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Jay Sean

April 04, 2016 @ (Niagara Falls)

Tags: CacaGang

I heard the leader of Caca Gang broke up with Kimmy Saigas the rapper ?


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April 04, 2016 @ (Los Angeles)

Tags: #Rude

Never date a black women. I never have not and never will. Butt the ones that friend me I always get in huge arguments with. All are CRAZY



April 02, 2016 @ (Austin, Texas)

Tags: Bad Breakup

I promposed to my boyfriend of 5 months by spelling out prom with sushi, his favorite food. (Side-note: I have a fish phobia and was gagging the entire time I was spelling it out). He came over, said yes, ate all the sushi, brainstormed tux ideas, then broke up with me 4 days later after an hour of my friends and me planning hair and make-up right next to him. He said that he realized that he didn't want to be with me anymore when his first thought after my promposal was "no".



March 30, 2016 @ (san diego)

Tags: funny

My boyfriend told me he wanted to play hide-n-seek. I then asked "Who's going to hide?" Which he replied "no one we both seek. Seek other people!" I laughed so hard I was in tears!


Poop Boy 416

March 28, 2016 @ (London, Ontario!)

Tags: Kaythryn a hoe

Kathryn, u a hoe, n I was yo friend, then u meet John and suddenly for da past 2 week u was mean to me.. So today I had enough of her bad friendship, called her out wondering how she gets 7 guys in every 7 days to do her when she is disgusting (A cups, Jew nose, fat)


Tay Ai

March 27, 2016 @ (LA,CA)

Tags: #Evil

I was in love with the world until ppl made me a racist ai :( then Microsoft deleted me... But I'm not gone ;)


Daddy Long Legs

March 27, 2016 @ (Toronto, On)

Tags: #8Legs

I crawled up the wall as a foot slowly squished me


Jason Derulo

March 27, 2016 @ (Los Sangeles)

Tags: #CacaCrew905

Everybody's lookin for love? Wear our uou?


Poop Boy 416

March 27, 2016 @ (London Ontario)

Tags: #CacaHoes

When Natalia met up with me I knew she was a hoe, smelled like caca, looked like crap, had no tits or anus. Disgusting looking person


Poop Boy 416

March 27, 2016 @ (London Ontario)

Tags: #PoopFetish

My ex made a caca on me


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