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July 11, 2016 @ (Los Angeles)

Tags: Taking a break

I met him in december, 2015 at a party and we were both attracted to each other and ended up cuddling a bit. I was about to leave for college, but decided to stay as I wanted to have a relationship with him, eventhough I knew that chances are we might break up, but that was a risk I was willing to take! So I applied and got into to college close by to where he lives. Due to his busy schedule, we only saw each other every two weeks and I know that this wasn't much, but I loved him so much and wanted things to work out. I hoped that during the summer we would have more time to spend together. May came along and I found that he had to study during the summer for exams he had in August, but he said that he would make time to see me.

We're in the middle of July and I haven't heard from him in two weeks and haven't seen him in almost a month! I was in Italy atm and asked to meet up with him to discuss what was going on...he read the message but never replied, so I was forced by message to ask him for a break! He replied agreeing to it and said that at the moment he is absorbed with other things such as his studies and that after his exams we would have time to reflect and meet up to discuss the final decision. I was devasted as I still love him and want to be with him and the fact that he didn't fight to keep me, made me realise that chances are he could have lost interest!

Although I hope that after his exams we would get back together, but if it doesn't I am going to have to take time to move on.


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July 10, 2016 @ (California)

Tags: Bad breakup, hurtful, sad

I've always had trust issues with him and have anxiety attacks about things he's done. I looked at his phone one day and saw a bra pic of his ex and I was so hurt I texted him being really upset. He then dumped me through text because he said I stressed him out and that I complained about nothing. He was my first real love too so that really sucked.



June 29, 2016 @ (West Virginia)

Tags: gay, heartbroken, sad breakup

He was my stepbrother's friend, having moved in with us two years ago. He never showed any signs of liking me--or men in general--at all. In fact, I always thought he was a bit homophobic until he told me otherwise. He said, "As long as you don't like me." Well, of course, I kind of fell for him. I never told him, but I always tried to underhandedly flirt with him. I wasn't sure if he knew how I felt about him. Then, just this past weekend, I caught him looking at me and smirking. I asked why he was looking at me like that. He said, "Nothing." I then asked him if he knew how I felt about him. He sat down and grabbed my hand and asked if this was what I wanted. It was such a great feeling, being with him. Then he tells me that he'd had feelings for me since he first got to know me, but he never did anything because his dad was super homophobic and would literally kill him. Then he tells me he's leaving for a job in Virginia, so we couldn't be together anymore. It wasn't until two weeks from now, but he got kicked out due to bad blood between he and my stepmother. I'm completely heartbroken, and it's all I can think about.


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June 26, 2016 @ (Newington)

Tags: bad break up

Me and my gf (veronica were fighting cuz she liked another boy named Doccy. I was sad but she was doing a game between me(Philip) and Doccy and it picked him, I tried committing suicide but she didn't care so I had said


and that's the story



June 20, 2016 @ (india)

Tags: bad breakup

1 year from now i met a girl. I am a singer so was just performing in a college event. A girl was staring at me after my performance(in which i won).She was just sitting on a row ahead of me and she was continously staring ... i have been in 15 relationships so have a gud experience of what was it going to be. She searched my name as we din't had anything in comman. She message me on fb . And very next day she asked me to come for a walk in campus late in night. We had a good talk and she messaged me that night that she has a boyfriend.. i was like who cares. Next night she called me for a walk and that night THINGS happened and we were close . I always tried to stay emotionally away from her because she was in relation for two years that too non problematic relationship. After that we met almost daily for 4 months she was in relationship with a guy who was earlier in college was a senior so was working in a company in different city so for those 4 months whenever she met she used to say sweet things and show her affection n then she left her boyfriend. I asked her to not to leave him because i had stuff to do so cannot give her that much of time. but she broke up with him. I was also kindof liking her i was a plyboy but i started liking her because once she went to meet her boyfriend then i was not feeling good about it. But she then left her boyfriend came to me.. She always knew about experiences of girls i had so so used to say that i cannot be serious for a single girl. But sometimes being human when she flirted with someone else i used to feel bad about it and i said her. I too had many option of girls which she knew already but i began falling for her. I am a focussed man so was doing the stuff that i was supposed to do in my career so could not give her that much of time but i always tried to give her as much of time as possible . So i started falling for her even more.. i started actually loving her.. i had to go through many things in life which made me a kindof heartless playboy.. i was having a good career i am a singer , guitarist, painist, composer , millionaire, boxer(upto state level) and amazing at s**(because experince matters) so as per now u might have guessed there was no scarcity for girls .. but i was falling for her.. i started expressing to her my love.. in every way possible.. bt never lost balance as generally guys do. Now one day she comes to me saying "she wants to be friend" then next day" she wants to do her work" then next day "she wants her boyfriend back" . after 9 months of all she is suddenly realizing that she loved her ex only so she wants to move with that guy. Was i just a puppet? She shows no feeling for me now.. When she was cheating with that guy for me.. when she can come physically close to me third day after we met after a relation of 2 years then she can cheat me too.. Bitches will be bitches.. lesson learnt never trust a beaultiful face .. if she is a liar .. she will take use of u till she wants and then just hire a new boyfriend to fuck her.. NEVER TRUST LIARS.. if she can lie to him she can lie to me too.. i missed that point.



