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June 05, 2015 @ (USA)

Tags: Bad Break Up

I just turn sixteen when we made our relationship public. We dated and waited for a month. I thought he was the one but after five months he said he needed some space. A week later I saw him with another girl at the movies. So I wrote a song about it and now I am still waiting...


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June 04, 2015 @ (Seattle)

Tags: Awesome relationship, clean break up

2 years ago, at the age of 17, I met a guy at a night bar and the week after I resaw him at a party of a friend of mine. We got on really well and everyone at that party could tell he was attracted to me. He asked me out for the day before my birthday, which doesn't happen often, but it was the coolest thing ever. We dated for 5 months.

One night I planned on surprising him, since I hadn't seen him in a month as we were in different schools. That night, I could tell that something was bothering him, but I didn't know what till the end of the evening. At the end of that evening, he told me that we needed to take a break since he couldn't hang out with me as much as before and he wanted to be done with senior year. Senior year was over and we were still broken up, even though I wished that things between us were different



June 01, 2015 @ (Atlanta)

Tags: Awesome

Wasn't really my breakup but I was involved in it. Go back 14 years, my best friend and I were both 16 years of age. He had a girlfriend who was unworldly beautiful, like a model, and let's face it - who wouldn't be attracted to a young Jessica Alba?

One night, we were to a club and we all got a bit tipsy, I ended up slamming my mate more and more drinks and then ended up having sex with his hot girlfriend. He didn't find out at the time, but we kept going at it behind his back - probably about 6 times a week for the rest of the time they were together? They were together about 3 years lol. They broke up because I came clean to my mate and he respected me for that so we remained best friends. I told myself that I wouldn't touch his girl the next time he gets one.

Fast forward back to current time. My best friend recently just got married six months ago and again... his, now, wife looks like Natalie Portman. I mean... who wouldn't want to tap that ass? Anyway, after they returned from their honeymoon, he told me that he hasn't had sex with his wife since the wedding and that they were a little 'dry' (whatever that meant). So I decided to go to talk to her about what was going on, when my mate went to work the next day. BAM! Ended up shagging her on the kitchen table. We would go at it for hours when my mate was at work and we'd do this like three-four times a week.

A couple of weeks later, my mate tells me that they still aren't having sex. So I go back to her and tell her that she has to have sex with him at least once... Next day, my mate comes to me and asks me "How did you do it?! We finally had sex!" So I congratulate him. Then, he complains to me that he had to do it in a rubber and that he shouldn't have to now that he's married.

Last week we were at it again, this time on their couch and after I came in her, she tells me that she's pregnant with my kid. I tell her that she's crazy and it's probably her husbands (I pretty much knew it wasn't his - I probably had more sex with her in a week than he had with her in his entire life...)

Next day, my mate comes to me really happy and says that he's going to be a pappy and not sure how it happened as he's only had sex with her once after the wedding and it was using a rubber. I quickly ensure him that the rubber must have broken and that the kids is his to which he believes LOL!

I'm still banging his wife when he's at work several days a week and she's about to have my kid in three months! I haven't had a relationship with no strings attached as much as this ever! And I just wanted to tell you guys out there how good this is. I'm still best mates with him, I'm having a blast banging his hot wife and she's about to have my kid which my best mate will bring up free of charge!



May 30, 2015 @ (US)

Tags: Bad break up Sad Break up

Moving to a new school, I didn't know anyone except for a few people. At first I was being bullied for being different, (And for being the new kid). Fast forward. It was the last class of the day and I saw a guy. Let's call him.. Kevin. Well, I thought he was cute and so for a few weeks we started chatting online. Then he finally asked me out. I was so happy, but everyone told me that he was a liar, a cheater, etc. I didn't listen (Because 'liking someone a lot' makes people stupid)
We had a lot of things in common. We had never-ending conversations, I thought we were the perfect couple.
Just then, the 2nd week we were dating, he tells me the news that his mom found out about our relationship.
He told me that his mom was forcing him to break up with me.
I cried... for what seemed like days, even had mental breakdowns in class..
Then I just think,
"Why didn't he fight for me? We could still be together when we're at school. Please don't tell me this is real."
FAST FORWARD even more...
I found out that he lied, he lied about everything. And I finally realized, he was a lying cheating motherfluffer.
Few days later, he dates my friend.
Broke up with her.
Dates my other friend.
We don't talk, to this day.
( He still attempted to flirt with me after we broke up BTW )
Kevin is lame. -.-



May 29, 2015 @ (London)

Tags: rebound Instagram text

Things were going oh so well. We were a couple without the label. In the beginning he was so crazy in 'love' with me (more like an infatuation, in retrospect). Then his ex bad mouthed him over the phone one day and I should have seen the red flags then and there. Next thing I know he's more distant and we don't talk as much. He's oh so different. Then one day he doesn't message me at all! So I message him and ask if he's dead. We argue a little and he says "ok then bye". Little did I realise that this was his way of ending things. Next thing I know, my friend calls my up asking why he's following his ex on Instagram and viola! The end.



May 26, 2015 @ (Pennsylvania, Philadelphia)

Tags: break up

When I was 13 I met a boy in my eighth grade social studies class...let's call him Jason. Jason and I became good friends pretty quickly, and by the start of high school we were dating.

