had my love still and he kept pulling away from me that was heart breaking and he still celebrated my birthday and i celebrated his but at the end he would come see me one day a week until the surprise was in July 29 2022 at 4:30pm that he called me in the phone and started the conversation joking because I answered my phone very serious my hands were shaking and my heart beating fast like i knew he wasn't going to tell good news and it was to break up with me so i kinda of got out of control started crying and the worst thing i did was that I asked him if he had another girlfriend but his brother told me he does is his ex girlfriend she threatened him to go back with her and chose her over me that i treated him nice and she beat him up
But until this day I still love him even though I haven't seen him since the break up I backed out from his life thinking I would forget him but I still love Michael glau with all my heart ??



May 23, 2024 @ (banglore)

Tags: fake realationship

a day i was scrolling reels i have a habit of giving likes to the reels without watching it fully ,so the same day i liked a reel of a boy so imediately he gave me request and i accepted it and repied to his msg he asked some regular information obot me like name, std, place such things then he asked me whether im single or commited , i told im single then he asked for my photo and told me he have a good friend who got recently broked up and he told me he will give me a intro of his friend then i asked for hid friends id he told his friend is not in ig so he gave me his num and told me to give him a missed call ,it was 9pm my parents were very strict even though i called him e spoke about an hour it was a general talk we were frd and i dint have any feeling on him i had a very good friend feeling we were being friends for week i had no clue that he is going to prpose me it was october 11 the same day i got my exams over and my parents went out so i was free and taking with him suddenly he proposed me i was laughting and thought he was pranking but he told im searious and i told him i have only friend feeling on you he told me he will be true to mei asked him time but he declined to it and told me ans it immediatly i was thinking for a long ans acepted it, he was taking very good care of me ,i did everthing for him even i was a student i had no money i would borough from my frds and buy him food whenever he asks me i had no clue that he is cheating on me ,1 mnth went , i had a plan of meeting he was about and 500km along and he told me come to his place to meet him i took leave and went to his place i belived him a lot and went and i only brought money to eat and guy things he also used me for mre things then it was late to home so i hurried and went home,then he wae not talking to me properly i use to may him for his semester exams i had never asked him anything , next month he called me fot buying drss for him i went to hid place and i bought dress for him in my money then i came home back the same evening he called me and told that he was not feeling well i told him to take rest , next day i messaged him i didnt reply 4 days went we didt speak then he texted me that he s admitted n hospital i asked hospitals name to go and he scoled me not to come so i told him take care and he aslo asked money for medicines i begged to my and family and sent him then every day i use to message him he will be in online and will not see my msg ,tehn suddenly a day i saw his account in ig i called him he didnt attend next day he called me i asked about him health andd he told he is still in the hospital, then i asked why u didit reply for my message he told me i didint take my phone for a month just now i took my phone and saw ue missed call then i asked about his ig he told m i dont have ig then i sent him the screenshot of his id he told my frd is using my id but he posted reels and ther was a highliht named as ammu and some love story then i get to know that he is in an relationship really he was very healthy but he lied me that he was sick after i get to know he is cheating i broked up with him .. he used for money on his birthday i saw his story after breaking up hisfrds are wishing him and saying him to be happy with his loved once i dont know what is the happiness you have in cheating others i could move on still now its been a year , i trusted him andloved him to the infinity did everything took risks for him it was just a 3 months relationship but still i couldnt move on been a year.



May 22, 2024 @ (Delaware)

Tags: Bad break up

So my friend told me to talk to this girl so I did and she said do you want to be my boyfriend so I said yes and then I had to go somewhere and I told her that I need to go and I will call later and then I tried calling her but she didn’t answer so then Later she said I want to Break up so I asked why and she said because someone dared her to do it no I fell sad now I can’t trust no girl no more.



May 16, 2024 @ (united states lousiana )

Tags: badbreakup

met this male on facebook dating and we went on date it felt like love at first sight , he was from nigeria first foreign boyfriend,this man ask me to marry him the first month , never experienced been loved so i said yes because he did everything right had sex multple times a day he started getting distance blame it on college and that he was failing .... he stopped coming around and we decided to breakup istill think about it and a year has passed.



May 02, 2024 @ (United States)

Tags: B

27M have been in a relationship with 27F for a year and half now. Earlier this year I was going through a rough time, had to put my cat down and was also needing to find a job and was really struggling with my mental health. I feel as if I put too much pressure on my girlfriend to be overly supportive but at the same time I never really communicated what I needed from her. While I wish that I told her that I needed space to figure these things out, I instead told her I wasn't feeling the relationship anymore.

With our lack of communication in the relationship, we never really ended the relationship and instead went a month and a half with just texting each other and met up once or twice. I did eventually find a job, and decided to work on myself a bit more. Part of this was meeting up with my girlfriend and spilling my feelings about how i'd like to continue to work on this relationship. We agreed to continue dating, but after just one time hanging out (1 week) she told me that she wanted a break with no contact.

I respected that and we went on a break for about a 3 weeks before I eventually reached out asking where she was at with it all. She called me up, and I explained to her how I've been working on myself through therapy and hobbies, but am still wanting to work on the relationship because I knew I could be a better partner. She told me that when we hung out last she couldn't get the thought that I didn't care about her out of her head. She said that she was happy to see my working on myself but it seemed like a punch in the face that I was doing it now, and if we were to stay and work on things then these thoughts of the past me would still bother her.

I kind of assumed this was going to be where her head was at, but she mentioned that she could feel differently about it all in a couple weeks or a month. She just didn't want to drag me along, which is hard because i'm optimistic things could work. We ended the call, but never really came to a conclusion as to what we were doing. So I called her back and asked, what are we right now. Is this still a break or are we broken up? She responded with broken up. This confuses me because I asked her earlier why she hadn't broken up with me yet, and her response was that she loved me and cared for me.

Why is it that I had to almost force her to give me an answer on this? I'm not sure if I should be waiting for her to change her mind or if I should use this phone call as closure to the end of the relationship.



April 16, 2024 @ (California)

Tags: Breakup, long relationship

We have yet to break up. Its hard but I decided to do it.. I'm just mentally and emotionally getting ready to do it...11 years down the drain because he doesn't know if he wants to be with me or not. I'm the dumb one for staying all this time and being delusional year after year waiting on him to propose. But nope. He doesn't want that. He doesn't even want to move in together... says he's not ready. See, my clock is ticking. I'm 35 now and I want a family. Yeah I should have probably left him after the 5 year mark. Maybe then I would have met the love of my life. Maybe I would already be a mom. Life is hard. I never imagined my life without him. I get so much anxiety thinking about the break up but it has to be done. I feel I won't be able to live without him but I gotta be selfish. I have to think about my future and find someone who is willing to wife me up.


Sir Jon Buynone

March 21, 2024 @ (Georgia )

Tags: Bad breakup

My ex girlfriend said she was dating another man and if I said anything I’d be beaten to a pulp.

I never called her again. Not ever.


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