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November 17, 2011 @ (Seattle, WA)

Tags: sad, love

My boyfriend of 2 1/2 years broke up. What hurts me most are all the fond memories I have about him and the relationship. Every little thing I see and I hear reminds me of him and the moments I thought were as enjoyable for him as they were for me. I know that I did everything to make this work, but at the same time I always had the feeling I was forcing the relationship and that his feelings for me were not as strong as my feelings for him. What I do not understand, is why he pretended for so long. When I used to ask him about his feelings for me he would say I am making drama and I was an insecured person, the truth is, I was always asking becuase his actions and attitudes yelled You are not the one. On top of that, when we broke, he was crying and telling me that he loved me but he could not stand the drama anymore. So he wanted me to feel guilty about this. Would it be possible that he deliberately was acting mean, to see how far I could endure the situation, and finally say it is over because of you? Would not it be easier to say I am sorry my feelings for you are not strong enough?


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November 12, 2011 @ (CA)

Tags: long distance, phone

We broke up over the phone. I hated it, but what could I do? Normally I want to do everything in person, but we were too far apart to do anything. It was building up I guess, but it still happened so fast. I would talk to her like I do every night by phone or skype. My favorite part of the day, it's all gone now (or at least for now). My mental state isn't going to recover for awhile, but I'm never going to tell her that.



November 12, 2011 @ (karlsruhe)

Tags: d, g

Good Morning.Well it's just so sad.I met him first in 2008 at his birthday party and he didn't even notice I was there even there were only 10 or 11 people.After 3 years we met at the mall as he was a friend of my bro-in-law.

Now it's over.


Trevor Mac

November 10, 2011 @ (Cali)

Tags: Just wait

Ooh just wait mines comeing I just know it :)



November 10, 2011 @ (Austin, TX)

Tags: Soasy

We had been going together for more than a year, then he suddenly wasn't available & started cooling off, but wouldn't say why or discuss the relationship. Then he invited me to a party - I was thrilled; I figured it meant we were still a couple.

Turns out he'd found someone else, and I guess the party was his spineless way of breaking up. She was clearly there with him, hanging all over him while they danced, and major kissing when they weren't. I stayed long enough to get the picture, then left, devastated and embarrased, since I knew so many people there & they'd seen the whole thing. Is he a jerk? Of course!

But here's the dumb part - for the longest time, I'd still have taken him back! It takes ages to get over a relationship, especially when the break-up wasn't on your own timeline. Long after I'd moved on, the slime ball had the nerve to call me up to get back together. I listened to his schpiel, not saying much, then said, "Well - gotta run - I'm in another relationship. Great to hear from you!"

I know it doesn't feel like it in the immediate aftermath, but eventually, you do get over things, you move on, and amazingly, you're even able to give thanks that God protected you from being Mrs. Creep (or Mr. Slut, or whatever).



November 09, 2011 @ (Canada)

Tags: November 9/11

My ex-boyfriend and I where together for 2 1/2 yrs. Everything was great! We we're together all the time, except when we went to work. And still on breaks conversated. Great connection, conversation, companionship, we understood one another. Everyone told us how great we we're as a couple and could see our chemistry. Our loved continued to grow throughout the relationship. We we're bestfriends, soulmates and lover, everything you could ever image and fantasy about having in a relationship.
Last week we broke off. I believe that he's blowing the situation way out of proportion. Here's what happened: He was hanging out with he's friend and than called to see if it would be alright if his friend came over. Everything was cool. He told me he wanted to be closer to me. They arrived, I gave them some space. Their drinking and having a good time hanging out in the back yard, then they came in and It sounds like my guy is being a bully towards his friend, and a fight is about to pop off. So, I ended up going down stairs and his friend looks so sick, like he's dying. So, I bypass my boyfriend and asked his friend if he wants me to gave him a ride home, and I try to joke around and tell him a story that my guy did to me when we had a couple of drinks. Any way from there we had a little argurment. He left with his friend and came back and packed all of his stuff up. I told him he's blowing the whole thing way out of proportion.
I've apologized so much and even to he's friend, he's forgiven me, but he says that I've betrayed our relationship and put a pink elephant in room, when there shouldn't be one. He say he trust me because I never cheated or have done anything else. But he doesn't trust that I have the best judgement for what the relationship should be.
At this time frame he just wants to be friends and told me that I hurt him. I didn't knowly want to do that. I know he loves me the way that I love him. But it's hard to be just friends, when you want so much more. We still talk approx. 5hrs a day, but he chooses not to see me at this time frame. Somedays, I end up crying to him and he tells me that I shouldn't have done what I did. That make me feel even worst. Because I realize the error of my ways and I've lost my bestfriend. The situation is messed up.
A week prior to this arguement was my birthday and he surprized me with a ring and put it on one finger and than surprized me with another for the other hand. I know he's hurt and I'm hurt too. Just don't know what to do.



November 06, 2011 @ (NY)

Tags: Jail bait

My then boyfriend and I had been seriously together for almost 3 years. Everything was just fine. We were planning on moving in together, planning our 3 year anniversary trip to Miami and even, possibly, when the time was right we shared the similar ideas of marriage and starting a family. I basically lived my life for this person. We saw each other every day without fail because we live close together.

