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April 01, 2010 @ (pittsburgh pa)

Tags: valentinesday breakup

i was dating this guy for a few months who lived about 40 minutes away...
the relationship took a nose dive when our first valentines day concluded with me throwing up in an eat'npark restaurant (to this day, i still dont know which one it was) and then explaining to him why i didn't want to sleep with him afterwards...
i didn't want to waste any more gas on the guy, so i sent him a text message two days after valentines day telling him it wasn't working out and i didn't want to date him anymore...
he asked me why and i simply wrote, "because your a dick".



October 13, 2009 @ (USA)

Tags: example1

Dated this girl for a year and a half and lived with her for a year before it became a long distance relationship. I became suspicious that she was cheating on me. She was, and everyone lied to me about it. Before I knew for sure, she broke up with me saying she couldn't be in a long distance relationship. Then I find out she was dating my best friend who lived where I did. Then I find out she had cheated on me several times. Then a few months later I find out the bitch gave me herpes. Worst breakup ever.



February 06, 2012 @ (California)

Tags: HELPPPPP!!!!

Me and this guy were talking since last summer. When we started talking he seemed very interested in me and i thought it was going to work out. A couple months into the "relationship" he started acting distant and I would ask him if everything was ok and he would always say yes. Shortly after he told me a girl was the least of his worries and to "live my Life" a week later he came back and everything started being fine again. Then he started acting like he was more into me again. I spent the night at his house and he got me a toothbrush to keep at his house. I thought things were going to be ok then two days before we broke up i saw him and we did hook up but everything was normal. Then later that night he asked me if i posted anything on facebook or twitter about him and i told him yes. He then asked me if i mentioned his name in the status i said "no but if I did would it have been a problem?" he said yes because its unnecessary, I asked if he was trying to hide the fact that he is involved with me and of course he said no and i told him I wont have any issues as long as he was hiding the fact that he was talking to me then we were fine, he said ok and everything seemed fine, a couple days later he texted me and told me that he was not the guy for me but if he ever seen me around we could still talk and stuff and if he had any parties i could come and i asked him if he was doing what he was doing because he was seeing someone else or because he lost feelings he says neither but i dont know what to believe then he closed out the conversation with bye for now. Im so confused I need some advice!!



November 21, 2010 @ (great britain)

Tags: any advice...

Ihave dated someone for 9 months. He proposed me and even asked my family for permission to get married...
Then it wasnt going anywhere, I wanted to talk about the future, he didnt, was always too tired or any other excuses... Then things became very violent, from his side and mine. We both have bad temper, but we both got worse. I asked him to go and talk to someone, somewhere, so we could sort ourselves out. I do love him... but then he's got a depression, I think it's a lot worse than he wants to admit... and he promised me he was gonna stop smoking marihuana, which turns him into a different person (in a bad way) and makes him very angry and irritable and I think has to do with his depression too... so, he smoked again, inspite of the fact he's on anti-depresants and we argued because of that and his mood swings, his behaviour and all that...... he kicked me out the house, i cried my eyes out. I am in a foreign country with no friends or relatives, so you figure out the rest of the story. I am destroyed, confused, crushed, feeling guilty, lonely and cold. Thinking, I could have done better than getting angry... but then we've been together for 9 months and always argued about his smoking habit..... relations are problematic enough to be adding a drug addition weight on top of all... I even bought tickets to leave the country for Christmas with him.......he doesnt realise how much smoking his thing makes us argue and puts pressure on us....... then he thinks I am yelling because I am a bitch with no other reason but nagging; and I cant put up with the fact that it's always his house and he can kick me out of it when he feels like it; that i always gotta give in if I want things to go smooth, otherwise, we argue....
I wish I had never met him, so I wouldnt be in this position now. I'm 30 and feel terribly sad and lonely, with no friends, family or place to go. I can't talk to anyone, cuz I dont have friends in here really, so I am writing this here, so I can get it out of my chest... I love him so much but I dont even think he realises how much it takes for someone to have the courage to come after the one you love in a foreign land... next time, I'll be more selfish and think more about me...
I feel left alone, sad, disappointed, heartbroken!!!!!!!!!! I thought he was the 1 and I adore him. It just that I dont know what else to do!!!! It's like a battle I cant never win and if he doesnt want to help himself and us, then there's no point in me trying to get this right... but it hurts so much!!! I was gonna spend the rest of my life with him!!! I even thought I could jump out of a building and end this!!!! .... I am just so sad...
Any advice???



