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January 27, 2012 @ (KaraChi)

Tags: Confused12

Okay so me nd him were together for about a year at first he was very sweet caring and all but now i just dont feel the same and i dont know how i feel about him anymore so i broke up with him and he said when did i ask u to stay in a relationship with me i was sooo shocked because in every fight we had he acted very desperate ut i beleive that he was only keeping his respect well any ways i didnt tell any of my friends about this and now when i did tell them all of them are going against me and say u broke the poor boy's heart and they say that he still loves u and they also want a reason for me breaking up with him and they say that im just a flirt and their trying to change my mind but i will not!!!!what i want to do is ask him if he still loves me but i dont know how to.. Can someone please help me


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January 26, 2012 @ (L.A)

Tags: HELP

Recently I hooked up with this geek in school and I broke up with my hot boyfriend,I know u think "why!" but DID U KNOW GEEKS ARE HOT!!! (NO JOKE). Anyways my ex lost his mind and shot My geek, The police dont know this yet and im really scared to come fowared with this information. It can destroy my ex's life and frankly i still care for him. HOW CAN I HELP BOTH TWO PEOPLE I LOVE WITH NOT HURTING THE OTHER HELLLLP!!!!!!!!



January 25, 2012 @ (south austalia)

Tags: cute, boys

Once i was seeing this guy. he was such a sweetheart, nice, caring, cute, handsome. just everything i wanted. we got along really well we texted &talked everynight we seen eachother almost everyday things were going so well it was like id known him for years. we kissed a couple times and everything was perfect until i found i he had been playing me and had a girlfriend halway through the thing we had.

so a couple months later i was talking to this guy. he was funny and we had some common stuff and alot of mutal friends. He came around mine for 10 minutes with a mate as she needed to get something and me and him spoke for abit. we started talking alot, and then we got really close me and him had a few hookups and then i found out he was the bestfriend of the guy i had last seen i didnt know what to do but i kept seeing him anyway. the guy i seen before him texted me calling me a player. and saying ohh get in their with my bestfriend and then abusive ones again. so i havent seen his friend in awhile nor him. it really hurts knowing theres guys out there like that. disrespectful, and just hurts girls for a living. i really do hope that i see his friend again as we got really close.



January 24, 2012 @ (California)

Tags: Example1, example2

We had been involved for close to 5 years. For close to a year we were long distance due to his work. He was in process of moving back to my city and we were planning a future together. We had a romantic getaway to Napa and he was going to move in with me. That all changed with one phone call. It was from a woman who saw out emails, texts and phone call records. The first words out of her mouth were "I thought you were out of the picture already. He's been with me for awhile now and he's not going anywhere. He's mine." We talked for awhile and it was obvious he had women in 2 cities. I immediately called him and asked him to call me back. Later that night I got a text message that read "I met someone else and I want to start planning a future with her. Please don't contact me any more."

I was stunned. I couldn't leave well enough alone and sent him a text that night and l also called. I had a key to his storage unit, expensive designer clothes in my closet and custom sporting equipment in my garage. The next day he called to ask if I could send his things. We had a heated exchange. He never once apologized for his deceitful actions. I told him he'd have to come get his things if he wanted them. I later followed up by email and text to note he had 72 hours to schedule time with me to get them or else he could bid on it on EBay.

72 hours came and went. No response so I proceeded to sell his mountain bike, surfboard, snowboard, skis and ski boots on Craigslist. I also packed up his clothes and took them to goodwill. I then posted an ad for all the furniture and electronics in the storage unit. I sent the key to the storage unit and a goodwill receipt to his p.o. Box along with a note. I then changed my phone number so he couldn't call me. Weeks later I got a scathing email stating that he had tried to call and demanding to know what I had done with his things. I told him I sold and donated everything. He was livid and accused me of being spiteful and vindictive. We exchanged another war of words over email and then I blocked him from emailing me. I wish I could've been a fly on the wall when he went to the storage unit and found his stereo and TV gone. I'm sure somewhere in the ether is a scathing message that I never have to see since I blocked him. It's been tough bouncing back but I would rather be alone than have spent my life with someone like that.



January 23, 2012 @ (australia)

Tags: small, stuff

I got asked out. i said yes. we were happly inlove then two days later he broke up with me. :( i think its cause he found.out i had a dick....



January 23, 2012 @ (adelaide)

Tags: hurt, confused

So i was at school walking around when this guy called me over too him, wed been talking alot on facebook but hadnt officially met. he was such a sweetheart and anything you could ever want as weeks past i started getting feelings for him he admitted he was too wed text, latenight phonecls, hug and his when we seen eachother at school. I really feel gor him and he always said he had really big feelings for me too until oneday i found.out he got into a relationship with another girl. he just kept lying and saying he wasnt but i knew it was true. i was so hurt how could a guy lead me on so far then just act like nothing happened. we stopped talking for awhile and then oneday he told me whenever he seen me hed remember the feelings he had for me and stuff. then 8months past and him and her broke up and he started texting me again and he got his bestfriend too text me and i was getting along well with both of them until james(the guy who played me) stopped txting me but me and beau (james bestmate) kept texting wed talk everyday and night and id tell him how i still had feelings for james and hed tell me to tell him and then a month later beau and mine texts got flirty and he ended.up coming to my house after showcase he parked behind.the fence and i snuck out to see him and we were play fighting then wed hug and then we starting kissing and we were talking and mucking around then.kissing again.and then.he had to leave to pick up his mate and he kept txting me after that we got along well but when i wss with him id have huge butterflies and a warm fuzzy feeling and this was the third timee being with him then the next day after school he picked me.up and i went back to his and we were being goobs and kissed againand i was there for awhile then id left to go home. tthen a few weeks later he asked me if it was ok to tell james that hed kissed me and stuff and i was like yeah then james started txting me saying beau and - kissing in the tree blah blah acting all jelousy now its been 2months and i thought i had feelins for james still and told him i wanted to be with him and he told me he felt the same but then.his ex told me he had kept ringing her telling her he still loved her and how he was flirting with other girls so i soughted my shit out and stopped talking to him and ive realised i like his bestfriend and his bestmate says he still likes me abit and his who i imagine myself with now. i honestly am so confused i dont know what to do cause i want tk be with beau so thats why i stopped talking to james but i dont know whether to tell beau how i feel or just stay friends with benifits cause i really like him and i know my situation could ruin their frienfships but it wont. and i dont know what to do ? Please help guys xx



January 21, 2012 @ (U.S.A.)

