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September 24, 2013 @ (Germany)

Tags: Bad breakup

Her and I were together for 5 months. It was great and all but eventually she became bossy and a snotty bitch. She would always point out y flaws, never let me have a say in anything, and she would yell at me... A lot!!! Honestly it turned to a point where I was losing it. It felt like we no longer had the same sense of humor, we would fight over the smallest things, and she was changing me to something I'm not. This girl got me into a lot of shit, she also got me in huge trouble at school (but that's another story). I did a lot for her and trust me when I say a lot.

On our last date she was being rude to me, through out the entire date she kept upsetting me. The fact that my feelings for her were deep I took every thing she said seriously. But towards the end everything bottled up and I exploded on her just dumped right there and then.

It hurt me to dump her and I never knew I had it in me to do it. Although there was bad times in our relationship there were also good. And knowing I wasn't going to be with her this summer it really sucked. That doesn't matter anymore. I must admit I miss her and I do think about her time to time. But I believe everything happens for a reason. That reason was for me to find someone better, and I did. This new relationship is so far better. It really is and throughout this new relationship we experienced more than what I experienced with my ex. I hope this new relationship will be longer than my previous ones. And to all you people in this site: please believe there will be someone for you. I promise it took me a while to realize that!!


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September 24, 2013 @ (Austin, Texas)

Tags: bad breakup, best friend, stupid, kidding, whatevs,

He cheated on me with my bestfriend.



September 17, 2013 @ (London)

Tags: bad breakup

Went over to my girlfriends house early this morning to bring her coffee and flowers. As we were talking there was a knock on the door, she didn't want to answer it. I went and opened the door to a man with all wrinkled clothes. He seemed a bit weird, and then he said he left his phone. She had to breakup the fight that almost occurred between us. I've never had such a terrible break up story. I thought she could have ben the one too. I guess there are no good ones out there anymore. Maybe there are, but I can't find them.

Can you top this story?



June 18, 2013 @ (Tampa, FL)

Tags: bad breakup

so I found out the my now, EX, girlfriend was sleeping with a really good friend of mine. I guess he wasn't a friend like I thought. To top it off he was the drummer in my band. Not only am I single now, I'm also out of the band. Sucks.



June 12, 2013 @ (United States)

Tags: breakup1

He took a job abroad. It was short term. We had been together for over a year and had been through a lot. Before leaving he felt we didn't need to work out a communication plan. We would "figure it out". He hated the phone and would rarely call me. I had to ask him to call me on Christmas Day. So opted to only call me once a week and text me the rest. With communication solely on his terms, he began to accuse me of being distant. He would randomly call me and when I missed his call once he threw a fit and said I blew him off. Blew him off? I was in the bathroom.

A few weeks later I was out late with some friends. I came home and went straight to bed. The next morning he calls me, angry that I didn't text him I was going to bed, and broke up with me. This was a week before I was going to go visit him. He then texts me "you can still visit if you want." Of course, I'm not going to. Why would I visit my ex-boyfriend in a foreign land a week after he dumped me? No thanks. After telling him "no" he became enraged. He told me "I forgot you were coming out" and proceeded to give me a bunch of ultimatums ("either you come out here or I am never speaking to you again"). He wasn't begging me back, he just wanted me out there.

Then a few hours later he won't stop calling and texting me. He was crying, pleading with me. He insisted he made a mistake and wants me back. In that day he called me more than he had called me through our entire relationship. Unbelievable.



May 14, 2013 @ (Belgium)

Tags: ignored, heartbroken

So... I had a girlfriend & we were happy. We texted 24/7 & my friends would kill to have a relationship like we had.

The week before she went on her vacation with her family, she became annoying. She was just... a different girl. She was upset all the time & she yelled at people (especially me)I downloaded Whatsapp so we could talk without high costs. So, she went on vacation & we talked the first day. Everything was great, she had much fun. After that, she didn't answer anymore. I thought "Maybe she doesn't have time, or no internet" then two days before she went home, I spoke to my best friend. He told me "T. is hilarious @ twitter" So I asked him which T. he ment & He answered "You know, T. your girlfriend." I couldn't believe it so I asked him "How long has she been on twitter?" And he told me she was on twitter for the past 2 days, hours in a row. My heart was shattered by those words. I was very upset. The day she went home I texted her again, still no reply. So I broke up with her with tears in my eyes & those words "I'm done. If you don't want to talk to me, just tell me. You know I'll never get upset for that kind of stuff." So the next day she showed up explaining me why she started to ignore me. She told me she wasn't ready for a serious relationship & that she had a hard time at home. I bought it. I told her that even though we broke up I'll always be there for her. But she just deleted me out of her life. A few days later, she comes back around again to talk with MY bestfriends. She asked me to never talk to her again, so I did. The days passed by as I tried not to show any emotions. Then, after a week, she started to flirt with my best friend... (The one she spoked to @ twitter)I was BROKEN. I started to believe that she'd never loved my at all. I started to realise that the real reason behind our breakup was my best friend. She fell in love with my best friend, who is also in a relationship. But the worst of all is... She made everyone around her think that I'm the one who broke HER.



