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Thadra S

August 13, 2014 @ (Minneapolis)

Tags: dating a musician, funny break up,



August 10, 2014 @ (LA)

Tags: breakup, long distance, promises broken, caught in the act, secrecy, kung fu, woes, ranting, betrayal, confused, hurt,

I met her many years back in high school. I got'a say, after she broke up with her lousy ex, she took affection towards me, and I the same, and that summer, we were together. Now, we actually did a long distance relationship, which now, I don't believe it works, simply because you lose so much time to know each other. Three years holding on to her, to find out that the only reason why she wants me to come home this summer was to find out if I am still good for her. I need to say, I did goof up a bit, always was over my head to make sure she was still into me, and that she didn't find someone else. She had so many things going on for her, a ton of activities, and I always ran into thoughts about "what if she found someone else that can actually be with her?". This year, I got a little anxious, and went overboard to the point where she wanted to see me, like I said a few sentences ago, if I am still the one for her. Then, for some reason, she told me that "she doesn't deserve to be with me" and breaks up with me, in the BEGINNING of the summer. Now that sucks. And she thinks that I felt the same way. After that, she posts on Facebook about how amazing her life is in Kung Fu, and about how others there are so perfect for her. I poured my heart out for her, and now I found her hanging out with other people tonight at this event. I thought I saw her looking at me, and then ignoring me back and forth. Now I know that she set me up for her own good. She told me that she could wait for me, and pulled this crap? I actually had stuff lined up this summer for my career, and all I get was a "I can't be with you, it's not fair for you"? Well now she knows why I was so damn anxious and in-her-business, and now I know, LONG DISTANCE NEVER WORKS! And I will never make that same mistake again. But first I need to pack away the tons of pictures and things she gave me of us so I don't do something stupid.



August 10, 2014 @ (Philippines)

Tags: breakup woes, break up

My ex and I met at WeChat. I'm 10 years older than him and he had a daughter from a previous relationship. I'm generally generous (money, time, resources) with boyfriends and he was not an excemption. The relatinship was ok at first but during the last month of our 6 moths relationship, his behavior became erratic. I was hospitalized for 5 days for gastro and he was just contented to call and check on me. Citing his duty in the military prevents him so. Then when I had to go home to the province, he suddenly had this urge to go to his province eventhough this was affected by a super storm. I had sensed that he took someone with him there.First day of the month he didn't call or text. This made me worry since he never in our 6 months together forget to call or text me. I had to calling his friend. When he did finally receive my call, he didn't speak and and I was just left hanging. I told his friend that probably we are breaking up. He called after my call to his friends, asking for a "cool off" to think things over. He loves me but he also loves her daughter. Since for his daughter, he also needs to love the mother (his ex). So I gave him time. He called after 5 days and it was a cold , short call asking how am I. After 3 days, it was my time to call him and asked if he wants more time. He was grumpy, saying he's sick. Being the ever attentive gf, I asked him if he has medicine and, if he is eating the right food and if he's in Manila already. Being grumpy, he said something like I don't need to take care of him and cut off the line. Thinking it was a bad reception, I called and he kept cutting it. I called his friend and my ex answered, yelling that I am stubborn and dont call him anymore. A few minutes, he texted he can't come back, he's sorry, i shouldn't think about him and he can take care of himself.

until now, i kept wondering: " why didn't he just say he doesnt love and need me anymore instead of using his daughter as alibi?"



August 10, 2014 @ (nowhere)

Tags: breakup

I just broke up with an enormous douchebag


Henry Lee

August 10, 2014 @ (Singapore )

Tags: Bad break up nasty person

I meet my first serious gf at uni thru mutual friends. We really clicked and we dated and became a couple about 3 months later. She told me her last serious relationship was 2 years ago. Then 5 months after we first met, she told me that she had broken up with someone 4 weeks before she met me. And that she needed space of course. To cut a long story short , she broke up with me soon after. I was heart broken feeling sad and also very angry . I felt she tricked me into investing emotionally into her. I loved her and thought she could be my wife .
I went no contact to heal . The first few months were bad . Insomnia, severe low mood . I wept and cried daily . After 4 months, I began to feel better. Then our mutual friends started telling my ex was sorry she lied and then told me the truth later and yada yada. I wanted so much to ask why tell me the truth 5 months into dating if she was sure of her feelings? But I thought nay forget it she does not even have the courage to speak to me in person. So I told our mutual friends not to relay messages for her. When I began dating again 8 months later , my ex gf tried to speak to me. I shut her down completely . Then she stared rumours . I met my next gf and future wife 18 months after the breakup.



August 08, 2014 @ (Pakistan)

Tags: Complicated

I don't really know how to describe this relationship in words. It's just too complicated and no one can understand this other than the two of us and at times even we think we don't get this whole thing. I don't really know I should break up with him and just move on in my life or just try to fix everything up and try to work this whole long distance and complicated relationship out. i don't really know. I love him a lot but I don't really think that I can take this pain anymore! It's been 3 and a half years and we have so many memories together and I don't really that I can ever forget him and love another guy.



