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January 27, 2014 @ (Washington DC)

Tags: So Bad it's funny

My girlfriend and I were dating for a few months, and things were going really great until I felt pressured to tell her I loved her. I didn't want to be the one to cut things off because she told me about her post breakup anorexia, so I waited, getting more miserable because she never listened to my feelings. One weekend she invited me to her house, which was an ordeal because she didn't include me with her family or friends, and I got into an argument with her. On the way back to college, she broke up with me in front of her mom and sister. I couldn't believe it. She said she thought I needed help and that she couldn't talk it out because she needed to eat lunch with her family, but she contacted my dad and friends to let them know how distraught I was before I could. Later when I asked over Facebook if she would give me a movie ticket I paid for that she was holding for me, she said that she gave it to her stepmom. I proceeded to call her a bitch. Soon after I was greeted by a message from her father saying he called the police. Nothing happened, but during the next week or two, she proceeded to blog about me numerous times after saying she didn't blame me. Once I used the private blog she recommended to me to process things, but she passed my link to all her friends and one of them compared my to the shat out remains of Hitler after reblogging what I thought was a private post. Needless to say we are not on speaking terms.


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January 27, 2014 @ (NZ)

Tags: confusing breakup

I met a guy on Tinder (yeah, i know that should have been alarm bells from the start). I'd been trying not to encourage him too much as I'd had a really bad relationship in the past which had caused me to have serious trust issues. I told him I just wanted to be friends, and thinking that he would be like most tinder guys and would bugger off as soon as he heard that, I didn't think it would go anywhere. But he was so persistent, and he would message me everyday, and after a few weeks we exchanged numbers and were soon texting every day. I looked forward to those texts because he was a really sweet guy and seemed to be able to cheer me up when I was having a bad day. Finally, I agreed to meet him, and it turned out that we actually had a lot in common, and we got on really well. Then a week later he asked me to be his girlfriend. I wasn't too sure as I didn't know a lot about him, but I knew I really liked him so I decided to go with it and see where it ended up. He went away over christmas for 3 weeks, but we still texted every day, and then he came back and was all excited to see me. And then the shit hit the fan. I thought he was acting strange, but when I confronted him about it he just said everything was fine and it was all in my head. I saw him last Friday and we had a super cute date, and he told me how special he was and how much he loved me. And then on Saturday morning I woke up to a text saying that I obviously wasn't coping with him never being able to see me, and so the relationship was over. It was the most pathetic excuse he could have used as I'd never ever suggested that in my life. I have my suspicions that he cheated on me but I'll never know for sure. He's now cut me completely out of his life( he deleted me on facebook 10 minutes after he dumped me), and I haven't had any texts from him or anything. I still have some of his stuff which I need to give back to him but he won't even see me long enough to let me do that, despite telling me by text that he does want it back. It feels weird to not have him in my life, as he's been such a big part of it for the last 3 months, but I kind of feel like it's for the best. I just miss my good morning beautiful texts that I would get every morning without fail :( I just wish I knew what I did that made this go from being such a happy relationship to such a ruined one



January 26, 2014 @ (Washington)

Tags: Bad breakup

I fell for this girl when I was in the Marines. We both our first everything and we were together for over 5 years. I gave everything I had to her and supported her in every way possible whether it be financial or emotional. Without me she never would have finished school or accomplish what she accomplished. Her and her friends treated me horribly sometimes and I felt like I was never on the top of her list. Then one day she said she didn't love me and moved out. Her and her family completely disowned me and wouldn't return any calls or messages. I realize now she had her claws in me deep and was a bad person who used me. She got what she wanted out of me and left.



January 23, 2014 @ (New york)

Tags: Bad break up, I still love him, First love

Our relationship was totally unexpected. Last september 2013, a guy that I had a teeny tiny bit of a crush asked me out unexpectedly. No clues, No everything. Out of shock, I started freaking out. I don't know what to do. My mind screamed no, but heart says yes! The reson why i don't want to go on is because im scared of my mom. Like really. She's the definition of a really strict mom. i was scared but then a thought crossed my mind.

Why not accept this? Everything happens for a reason right?

That's when I said Yes. For the first 2 weeks it was amazing. The sparks, the giddy butterflies in my tummy were there until my mom found out about him. It was horrifying. My mom was in range. My mom threatened me to talk to him in school. I was scared. I told her that I promise to break up witj. So I did. I explained to him everything. After a day, things were back together. We decided to mend things back together. I mean we aren't officially dating but you know what I mean? You can sense that something's still going on? Yup, that's it. October came, he stole my first kiss. It was magical. All I could ever think about is that I love him. That everything revolves around him. Its like he's my world. He's my strength yet he is also my weakness. Everything in him is just perfect. The way he surprises me with kisses.. The way he brought Gatorade just for me (Gatorade is my favorite drink, i just love that shit lol)
It was perfect. Everything was perfect. There are even times when he makes silly jokes or I took glances at him in class and im like 'shit, I love this guy' I was soo inlove. It was just.. Perfect. I never been so happy in my life. Everytime I woke up he's all I ever think about. He's cute 'Good Morning's'.. It made me cry, thinking about all those happy memories.
When christmas break came, he told me that his wifi router got broken.. Me, being the understanding girl that I am, understands him. I told him it was okay that he shouldn't worry about me.