Tags: jerk, slut, whore, friend, drunk

I guess this one isn't even a break-up, but it was like one. A while back when I was single, there was this guy that I knew who was, to put it bluntly, the community whore. He made it his personal mission to sleep with everyone. I was in no way interested, but because we worked together we eventually did end up becoming friends, and would often see each other outside of work when co-workers got together for drinks. And then one night I had too much to drink and lo and behold, banged the company bicycle. I was pretty mortified with myself. I made him swear not to tell anyone about it--not only because I didn't want people to know I'd been that stupid, but also because it's not exactly kosher for that to go on between coworkers anywhere--and I made it crystal clear that it was never, never happening again. He felt the same--the man went through women like tissue paper, so he agreed without batting an eye.

So imagine how angry I was when I found out he told literally EVERYONE about it the next day. I tore him a new one--I brought that infantile jerk to tears. He swore he was sorry and after a few weeks of giving him a pointed cold shoulder, things sort of went back to normal and we became friends again--closer than before, oddly. He ranted to me about his conquests to bed other drunk and/or low-self-esteem suffering women and I would smile and nod. He kept bringing around whatever woman he was currently screwing and tried to get me to be friends with them, which I hated. I mean what am I supposed to say to her? It'll be nice knowing you for the next few days before he finds someone new? It was so awkward and I couldn't stand hearing them gush about whoever he was pretending to be while knowing he was just intending to toss them aside. He kept insisting "this one's different", like he was madly in love with each one, thus making it okay to love and leave them in his mind I guess.

Well, I started to hang out with him less and less. He was fun to be around sometimes but god could he be a twat. Then one day, after we'd been friends for about a year, I met someone I really liked and started dating him. Suddenly, this supposed friend was pissed. He was jealous and cold and ignored me whenever he could, ranting behind my back to other coworkers that the relationship was obviously no good. So apparently he was only ever keeping around female friends as people he thought he could potentially back-up bang. I had no clue that I was actually part of some sick, perceived harem. Now he claims that I "broke his heart" or some shit, when while we were FRIENDS, he was in relationships with dozens of others. It's such a lie; I know he never had feelings for me, he just wants attention. Such a crybaby, and I'm glad I finally have the sense to just ignore him from now on.



January 20, 2012 @ (Detroit)

Tags: college

Sunday was supposed to be our 5 month anniversary. Today, he blind-sided me with a phone call about how we should take a break, because he just doesn't know how he feels anymore. He was crying. He said he can't handle the distance as well as he used to when I'm away at school. But he didn't want to classify it as a break up, and he still wants me in his life... I told him to call me back in a week, once he gets himself sorted out.

It's hard to believe that just last night I was designing a Valentine's Day card for him.

I'm a freshman in college, and he was my first boyfriend. I gave him everything and we did everything together. I don't know what to do.



January 17, 2012 @ (Clear Lake,Houston TX.)

Tags: Boys

I had a boyfriend who ran cross-country and I thought that was really cool. Dougan and I were all-out dating.... we held hands and gave each other hugs everyday. He was sweet, kind, funny, and strong. On January 13th he broke up with me..



January 16, 2012 @ (Australia)

Tags: phone, crazy

Me and this guy weren't exactly dating but I had to break up with him anyway. I met a guy and gave him my number. I then accidently left my phone at my friends house. My phone was there a few days. I thought I would just explain it to him, if he called or messaged me. I got my phone back and it happened to be my birthday. There were a bunch of msgs beforehand. These are the text messages that followed.
Him: Did you have some company last night? I cant be with someone who is going to play around. Not having it. So please explain....(separate msg)I thought u were different, obviously I am wrong again.
Me: I left my phone at a mate's house and got it about 12 last night. I didnt think it would have been nice of me to msg u then. But thanks, this is exactly what I wanted to wake up to on my birthday. By the way, my friend told me his dad had cancer thus why things have been hard for me to get my phone.
Him: Ok then just wanted to know. Happy birthday hunny, hope you have a great day and I hope I cans ee u soon xoxo
Me: Why the hell would u assume I had company? Why would u assume the worse of someone u barely know? I'm not your GF. My mother doesnt even speak to me like that. Why dont u explain?
Him: I know your not my gf. Ur friend texted me back off your phone (my friend had told him to stop calling because I didnt have my phone). And he said he couldn't tell me his name. If you want me to go I will.
Me: Why would my friend need to tell you his name? Why would his name matter? If u wanted an explanation you should have asked nicely. If something like this sets u off into insulting me, its really not gonna work out ever.
Him: Ok all the best...(again new message)...Ur a quitter. You'll be a lonely old woman. It sounds like you'll get what you deserve so good luck with someone that'll put up with that...Quitter....So u quit an arguement. lmfao...Its just an excuse so u can flirt with guys tonight on your birthday...classy whose place are you gonna leave your phone at this time. lmfao...get f***ed.


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