June 18, 2017 @ (Florida)

Tags: Yikes

My (ex)boyfriend just dumped me. We were high school sweet hearts but my parents messy divorce made me snap and end it but we tried it again in college. Everything was going great and we were so in love until he started using steriods for a body building competition. Things got bad bc roid rage is real and I hated it when he smoked bc he would try to hide it from me but obviously boys can't keep secrets for their lives. We were off and on and then he gave me a promise ring and promised a future and that he wouldn't do anything to lose me again (steriods and weed specifically). 2 months later and he asked to get back on steroids and resented me for not wanting him to smoke. He couldn't commit anymore because of his body building competition coming up in a few months and he "needed" the roids. He dumped the most loving girl, faithful girl, and supportive girl for drugs.
Lessons learned:
Boys don't change
Love doesn't fix problems
Don't date a body builder(the body is not worth it!!!!)


His Only?

December 18, 2011 @ (If only I knew..)

Tags: two years, serious, love, hurt, miss him, want him back, heartbreak, pure, happy, how

I don't want this to sound like another bad romance or break up.. Because we weren't. I know this is hard to believe but in eighth grade, I met the love of my life. Don't get me wrong, I was really young and naive. But he had me at hello. He was tender but strong, charming but sweet, and fun ut committed. He was perfect for me. My other half has finally connected with my soul. We dated seriously for 2 years. We never rushed anything, always a casual move or a serious discussion. We realized the dangers of becoming as close as we did but were so sure we would be together for years to come. He loved me enough to even sit through New Moon with me on our year anniversary. I guess I was never a great girlfriend to him but I couldn't, and still can't live a day without him. A week after our two years, we got into a fight and my friend got involved and made him want to break up with me.. We were done at that point.. We disconnected and lost each other. Tragically, I grieved for months about losing him. He was my gift and I let it go. He moved,literally, across the country and it's been 8 months since I've seen or heard from him. Recently, he popped up into my Facebook and we started talking. I realized about 3 weeks ago how much I missed him and how much I want him back.. He is still kind of bitter, but is sincere too. I'm not sure what I should do anymore about this and was seeking help and guidance from someone who has gone through something like this. I know we both messed up but I still love him dearly. And I don't want to sound like a hopeless romantic because I'm not. I gave myself to him and have lost it. He means the world to me... Still.. Thank you for reading my reach out..



September 06, 2016 @ (Spokane, WA)

Tags: Bad Break Up

I was dating this guy for 9 months when I had a feeling things were getting difficult. I kept having dreams that he would cheat on me.. one day he said he needed "space" even though we had only seen each other twice in three weeks! He told me, "I don't want you spending the night tomorrow night because I just want to get tons of sleep. I have a late flight and when you come in you always make too much noise.,, and it wakes me up and I can't sleep for an hour. He had never had a problem with any of this before so I thought it was suspicious.. my best friend convinced me that we should park down the street from his house to see if he would actually come home.. We did. He never showed up.. it was 2 40 in the morning and he had not come home... I left and confronted him the next day and when he claimed he got home at 12 30 the previous night (during our stake out) I knew he had cheated. He confessed after 10 minutes of me drilling him. We haven't spoken since...



September 22, 2009 @ (ny)

Tags: newyork, life

another facebook breakup. found a pic of my now EX bf making out with my now EX friend. she was tagged in the photo and i found it in my feed. how lovely.



November 24, 2009 @ (cali)

Tags: cali

I got dumped over a "facebook" message, how shitty of a breakup is that... I'd never would of thought he was that kinda guy



November 23, 2009 @ (Fort Lauderdale)

Tags: Fort Lauderdale

Times have been tough for us. The econ has been shit and so has the job market. She lost her jobs about 4 months ago and can't find a job. She'd been really stressed as of late, but i understand completely. I ended just losing my job as well. It feels like every other word is now leading to a fight. I was starting to feel like i was losing her, boy was i right. when she was breaking up with me, she told me that i was holding her back. she can't be with someone who does have a job. That really pissed me off, because i was nothing but supportive when her broke ass got canned. I mean who breaks up like that?


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