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November 11, 2014 @ (Miami, FL)

Tags: Funny breakup, bad, ridiculous

Well it comes to a very funny ending my friends... I was with this guy i really loved and still love at this moment for months then one day i felt like he was going to break up with me so before that even happened i asked him if he needed space but later i saw the 3 dots in the message and i told him if you're going to break up with me dont do it through text at least call me... 3 seconds later i get a call i was already belligerent and ecstatic... After telling me how such a great person i am and that he still loves me he says "hold up, mom can you pass me the ketchup" as the call end with me hanging up he broke up with me through the phone while eating dinner with his family. Pass me the ketchup always gets me till this day


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November 10, 2014 @ (England)

Tags: Bad breakup, cheating, Sad, heartbroken, young, betrayal, boyfriend, depression

I was with my boyfriend for 3 years, roughly. He’s cheated on me around 7 times, and broken up with me for another girl. He always comes back to me in the end, and of course, I love him so much that I always take him back. This is my first serious relationship and it’s killing me. He was always telling me to change, and made me feel really bad about myself at times. He would also always talk about his ex’s in a negative way and call them psychopaths, but now I’m starting to relies that he did that to them through his manipulation, and I too am falling victim to it. We would break up once every two weeks on average, usually because I would bring something up about him cheating, and he would figure out some way to spin it round on me. Every time we broke up, I felt worthless. Some days I wouldn’t even get out of bed. As soon as we got back together I’d be happy again and it felt like an instant weight had been lifted off my chest. Until the next break up that is. On Saturday he went to a ‘friends’ house and switched his phone off all night. I told him I was done with him, and the next day he text me agreeing that we should end things for good.
I obviously begged him to stay and told him that I didn’t mean what I said but he hasn’t replied and won't answer his phone. I know I can’t keep going through this as it is making me so depressed. But I can’t stand to be away from him. I don’t know if this really is the final break up. I just don’t know what to do anymore.



November 10, 2014 @ (Canada)

Tags: painful

My history start when i left my back home to came and study in Canada. That was the first time when i was about to start living on my own. I didn't have any acquaintances in this unknown country. Luckily when i cam here i got a guy from the same nationality of mine who has been here for a very long time and was very helpful. He was a married guy yet he was so very helpful and all i was thinking was that his wife was aware that he was helping a girl who just moved in this country. Gradually we became friend and he did a lot for me but innocent as i was i never realized that behind this help of his was a different mind. he came to narrate to me how his wife and how their relationship doesn't work though living under the same roof and in doing he gain my pity and he gradually manipulated me in such a way that he made me felt in love with him and gradually forced me for sex when i mentioned to him no i want to loose my virginity for the one i get married. While being in this relationship he mentioned about his exes and he mentioned about one who still keep in touch as friend. I was like friend okay that's fine but each time he was taking me out or something he was always texting but i never realized that he would be texting her that much. he even took me to buy gifts and out of the blue he got her a gift as well and told me as a friend i was like okay when one day lying next to me i saw a text with the girl saying i love you and i miss you and i asked what was that and he said she still says so what can i do. After that his behaviour changed with me, he stopped texting or calling me and this was bothering so much that i had to ask what was happening and on the day of my exam he told we can't continue. i broke up and was so depressed but its after only that i came to know the reason was that he went back to her. After a couple of months he came back to me saying sorry and we started talking and my mistake was that i forgave him and accepted him again and after couple months he did the same thing he went back to her. I really cannot move on it been dragging for so long that i have been trying to move and thought we don't have anything to do together i keep sending him text each time he is online i tell me he is texting her or if his car isn't here i will say you meeting her and i kept asking why you did this and that and i can't stop monitoring him. i am fed up with my life.



November 06, 2014 @ (United states)

Tags: Awful

my girlfriend and I spent a year and a half together and out of no where one day she tells me that she has too much going on in her life for me. no explanation she just left my life in everyway and left me when I was at my worst with no one to turn to. Also she was talking to someone as soon as we broke up so that hurt more than anything. now everything reminds me of her.



November 04, 2014 @ (New York)

Tags: #ehh #hurts

I've been dating this girl who is of a different race. We've dated for 1 year but we still stayed together until about a month ago. She cheated on me as soon as we dated and I didn't find out til 4 months later when she told me that we didn't seem like we'd stick. I stayed with her but after 7 months, I cheated on her and tried to be with this other girl. It failed and when I apologized to my gf, we had our first time of sexual intercourse. She'd always be obsessed about us having mixed babies. About a month ago, I tried to hang out with her but I couldn't. We didn't talk for 2 days and I found out she has a bf and that he already has sex with her. I hung out with her and she was rubbing me and trying to be close with me but I told her to back off. We still talk about us even tho she has a bf



