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February 10, 2012 @ (buena park)

Tags: sadd

We were dating for almost 3 years, we used to be so in love (or so i thought) he had a bff that i disliked, they were always together. I always had a feeling he liked her sinse everytime they were together he wasn't that sweet, but yet i desided to ignore it. Months passed by everything was cool then he stoped being sweet, didnt say i love you back and me me feel unapreciated his excuse always was "remember you're my first gf I don't have relationship experiance" then one day she came back from who knows where and they desided to hang out (not alone but with a group of friends)i didnt know this. He would just ignore my txt messages and calls so i was worried and asked his friend and thats when he told me they were together. I desided I couldn't take this anymore and i told him i needed time and then he asked "you're breaking up with me?" i was really stupid and i changed my mind And i said no and i told him what was wrong but then he said that he needs a break and broke up with me I begged him not to leave me for 4 days and he desided to give us another chance.. Months later everything was perfect but then he broke up with me because a guy posted a perverted wallpost on my facebook wall (i didnt even see it before he broke up with me) insted of telling him to backoff or somthing he leaves me. I blocked the guy and tried explaining what happened to him but he didn't listen. we tried being friends but then i told him to give us one last chance he agreed to it but it felt like i was forcing him to be with me sense he told me he didn't think we were going to work out and he was never sweet even though I tried everything to make him love me. I gave up and told him it took me a long time to understand but now I know he doesn't want me and I broke up with him. Then one day I found this amazing guy that treats me like a princess but we were just friends. After about 3 months he tells me he still loves me blah blah blah and that he never stoped loving me and he was soo sweet but by this time I was already over him and I told him I liked someone else already but he insisted that he still loved me. I ended up getting with the guy and now hes mad at me for getting with another guy and doesnt want anything to do with me.
I wish him luck and Im glad I found someone who treats me right.



December 19, 2013 @ (91324)

Tags: bad break up

My ex and I broke up this year during the summer. We had been together for 2 years ...almost 3. Throughout high school everything was well once we graduated everything went downhill. During the summer my cousin and i went over one night at like 3am it was that night that my ex told me she didnt love me anymore and that she wasnt going to be with someone who she doesnt feel anything for. It wasnt until later on that i found out that she lied.... she didnt lose feelings....she replaced them to make matters worse she cheated on me with my cousin who took me over to her house that one night. My cousin is not only my family but shes my best friends girlfriend and my cousin and my ex are planning on being together.



October 08, 2009 @ (PA)

Tags: pa

we had a new girl join our staff about 2 months ago. we ahd to work closely together, almost on daily basis. we got to know eachother pretty well, and we started dating. my best friend told me that it was a bad idea to date in the workfroce, did i listen.noooooooooooooooooo

my boss found out bout a month later. guess who got fired.



October 08, 2009 @ (Dallas, TX)

Tags: tx, dallas

Ok well I was dating this amazing guy for 8 months and I told him were going to need a break. for a bunch of reasons really. i think that he has hurt, or at least he seemed to be, but the next day i got a blast of truth. He was already dating some other girl that I knew had liked him since 4ever. My guess is that he's always liked her2. and get this... he like totally made out with herright in front of me. i was so hurt, but acted like I didn't care. I'm cool now, i am dating again some one who cares for me 4 once in my life!!!!!!!!!!!



October 08, 2009 @ (Socal)

Tags: pa

I had to work a really long day and so my now ex-husband took the day off work. He took our 6 year old daughter to McDonalds' restaurant on his day off, accompanied by his 23-year old new girlfriend......... I happened to be at the same place for lunch



September 04, 2015 @ (Coachella Valley)

Tags: dumped

I met this girl through a weekly meeting that talked about mental illness. I saw her beautiful, delicate pale skin compliment her dark hair. She was with another guy who I thought was her boyfriend. I was instantly enticed by her looks. Her silence was soft and spoke with such force that it shook me off my feet. I felt nervous and she did not even flinch to look at me while I talked. Damn I did not have a car at the time so I had to take the bus home. I missed my stop all because I was fantasizing about me being with her. Then as I looked back at my stop I came to the realization that I would probably never get a chance to even hangout with her. I fell hard just by her looks and it was not that she was a ten it was just her. Yeah, she is beautiful but her face oh her face just captured me like the moon captures the moth. weeks passed and I did not see her because she was busy with college. luckily I befriended her friend who was actually just childhood friends. I liked him alot and thanks to knowing him I got a chance at getting closer to this girl. who's name I did not know until he told me. By pure luck I got a chance to finally be alone with her and as I spoke I began to see that she looked at me differently. As she spoke i only fell deeper and deeper into her sweet eyes. we stayed up all night in th back of her car and i thought that maye I did have a chance. And I did. we fell in love but it woudnt last. She would break up with me for trivial reasons. later on I figured out she was insecure. New years eve we had a huge fight,I fel unappreciated and I finally put an end to it. She came back that same night which wass surprising because it was always me who had to but I was not. She said she would change because she actually loved me and she had never felt that way. Change she did some how she became even more perfect but I messed it up. still hurt from the past I treated her bad and I began to think I no longer needed her. I was a bad boyfriend for 6 months and she finally left. She no longer cared for me. And it is true that you only miss them once you let them go. I realized my mistakes and I tried for three months I was exasperated and exhausted but I kept trying. She was hurt. She did not trust me. I know I messed up and she has every right to leave. I would give her all the time in the world and I would still be here waiting for her. this was the first week of fall semester in college. it fees so different. today was the day I finally let go and I am so hurt I cant go to sleep Im crying and I dont know why. I hve been through some messed up shit in my life but even that did not cause me to cry. I cry because she is truly amazing and actually wanted me but I broke her. I have one last plan. I am finally going to give her space. I will work on myself and do my best to try and get a date with her. Sadly she is moving to either New york or san fransico in a year. I may never have another chance, sadly she said she would stay here with me until I finished with college. She is the type of girl to get over guys quick. she told me she would be over me in a week. Sadly I would be with her right now if in those 6 months I would tell her to leave me alone I Instead apologized and told her how much she meant to me.



