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January 01, 2015 @ (kolkata,India)

Tags: bad breakup

I was in a relationship with a girl for last 6 years.I still remember the day when i first saw her in our chemistry class.she was the most beautiful girl i had ever seen.i felt in love with her at first sight.I became friend of her in few days.after one month i proposed week later she said yes to me..i still remember the first kiss of her..i was the first boy in our class.she is not good at study.i started teach her at her time goes we came closer to each other mentally,emotionally,physically like a married relation.16 hours we were connected to each other..i made her pass in her exam sacrificing mine(how i cant elaborate now).my 12th marks dropped down to 82% from 95.I got chance in Indian institute of technology(IIT) but i sacrificed that just to stay with her.but i managed to get chance in best state we were again together..things were going smooth.but there were some ups and down which is not very the meantime we were about to have a baby but as we were not married i have to abort our baby.;-(.
she was doing her and after finishing her degree she got a job through her sister's husband's contact in a MNC (deloitte).but my degree was not finished as it is 4 year long.In my final year i became very busy for my career,for my business n all.i was not giving her time.but i was not flirting with other girls.things become tougher.I was unable to get a job and got frustrated.In the mean time i noticed sudden change in her day i checked her fb inbox.and can i tell you i found her chatting with one of her office colleague in suspicious manner.i caught her.but till now she is denying this fact.she give me breakup recently.blocked me everywhere.
I cant forget her.i love her still..I tried to forget her.took pills,marijuana,drugs every day.but still find no peace..i feel like destroying myself.1 month is her birthday.i miss her,.friends i cannot tell you how much pain inside me.i miss her.i love her.
you know she used to tell me while keeping her head on my chest "this is the most beautiful and peaceful place in this world" so how can she forget all these..i love you dear.but i have to forget you


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December 17, 2014 @ (New Jersey)

Tags: sucks to be you

He f* another girl, so I put a bag of burning dog shit in front of his door.



December 15, 2014 @ (LA)

Tags: the flowers he gave me wilted as fast as our relationship

We met at a meltdown in the desert, a camp where people just sit around and do drugs and get creative. One of the first things I noticed was that he was really easy to talk to.

After the trip, he asked me out on a date. Things progressed too quickly -- by the third date, he was saying he was in love with me. I didn't really mind, it was cool to meet someone who seemed really sure of what he wanted (that's what I told myself).

There were a lot of red flags, but I'm a procrastinator and I like to enjoy the ride until the car breaks down. Three months in, he wasn't as nice to talk to as I thought.

After I broke up with him, he left an apologetic voice mail. It made me have second thoughts and when I called him back to ask if he wanted a compromise-- he turned it around to make it seem like he didn't care, and that he was breaking up with me. That's fine-- he can have the upperhand, but I was just sad he would say something like that to hurt me. I'm glad I called back, it made it really clear I shouldn't have been with him.

Suddenly, all the dialogue in our past conversations became transparent-- his intentions with his words and actions were to always assert dominance.

Maybe it was because he was bullied so much when he was a kid. Maybe it was because he grew up really poor and now was trying to pass off as a sophisticated cosmopolitan. He would always brag about how he had the best taste in food, art and culture. It was cringeworthy at times-- a borderline charlatan.

Good bye dudie, I hardly knew ye.



December 14, 2014 @ (L.A)

Tags: bad breakup, bestfriend breakup

so me and this guy were never together officially, but me and him have been friends for 4 years and bestfriends for 2, and so recently we finally confessed to eachother after liking eachother for ages, but because of family reasons we couldn't be together officially until a year later, he promised me everything he made it sound like his love for me was invincible and that he would wait for me and that he will try his best to make it work because obviously we have such a history that this is worth it. or so i thought. not even 2 weeks later he starts hanging out with this other girl and he stopped talking to me and all that, i got really sad but i believed that nothing was going on between them. (this girl is my friend too) so the other day i met up with this girl and i asked her about him (she doesnt know anything about us) she told me things i wish i never heard, and right after i finally was alone we called eachother and he admitted to everything he has done and that he choses her over me. he chose a girl he met for 2 weeks over a girl he knows for 4 years.
guess bestfriend relationships dont last longer, they just hurt more because you're losing a bestfriend and the person you like at the same time.