Until that fateful day when I received a phone call from him...He calls to tell me the he is in jail and needs $1500 bail money. I tell him that I don't have the kind of money and that he should contact his parents as a last resort. Meanwhile my mind is going crazy & I'm thinking to myself what he could have possibly done to land himself into this kind of predicament.

An hour later his dad gives me call and we both deicide to go to the jail and bail him out. One the way there we talk about all the possibilities of why he could be there. The only thing that could plausibly come across my mind was unpaid tickets in relations to his car. Well we get to jail and since there is only one person allowed in to bail him out, his dad goes in to retrieve him. Mind you we had gotten there at 7 p.m. and didn’t leave until 1 a.m.

When my then boyfriend decides to get into the car he tells me that he would rather talk to me one on one rather than his dad being around. This made me even more upset. I had waited several hours already and now he has the nerve to make me wait even more for an explanation!

So when we finally get to our destination he gives me this bogus story about how he had a relationship with a girl who had lied about her age, before I even came into existence and that she had been stalking him etc. etc. So he lied and said it was basically a case of fatal attraction.

The next day I think to myself “Why the hell would the cops go and pick him up, at his job!, on things that happened years ago?”
So I call his dad, because things just weren’t adding up and he tells me the dreadful news that this incident happened in September of this year! Keep in mind it was the last week of October I find out this news. Adding insult to injury he lied about the whole fatal attraction scenario!!

In actuality, my then boyfriend, who is 22, went on facebook, started communicating and sexting with a girl who he claimed told him she was 17 but she’s really 15. He told me he didn’t even have a facebook when he had one the whole entire relationship. They met up on what he says on one occasion in the parking lot of her school. There this 15 year old girl performs oral sex on him. Somehow, someway her parents find out about this and her dad is a cop. So now he’s is in a lot of trouble and must go to court for Lord knows how long it takes to settle his situation.

So now his face, name, and address is plastered all over the internet for anyone who looks his name up to see. That he sought out sexual relations with an underage girl and got caught!

There were warning signs that we would argue about consistently.
1. He was so defensive about his phone; he always hid it, and would go to the extremes to cover his tracks.
2. Every time he went on the internet he would delete the browsing history.
3. He wanted to get into shape and eat healthy all of a sudden, which was around the time he started talking to this girl.

WOW!! He is a pathological liar and continued to lie to me to keep me!! He didn’t even want me to go to his court date! Had I not found out the truth from his dad! He would have continued to lie to me!

I am a complete mess right now. I’m going through midterms and working. Things have just been absolutely rough! I have even contemplating taking him back. But I know that it is not an option! Even though I’m hurting for the moment, I need to move on with my life and let time be the best remedy.



November 04, 2011 @ (Nevada)

Tags: Sad

The break up was easy. It was the week before we broke up that broke me. He's my best friend...or at least he was. And I've known him for so long, I knew something was wrong. I could feel him slipping away, and then he began lying to me. I'm not sure why the lies started, I'm not really sure where we went wrong. But I confronted him, and told him how I felt. We talked on the phone and he said he was feeling weird, that he didn't know how to explain it, but he told me not to worry. "Hakuna Matata" That's what he always says when I look worried. But I knew he was gone, he didn't even tell me he loved me before we broke up. The next day I caught him in a lie, and he didn't talk to me until the day after. When he finally did I told him how shitty I felt, how hurt I was. Then he told me that the reason he thinks best friends work so well is because "Even if something happens, they can still be best friends" that same night he broke up with me. And here I am, a week later. And guess what? I lost my best friend.



November 04, 2011 @ (Cluj Napoca)

Tags: break up heart broken

I had a pretty bad break up, the perfect guy left me a couple days before my birthday, with no reason at all.... :( my whole happiness was crushed! I've cried days and days, remembering the good memories, whining about how and why, I stopped my life due to a break up. I was in pain, emotionally and physically. I managed to get over with it and now, I'm completely over him. I fixed my life and now I'm happier thn ever!
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November 03, 2011 @ (Tx)

Tags: Break up

We started talking after I got out of a really bad relationship. I had some work done to my vehicle so I could make a trip a few hours away to see friends I had been kept from during what seemed like the worst relationship ever. The guy working on my vehicle passed me his number and I was willing to get over my ex so bad that I took the chance with this one. Before we hooked up, I did my research and found out he was engaged. Though I didn't confront him immediately, I had planned to when we decided to see each other outside of his work. I met him at the place he was staying for some sexual tension release after a week of txting. That's when I confronted him about his fiancée. He told me that she hadn't been showing any interest in him and although I felt wrong for agreeing to have sex with him while he was engaged, I took pity. Before we had sex I asked "are you sure you want to do this?" And he said yes. After that, a week later or so he broke up with her and we started dating....
I should have know... it was wrong. They were high school sweethearts and I felt like I was a monster for stopping a love like that but I fell in love with him. I was more than a fool. I was the worst person in the world.
One night after he got out of work, I went over to his house. And broke up with him. This on and off relationship of three months of him going back and forth from me to her was pathetic. I told him me should go back to her.. and that it was stupid for him to be apart from her. They belonged.
I haven't gotten over him. I still love him with all of my heart. But I'm hoping I did the right thing. Even if it cost me my mind and my heart.


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