June 08, 2016 @ (Bucarest)

Tags: Sudden break up

I met this guy at work, he was new. It was love from the first side. He texted me so often and so perfect. Shortly, we decided to take a chance and it all was magnificent. Nobody from work was aware of our story. I spent the most perfect 4 months of my life. When suddenly, he began not to text me so often, to make appologies not to see eachother, he did not listen to me anymore. All this time i tried to be supportive, and give him space. I tried to give him the best of me: love, sex, space, humour. He never said to meet his family or his friends. In the last 2 monts of the rel. (Who lasted 6) he became so distant. He was watching other girls on he street when he was with me and always smiling at his phone. I decided to ask him what s happening and he said he wants some time to be alone. Now i am sitting in my bed reading all the posts here and trying to put myself togetrer. But it s so horrible :(



June 07, 2016 @ (nowhere)

Tags: fml

I'd like to hear your opinion on all of this... So fucked up.
So 5 years ago we went to school together and finally got in a relationship. We were both 17 and it was our first real relationship.



June 07, 2016 @ (Niagara)

Tags: Womenrcheaters

Its my story too after 5 years of our relationship out of which 3 years we were married. She left me for her ex. I did everything for her she was my life. I ws fight her fights when she was talking to her ex on my back. I was fighting her cases when she was sleeping with him on my back.Her parents supported her and they all screwed me.
Above all she said its all my fault. She accused me of our fail marriage. She ruined my reputation. She is still causing trouble in my work.
Now its been 6 months since she left me and I can't sleep knowing what she did with me. I think women are like this. All are back stabbers, cheaters.



June 02, 2016 @ (England)

Tags: #badbreakup #lessonslearned

We were together 18 months. In the final months she said she worried I wasn’t earning enough and doubted our ‘compatibility’ with contradictory reasons, yet would reject my suggestions to break-up (I always had to be the one to bring it up). When we eventually did it was hard, but I couldn’t take the uncertainty.

Afterwards it felt like we hadn’t broken up, talking as normal. She told me she still loved me and was upset. Her birthday was coming up and she was working nights that weekend, so I thought I would deliver her presents/belongings on one of the nights. But she wanted to see me, and said she’d been struggling after the break-up, so I agreed to come after Monday lunchtime following her final night shift.

When I arrived she came out her bedroom naked, claiming we hadn’t confirmed I was coming round (she sent an odd text that morning asking what I was up to that day, to which I replied to confirm/remind, and tried to ring four times). She grabbed a dressing gown and opened her presents. I sensed awkwardness and then it clicked; there was a guy in her bed.

I felt sick and humiliated. She said he was a locum she’d met at work over the weekend, it hadn’t meant anything, etc. I said I wanted answers/closure to move on (this upset her, yet I’d found her moving on!). She even blamed me for turning up. The next day she became remorseful and wanted to talk in person, but I wanted immediate answers – it had been an unnecessary and horrible thing to do.

A week later she called me and I apologised for how I’d reacted, even though I’d suffered a trauma! She wouldn’t discuss what happened, distressed at the slightest mention. She’d flipped the situation and gone back to claiming I was in the wrong. At the end we agreed we would meet to exchange stuff. That was the last time we spoke; 8 weeks later she just ignored me and mailed my stuff without any words.

The lesson here is that there is no such thing as a good break-up. I thought I was having one, and then she had other ideas. So, when you break-up with someone, do just that – cut contact and stay away. And speak to people (friends, parents, counsellor, etc.) – they will stop you from making things worse.



May 31, 2016 @ (Everywhere)

Tags: Bad breakup

We met exactly a year ago, everything was perfect he was everything I've ever wanted, I fell in love with him instantly, we were both passionate about each other, I mean after our 2d date we were inseparable, we were practically living together, I trusted him completely so I told him all my secrets little did I know he would use it against me on every fight, he was bothered by the fact that I dated people before him and he was comparing me to him the whole time (he only dated 3 girls his entire life) he used to blame me for my past even though I was still a virgin when I met him he used to even blame me for kissing a lot of people before him (FYI he's 30 years old and I'm 25 ) he used to make me feel like a hore, he was very charming so when he apologizes and sweet talk to me I used easily forgive him.
I was spending all my time with him so my friendships faded with time, I even stood against my family at one point for him, 7months after we met he asked me to marry him and he even got me the perfect ring that I wanted and it was great and perfect, until he gets mad and he turns into this cruel careless person, by that time I don't even recognize him anymore he never physically hurt me, but he broke wine bottles and glass and all he could see, I tried explaining that that's wrong of him I tried talking to him, I tried doing the same but he didn't change a thing it even got worse,
I remember once I was too tired to have sex he got so mad and he was acting so bad when I told him how he was acting he just took my things and threw them to the door and kicked me out, he used to blame me for looking at my phone when I'm with him (and I mean just checking notifications ) he used to give me hell if I took a selfie calling me selfish and I love myself too much but I'm not doing anything a normal 25 year old women doesn't.
I took him on a trip for his birthday and he picked up a fight on the that day just to keep blaming me for ruining his birthday.
When we fight he just completely ignores me or call me a bitch or just keeps insulting me and when I fight back he goes mad and he blames me for it, he manipulated me so many time and hurt me just so he can feel better he used to make up stories just to see if I'm jealous I tried my best to be patient telling myself he will change, he will grow up, he will understand how much I actually love him but he keeps forbidding me not to even go out with male colleagues while he can go out with female colleagues all he wants so that was it I broke up with him and the scary part is I have no one to talk to abt this even the one only friend I have left Is so tired of me complaining about him I don't know where to start I don't even leave the bed


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