(We talk and chat in Kik. We can't text since my mom checks my phone all the time)

One time, back at christmas break.. I was looking at my chat box in facebook but Something totally made me stop in my tracks. He was online. And he was usinh he's phone. I messaged him, i did everything but noo, he wouldn't reply anymore.. I don't know why. Christmas eve came, I kept on looking at my phone hoping that maybe he'd greet me a merry christmas but no, nothing came. It broke my heart. But one thing crossed my mind. I was like 'oh maybe he's wifi router is still destroyed'

New year came, I was waiting. Waiting for him to atleast greet me but no, nothing still came. It hurt me. It Crushed me .. to millions of pieces. But there's one thing that made me ball my eyes out.. He's close friend messaged me in facebook. He's like;

Happy new year __ ! How are you and him? I hope that this year is going to be a big blast for both of you. Best wishes. Haha don't forget im one of your #1 Fans of LYN! hahaha cx

That totally made me cry. I mean out of everything why that? Why his friend.? Its really heartbreaking to know that he's friend greeted me, while him? No. There was no effort. It crushed me. The way his friend says he want us to be good this year. It break me.

School came along, i tried not to approch him. Waiting for him to atleast apologize or say Hi, or ask me how my christmas break went but nothing. He never did. It crushed me. The next day, I tried talking to him but he was distant like he really is. He's bestfriend approached me and told me he wanted to talk. I listened. He's bestfriend told me the truth. He met a girl back at christmas break. He went to the movies with her and ate in a restaurant. It killed me. I was paralyzed in my seat. My breathing hitched. My face paled. My mind went blank. I felt like crying but my tears wouldn't fall. My eyes feel numb. My skin is on fire. I feel like someone just throwed me a bucket of lava. Just like that. It crushed me. I've lost weight. Im not the happy girl like before. Every recess or lunch, I don't mingle with my friends anymore. I just stay in the classroom, facing the wall, got my phone out and stay there till' its over. It crushed me. I'm not the bubble person that I am before. But you know what hurt me the most? He acted as if I never exist. It was like I was invinsible. That he couldn't see me. Just like that. There are times that I break down in class. I just couldn't help it. He looks soo happy without me. Huge smile in his face. And well, I also think that he has a crush on this girl.. He craves for her attention. He sits with her all the time in class. He talk about her all the time. I don't know what to do. Its killing me since we are classmates. I could see him everyday. Its hard to ignore him. It really is. It broke my heart. he is the love of my life. He's my everything. He's the only reason why I smile. Its hard. I mean he is after all my first love. My first ever boyfriend. My first kiss. It hurt me to know that another that I love, would leave me again. Like my dad. He left me. I mean sure, I got to see him and everything but it isn't like before. My dad has another daugther who is my half sister. My dad loves her so much. He wouldn't even bother to talk to me anymore. He wouldn't crave for our communication. When me and my dad's girlfriend fight, he always take her side. It kills me. Another guy who I love would leave me again. Wow, What did I do to deserve this? It kills me. Its almost a month now but im still not over him. He's all I could ever think about. I don't know what to do. I want the real me to be back again, but it wouldn't. Its hard to smile. He looks soo soo happy without me. It break me into millions of pieces. It made me realize that love is shitload of bullshit. I honestly don't believe in love anymore. I mean why? No matter how loving or caring that person is to you, they will break you in the end. Those people out there that are experiencing heartbreak, don't worry. Your not the only one. Im trying my hardest to stay strong. Let's just believe in ourself, have faith in God. And never say never



January 23, 2014 @ (India)

Tags: Selfish

Once which was the truth for us ,prooved to be just a dream and a requirement for the moment. Love was treated as a step of going up by her. I held strong for around 3 years but i could not take the disrespect of me and my life. Once a Icon in her life is now just a piece of shit. This was told to me by all my close ones. I was taken apart from my family, my friends. I just cant take it more. I am not a fake person, all i am is a guy who thinks this world needs more love and having said that i was in a relation with the person with the exact opposite. though. Today after a lot of mental trauma i end this relation from my end,for i know she will be fine now . I am not surprised that there is not any resentment from her today and she is fine for me to be not around. Last Statement" I was always unhappy with u for the time you and i have been together"


Marie C

January 22, 2014 @ (Nevada)

Tags: embarrassing funny

He broke up with me because he met a girl that was more into Robotics than I was. I always knew he was a geek, but robotics? Really? It was more surprising/embarrassing than painful.



