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January 20, 2012 @ (Detroit)

Tags: college

Sunday was supposed to be our 5 month anniversary. Today, he blind-sided me with a phone call about how we should take a break, because he just doesn't know how he feels anymore. He was crying. He said he can't handle the distance as well as he used to when I'm away at school. But he didn't want to classify it as a break up, and he still wants me in his life... I told him to call me back in a week, once he gets himself sorted out.

It's hard to believe that just last night I was designing a Valentine's Day card for him.

I'm a freshman in college, and he was my first boyfriend. I gave him everything and we did everything together. I don't know what to do.


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January 17, 2012 @ (Clear Lake,Houston TX.)

Tags: Boys

I had a boyfriend who ran cross-country and I thought that was really cool. Dougan and I were all-out dating.... we held hands and gave each other hugs everyday. He was sweet, kind, funny, and strong. On January 13th he broke up with me..



January 16, 2012 @ (Australia)

Tags: phone, crazy

Me and this guy weren't exactly dating but I had to break up with him anyway. I met a guy and gave him my number. I then accidently left my phone at my friends house. My phone was there a few days. I thought I would just explain it to him, if he called or messaged me. I got my phone back and it happened to be my birthday. There were a bunch of msgs beforehand. These are the text messages that followed.
Him: Did you have some company last night? I cant be with someone who is going to play around. Not having it. So please explain....(separate msg)I thought u were different, obviously I am wrong again.
Me: I left my phone at a mate's house and got it about 12 last night. I didnt think it would have been nice of me to msg u then. But thanks, this is exactly what I wanted to wake up to on my birthday. By the way, my friend told me his dad had cancer thus why things have been hard for me to get my phone.
Him: Ok then just wanted to know. Happy birthday hunny, hope you have a great day and I hope I cans ee u soon xoxo
Me: Why the hell would u assume I had company? Why would u assume the worse of someone u barely know? I'm not your GF. My mother doesnt even speak to me like that. Why dont u explain?
Him: I know your not my gf. Ur friend texted me back off your phone (my friend had told him to stop calling because I didnt have my phone). And he said he couldn't tell me his name. If you want me to go I will.
Me: Why would my friend need to tell you his name? Why would his name matter? If u wanted an explanation you should have asked nicely. If something like this sets u off into insulting me, its really not gonna work out ever.
Him: Ok all the best...(again new message)...Ur a quitter. You'll be a lonely old woman. It sounds like you'll get what you deserve so good luck with someone that'll put up with that...Quitter....So u quit an arguement. lmfao...Its just an excuse so u can flirt with guys tonight on your birthday...classy whose place are you gonna leave your phone at this time. lmfao...get f***ed.


Confused, And Lost

January 16, 2012 @ (Wv)

Tags: break-up

Well, it's been around six months, since my girlfriend and I had broken up. we had only been going out for three months but it seemed things were going really well for both of us. Some unfortunate things happened, and she broke up with me because I had to move. I ended up not moving because of a death in the family and she told me she didn't want to hurt me anymore, so we didn't get back together. In the past six months, her best friend told me that my ex still had feelings for me. (keep in mind, the three of us are still very close friends.) Then about a month later she said that my ex didn't want a relationship. I still have feelings for her, and have tried to move on, but nothing seems right. I need an idea as to what I'm to do at this point, because she seems to be falling for another guy now, three months after her best friend said that to me. I'm lost, and need help. Anyone?



January 15, 2012 @ (my house )

Tags: break up

I dont get love at all. This is for the girls, Do you ever feel like when you have the guy that you want you dont want them cuz you know you can have them? but when you lose them you want them so bad? This has to do with my break up. I would talk to so many different guys and my boyfriend asked me not to so i stoped then i started again. Then he was showing how it felt well i over reacted and we broke up then got together. A week after that we broke up then got together same thing happened over and over. Well not it has been 1 year that we have been together but last night he told me he wants a 4 sum with me my friend and my cousin now is that not messed up now how am i suppost to stay with him when he said this i love him but i can do this shit anymore :( plz plz help me out ppl



January 15, 2012 @ (USA)

Tags: confusion

We were together almost two years. Met in freshman year and now I'm almost done third year. So in love and so happy, we had our differences but always got past them. Had a small break up once for about two weeks because I was out of the country and we were fighting and such. Got back together soon after and just been amazing ever since. One day he says i cant love you anymore over text message. Get over me. Thats it. Never heard anything since. Dont know how to deal with this or what to do.


