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May 03, 2016 @ (Fredonia, NY)

Tags: none

broke up with my boyfriend of about 2 years but we live together with our friends until my semester end and i go home for the summer. Well we decided to be friends with benefits. I am aware that this is a really bad idea but I was hopeful because the last time we broke up we were fwb and got back together. It's been about 2 to 3 weeks we have been fooling around and the other day he kissed me and asked if I was ok with it. At first I thought we were getting back together since this was exactly what happened last time only he still wanted to be fwb. Lately we have been kissing a lot but only at night when everyone else goes to bed but he seems to kiss me really passionately and caresses my face and is very sensual with me. Not only that but he does little things like ruffle my hair to show me affection. I still love him very much and I want more should I talk to him about this? I'm scared he's going to say no and we won't be fwb because I love being able to touch him or do you think he has feelings for me but is scared of getting back into a relationship? I know this post is long and annoying and I'm sorry but I really would love some advice on what to do!!!


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SantaSquad100 Compton, Ca

April 28, 2016 @ (Compton, Californai)

Tags: Niga pls

Hoes ain't loyal my digger


Caca Gang

April 28, 2016 @ (Niagara Falls USA)

Tags: Caca gang

Caca gang monika!


Cherly Heather

April 28, 2016 @ (usa)

Tags: testimony on how i got my ex back

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April 22, 2016 @ (Eire)

Tags: bad

Our relationship was great, people where jealous of us, we where a couple that would make you sick to watch us together.But after going away for three months with collage getting messages from their class mates saying that they are cheating and still believing they wouldn't lie. That's what happen's when you put someone before your better judgement. You feel soft like anything could hurt you. But you'll forgive them or refuse to believe that they are like that and people are just jealous. When we got back they seemed more and more bored, always asking for vacations knowing that I couldn't afford them. In essence it was time for goodbyes but not in the honest way. The plan of action was to use the group of friends we had around us, first it started with their friends telling me no they would never do that and so on. This made me more suspicious and after awhile I lay awake beside them crying wondering if they'd lie. They'd go away with newly made friends and when u ask to meet them, they'd say i've got my friend you have yours. Even though they knew all of my friends. After awhile I was drinking a lot my friend was also going out with their best friend. So I asked did he know of anything "no" being the answer I was still unsatisfied but at this stage I knew they'd do anything to keep the truth, from all the promises and I did'nt ur paranoid you smoke too much!! Well in the end I broke it off because I was torturing them for the truth on a daily basis losing my mind attacking friends questioning everything and everyone I loved. Which made telling the truth harder for them. In the end they waited till I was drunk got me to cheat with one their friends and then watch as my ex left, we met once before they had gone, admitted to having done stuff too but not what with who or where as much as I begged, I suspected my best friends became angry and bitter, from a really outgoing person to just depressing to look at. I'm still on my own too proud to talk to friends. They come back every year to my town and I see them together with the group of friends I miss. One of my friends told me they knew after it happened and said everyone knew to absolve himself of the difficult position his gf put him in. To me that excuse is for pussies bro's before hoe's and all! Hoping for some light? BE CAREFUL WHO YOU LOVE!!!



April 18, 2016 @ (California)

Tags: terrible break up

Flew to London to meet and marry Italian girlfriend of 3 years. We both spoke and had planned to marry. We lived together off and on each in each of our respective countries. She said no, flew back to Italy and ditched me at the rail station. I am from California, depressed and stranded in the UK.



April 17, 2016 @ (on group text)

Tags: bad breakup, depression breakup

I was recently diagnosed with depression and I was very boyfriend said he would stick with me and try almost everything to make me feel better- well and month went and I got on my period, to make it worse he put it on group message with my friends. He said this "I'm done with the relationship. I'm too stressed out. Maybe once this is all resolved we can think about it again. If you need need something you can tell me in person. Otherwise I'm done. I will be leaving this chat soon. " I am so heartbroken I thought he was the one for me.In conclusion my depression has gotten worse significally.


SantaSquad100 Los Angeles

April 16, 2016 @ (Los Angeles)

Tags: Santas quad100 la

Real niggas


Caca Gang Niagara Falls

April 16, 2016 @ (Niagara Falls)

Tags: Caca gang

Dat hoe wasn't loyal



April 10, 2016 @ (NC)

Tags: badbreakup

I had finally let go of my last serious Ex, and dated a little afterward. I made a hot or not account (big mistake.) I met this guy, he was so different from all the others, he didn't want to just meet up and have sex. We talked about God and our struggle to be better followers of Christ. We talked all the time before our first date, and I was starting to really appreciate him as a person, just being there for me. Then we had our first date, after weeks of txting. I was so nervous, he was so sweet and it had been awhile that I'd dated anyone. He came to my door and I answered, he was surprised at how pretty I was (haha.) I sat in his car and he gave me a sweatshirt of his with his interesting last name on it, we joked about it earlier. It didn't take long for us to fall for each other. The next four months, we were inseparable. Little did I know, he was crumbling on the inside. We didn't live close to each other, so every trip to his house or mine took a couple hours. I felt like it was worth it, to be around him. Apparently he didn't feel the same way...because one night he broke up with me. He felt he didn't have enough time with his friends, and he was physically exhausted. Unfortunately for me, I'm still in love with him...I wanted to marry him. I honestly would take him back if he said "Bubby, I wanna make this work with you. I'm sorry." But, in real life, it never seems to happen that way for me until I've forced myself to get over him and he finally wants me back. We were both 19, and he said that he figured out he wasn't really ready like I was...hurts like hell knowing that he still cares for me, wants me to be happy even when it's not with him...


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