August 08, 2014 @ (New Jersey)

Tags: bad breakup, betrayal

Ok, so here it goes. We met in college at 19 years old, he pursued me. We went out on a date and boom from there we saw each other multiple times, got into a relationship and fell in love. He was my first love and he broke my heart. We were together about 4 and 1/2 years, he lived with me in my mom's house and we didn't charge him any rent or anything always made sure he had food, clothes whatever he needed, I took care of him pretty much. He was a great guy, always treated me well but very unmotivated which caused me to be very bitchy towards him because I just wanted him to make something of himself and do something with his life. When you are with someone almost 5 years you want your relationship to move forward and progress and I just felt like we were stuck. Besides the point I made many mistakes in the relationship too but what happened in the end is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. We started to drift and I noticed so he went away for the weekend as did I separately to think things over and I wanted to work on it because I was still in love with him and he didn't have any desire to work on it so just like that it was over. Now here comes the good part. I confided in one of my close friends about the breakup and told her I was still in love with my ex only to find out her and him started dating 2 weeks later after him and I broke up and apparently they are in love now and in a relationship. Mind you I know this girl since I was 12 years old. My heart is shattered into pieces, it is honestly a horrible feeling when someone betrays you like this especially when you spend so much time with a person and they say they will never hurt you but they do. The biggest lesson I have learned from this is to never put to much trust in anyone. Honestly this situation has made me doubt ever wanting to fall in love again because the heartbreak just hurts to much.



August 03, 2014 @ (Neverland)

Tags: shit happens, life goes on, confused,

I met him in high school. It was a whirlwind kind of love. Innocent, reckless, gentle, and daring. I did not realize it then, but I realized now how much I loved the way he smiles and the way he laughs. The way his messy hair falls on his eyes, and I brush it off. The way he takes my hand and pulls me into his warm embrace. But then, it was not always like that. He'd be so suspicious, so distrustful. He doesn't believe that I can just be friends with a guy. Even with a five year record, he can't bring himself to believe that I am just as head over heels for him. Funny how he almost broke up with me for another bitch.
All of a sudden he breaks up with me saying shit like he's ashamed because I'm way out of his league. Shit like he can't keep his hands off me. Shit like he's thinking what's better for me and that's a future without him. Well shit. It wasn't the first time, but it felt painfully like the last break up we will ever have. He comes crawling back and I happily accept him. He lies straight to my face, and I broke up with him. But Im having doubts.



July 28, 2014 @ (Melbourne)

Tags: confused

We've been dating since last July, and he's as sweet as can be.. at first. But eventually a man shows his true colors and stops doing everything he did to get you. Regardless, our relationship pretty much was just about sex to him. Which is probly why im 5 months pregnant. You would think that someone who's about to be a father would grow up and mature some to prepare himself.. nope. Hes 22 still lives with his parents and doesn't even have a license. What a joke. Well yesterday was our baby shower, and he acted soo stupid the whole time. He wasnt even with me the whole day. He wouldn't even take a picture with me cause his brother was there; and we were still together. Afterwards he left with his brother and came back home at 10 pm. He didnt even open gifts with me, just went straight to sleep. Well that caused a huge argument and now he talks about me blaming him for everything so he left and said he was walking home, all the way to palm bay.. I told Jim to jusy break up with me if hea not happy. Some how I think he only stays for the baby's sake, and I dont want that.



July 25, 2014 @ (Lebanon)

Tags: going through a breakup

No this ain't another happy ending story .
Beautiful,smart,funny,talented,good hearted ?
when it comes to love you forget all your qualities .
You Just love the person who makes you question your own self.Like any other person, I fell in love, well don't I have the right to?
He was a family-friend, and like any charming man he was irresistible .
every thing we did based on good intentions that's for sure . Should we blame our hearts for beating faster ? or our bodies for getting nervous? or our minds for day dreaming ?
We didn't plan falling in love indeed.
But we couldn't stop our hands of reaching each other . nor our hearts of finding each other.
Well it was amazingly speechless, it was our little paradise.
We happily lived together for a long time.
we kissed, we went to parties, we got drunk , we watched each one another fall asleep.. we faced many problems but we worked it out . The perfect life of two wild teenagers.
He ditched everything for me his studies , his work and whatever , i know it sounded bad so i convinced him to return to his old life. I won the dispute but i never thought i'd lose my man.
i was never the 'drama queen' but at the moment of goodbye it was like our lives stopped for awhile , people stopped moving , everything became frozen we couldn't feel anything but ourselves.
Yea days passed and we didn't stop talking to each other including Skype and other communication apps.
We got busy so we stopped the ''talking'' gradually , well yea maybe we failed at long distances relation like many others.
Well i was too faithful thinking he'd come back again.
Then i figured it all out. He broke our dreams, our hopes, our promises , our thoughts , our hearts , MY HEART.
He cheated on me , well gratefully he wasn't the one who keeps his dirty work as a 'secret' , he was an honest one.
Yea the sun rises again letting the dark disappear ,i decided to move on and let the past get buried.
I started seeing other people , letting hope get in, and my past out.
But you know what it was never the same, not the same feelings, not the same thoughts , not the same him. Though they were much better men, but hey love isn't related to materials nor facial image.
He was still in touch with my family specially my mom , he was there when my Grandpa died and transported the news for my mom . Every time we communicate again it feels like magic , the same feelings reappeared again like it never faded.
But its never going to work again . I'd trust him again but i won't trust myself with him.
It's not about cheating, people make mistakes. But he never came back when i left him how would i trust him again, how would i let him in when everything around me says that i should get out.


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