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Trees Of Glory

March 29, 2015 @ (united states of america)

Tags: funny break up

So I wanted to break up with this guy for quite a while, he was so rude. I couldn't bring myself to do it. We had been dating a year and a half, when he said we are having problems. So we meet up infront of some trees at a park he gets there and stares at me like a weirdo. I say we are breaking up he agrees and proceeds to tell me how perfect I am and I start to cry. He trys to hug me and I say don't fucking touch me. He started crying and I walked away. afterwards me and my bestfriend went to the fair and made out with 2 really hot guys. BEST DAY EVER



March 28, 2015 @ (Brazil)

Tags: bad breakup, first love

Started dating this guy in December 2013, and he was the best person I've ever met. I've never felt the things I did when I was around him. He shared his deepest secrets and so did I. I didn't use to believe in love before him, but he managed to make me do it. He said he would never abandon me and I believed it after half a year. He never betrayed me, he never lied to me. The only time he did was when he said he wouldn't give up on me.
I thought things were going great. He even said he loved me that morning, like he always did. But at night he texted and said he needed a time to think. He wanted a break. I asked why and he said it was because of school and as we only saw each other on weekends, he couldn't take it anymore. I cried my eyes out.
Two days after he said we were done, he just didn't want to be with me anymore, but I'm a great person and he still wanted to be friends.
We continued talking like we always did, but now there was pain. I still don't get the point. One day he said he still loved me, the next day he said he didn't know anymore.
Yesterday he asked me out again, and I said yes because I'm desperate to see him again. Today in the morning he cancelled it because he didn't want to.
I can't stop crying. I want him to stop throwing me around like I'm his toy. I want him back so bad. I don't understand.



March 25, 2015 @ (United States)

Tags: Heartbroken

I knew we were going to be together the first time I saw her. She was my first real girlfriend and my first love. I never cared about anyone more. I thought she was perfect. After 7 months she wanted to break up with me out of the blue. Worst timing too. I had recently lost my job for something I didnt do, got kicked out of my classes because I forgot to pay on time, and my parents left to go on a 2 month road trip. I was home alone, I had nothing. She said that I was the only thing that made her happy and she wanted to be happy with herself before she could be happy with someone else. I was devastated. It was the first time I had really cried. I felt betrayed and thrown away like trash. Everything we had, gone. I told her we can do this together but she had already made up her mind. I still think about her every day.



March 23, 2015 @ (Amsterdam)

Tags: Bad breakup hurt pain

For those that read my story they already know how hard my breakup was. To make it even worse my ex texted me, to rub in my fase how happy he is with his new girl. He mentioned he didn't regret cheating and it made him happier. That his new girl is more beautiful and atractive she is because she is thick. I was torn and broken. Anyway my long lost crush texted me I'm over the moon. Hope my midget ex is enjoying his life.



March 16, 2015 @ (Canada)

Tags: breakup

I'm just going to put it like this, been with my girlfriend for 7 months, she started showing less affection and decided not to care about me anymore or try. Told her to get it over with and break up with me already if she wanted to, so she did. Little hurt, not as much as I should be considering I expected it for awhile now and told her lots of time before to do it already, so I held in my feelings and made sure I lost them for her.



March 16, 2015 @ (canada)

Tags: breakup

First week of second year university I met the guy of my dreams. 6'5, athletic, smart, funny, romantic and outgoing. We fell in love with one another and I can remember him shaking as he told me he loved me for the first time. He was so excited for me to meet his family and friends from back home and they all loved me. It felt so good to have such a strong, committed relationship. We thought we would get married to one another and he told me he would never break my heart. I was so in love with him that i lost my virginity to him, somehting that meant the world to me. In February things started to change really fast; he no longer had time to see me as much and his friends werent as inclusive as before. I brought up these problems we were having with him and he agreed that he was being a terrible boyfreind but that there was nothing he could do because he wasnt interested in commitment anymore and realized he couldnt see himself growing old with me. He broke my heart and I collapsed on the spot. My world was ending and there was nothing I could do to stop it. He stayed the night with me and held me while I cried. It has been 3 weeks since the breakup. Weve been seing each other occasionally but he made it very clear that it was over. I am so lost wihtout him, I feel like theres noone in this world as good for me as him.



