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October 21, 2009 @ (Minnesota)

Tags: yes I'm crazy

I dated this total loser for a few months and over time he moved in with me. he quit his job in october and announced to me that under MINNESOTA STATE LAW (some winter cold state law bullshit) I could not evict him into the cold. He was rude to my daughter, mean to my dog, ate all our food used all of our stuff, hogged the T.V. blah, blah, blah. So I stopped buying food and my daughter and I ate out every night. and locked our food in her room. He started going to his Ex's to eat. and started to hang out with her. When he stayed gone over night I put all his crap outside in the snow and changed my door lock. When I put all his stuff out I forgot to pack his VIAGRA. He called me yelling "I WANT MY VIAGRA" I told him he could pick it up the next day. I so had to know if the nail polish trick works so I said lets go to the casino for buffet lunch. I was flirty and said "hey I got a coupon for a free room, lets go up and fool around" He popped a pill on the way up to the room. We waited, he slapped it around, NOTHING. "dead as a door knob" after 45 minutes I said I was going to go get us some soda pop. I left him there. About 5 hours later I noticed his truck was gone from my drive way. about 3 weeks later I ran into the mutual friend that set us up in the first place. He told me that "he said he was in total erectile disfunction. He started going to church (pretty much a jesus freak) moved home with his mom and dad and is looking for a job.
I am not proud of tampering with his meds. But I feel great about how it all turned out.


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January 10, 2017 @ (Arkansas)

Tags: funny

Dated this guy for almost a year without really knowing him at all. He loved cargo shorts and Bruce Springsteen and mountain biking. I don't like any of those things. But I didn't realize how different we were until I told him I wanted to take it to the next level (literally 6 months into the relationship) and he basically rejected me. Then, about a week later, one of my best friends told me that he loved me, and I knew that he would treat me much better than my boyfriend at the time. Plus, I had always had a crush on that friend. I finally decided to break up with my boyfriend and get with my friend a couple weeks later.



June 12, 2013 @ (United States)

Tags: breakup1

He took a job abroad. It was short term. We had been together for over a year and had been through a lot. Before leaving he felt we didn't need to work out a communication plan. We would "figure it out". He hated the phone and would rarely call me. I had to ask him to call me on Christmas Day. So opted to only call me once a week and text me the rest. With communication solely on his terms, he began to accuse me of being distant. He would randomly call me and when I missed his call once he threw a fit and said I blew him off. Blew him off? I was in the bathroom.

A few weeks later I was out late with some friends. I came home and went straight to bed. The next morning he calls me, angry that I didn't text him I was going to bed, and broke up with me. This was a week before I was going to go visit him. He then texts me "you can still visit if you want." Of course, I'm not going to. Why would I visit my ex-boyfriend in a foreign land a week after he dumped me? No thanks. After telling him "no" he became enraged. He told me "I forgot you were coming out" and proceeded to give me a bunch of ultimatums ("either you come out here or I am never speaking to you again"). He wasn't begging me back, he just wanted me out there.

Then a few hours later he won't stop calling and texting me. He was crying, pleading with me. He insisted he made a mistake and wants me back. In that day he called me more than he had called me through our entire relationship. Unbelievable.



March 31, 2013 @ (Kansas)

Tags: Breakup

I was the one who made the decision to break up. I did it out of anger and I believe what I did was just. He was rude, disappeared for a week, treated me like a doormat, broke promises, lied & cheated.

Regardless of how bad he was, he was my first real relationship. I guess this is the reason why I still think about him. People say, first love is always the hardest to get over. I believe that now. It really is the hardest.

People often say that it's often easier for the dumper, but in my case. It's not. When I ended the relationship, I gave him my side of the story, how he made me felt & how hurt I was about the way he treated me. He just argued and turned the blame on me. He implied that I was immature & selfish for wanting to break up & we ended it.

The break up was hard for me because even though it was my choice it was not one that I wanted. What he did to me broke a promise that he once made. I had to leave him to stand up for myself. It was hard because I was still in love with him. I think I still am a little bit.

But nonetheless its over now and I can positively say that I'm confident that I will meet and find someone who will treat me a lot better than he ever did. Because even though I loved him the most out of every man I've ever dated. He was the worst boyfriend I've ever had!



February 08, 2012 @ (Los Angeles)

Tags: sad, eh

I won't call it a breakup but I guess we're coming to that. It's been 2 1/2 months through our relationship, but it feels like we've been together for years.