Fast forward to junior year, and things got a little rocky. He started becoming moody and irritable, yelling at me for the most insignificant reasons, like missing one text he had sent while I was at soccer practice. I cried every day, but I still stayed with him. In November of senior year, he played in a football game against our rival school (which we lost). I knew he would be pissed, so I tried to console him. Big mistake. He turned on me, calling me a stupid b**** and how he hated me and that I was nothing but a loser. I started crying a little and yelled at him that if he hated me so much, then he can just leave, thank you very much. He shoved me (not hard, but enough to make me stumble a little) and told me that we were over. Well, that was it. I ran home from school (I didn't even care that his teammates were staring at me) and started crying my eyes out. He texted me a few minutes later saying how sorry he was and asked if we could get back together. I said yes, and for the next couple weeks everything was fine.

Well, stupid is as stupid does. In December of senior year, I heard him talking to his friend about how much of a slut I am and how he wishes he could just break up with me without me making a big scene. I didn't even have the guts to stand up to him. I just ran to the bathroom and started to cry. We have not spoken a word to each other since then.


Malc N

May 24, 2015 @ (Wisconsin )

Tags: Real bad breakup

I looked on her phone and found texts on her phone to other guys which had ended months ago, but I decided to bring it up so that I could figure out what was wrong and fix it because Ilove her. She cried and told me how sorry she was and how i was her everything and clung to me and cried on my shoulder. This is the second time we've dated. And her birthday is exactly one month I front of mine. I went on a trip for a week and she said she wanted to take a break because of things we were dealing with and I agreed but we talked about it and decided to just talk less. That night which was also our ten month anniversary she fucked a black guy named diamond she met that night. She told me the day I got back when we went to hang out at the park were we always hang. And she told me she wanted to break up and stuff and then about how she fucked him after he put his arm around her and that's all. And although I was paranoid and looked on her phone I deep down would have never expected it to happen. This is also 4 days before my birthday. We had "breakup sex" but my mind was so tricked into infatuation that I was still so attracted to but the reality is hitting me now. She still says she loves me and wants to be friends and I told her I wouldn't tell anyone to not ruin her reputation but it's a big secret to keep inside.



May 22, 2015 @ (ontario)

Tags: bad breakup, Horrible person, worst girlfriend

I had been seeing this girl for a year and she refused to keep her legs closed. no matter what I tried, I trusted her like crazy, and she continued to abuse that, first was when we were several months in she went to go hang out with a friend, when I wanted to say hi she told me off and said that the guy still thought they were together and wanted toa void a scene, still trusting her, because that is how I thought relationships worked I let her have her way. she claimed the next day that she cheated on me with him, merely saying in a weak tone "well... I didn't want too..." when I got upset she went aroundt elling everybody who would listen that I was pissed at her for being raped. having been raped myself at a young age thi would never be the case. now my trust in her is shot because I know the rape thing is a straight out lie. I started keeping an eye on her facebook and skype to spot more evidence of cheating. and she hated this and defended herself by saying her sleeping with another guy is none of my business, despite my taking her in from what she claimed was an abusive family and dating her. she cheated on me a second time with another guy and after several days of thinking I forgave her once more. several months passed (to about the year mark) and she cheats on me again with the guy that 'raped' her. this time I have had it, I told her to pack up her stuff and leave. to which she did everything she could think of to stay, blocking the guy and showing me messeges about how she is refusing sex to him now and the like, so against my better judgement I let her stay, not a week later and she cheated on me again, I have had it at this point and kicked her out on the spot. that day she tried everytrick to get me to let her stay, from appealing tot he fact I cared about her to saying I couldn't make her go back to her 'abusive' family and every other manipulative thing you can think of. When that failed she flipped the switch and started bitching about everything, making me to be the bad guy to everyone who would listen, Saying it was my fault she gained weight because I put her on a certain diet (untrue) and that I expected her to be a servant and such. in reality she got to stay with me rent free I made sure she was fed everytime I went groceries (once a month) I would ask her if there was anything she wanted and I even got her a cat that she begged me for, spending several hundred in the process. I wasn't able to hang out with friends without her getting pissed and if I tried to see a female friend she would think I was cheating. but anyways, she is packing up her things she raided my kitchen, took everything she could fit into her bag and then took all of my dishes and every piece of cutlery she could find. leaving me with 2 plates and a bowl. when I confronted her about this alls he had to say was "oh they were mine" when I told her I couldn't eat now cause I had nothing to eat with she says "oh I left a fork for you under the couch" she even refused to give me back the key to my apartment, when her mom FINALLY stepped in to make her she decided to throw it onto the lawn as opposed to hand it to my outstretched hand. 2 months later and I haven't spoken to her since.



May 19, 2015 @ (wisconsin)

Tags: life

i have been dating the guy for almost a year now and he all of a sudden said tht we were through



May 15, 2015 @ (Ohio)

Tags: funny break up

So I had dating this guy for three years and one day he comes home with his best friend like usual and we hang out and I decide to go pick up some pizza so I leave. I drive to the nearest pizza hut and when I get there I realize I forgot my wallet so I drive back to grab it. When I open the door I see a shirt on the floor, I think nothing of it so I pick it up and as I walk closer to my bedroom I hear moaning and stuff. I open the door and J (my bf) and C (his best friend) are having sex. I first feel my heart break but at the same time I had a feeling the liked each other. I was upset but I got over it. We are all still friends and I'm getting married next week so yeah. They are engaged too.


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