Heartbroken Girl

January 15, 2012 @ (Austria)

Tags: Heartbreak, breakup

Well, here's my story..
About 2 weeks ago, my boyfriend broke up with me. To be honest, he has been breaking up with me for the past 2 years. Basically, the first year was more than just perfect. It was more I thought possible! I loved him so much, I would have done anything for me and I knew he felt the same way about me.

So after a year, he broke up with me for the first time. I probably did the worst thing possible after that: I begged him to stay with me and tried to convince him for an hour to give us another chance - which he did eventually.
The weird thing was, that in those next few days, he would be everything I wanted. Kind, sweet, caring, telling me how much he loved me and that he couldn't imagine living a life without me.

This lasted for about 2 months when he broke up with me again. I didn't beg him to stay with me anymore, but after some days he came back, telling me how sorry he was and that he badly wanted us to be together again - I went back.
You see the pattern there, I guess..

So, that's how it would be: breakin up, getting back together, being completely in love again, breaking up..
After 2 years, I wasn't myself anymore. My life revolved around him, he was the center of my universe and that's when I completely lost myself.. I was trying to be the perfect girlfriend, to never make him angry, to always do what he wanted me to do, but it didn't matter. No matter what I did, he would still breake up with me after telling me the day before that I was everything he wanted.

I was confused, devastated, hurt. So, about half a year ago, after one of his breakups I knew, I couldn't take it anymore. I even had to get professional help and take antidepressants to get through the day. It was the hardest time of my life and there were times, were I didn't just want to die (which I did daily), but when I thought I actually would because of the pain.
The only thing that helped me was knowing that he didn't have anyone else and I tried to tell myself he would come back eventually. After some time, I even thought, I had found myself again and I didn't need him anymore.

So, 3 months ago, he texted me, saying how much he wanted me and another chance with me. When he came over, I knew I never stopped loving him, but at least I was able to keep control of myself. He noticed of course, that I had changed and he was everything I always wanted him to be. He even was full of doubts, saying how scared he was, that I wouldn't want him anymore and that he was so sorry for what he had done and that he had the feeling that everything was better now.
I really thought, he had a wakeup call and that he finally knew, he didn't want to be without me. Everytime I went out with my friends, he was so scared that I would meet someone else that I even felt sorry for him, because I really didn't want him to feel bad. So I would always say the sweetest things, when he called or texted me, because I wanted his doubts to go away - while I was out, supposed to be having fun. I liked doing it though, because it showed me, he cared!

We didn't see each other that often during the last 3 months, because we both had a lot of work to do and we wanted to take things slow. We didn't spend christmas and new year's eve together because he was visiting his family. I really missed him and he also always said how much he was looking forward to seeing me again. I believed him.
On new year's eve, while I was out celebrating, he kept texting me, calling me, saying that he was so scared I would do anything stupid and that he wanted to remind me how happy he was to be seeing me the next day.

So, when he came to visit me, he was kind and sweet and he stayed over. The next day, after sleeping with me once more of course, he broke up with me.. For the last time now, because a few days ago I found out he was already in a relationship with another woman..
After ONE week..

How come, I am so easy to forget? That he's living his life with someone else, happy, while I don't even know how to get up in the morning?
Everyone keeps telling me, that I would get over him eventually and that I'm oh so young (20) so of course I would fall in love again - and maybe they are right!

But... I know that there are people out there, never able to let go, who always find themselves hurt and miserable again, everytime they see that person.
I don't want to end up like that, I don't, but what if I'm one of those people? What if everytime I'm going to see him alone or with his new girlfriend, my hearts just breaks all over again?
How do I know that I'll be able to let go?

It felt good to get this of my chest..
With all my love,

a heartbroken girl



January 09, 2012 @ (la)

Tags: trust, heartbreak

i've been with a girl for about 1.5 years. i met her in nyc. i'm originally from the west coast, but i moved to the city 2 years ago. anyway, throughout our entire time together, it felt like a never-ending "honeymoon phase". we were passionately in love with each other, and extremely affectionate. i moved in with her a year ago because i lost my job. she was kind enough to open her home to me. she's been nothing but amazing. her family loves me. she loves me. we had plans for the future, even plans of marriage.

though, at this moment, i am currently in la (for a short vacation) and she's in nyc. she broke up with me on the phone this morning because i'm too insecure. i have trust issues (that i am working on) and she's just tired. she's giving up on this relationship because she's tired of my lack of trust. that, i understand. but i'm confused because it was so sudden.