January 21, 2014 @ (California)

Tags: break up

My sophomore year of high school I met a guy, it all started when he threw his football jersey at me and asked me to wear it to the game that night. I barley knew him at the time but sure enough we dated for almost two year afterwards. At the end of my junior year we had been fighting a bit more than usual but nothing out of the ordinary. One day he asked to hang out and within 40 minutes received a text then said he was leaving to go to a party he had forgotten about. I called him out on it and we didn't speak or text for a week afterwards. I finally texted him first and came to my house to talk, our conversation lasted no longer than 5 minutes and we haven't spoken since. It's been 8 months. Over those 8 months I've texted him 3 times trying to make some kind of friendship and he never wants anything to do with it. He blocked me out and pretended I never happened. He was my best friend and the closest I have ever been to someone and I guess that's why I respect his choice and I haven't bothered him. He has a new girlfriend now who he likes to bring back to basketball games at my school (keep in mind he graduated and I haven't) and when I do run into him refuses to make eye contact. Due to his actions I would never want to take him back but I still wish I could have at least made a friendship out of the two years with him.



January 20, 2014 @ (Illinois )

Tags: Break up

So I fell in love with this girl starting my freshmen year of high school. We were so happy together, she lives only lives 5 blocks away from me. We became best friends, and we promised each other that we would be high school sweet hearts and never leave each other. We dated all through high school for two and a half years. Starting my Senior year we started to be a little distance from each other. We started having a few problems and soon enough she broke up with me. The person a took for granted and thought would never leave, finally did it. I always thought we would keep those promises and be high school sweet hearts. We spent every day together and we never had a dull moment. She was the love of my life and I still can't seem to move on or run away from all this. I just want every little thing back. It's just so hard to get over somebody so if you're out there struggling you're not the only I promise. I think about this girl everyday and pray that one we'll get back together even though we're graduating here in May. But may god bless us with somebody here in the near future.



January 17, 2014 @ (Australia)

Tags: Bad breakup, Sad, feeling lost and confused

We actually met when I was with my ex at the time a gf of almost 3 years and we were not happy at all and I was going to break up with ex. While out walking my dog I met a really cool chick in whom I had a connection with and shared alot of interests. Anyway over bumping into her on walks over a series of months some things happened and took place that seemed like fate and like were mean't to be together so I took a chance and ended it with my ex for another chance to be happy with a girl that appeared to be my "most ideal". We hung out and had an instant connection, strongest intital connection I've ever had with a girl ever ! Although when were hanging out (not dating yet) she told me a story how she has problems hugging her own parents and with displaying public affection, which waved a red flag in my head but I ignored it. We started dating but we rushed things along way too fast which was bad. We spend a whole week together never happier by the two week mark she had moved in with me and "we" and our dogs were all getting along and it was the best times ever we had plans for the future because everything felt right and mean't to be. In the 2 months I was dating her we were so happy and she was affectionate then 6 days days ago she was so distant no kissing no cuddling no touching, sex virtually no talking at all, almost nothing at all, this went on for about 7 days I couldn't understand it ? I am missing a point here she had troubles with affection in general as I found out. She never displayed affection in public except a few hand holdings under sufference though she was really affectionate behind closed doors. She kept telling me I am not a normal girl and I don't like affection and had excuses for no longer wanting to kiss and cuddle or even spend any time at all together really. Prior to this she was very affectionate for almost the 2months even though she said she has problems with affection. So I ended up making the decision to break up with her yesterday, I still don't understand what happened she was with me almost all the time and had no car so she never cheated also appeared very genuine and sweet, I don't know why she completely shut off and all affection and caring and everything was just suddenly gone. Our breakup was messy she was really cold and sarcastic and I said you owe me an explanation..what happened why were you happy and affectionate for 2 months and now nothing, just shut off and distant ? she said "I dont owe you s@#t ! " and eventually "I just don't have one an explanation an answer I wish I did" just before I broke up with her she posted on facebook I don't know if I'll ever be affectionate like everyone else is.....I should of seen all this coming from spotting the first red flag indicating the sign that she has problems with affection. Right now I kind of feel lost and confused and I will never have the satisfaction of knowing what happened, what changed, I'll never understand it !


Gabor B

January 15, 2014 @ (Baltimore, MD)

Tags: Cheating, Robbed, Beaten, Pregnancy by someone else

I actually have made a video for people to view instead, and would want people to please share this video if they know people that are going through similar situations. This is a summary of what happened. I am a naïve and gullible fool. I helped a girl that I just met get an apartment. After we moved in, I found out she cheated, and that she was pregnant by her ex. She threatened to eff me up and ruin my life after I told her family what she did. I went back to her after the judge for a peace order denied my claim because she saw her as hot headed. I paid for the abortion. Then another guy moved in with us without my prior knowledge. When I end up in the hospital she robs me of over $1600 and assaults me that same night with mace. She begs for forgiveness and I decide to stay. Then a little while later she gets me arrested on false charges, and steals my credit card again. I find out after getting out of jail that she is with the guy she let move in, and that she is pregnant again. Short to say, I was used for everything.


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