November 01, 2014 @ (Berlin)

Tags: Bad break up

Well me and my boyfriend were together for over 4 years. Like many people say the first year was great we were always happy we loved spending time with each other every second of everyday. Then things started to change. He became distant and he never seemed interested in seeing me or talking to me. I started not to feel right about our relationship but I was desperate to be with him. I found out that he was cheating on me for 3 months straight! I was devastated and I didn't know what to do because I had such strong feelings for him. He never apologized for cheating but I took him back anyway. Our relationship has been rocky this whole entire time' for 3 years. He is constantly comparing me to the girl he cheated on me with. He's always pointing out everything that I do wrong and he never let's me be myself. Everything is always blamed on me. He's broken up with me again for someone else and again I took him back. He break up on average every 2 weeks and I hate it. I always feel terrible I always feel at fault. Days go by that he will just ignore me. I want this relationship to work so bad but he won't put any work forward it's always me. I'm not sure what to d anymore.



November 01, 2014 @ (Hong kong)

Tags: Heartbroken

Back in 2012, a new guy came to my school. Every girl was obsessed with him and thought that he was handsome and all, including me. That guy was also the one who made me fall in love with him. But not only me, but together with 3-4 other girls at the same time. On September 28th, we were having a party because of a girl's bday. That guy was there as well, and it came out that the guy actually liked the girl who was having her bday there. Me (and all the others) saw them kissing and all.. I started to cry in front of everyone because I just couldn't handle it..
After a few months I finally got over him. Until November 2013, he told me that he already liked me since September 2013, but the matter was : he was still with that girl. They were sexually active and all. I didn't accepted him or something but I still kept talking to him, because deep in my heart I still liked him.
March 2014, we were together since now. In this time I learned that he has a really bad temper and gets mad at the smallest things. I had mood swings for 4-5 months when I was with him.
In July 2014, I went to a foreign country for the whole summer. He freaked out and kept on blaming me for leaving, he kept telling me that we would break up, and scolded at me with a lot of foul language.
I felt so miserable and didn't know what to do.
At the last week of my holiday I decided to break up with him, cause he treated me just like rubbish. When he heard that we were going to break up, he freaked out even worse than before, he threatened me that he would kill himself, and stuff like that.
When I was back, he was at the airport with a huge board, all about our stories and the happy things we've been through and all the little things that I thought he was supposed to forget.
We went back together again, but yesterday I discovered that he haD token nude pics of himself and his ex, when they were still in a relationship. That broke me, because he never had told me anything about his ex. I felt like I was just being lied to, these 8 months. He just said that the past is in the past, and things like this. He doesn't understand my feelings at all. He still keeps his exes diys and pictures on his laptop, thinking that I didn't know. At the beginning, he made me feel so special that I thought that we would never break up and stuff, now I'm just crying and crying and crying.
I told him that I want one week to think about what I should do and that I need to analyse everything. He begged me to not break up with him again because he told me that I'm his "everything" and all.
I'm just broken by the fact that he didn't told me these things. Every time I hear these things, it's never from him, it's always one of my friends who tell me this. I feel so fucked up right now and feel like I've been lied on for these 8 months.


13 With A Broken Heart

October 31, 2014 @ (timor leste )

Tags: bad break up

I was going out with this girl for 3 weeks she came up to me at school and told me that she loved me. She also told me that people have been saying that I loved her too which I still do. they were mostly my best friends who told her. She was very shocked and happy at the same time. She came up to me and said I love you and i asked her out the very next day. I was very happy and so was she. Everybody in school said we looked really cute together.

The third day I told a friend of mine that I was dating her because he didn't know. He started blackmailing her to break up with me or he'll tell the head of the school. We had a rule of dating is not allowed in our school for some reason. My friend turned out to be my enemy, he liked her too that's why he blackmailed her. When i got home from school I went in Facebook and then she told me that she is breaking up with me. It's been a week and 1 day now i am heart broken.... :'(



October 26, 2014 @ (Oxfordshire)

Tags: Bad breakup


I've been with my gf for 2 years 2 months and it was love at first sight. We met online and realised we lived in the same town about 400 yards from each other.

We went clubbing as she Is quite the party girl, likes to drink and forget her worries and that's one of a million reasons why I love her so much.

The first year of our relationship was the typical fairy tale, we told each other how much we love each other and want to be this way forever. It was a dream that everyone wanted.