i think it's serious this time. we had a joint bank account for our apartment savings, and she removed her share of the money. now it's almost half-empty.

but, i'm flying back to nyc tomorrow morning. i thought about not flying back at all to avoid seeing her (just because it will be too hard), but i can't not show up for work. i at least have to put in my two weeks and get the rest of my stuff at her place. i also have unfinished business in nyc that can't be left neglected.
i also need more closure than this. i've been crying constantly all day. i've been going into my car and crying hysterically so no one would hear me. i am going through so much pain because i'm starting to believe that this is really IT. she's been the most amazing girlfriend to me, so supportive, faithful, genuine, and perfect. her imperfections are perfect to me.
i hope this was out of anger. and that she didn't mean it. otherwise, i'm on a one-way flight back to los angeles with a broken heart and a broken dream.



January 08, 2012 @ (USA )

Tags: Cheating, first love,

We started dating my freshmen year of high school. I thot he was so cute but my friend was talking with him. I was very jealous and I eventually told him I liked him an he admitted he was only talking to my friend to get closer to me. He was 16, popular, and everyone loved him. A few days after us talking I gave him my virginity and he told me he loved me. I told him so did I. We had sex again 2 days later and he asked me to be his girlfriend. Of course I said yes! Our relationship was so playful, we were best friends and lovers at the same time. We were very passionate to be so young but nothing could separate us. About a month into our relationship I started hearing things about him cheating on me, I was devastated. I demanded he give me his Facebook password as I was out of town at the time and couldn't look through his fone or anything. And to my astonishment he had msgd girls on there then thought he had deleted the msgs but I found all of them. I forgave him tho after a big fight and many tears cause in fact I loved him and he was my first. A few months later down the road I had still found out he had cheated on me random times by making out with other girls and I heard he had sex with two of his older brothers girlfriends but it was never proven so I still don't know if that was true. But me and him were closer than anyone . I had given him everything Nd totally devoted my life to him. He seemed to truleylove me he just had commitment problems as his dad had cheated on his mom, it ran in the family. He proposed to me (silly I know, we were so young, but at this time he was 17) I said yes and we just kept it to ourselves and only told close friends. Around the time we had been dating for 6 months I had a pregnancy scare and had to take the plan B pill. This shook things up and made us think about if we really wanted to be together forever. We decided we did and our relationship just got stronger. We had dropped nearly all our friends and it was always me and him. He still continued to cheat wich really really killed me but I pretended to believe him when he denied it and promised he would never do that to me again like he did before so I didn't lose him. Nearing our 8th month together I went to California for a couple of weeks to visit relatives and go to the beach. We talked constantly when I was fone and it hurt us to be away from each other so long . He would call me every night and cry and tell me how much he loved andissed me and that he wanted us to try and have a baby when I got back, I thought about it and considered Then changed my mind. I wanted to wait. He reluctantly agreed and when I got back in town we were together 24/7 . I was looking thru his fine and found pictures on his email of naked girls and he had sent them pictures of his dick!! I was so angry I screamed and said it was the last time I would deal with this and I was done with him and we were Ina parking lot and causing such a scene the cops got called. We were told to leave and I made him drive me home and he did and the breakup was long and drawn out and he cried for hours every night and begged me to stay and threatened to kill himself, he ran away and then came back and started hanging out with this girl about 3 weeks from our breakup. I was glad he was finally moving on since I couldn't deal with his drama. They started datin and now 6 mOnths from our breakup she is pregnant and they are engaged. I still have a special place in my heart for him but I have moved on completely. I am now dying an amazing guy and have been for about a month, not a very long time but I have a connection with him and am very happy. Sometimes it's best to move on from first loves cause they may not have been right and he cheated and hurt me way to much. I have trust problems thanks to him but what I went thru with him made me strong Nd made me who I am today so I am thankful for it.



January 08, 2012 @ (United States)

Tags: errands

We had been dating a year and a half, tonight was supposed to be his housewarming party so i got all cute for for it. We had been having some problems in our relationship but they were things that just needed to be talked about and worked on. And i was already having a bad week, i was late to work and got fired two days before, so this party was going to be a good time to just relax and have fun for a night. Around noon he texted me that we needed to have a talk, I already agreed to it but i was thinking wed get all upset and it might ruin the party for us. So about an hour before it starts he comes over, gets in my car with me and tells me its not working for him. He doesnt like my personality, im always getting on his nerves, and hes just not happy with me. Just like that. As ui cried he continued to check his watch and then said "Well i have some errands to run" and left.


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