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January 21, 2014 @ (California)

Tags: break up

My sophomore year of high school I met a guy, it all started when he threw his football jersey at me and asked me to wear it to the game that night. I barley knew him at the time but sure enough we dated for almost two year afterwards. At the end of my junior year we had been fighting a bit more than usual but nothing out of the ordinary. One day he asked to hang out and within 40 minutes received a text then said he was leaving to go to a party he had forgotten about. I called him out on it and we didn't speak or text for a week afterwards. I finally texted him first and came to my house to talk, our conversation lasted no longer than 5 minutes and we haven't spoken since. It's been 8 months. Over those 8 months I've texted him 3 times trying to make some kind of friendship and he never wants anything to do with it. He blocked me out and pretended I never happened. He was my best friend and the closest I have ever been to someone and I guess that's why I respect his choice and I haven't bothered him. He has a new girlfriend now who he likes to bring back to basketball games at my school (keep in mind he graduated and I haven't) and when I do run into him refuses to make eye contact. Due to his actions I would never want to take him back but I still wish I could have at least made a friendship out of the two years with him.


Left To Live

October 30, 2012 @ (ESTONIA)


I broke up one month ago- to be exact on My Birthday.
I was in relationship with this girl for around 4 yr..Did everything for her never cheated on her, neither betrayed her or said any lies to her..but always use to bring her Past whenevr I find her mingling with other guys. She had few things of her past which were not told to me and when i came to knew I lost all trust. Though blinded in love I tried to build up my trust again and she did everything she could to make me trust her but at last she ended up making some mistakes which would make me angry. Now Everytime I caught her lying I would abuse her and will bring the Past. She used to apoloige and I used to forgive but couldnt forget her lies. Later For my job I was required to move to other city for six month. I had trust that after 4 yr she will nt betray me but for my faith I kept a check on her mobile sms and FB. and one fine day when i found a colleague of her flirting with her on FB i blasted her again. and this time abused her too..She with broken heart told to discontinue this relation as she cant take any more..Feeling guilty of my behaviour I went to apologize her. Promised not to spy her again but she was done makin me believe. Still I felt she will come back as we have been fr 4 years and its not easy to move on and she can forgive me once and give me a first n last chance to improve myself. Only the next day I found her to be roaming with the guy who ws flirting with her..Got to know that he proposed her 2 month back and she rejected but kept her contact. Now got the real story Abuse ws just a cover up. She ws bored of me and cant live with me out of the town. Learning all this I was just shattered that the girl for whom I did everything fr last 4 years could cheat me like this. First thought Abuse was a big thing for girls. Yes it is but not big enough to be not forgiven once. Anyways If she would have loved me once in 4 yr she would have taken few days off after my break up but she is with her life again enjoying with other guy. I just wish i would not have forgiven her and would have walked off the first time she broke my trust..damn i carried for three years. But at the end I believe she will get back what she has given. A palace built on someone else grave is bound to be haunted in time to come


Anna Pino

May 07, 2017 @ (Hialeah, Florida)

Tags: Pathetic relationship break-up

A little background story. My boyfriend of seven years promised me to have the best wedding. It never happened. He promised a proposal with a beautiful ring and everything. After going through two of his sister's getting engaged and married. I decided it was time for me to leave that relationship for some one who treasured me and my heart.



October 17, 2010 @ (California)

Tags: jealousy, ossessive, cheating, moving on, fake

I dated my ex for 13 months and it's been 2 months since the breakup, but I still feel lke crying every now and then. He told me that if I ever broke up w/ him he'd never date,marry, or have kids with anyone else because he'd love me forever and would nver break up with me. What bullshit. I broke it off, and it seems like it's taking a toll on me and not so much on him.Just a few minutes ago I accidently went to my friend's page, who's also his friend because of me, and saw a post by him and,consequently, his new profile pic.It's indeed pathetic that he's probably trying to make me jealous by posting some pic of him and a girl,but it was enough to make me feel even worse. How do I move on?He told me he's started smoking,so I kno it was hard for him too, but i think it's even harder for me because he always lied to me and probably cheated on me, who knows. He gave out his number to his girl-friend on facebook and I found this out b/c I had his account info, but I thought he'd have the decency to tell me instead of having me find out like that.I wouldn't've been mad at him for that if he hadn't lied and said he didn't wanna talk to any girls but me. Not to mention he admit he took me for granted the first 10 months of the relationship, chose his friends and work over me, etc. I wanna unlove him so bad and meet someone better and worthy of my love.It hurts me because he was my first love and the first person I lost my v to, and I've heard that you can never get over your first love. I hope that's not true.My best friend said she always hated him and sensed his fakeness from the start,and now I regret dating him and losing it to him. I may have cheated on him twice, but I never felt so guilty because he treated me so bad. He started trying to control how I dress and what I do.He was so jealous and possessive,but deep down I knew he was just using me for sex and cus he wanted to have his cake and eat it too. It's just so hard to move on after knowing his family and reminscing about all the good times, any advice for me?