January 05, 2012 @ (USA)

Tags: crazy, psycho, weird, funny

This one was definitely my funniest. This total nutjob I hated myself enough to date at the time was a nightmare. Never shut up, had no personality, was an entitled, spineless child, tried to absorb every little trend that ever happened in order to make himself look cool, treated me like dirt, lied, stole, and despite never going to college, counted himself as "the most learned person he knew" because he'd figured out how to read Wikipedia. Also, he was insane. (And now he's SINGLE, ladies! Have at him!) One day, I had the epiphany "OH MY GOD I ---HATE--- THIS PERSON". Oddly enough it was during sex. Not sure why, but moving on. Now, I don't condone what I did in response to this, but I was young and cowardly, so there you go. I was at home the next day and I got a text from him. I was going to reply, but then I suddenly thought..."What if I just didn't respond? Ever? Ever again? Could it be that easy?" So that's what I did. A few days later the texts and calls stopped. I couldn't believe it worked. Almost. A week later out of the blue, he ruins my euphoria by showing up at my house and screaming that "he would break up with me" if I didn't stop ignoring him. So I was like... "Uhhh...okay bye!" and tried to go back inside, but he barged in after me and started ranting "all the reasons" he'd been "planning" to break up with me for "months". To which I was like "Dude, gtfo my house, or cops will be called." Then he responded by saying there was no way I'd go on living without him, that I'd kill myself without him--in retrospect I don't know how I wasn't literally rolling on the floor laughing. Eventually I said "Fine, if I stop texting you assume it's because I killed myself in depression, now leave." And then he starts wailing and wailing and telling me he'll kill HIMself if I break up with him. All I could say to that was "Yeah, well, good luck with that." Then I shoved him until he was out the door and threatened him with violence not to return. It must've been pretty convincing, because when he bumped into me a few months later he RAN the other way. Like I said. Giant coward. Memorable story for me though.



June 01, 2010 @ (somewhere in hell )

Tags: My story lol is one undeserved nightmare

last night he lied to me stayed out all night cause no curfew n the night it was changed he rather hang out with local lowermainland surrey hookers and he ignored me he truly is a peice of shit he was always mean to me cheated on me lets guys take advantage of me tell them that i think hes my bf n so ive had some creepy creepers pull their gross baby dicks n say its ok n what MY ex bf said about being with other girls and how he hangs out with them all the time but theyre all nasty n sell themselves thats low and gross and i dont do that lifestyle he scams ppl n lies to his mom n steals from her and i paid for this month then im gone but its not that sad i guess its all for the best its over alanna ive had a bad life n alot of pain n he knew it all he doesnt remeber anything about me or us or anythin,its hard to explain how bad i let this shit continue on its kinda sad but its sad that he wants to be with that lol its funny as well lol cause im really good lookin ive tried alot of things and i knew it wasnt me and he couldnt say the truth i mean if u dont wanna be w./someone u say it n ur done but hes hateful and im warnin u girls about him hell probly lie and tell u fake info about his name n shiz or drug u up so he make mula postin pics n lettin ppl watch him fuck nasty hookers w two more old men who are junkys and trash n have hores all the time like non stop im single now and i dont wanna go out with anyone i jus wanna be me lol n honestly he can kiss my sexy ass goodbye hes borin in bed fucks like a retard
this has been hard i broke up with him cause he came to me cryin cause he got awwwwwested n had to stay clean in jail for two days lol so i deleted my email from his account cause he wanted me to change his pw and i saw his gfs emails other lady friends like fuck u he thinks im stupid ...but i sent him an email or two n it wasnt bad its jus get the hell away from me buddday seriously were on a different levels and hell never change



January 16, 2011 @ (Arizona)

Tags: Mike, suicide girl

I just ended a relationship with the worlds most gullible man. I used to work as a personal assistant for his fiance Jessica, but when Mike used this website to break up with her, she hung herself because she miscarried. Course, Mike freaked out when he found out she was dead and she had been carrying his baby. He used the money she left him to go on a weeks long booze and drug binge. Not a real surprise to me, cause I used the lure of some good weed to get his ass back to my house on Halloween and make him believe I was pregnant with his kid. I knew he would act like the ass he was and break up with Michelle, and I knew that would make Michelle fall apart 'cause she was a mentally fragile wall flower, desperately in need of attention. After she killed herself on New Years Eve, Mike left me all her things and went and got high. He spent two days at her grave, drinking and getting high. Now I just left him at rehab and and cleaning out his apartment. Bye "M&M" lol, thanks for the new car, clothes and job!



November 05, 2016 @ (Around)

Tags: Dishonesty, FOMO, boysareajoke

About a year and two months dating, my boyfriend broke up with me.. saying he couldnt do long distance anymore. I had only moved away 3 months prior due to family changes and school etc. He said he was still in-love with me and that we could be together once i moved back in a few years. The day after he had a new girlfriend, in which i realized thanks to facebook. I was heartbroken, and when i asked him if it was true he told me it was a dare” and they had to wait a week before taking it down from facebook. I then later found out it wasnt a dare, he had just lied about that. The best part was finding out they had sex 3 days after being together and he broke up with her the day after and asked to be back together with me.


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