March 14, 2015 @ (Florida)

Tags: bad breakup

We started dating when I was twelve. March 8, 2013. He was by far the love of my life. In February of 2014, he started cheating and going the wrong ways, but I stayed with him because I loved him. In April, he ended things. His ex girlfriend(they dated during a break) attempted suicide and he got scared, so he decided to start a relationship with her. He was my everything, the love of my life, perhaps my soulmate, my first kiss, my first love, my first everything. I have been depressed ever since he started cheating, it's currently March, 2015, and I still am so depressed. It's been 328 days since we ended things and I can't stop loving him. I have no idea how a fourteen year old girl is so capable of these feelings. We were best friends. If I don't keep myself occupied I start thinking about him and I eventually get anxious. I've had about four rebounds, one lasted a week, two last three weeks, and one lasted four and a half months..



March 14, 2015 @ (from hell)

Tags: sad break up, bad break up, love

"The last chapter of our story" or "the brake up" is my best way to tell you how! Let me know what you think

Why did you go and left me alone
Did you think like I'll just move on?

Your memory is in every corner of my mind
Without seeing you, my eyes will go blind

Do you remember when we planed everthing together ?
And you said "baby, I'll be with you forever"

I believed your word like it was an oath
Because of it, now I feel loath

We had a bond stronger than bricks
After all these years, you say we don't really mix!

My problem is, I'm in love with your smile
To get over it, it'll take me a while

There is apart of me will never forget you
I'll always love you, regardless what you do

And when you realize how much I do, it'll be too late
You'll crawl back to me, but I won't take that bait

I wish you will always be happy, even though I'm hurt
Cuz once you love someone you just can't revert

That's how I love you, but you decided to forget everything we shared
It breaks my heart, but at least now I know how much you cared

That's how you wanted to write the last chapter of our story
Nothing will fix it now, not even "I'm sorry".



March 14, 2015 @ (india)

Tags: bad break up.

I have been in a long distance relationship for a year now and my boyfriend has been acting really weird from the past two months. he has been desperately trying to end the relationship. the last time i met he seemed depressed and i thought its just the depression and the work pressure that has made him this way. we fight alot and he gets so upset that he ends up crying. we had a huge fight on my birthday which was a month back. Ever since then he seems to complaining of severe depression and that he hasnt been able to sleep and said he wanted some space. after two days he calls me and tells me that he is ending this relationship for good and that he hates me. he even said that he will be looking out for girls from april to get married too. I was shattered and i honestly didnt know what was going on. a week later he calls me again and says he was sorry and he cant live without me. I took him back but i was tooo hurt to heal so quickly and accept that he wanted me. it wasnt even three days when got into yet another fight. he then withdrew and stopped talking to me. i later get a call from his boss and his boss who is way older than us, said that its best i move on. I FEEL SO TORN APART . i dont even know why he did this to me. i dont know what is the actual reason for the break up. i loved him so much that in my mind we were already married. i saw him like my husband. why would a guy do this to me? i request him to meet me one last time in april when he comes here, but he bluntly refused. I REAALLY DONT KNOW WHY THIS HAPPeNED. i tried way to hard to make this work. something in me says he loves me. the other half tells me ive been only manipulated and kicked around like a football in and out of his life. I NEED SOME ADVICE.



March 12, 2015 @ (dubai)

Tags: bad breakup

He broke a six year relationship after he went abroad for his higher studies.I was waiting for him to complete his studies and waiting for the right moment to get hitched.But he felt the relationship was not working anymore because of the distance and my career which he thought was not stable enough.He just brokeup one day ,it was sudden,he told that he was going around with a girl ,someone his mother chose for him because she was an american citizen.Few months after the breakup and i hear that he married the girl.I guess he preferred a citizenship and a secure life over me.Just breaks my heart to know he left in the worst possible way.An year since the breakup happened and im still trying to move on in vain.


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