December 07, 2014 @ (California )

Tags: Bad breakup I hate everything Never letting a guy play me again

I liked this guy for months, he finally asked me out last night. Guess what happened? He broke up with me the next morning. I feel like everyone thinks "It was better this way then you don't get too attached" Well not for me. He played with my emotions so much. I wont repeat all the amazing things that he said to me that no guy has ever said to me before. He played with me and I've been dealing with depression for years now, my self confidence is very low. When he complimented me I felt like I was getting some of my self confidence back, then he just goes and makes me feel like a fucking worthless bag of dog shit. I literally feel like no one cares. Of course there's your family who care, but they don't understand! I don't want to be seen in public I feel like everyone see's how worthless I am. I hate myself like I actually hate everything about me and no matter how many times I will say "I'm fine," I'm fucking not fine! Not at all. I feel like no one gets it. Everyone thinks that I couldn't be hurting this much. Well your wrong. I gained confidence, I felt wanted for the first time in months. Then he made me feel like it was a game to him. So if anyone thinks its okay to do this and play with someones emotions because you really don't think they will care, think twice! Because you're fucking wrong!
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December 03, 2014 @ (United Kingdom)

Tags: bad breakup bitch whore waste of space

I think that the worst thing for a woman is that the man that she considers to be the love of her life remembers her as another failed relationship which will be replaced and emotionally forgotten.

It's a duty for a man to sabotage a woman's life when she deserves it. At least she will not make the same mistake again. It's actually an act of charity to be horrible when breaking up with a useless retarded waste of space.

Put some sense into this empty skull; everything in there is just a pile of fairy tails and porn fantasies. Leave a trauma so that she changes her ways when you leave her and ignore her for good.

Today's women have no clue what being in a relationship means. The western culture has offered them the concept of freedom but they use it with very little intelligence.

There comes man's role which is: to correct the woman and to put her in her place; i.e a degree below.

S**** stupid bitch. You have wasted 3 months of my life. I gave you love you didn't deserve. I hope you suck dicks of fire in hell.



November 30, 2014 @ (Unknown)

Tags: Bad breakup

I knew the guy for 3 years I went to school with him but he graduated a year ahead of me. He was in the military and I hardly saw him... I only saw him twice but he would tell me all the stories about him and his chick friends! Im okay with a guy having chick friends but compared to what they were doing it was stressing me out! I got suggestive messages that were for another woman! He told me stories about girls trying to get him to have sex with them, them ending up in his hotel room naked, One wanting him to sleep in her room and then getting a boob job after I had him stop staying in her room...It was stressing me out and I don't know why! The distance was also killing me So i had to break it off with him.. I told him how i felt and the fact I couldn't handle it any more. we agreed to be friends but he sent me good morning texts and we talked one last time he was trying to understand my reasons... I cried for a long time and had trouble eating... found out he was harming himself too



November 29, 2014 @ (Tampa FL)

Tags: brokenheart Badbreakup

Dylan and I were never an official couple. But we went on dates and met each others family. i could tell i was falling in love with him from the start. No one had ever made me feel how he made me feel. I went over to his house to have dinner with him and his family and the whole time i could feel something was wrong. After dinner he took me home and asked me how i felt about being his girlfriend and i told him id love that. He said he wasn't ready for it though so like why did he even ask me? So then he starts talking about how he's graduating soon and it was all just really depressing hearing about how he had to leave. We're standing in front of my house and i cant recall anything that we said to each other other than the fact that he was ending things. Even though it was over he still kissed me, and in my heart I knew there was nothing i could do to change his mind. I went to bed crying and as soon as i woke up for school i fell apart. I will never forget the feeling when my mom came in and started crying with me. Because of him I cant let anyone else in. He blamed the breakup on him not wanting to date anyone in high school as he was going to college but the thing that really gets me is finding out that only 1 week after we ended, he was going on dates with another girl in my grade.


Joey G

November 29, 2014 @ (New York, New York)

Tags: Bad Breakup

So I was dating this girl for a little over 6 months and she had this ex boyfriend that was still obsessed with her while I was dating her and thoughout our relationship he would always text her and it would really piss me off. While we were going out they also hungout twice! Just the two of them. So my birthday rools around and the whole day she was acting weird around me and she had a volleyball game that night but I told her I couldn't go because I wanted to spend time with my family on my birthday. As I'm spending time with my family she sends me a message that she doesn't really like me anymore and that she's leaving me for her ex boyfriend... ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!



November 24, 2014 @ (Iowa)

Tags: Be Careful

I was dating this guy at one point and I was warned many of times he was a "player". At one point I was starting to get a feeling that something wasn't right, he was treating me the same but I had this gut feeling something was wrong. So like the worried girlfriend I was I checked his messages between his ex and he was cheating on me. I figured that out right before I left for Fall Musical which I had to perform in. I was crying the entire night and luckily was surrounded by friends. Then a month later I took him back, yes I know dumb idea, it was going good until the day of my Honor Band where when I woke up and went on Facebook it read, "when u relise u are trying to get over sumone and it just duse not work no mader how happy u are with the person u are with now..." (Word for word sadly he doesn't what grammar is) and I cried for a bit went to school and sat in the band room crying and spent the entire car ride crying for the fact that he broke up with me through text after he sent me that.I had the same people comfort me there as I did at Fall Musical. The next day though he started going out with what I thought was my best friend.

It has been 10 months and it still pains me to know that there are people out there that will use you. They will tell you they love you and you will believe it and hang on every word they said. So listen to your friends when they tell you that person is no good because they might know better than you at the time.


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