January 29, 2010 @ (everywhere)

Tags: love, year, age, done, everything, was, good, until, I, pronunced, my, age, sorry, but, funny, haha, I, was, talking, with, a, girl, time, a, go., Everything, looks, fine, until, she, asked:, insted.., How, old, are, you?.., we, have, to, much, in, common, and, else, but, I, just, have, no, idea, How, old, are, you... , I, said, *, I, think, my, age, is, not, a, problem, (, because, I, all, ready, know, she, was, 4, years, older, than, me, .., ), and, she, just, say, *ok, tell, me.., When, she, realized, I, was, 18, ..., We, never, talk, again..., u_u,

I was talking with a girl time a go. Everything looks fine until she asked: insted.. How old are you?.. we have to much in common and else but I just have no idea How old are you... I said * I think my age is not a problem (because I all ready know she was 4 years older than me..) and she just say *ok tell me.. When she realized I was 18 ... We never talk again... u_u



October 13, 2009 @ (NY)

Tags: evil

MY ex and I were together for over 4 years, married for three. We bought a house together just 8 months ago. My ex pressed for this house even though I did not want it. I did EVERYTHING to get it, and put myself under so much stress that I ended up having a breakdown and losing my well paying job. About a month later my ex tells me "I can't deal with you like this. I have been thinking about leaving for over a year now, and oh, yeah, get out of the house."
That bastard waited until I got him the house (HIS Credit sucked) and lost my job before telling me he thought it was over.



February 17, 2010 @ (Wyoming)

Tags: example1

So, me and my girl were together for about three years and were engaged. She always wanted to eat and then go back to my place ;). She always made me laugh, she was beautiful, and i thought she was my soul mate. We were so in love. But then one night ruined it all. I find out that my girl had sexy parties without me. One of my co-workers invited me to one for his bachelor party. I was not going to do anything. Looking is not bad right? Well, i went to it and i saw my girl there in her sexy work outfit. The outfit was a belt with leather boots, fish netting stockings, and black leather one piece outfit. Anyways.. she did not even notice me until she came over to give me a lap dance i think she was about to do. Her face was priceless when she saw me! I was so pissed at first but now i think it is hilarious. Now i know why she was so good! When she saw me she started crying and saying "I am so sorry!". I grabbed her by the arm and dragged her out to the car. We got into the hugest argument i was ever in. The bitch would not stop crying the whole time and did not even look at me once. That is when we went back to her house and i spent the night ;). I could not let the outfit go to waste! And then i left her in the morning when she was sleeping! Amen brother Amen!!!



August 22, 2010 @ (Canada)

Tags: Phone Break-Up, Pregnant... Not

Ok, so basically I spent the better part of 2 years with this girl that was REALLY hard to get because we were really only dating for 4 1/2 months of that time span... So anyways it started out great, then the sex was gradually added on... But she has an extreme anxiety disorder about a lot of things, one of which include dating (don't as me why, everyone says she's a nutjob for having this)... So she was having all of this attack and stuff because she was late... Now I do not know what she's she scared about, I NEVER came inside... In fact she wasn't even that good in bed so there really shouldn't have been this problem... But no, she starts isolating herself and making me really frustrated because I wanted to badly see her (I was on a co-op placement, so I was away from school for 4 days a week) but she wouldn't allow me... So then she had her period, and I thought everything would be back to normal but then she suddenly said that she didn't feel the same anymore, blah blah blah and broke up with me over the phone... I was shocked so I tried other ways to contact her but I was blocked, so I did some more drastic things and her sister stepped in and everything became a huge mess... Now I really resent her for everything she put me through and for not giving me closure, and it looks like Karma already did its job because she lost ALL of her friends after hearing what she did to me


Was It Love

April 30, 2013 @ (Australia)

Tags: Love1

We met 3 years ago straight after my marriage breakup thinking it was just a bit of fun one night stand it turned out it lasted 3 years . He never really committed to me the whole time but I somehow felt I was in a relationship he gave me back my self esteem initially after my marriage breakup and i was so happy when i was with him but over the years I began to feel used and abused for sex and text based relationship . But he knew how to get me back everytime I felt strong enough to walk away he came back said and did everything right rope me in only to cut me loose again so he could go and have his fun then blame me for something I had said or did. He told me I was the best girl best company gorgeous sexy etc etc i was in love with him although he was 10 years younger than me I felt there was always a chance we could be together because he said he would never find anyone like me . And now here I am again I let him back into my life only for him to cut me off again but his time I am determined to let go and move on I have to because I want to feel real love be loved and appreciated I deserve it