The second year however has been tough. In November last year, we found out we was expecting our little baby together which was fantastic news but it wasn't an easy pregnancy (both have kids from previous relationships) she was constantly in pain, being sick and found it hard to be a normal mother. Then she lost one of her horses that she adored so much, I supported her as much as I could but she put on a brave face and marched on. Finally her dad fell ill with cancer, he lives in the highlands of Scotland so she doesn't see him often but that's what's upsetting her most I think. But to top it all off, now she isn't pregnant, she wants to party again and have her me time, which I understand but our time has vanished. I get extremely jealous when she does go out because that's the only time I see her smile :( when she gets in, usually early hours of the morning, I interrogate her asking her about whether other men have been around her. I'm my own worst enemy because I imagine situations that never happened and believe what never exists.

I had the courage last night to ask her if this relationship is worth saving, she replied I do not know. I asked if she loves me and again the answer was I do not know. I broke there and then, I didn't know how to be anymore. So I asked where do we go from here and she asked me for a break where I move out, restrict contact so she can have space and time to think about what she wants.

Today is the day Iove out and I won't see her or maybe here from her till her head has been cleared and she can concentrate on exactly what she wants.

I'm lost without her, I can't sleep, I can't eat, I feel sick all the time, I'm shaking all the time for I do not know if the outcome is going to be what I hope for but time is needed to pass and as I cry typing this, I fear the answer is there, written on her face but is going to take time for the answer.

I must do what it takes to stop being a jealous man if I'm ever going to prove what I'm worth and in time I hope she sees me as she did before



October 22, 2014 @ (China)

Tags: Bad breakup, love is about letting go

I consider her the most important girl in my life. Let me tell you why.

Before I dated her, I had three previous relationships.

The first I consider a puppy love; the second I stole her virginity and cheated on her; the third I thought I love her much, but objectively speaking it was too sexual. In between I was also very flirtatious. I love to fool around and usually grow an immediate attraction to those girls who are willing to talk about sex, aka sluts. I was very into sex.

After I got hurt from my last breakup, I told myself I would never believe in love again. So I decided I could just turn back into the old me and flirt around. Eventually, I also slept with someone who wasn't my girlfriend. I also allowed myself to engage in cyber sex with a girl who had a bf back then.

None of this was known about me by the public. I hide it pretty well. I live with a double face life.

All of this ended after I fell in love with this special girl. It was a love at first sight. We had been close friends, maybe even best friends more like 7 to 9 months back then. I just suddenly realize how much care she actually giving me, and how I am actually really attracted to this kind of good girl. So I started showing her my love and fortunately she also loves me. Falling in love with your best friend is just beautiful. (this is coming from a guy)

She is just a pure girl. Someone with good moral values, who can really lead you to the right path. She is also very traditional. So we agree we would have no sex until we are fortunate enough to get married. And since then, for 20 months, we simply make out and have no sex. If you ask the old me, I guess I would have been shocked to know I can live without having sex with my gf. (I rmb I was literally angry when my second gf didn't agree to have sex with me back then; and then I also was very sexually involved with the next gf; and of course that time that I allowed myself to engage in casual sex)

But of course, its more than that. I just realize this kind of life, where I follow good value, be a good guy, no double life is what I truly want. In a sense I realize I had destroyed my integrity with what I did before. All this was only made possible because of her being with me, her loving me.

At the beginning, it turned out she actually knew some of my past. And she said if I am not the same anymore, she is willing to give me a chance. I felt really touched by that. I think that is what being loved feels like: knowing you are a sinner but somehow a great girl still willing to give you another chance to be a better man. I told myself I won't let this girl down ever again.

I hope it's obvious now how special she is to me. In a sense, she was there with me at the right time. Being here with me when I sinned, when learnt from my past and mature enough to know what is right for myself and what is not.

Unfortunately, we didn't last.

The problem was that she somehow dug my old stuff out. My old chat history with my previous girlfriends or sluts that I flirted with. And because of some reason, I also had to tell her about my causal relationship (terribly so, the girl is someone she knows)

It just all started to crumble for her.

As she read those words, she got more and more disappointed at me. She is very upset and hurt for what I did. This might have sth to do with her possible bipolar disorder and family issues that has made her highly insecure. And I am her first bf too. There is a lot going on her mind: insecurity, sharing her guy with many girls, not able to trust my words anymore and so on. So she kept asking for breakups. I tried to save our relationship millions of times already. But her hatred against me and her pain just grew. So finally I agree to try and separate from her...

It's so difficult for me. It's just the first day of not talking to her today. And obviously I am dying. But once I recall what I did, and think about her hurt she is because of me, I know I am making the right decision this time to give her the same she deems.

It's time for me to brave and take care of her. (She has always been the "strong" person in our relationship more often than me) She deserves to be happy. Maybe we can get back together if she can be mature enough to let go of my past. Or maybe can't. Either way I hope she can really be happy. Because I am indeed very happy with her.

She changed me for the better. I am forever indebted to her. I also wouldn't go back to those dark alleys like I once did.

I am changed, forever, because of her. And I am hoping to show her how special and how much I love her, by letting her go...