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July 25, 2016 @ (cali)

Tags: heart breaking

I was with my bf for over a yr.Since he lost his job and became homeless we did not talk much...Well a few days back he sends me a message saying we will hang out and he misses me.Next thing I notice I get ghost..He changed his number..blocked me from facebook and has put a profile up on POF.I am beyond shocked and hurt.


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July 24, 2016 @ (New Jersey )

Tags: bad breakup :(

So this story begins January 8th, Me and someone who I thought was amazing met because we were at the same place with some friends. It was like an instant connection from that point on, I had never met someone I connected with so much in my life.. he told me that I was his everything and the love of his life, that he would never leave me. some may say that it takes longer but after 2 months of dating I felt myself falling in love with him more and more with every single day that went by. One Saturday we were supposed to hangout and all of a sudden he came over, handed me the things I left at his house, and pretty much accused me of cheating on his with my ex boyfriend, he left my house and immediately blocked me on EVERYTHING, and has not talked to me since. I was so confused and so heartbroken, all I remember was sitting on the edge of my bed crying so hard, my chest was on fire and I felt like my stomach was turning inside out. it was honestly one of the hardest things Ive ever had to go through in my entire life, that day I honestly felt my heart shatter inside of my chest, It honestly changed who I am as a person and I will never be able to love anyone the same. He still hasn't talked to me since



July 23, 2016 @ (Toronto)

Tags: Bad break up

Me and her had been dating for a year and 5 months and we had broken up 3 times before. Afte the last time she cried and hugged me said she was sorry for being a horrible person and breaking up with me when i needed her the most (my dad had commited suicide few months before) and she told me she would never let me go. Then a half year to a year later we had arguements every other day for a month, she kept lying to me i got fed up and yelled at her. She cried in school her das picked her up and told me never to see her. She just allowed him and we talked a bit she said theres no reason why we cant get back together. A day later i found out for the last week of our relationship till now shed been flirting with a dude from her summer school. Fucking whore thinks ill wait till he hurts her and then ill be a crying shoulder waiting for her. We both argued i said im done talking to you she said good block me while ur at it. Cold hearted whore could never tell the truth.



July 19, 2016 @ (Norway)

Tags: Bittersweet, denial, LDR

So last year I went on a working holiday, met this amazing guy from France and we started dating after 3 weeks as friends but he left 2 weeks after but we remained together and we were an LDR couple, long distance relationship. He got a job in South East Asia and I went back to Norway, during a LDR it is normal to get emotional breakdowns but I had a bit too many and he felt like it was his fault when it wasn't really. So he broke up with me saying he hated the man he had become for making me emotional and couldn't help me, so I replied (this is my mail by the way): that it wasn't his fault, long distance makes it that way and in every relationship you have to work hard and that it's like any job or project you have in school you work for it. I'm not going to give up on someone I love, I stand and fight if only he would let me and not be so stubborn and give it a chance. It's not everyday you find someone that make you whole, so I told him that I was going to see him regardless of if he wants me to or not, at least I tried and won't regret anything because I know I have done my best. So far have not gotten any reply of if he wants to meet me or not but he has a month until I leave so I hope for the best but I can't hope too much because I will be very disappointed if he doesn't want to see me, but just a leap of faith. Think cupid struck me hard. Blinded by love and crazy brave



July 18, 2016 @ (clearwater, fl )

Tags: bad break up, funny break up, ridiculous break up, epic break up

So me and her were going strong when one day her brothers girlfriend steps to her over allegedly stealing from them [i still don't know if she did or not] regaurdless I jump into action and throw my girl in the car immediately and diffuse the situation [I've been in enough trouble and am not hitting a female] I then i comfort my girl and call an hour late into work when it just so happens the district manager is there. so I square things away feeling good about how I handled the situation and went to work. she ends up calling me and breaking up with me saying I should have beat the girl up and skipped work [so glad I didnt] she had already wore me out emotionally that whole month [this day was supposed to be our 1 month anniversary lol] anywho so I say ok whatever I'm coming to get my stuff so I did and she said she wasn't ready for comminment that's all i needed to hear whatever [



July 16, 2016 @ (Ladysmith BC)

Tags: bad breakup

My ex and I talked about marriage and having kids, she moved in with me after 6 months.

I got a call at work while i was away and she said she was moving out. That was it. Totally blindsided.

Now yes I was drinking too much and was tight on cash but I didnt deserve this. She totally humiliated me. Was moving out for 3 days and texting me the whole time saying "hi hunny love you".

Why would she be so classless?

Even sent me a pic of my one dog while he was super sad because he could tell she was leaving. How messed up is that. Ive never seen his face that sad before.



July 11, 2016 @ (Los Angeles)

Tags: Taking a break

I met him in december, 2015 at a party and we were both attracted to each other and ended up cuddling a bit. I was about to leave for college, but decided to stay as I wanted to have a relationship with him, eventhough I knew that chances are we might break up, but that was a risk I was willing to take! So I applied and got into to college close by to where he lives. Due to his busy schedule, we only saw each other every two weeks and I know that this wasn't much, but I loved him so much and wanted things to work out. I hoped that during the summer we would have more time to spend together. May came along and I found that he had to study during the summer for exams he had in August, but he said that he would make time to see me.

We're in the middle of July and I haven't heard from him in two weeks and haven't seen him in almost a month! I was in Italy atm and asked to meet up with him to discuss what was going on...he read the message but never replied, so I was forced by message to ask him for a break! He replied agreeing to it and said that at the moment he is absorbed with other things such as his studies and that after his exams we would have time to reflect and meet up to discuss the final decision. I was devasted as I still love him and want to be with him and the fact that he didn't fight to keep me, made me realise that chances are he could have lost interest!

Although I hope that after his exams we would get back together, but if it doesn't I am going to have to take time to move on.



July 10, 2016 @ (California)

Tags: Bad breakup, hurtful, sad

I've always had trust issues with him and have anxiety attacks about things he's done. I looked at his phone one day and saw a bra pic of his ex and I was so hurt I texted him being really upset. He then dumped me through text because he said I stressed him out and that I complained about nothing. He was my first real love too so that really sucked.



June 29, 2016 @ (West Virginia)

Tags: gay, heartbroken, sad breakup

He was my stepbrother's friend, having moved in with us two years ago. He never showed any signs of liking me--or men in general--at all. In fact, I always thought he was a bit homophobic until he told me otherwise. He said, "As long as you don't like me." Well, of course, I kind of fell for him. I never told him, but I always tried to underhandedly flirt with him. I wasn't sure if he knew how I felt about him. Then, just this past weekend, I caught him looking at me and smirking. I asked why he was looking at me like that. He said, "Nothing." I then asked him if he knew how I felt about him. He sat down and grabbed my hand and asked if this was what I wanted. It was such a great feeling, being with him. Then he tells me that he'd had feelings for me since he first got to know me, but he never did anything because his dad was super homophobic and would literally kill him. Then he tells me he's leaving for a job in Virginia, so we couldn't be together anymore. It wasn't until two weeks from now, but he got kicked out due to bad blood between he and my stepmother. I'm completely heartbroken, and it's all I can think about.


7000 Infinity

June 26, 2016 @ (Newington)

Tags: bad break up

Me and my gf (veronica were fighting cuz she liked another boy named Doccy. I was sad but she was doing a game between me(Philip) and Doccy and it picked him, I tried committing suicide but she didn't care so I had said


and that's the story