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April 18, 2012 @ (ireland)

Tags: awkward

ok so about a year and a half ago me and my fiance were in a hostel trying to get our own place and it was in there we met a guy called brian hes a really good friend of ours but when we were in the hostel i thought i had feelings for him but i couldnt act on them because i was engaged (still am) but anyway one day my fiance was acting like he didnt want to be near me like he didnt want me anymore so i said fuck this and i decided to act on what i was feeling i knew he felt the same way because he was always trying to touch me and kiss me so when my fiance was in the kitchen making himself something to eat brian had said he wasnt gonna do anything until i ask him to so i told him how i felt and he kissed me before i knew it we were in bed together having sex anyway after he moved out we lost touch but today he calls me and we started talking again and everything was fine no one knew what happened between the two of us but he told me he has settled down with a girl who is 5 months pregnant and that she lives up where i used to live so i asked her name and straight away i recognised it i asked if she had a sister called valerie and she said yes thats when i was 100% sure who she was when i told him ask if she knows valeries husband daughter kyla and when she said yes i told her thats me he kept asking how i knew and i told him shes my auntie things got so awkward my best friend and accidental affair is getting married and having a baby to my auntie when she found out she laughed and she didnt know what to say but it was long before they ever met so i do feel really bad but i dont know whether i should be feeling bad or not p.s my fiance still doesnt know about it


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April 10, 2012 @ (magherafelt)

Tags: he tried it with my cousin

im 18 years old now but just over 3 years ago i had dated a guy i had known m whole life i always loved him but never knew how to tell him so one day i was out with my cousin but he never met her before so he thought she was just a friend when she told him how i felt he asked me out that night and i said yes he kept telling me he loved me and he wanted to be with me forever and i was stupid enough to believe him mainly because i had known him forever anyway we had been together just 2 months and my mum had agreed to let him stay the night with me because i was going to be home alone we were happy and i decided that i trusted him enough so we had sex that night a week later my cousin who he still thought was just a friend came to my house with her boyfriend who was his cousin and she had told me that he tried to go with her behind my back at first i didnt believe her but when she showed me the messages he had sent to her phone i cried my heart was broke how could someone i knew my whole life want to hurt me so much that day i called him and asked him to come up to my mums house when i confronted him he denied it so i showed him the messages and he said she was lying that she had his phone and sent them to herself i was heartbroken how stupid did he think i was?? he went silent and didnt know what to say when i told him that she was my younger cousin i was so upset but i had to laugh when i saw the look on his face maybe now he'll think before he tries it on some other girl hahaha p.s im now engaged to a wonderful guy i met just a month after we broke up so in a way im glad it happened xxxx



April 08, 2012 @ (NY)

Tags: bla

He wanted to have sex. I didn't. He dumped me and went out with another girl.



Rio F

April 01, 2012 @ (uk)

Tags: breakup, lonely

i was dumped on exmas day. it hurt soo much. to make things worse we had just bought a house ten days before!!! i felt like it was the end of the world! it still hurts a lot that people can mess u up just like that - espically someone u loved so much. i moved away from friends and family and now i am stuck in a nightmare. when i finish work and come home i am so lonely. time passing has helped but doesnt hide the fact my life is in ruins....



March 29, 2012 @ (new hampshire)

Tags: nothing

He broke up w me and then 2hrs later went out w my bestfriend..she wasnt even sorry. She told me that it was "too bad".. Hah b**ch i slept w your boyfriend two months ago!



March 27, 2012 @ (NY)

Tags: breakups

My bf and i were together for a year. We lived together in an apartment that we found and furnished together. During our international school trips for 3 weeks we talked as normal. Then on the 3rd last day, he broke up with me, in an email. AN EMAIL!! We get back to the country at different times. He arrived 5 hours later then he said to our home, angry that I am wanting to talk and am in need of closer. He sits unemotionally as i weep about the ending of our very serious relationship. I go to the bed, he sleeps on the couch. The morning comes and his cell is blowing up at 8am while he's in the shower Stupidly I go to turn it off and his text messages come up. Sexting, sexting another girl while he is still sleeping on my couch. A girl i found out he was talking to months ago that he swore was JUSY a friend. Needless to say I needed him to move out that day.



March 27, 2012 @ (Belcamp)

Tags: Text, First Date, Week

So, there was this guy that I didn't know, he emailed me asking if we could go out. I said sure, and we started texting. He was suspended from school because he had threatened a guy, and was out for that whole week. Then he comes back, and we have lunch together. That day, during the bus ride, he broke up with me. Before our first date which was scheduled for that weekend.