May 11, 2013 @ (Indiana)

Tags: example1

I have a doosey for the enjoyment of all the broken hearted here, I MUST share. This happpened over 14 years ago, and I still revel in the ridiculousness of it all on occasion, and it makes me very thankful for what I have now, and very thankful I am a much more mature person,too. I was dating a man who had become a very important part of my life. We were best friends, did so many things together and the chemistry was insane. Everyone told us how lucky we were to be so crazy about each other. Constantly pawing at each other, doing everything together, at that time, the happiest time of my life. A euphoric laugh and love fest. The intensity of my feelings for him were over the top on every level. It stayed this way for about 2 years. I was hook line and sinker, do or die with this guy. Being away from him felt like detox, miserable loneliness no matter who was around. But then I started noticing he was not returning my calls quite as often. He would occasionally be unable to hang out. We were both busy, I thought once things died down we would pick back up where we left off. He got a new apartment in the same apartment complex as his mom and sister. We hung out there when he was not working or busy doing this and that.I talked to his mother and sister almost everyday, discussing our plans for this and that. All was well, when suddenly he stated we needed to break things off and see other people, then asked for a last romp in the hay as a good bye. I was so upset, looking for solace, I entrusted with my now, new family, his mother and sister. I then found out he had a new girlfriend. Well,not actually new. They had been dating a year and lived together in his new apartment for about 6 months. They knew the whole time. Yowsa.


The Truth

May 09, 2013 @ (Louisiana)

Tags: Thruth, online

For the past 2 years I've been in an online relationship. My ex would always make sure I would never dishonor her trust in any way or shape. So I I'd just that for these two years. This year was my hardest year yet. With personal issues, college, and general life matters knocking at my door, I have been through hell. Then I notice my ex starts acting funny. I ask her what is wrong and she refuses to tell me. I guess if she has feelings for someone else and she said yes. Then proceeded to put said person above me and even defend him when it hit the fan.

I can never claim to be perfect. And I never will claim to be perfect. However, to have that happen on top of what has occured for me this year has wounded me immensely. I tried to reconcile and stop the eventual break up though. By constantly apologizing if only to allow us to be together again. Yet she would just blame my faults on her extremely poor and hurtful choice, and never once apologized for it or asked to work through it. Eventually I realized how dead I was to her and broke it off. The truth is that my decision was necessary because what would stop her from doing it again? More over, what would it take to feel remorse? Should I have to deal with all that with everything I've dealt with this year? So I broke it off and look towards my future. A future with family, friends, and in time, a girl I can give my heart to that deserves it. Not someone who admits the truth then lies right there after to hide the shame brought upon it.

My ex was too immature to understand how much she hurt me. By blaming me for her mistakes instead of being a woman and owning up to them, she brought this on herself. Just because she does not value herself to admit the truth does not mean the truth does not exist. I plunged my hands into the filth, while she jumped into it and refused to leave it. I cannot be with someone like that. As much as it hurts to admit it I can't, because I would have never done that to her. No matter how bad I have felt. I would have never betrayed her.



May 07, 2013 @ (San Francisco)

Tags: Crush, first, kiss, bad, relationship, teenagers, dumb, love

I have had a crush on this girl sinse the first grade, it started off as us hating each other but it was one of those cute kid cover up things. In middle school there were other girls I hooked up with, other girl friends, so I forgot about this girl for a long time. After dealing with a fair amount of drama with other girls, I started to have feeling for this girl again, this is by the time puberty has hit us both and she became more than just the girl I liked, she became beautiful, so other guys started hitting on her too. Around this time me and he started getting flirty, this lasted for a while until I asked her out, but she said no because she felt like we were too close as friends and she didn't want to loose me. So I was heart broken or whatever but I bounced back and everything was fine between us. We texted all summer and saw each other a few times, it almost felt like we were together, but we weren't. I got over her and started focusing on my studies so for a while all I did was study and party, everything was going fine, I was happy. Then my best female friend told me that she and my old crush were talking and that she found out that she kind of liked me but was going to wait for me to ask her out. So I waited, partied more, and eventually got around to asking her out, again, and she said yes. That marked the start of our month line awkward excuse of a relationship. I was her first boyfriend, and her first kiss, which she was extremely nervous for, so once we kissed I thought everything would turn around and that she would loose her shyness, the thing ruining our relationship. I didn't work, she and her friend started fighting and their fight was affecting out relationship. Spring break rolled around and I had only kissed her one day, on several occasions though, infact we made out. I was planning to hang out with her during spring break but she was out of town the whole time. The last weekend of spring break I was so exited to see her the following Monday. When I go to school I found out that her fight with her friend had gotten worse, they would even look a each other. That day I decided that I Was going to talk to her and either figure out why everything was going the way it was going or break up with her. Before I could do it I checked with my female friend and she had told me that my girlfriend had told her that she wasnt ready for a telationship and that she wanted it to end but she was to nervousness and shy to do it herself, so knowing that I ended it. I felt awful, I picked up smoking again that night and sat on my roof singing sad songs, what a movie cliche. Later people started saying that she just used me to get a first kiss and I was devastated because I thought she liked me. In a spiral of sadness I started smoking too much weed to feel happy again, which was fun while it lasted but now I'm broke. So I've been a sad, bitter, broke, lonely wreck. She seems like she moved on immediately, she's happy, and never regarded it, but I still feel empty inside because I don't know how to be happy again like I was before we got together. She said maybe she would be open to trying a relationship with me again next year but I can't hold on that long, even though I'm afraid I will and this silent sufference will last until then. Sigh... Where some weed when I need it.



May 02, 2013 @ (POOP)

Tags: d12

That was a year ago.

I was driving, she was with me in the car. I didn't realize there was a dog crossing the street at that moment and I crash him at 100kmh. I stopped the car right away and we both went out. The dog was 10m behind so we went to check his condition (all in blood, could see part of his stomach out), she wanted me to bring him to vet but very obviously there was nothing to do, so i didn't... She left me for being "cold-hearted".


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