March 10, 2016 @ (sabah)

Tags: sad breakup

sad story



February 01, 2013 @ (United States)

Tags: aunt's, July

Okay was like July, last summer and i went to my aunt's for two weeks. When i was there i met this good looking guy and we started talking after i saw him at a bball game. He asked for my number and you already know i wasn't missing that opportunity!After i left we started talkin ALOT(from 9 in the morning till like maybe 2 or 3 a.m. the next day). Well in the beginning of September (on my bday) he FINALLY asked me out.
To me, he was the sweetest kid ever with smarts and a bball career on his hands (he was invited to a NIKE camp only for the top..100 players in the state i think?)Then school started up again and he was tellin me how all these different girls were tryin to flirt with him (remember this was a long distance relationship) and stuff. And my dumb self believein him smh.
Well a few months down the road that fool starts talkin about this friend of his, whos a girl, of course i think nothin of it. Then he broke up with me the weekend after Thanksgiving, for her..and im like WOW! did i really not see these signs that were RIGHT under my nose.
He'd talk about that girl all the time..but thats not the worst part. HE EXPECTED US TO STILL BE FRIENDS....come on now you've gotta be kidding! Plus the whole time i was with him he was lyin. He told me he was in honor classes..his report card said ffffff so obviously not! And he also was talkin about how he was 'sooo kool' and crap...doubt it considering he had like 50 followers on twitter...I just think u shouldnt have to lie about yourself to boost your ego...u definitely turn out looking even more stupid wen everyone finds out the truth.



February 24, 2010 @ (Oregon)

Tags: Cheating, jail

I found out my husband was cheating and I confronted him. When I asked her name he hesitated then said

Husband "Do you want me to be happy?"
Me " Just be a man and admit it."
Husband " I work with her, her name is xxxxx".
At that point I was so angry I reached out to slap his face, He locked me and pushed me down. I got up and tried to slap him again but he pushed me against the wall and held me there. I grabbed his neck and pushed him away. I then walked out of the room and told him to pack his bags and never come back. The he (are ready for it??) He CALLED THE POLICE AND SAIDHE HAD BEEN ABUSED! The police showed up and becasue he had nail marks on his neck they took me to jail. I spent the night in jail. Then he insisted the DA charge me with a felony which could result in 1 year in jail. For the next year and a half, I waited to go to trial while he used the threat of taking my kids away from me as a weapon.

I was found not guilty but he still insists I am an abuser and I lied.

Before you judge... He is 6ft 2 240lbs and I am 5ft 3 and 150 lbs. He has also punched my 17 yr old son (his stepson)and then called the police on him when he fought back.



March 16, 2011 @ (NY)

Tags: Youthinkyouhaditbad?

Just a bit of history: My boyfriend and I met our first semester in law school, and dated for 16 months. The first major problem happened about 7 months into our relationship, when I found out I was pregnant and had to have an abortion. My appointment was on a Friday, the day my boyfriend planned to drive to Indianapolis for a Pokemon tournament with his buddies. Yes, a Pokemon tournament. He DID drive me to the appointment, after initially saying he wouldn't because of the tournament, but after it was over, tucked me in at my apartment and shot down to Indy for the remainder of the weekend. Then, in October, I found 2 Craigslist postings by him, one looking for a dude to have sex with, and the other looking for a male to female transexual to have sex with. I wish I were joking. Like a moron in love, I stayed with him. On the night February 12th, 2011, he told me that we were going to be together forever, and have healthy children--something he's said before. The next morning, the day before Valentine's Day, I called him to solidify some plans we had, and he dumped me. For the past month, he has strung me along, and I've been too blindly in love to let him go. Even after breaking up, we agreed to go to our law school's ball together. We had a fight, and I invited someone else, but he told me that he still wanted to go with me and was upset I had purchased another ticket. So we decided that we'd still go together, and he reiterated how happy he was that we were.
Finally, I find out he has been talking to another girl (not from him, of course),and a few days ago, he told me he can't take me to ball, even as a friend, because he can't commit to something 3 weeks away when he doesn't know what his "status" will be.

This guy, who is Mr. Popular in law school, has everyone fooled BUT me. Good riddance.



November 07, 2009 @ (Arizona)

Tags: failed engagement

I was dating this guy for about a year. I wasnt really into the relationship toward the end as much as he was. I was working full time and going to grad. school, so my schedule was really hectic and I didnt have much time to see him. I had tried to break up with him a couple of times, but he had always talked his way back into the "relationship". I thought the best way to break up was to start seeing someone else. He would get pissed and leave...we'll he got pissed but didnt leave. The next night (after he found out) he said that we needed to talk. I was almost excited because i figured he was going to break it off. I went over to his apartment after class. I walk into a candlelit dinner set up with romantic music playing. He walks out all dressed up and says "the past is the past. I want our future to start today" drops to one knee and pulls out a gorgeous Tiffany's ring. I start crying fully aware that I am a horrible person. He takes that as a yes and starts to put the ring on my finger. I had to jerk back, say how sorry I was and walked out of the apartment. The worst part was that his mother called me for 2 weeks straight telling me how awful I was and that I am going to end up alone.



May 18, 2010 @ (Michigan)

Tags: break up, cheating, lies, sad, heart broken, broken, depressed

In December of 2009, I started dating this guy. I was really in love with him, and I thought he loved me, too. At the end of the month, I found out he'd been cheating on me with some girl he met online. I decided to give him another chance because he had begged me, and I loved him. So, he tells me he's still cheating, and that he's sorry. I know it's stupid of me, but I gave him ANOTHER chance.

In March, right before my spring break, he tells me that he doesn't love me anymore and that I'm taking all his friends out of his life. I only said I was jealous because he was sleeping in the same bed as his ex girl friend who has a crush on him. (They weren't having sex.) I asked him to stop over a text message and he texted back saying he didn't love me anymore and that he was speaking from his heart.

While I was on vacation over spring break, I met a guy on YouTube, and we exchanged AIMs. On the last day of my vacation, this guy tells me that he's really my ex boyfriend and that he really still loves me, but he doesn't want to get back together.

We stayed apart for a few days after I returned from my vacation, and then he asked me out again. I said yes, because... I have quite the weak spot for him. He promises he loves me and I'm sure he's not cheating anymore, but the fact that he put me through that makes me cry all the time.


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