March 23, 2012 @ (missouri)

Tags: man

hi im new to this i jus needed a place to tell my story...imma start off by saying...i jus turned 25 an i was in a 4 year relationship wit a man named jamall...the first 2 years with him was great .he proposed an life was cool until 2 months later after the engagement i caught him in a online affair wit a girl a state away i broke offf the engagment the next 2 years i had caught him up in many lies...until 2010 he started dj at a local club...i felt like i had to live up to his image..he was getting noticable an i felt as a dj girlfriend i should look da part an i did i bought fake ass the nicest clothes to meet his standards..well after a year doin that i became someone else i lost my idenity an started becoming someone i didnt his actions were getting worst ..until on day in may of 2011 changed my life forever..i meet a guy who was in da army ...he was everything my boyfriend wasnt by that point my boyfriend was doin his thing an he stopped showing me love an attention when this new guy came in my life to provide me all that i loved on our first date we had was the best sex i ever it jus happened ..we enjoyed it an the feeling we were feeling so we decided to see each other again an again sex sex an more sex...feelings were getting involved an we didnt care he was single i wasnt but it felt soo right he had to leave for germany 3 weeks into me cheating i had fell inlove with him had a man at hme..but i didnt care i was happy an myself with the army he left an i was faced with my bf back was the most miserable time ever...i continued to talk to the army guy for 6 months until he came hme again on leave in december 2011 ..we were inlove at that point an i was ready to leave my all i wanted was the army guy well...i had came across my bf had been sleeping wit a 19 yer old since november 2011 an i found out all this in february on my bday..i was floored ...he say he still loves me but he cant treat me right ...his actions are wht ran me off in the first place ...i really love the army guy an he loves me 2 we r sooo happy together ...i dnt kno if i should leave my 4 year relationship or leve my 10 month affair...please u guys help me but i love the army guy he is da one but my bf we only have time no kids no future plans no promises so ill take all the advice u can give



March 22, 2012 @ (somewhere)

Tags: bestfriends

*Im a teenager*
it was in Jan, this year when me and lets say his names BOB started going out but im going to it was october when we met and we met thru his girlfriend(lets say her names SUZY) so SUZY was one of my bestfriends at the time (now we completely hate eachother but thats a whole other story) and BOB and SUZY were going out anyways so we started texting and then we finally saw eachother at school and we starting talking alot so much it became daily and we became bestfriends. and yea it wasnt actually "bestfriends" cuz we had only known eachother for about a month. but it felt that way to us... he told me everything and i did to...then him and suzy broke up..but then he met my other bestfriend(lets say her name is KIM) and he starting liking her which then turned into love and KIM started going out w him.. so then they broke up and then they started going out again and then on new years eve about 12 minutes after midnight we were texting and he told me he loved me but he was buzzed cuz he had been drinking a little for new years and so i thought he ws joking so the next day i asked him if it was true and he said "only if i wanted it to be" then about on jan 9 he broke up w KIM... FOR ME..i couldnt believe it..he was saying that she was the girl for him and then he dumps her for me! and so he said his love for her was never true and that he knew it was for me cuz he KNEW me and cuz i understood him..i believed him bc i felt and still feel the same way..but he is a trublemaker and so he got suspened from school and got grounded from his fone and hanging out so our other connections were failed and i didnt see him for about 2 weeks and then when he got back he asked me out then two days later he got expelled and we didnt talk about a month later i finally gave up on him returing back and i broke up w him over facebook..he said it was "cool we could still be friends" that was the last i heard of him... i knew our friendship was broken too..we were so close that i never knew that one mistake like that could end it.. and now on i still hope one day we will end up together or hopefully be friends again..even if i only knew him for 5 months he was the only person i have ever felt that close to.. so do you think he ever did love me?



March 20, 2012 @ (Texas)

Tags: tag, youre it

I met him in high school. I was one of the most popular girls and I got along with every social group and every type of person. He was a shy guy. One of those skater looking guys, always with music playing on his iPod and still managing to get good grades even though it looked like he was day dreaming all the time. Nobody knew him in high school until I came into his life and made him popular. We didnt do everything together, but we still spent our extra time together. After years of being apart, we got married. I sacrificed everything for him... including my friends, family, and my own health...

But tonight my feelings are changed. I don't love him as I did. He has been sneaking around behind my back. And that is something I will not forgive. Its time he learned the harsh reality of his wrong doings.

He is so afraid of me leaving him. I plan to. But I'm choosing to do it when he least expects it. I'm going to pack up all my things and leave while he is at work.

Sucks to be made a fool of, and now it is his turn.

Good luck finding another diamond in the dust. You selfish boy. :)


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