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June 28, 2017 @ (United States)

Tags: Hurtful breakup

I met this guy on a site called we talked for about two weeks before meeting. We hit it off and began seeing eachother. Well about 3 weeks ago (early June 2017) we go on a long road trip and he brings up that he not only wants us to keep saying but he wants us to be exclusive. This made me very happy. I was shocked by this because most times it's the girl that brings this stuff up. So after we became exclusive, I noticed that he didn't want me around that much. He kept saying he was meeting his "buddies to hang out. Well on a Saturday, he asked me to come over after I got off work. I went over and we snuggled up in bed and talked for a while. I went to get me a drink at the gas station and got him an energy drink. I return, not gone 30 min, and he says his boss came by and wants him to go help him with some stuff. He then says he has plans to go see a "buddy in kansas. I was upset that I couldn't spend time with him. He told me I could stay at his place and help myself to what ever. He leaves. He texts me while he's gone asking how I'm doing and such. Then around 6p he texts me and says "you need to leave. My landlady is coming by." I told him I would stay to let her in. He says nothing. I knew in my guy what was up. So I put his dog in the kennel and leave. I let him know I'm gone and his all sweet to me about it. He promises to come by my place later. Of course he doesn't because a "buddy" needs a place to stay because his power went out. He calls me and talks all sweet. I still knew in my gut... the next day I get up and drive by his place...there was the car of another female. I go home, highly upset and text him about how he made me feel knowing he was cheating and why would he bother telling me he wants to be exclusive when he had no intention to do it himself. He never said a word. I've logged into the site I've met him at and he's still logging on. I guess it's true, leopard never changes his spots. He did all of this knowing I was still mourning the loss of my mom, who passed in January. I talked to him about her and everythng. And he still chose to hurt me like this.



September 21, 2009 @ (billings mt)

Tags: broken heart

5 F'n years and i find out shes been with one my "friends"(enemy) for longer than i care to mention the break up isnt the worst its the lame feeling of knowing that ive been completely ignorant of what was going on in my own goddamn life after a half a decade i thot id be a little more intune with what was going on....lastly graveyard shifts are death to relationships and great sex just makes it harder to leave sum1 who isnt in love with u.



April 18, 2016 @ (California)

Tags: terrible break up

Flew to London to meet and marry Italian girlfriend of 3 years. We both spoke and had planned to marry. We lived together off and on each in each of our respective countries. She said no, flew back to Italy and ditched me at the rail station. I am from California, depressed and stranded in the UK.



May 01, 2015 @ (Middle east)

Tags: Help

I meet a girl in my work anf i fall in love with her, she treated me very well first and every 15 min at my work she was calling me saying iam dying without you but later on she told me that she has a close friend he is a married guy older than her about 12 years and when i ask her to stop this friendship she feels angry saying i know him since 3 years and his wife my friend too, and she always disappear and just saying goodnight before she sleep, after 1 year we broke up then she called me about 9 times after 2 months from breakup but i ignored her and she send msgs saying why u r not answering i did nothing to you then i send msg saying i dont want u in my life even a friend but guys i feel pain from inside i need advices just to move on thxxx


John L.

July 20, 2010 @ (Orlando)

Tags: 8 year dream

I was with a girl for 7.5 months. When we first met she told me that she was going to try and get back together with her ex.8 years earlier I had begged God to show me the girl I was to marry. I had seen this girl and her dad for 8 years in my dreams and had been looking every day. 2 days before my 23 b-day,I took her out to dinner and it was my first date.We ended up hanging out more and more. FOund out later she was with a guy I knew and was having sex. I am a true Christian and wanted to show her that sex wasn't how you loved someone it was just being with the that mattered most. Her ex had messed up her head. I got drunk for the first time forher and apparently I woke up next morning with no clothes on. I lost my virginity.To me it was the most sacred thing I wanted to give my wife to say this is all that I am and I am giving it to you. We ended up doing it a lot and I thought she would stay with me. She was talking with her ex the whole time and I hated that but was trying to show I cared. He came back 4 two weeks and she had sex with him. I had just given her a 200 dollar pair of earrings saying the night before don't forget about me. She came back and we were together for a few months then she started working at a place full of guys then the there was no contact with her. I was like what the crap. She didnt tell me anything. I had nightmares of me being in the room while she was having sex with a guy I had never seen. Later found out she was seeing a guy from work. And that she had finally broken up with her ex.
I said is there any way that we could start over since she now had a clear head. No. She never once loved me or had feelings for me. They were all transferred from her ex to me. Sorry.
In the end I gave my virginity so she wouldn't go to another guy who would use her for sex,gave her my heart, mind, body and soul. I waited 8 years for this girl and she took everything and said it meant nothing. Now I am afraid to even ask a girl out because I believed in her. One time after sex she was like what is your favorite part. aka on her body. I pointed to her heart. I never wanted sex. I kept telling her it was just holding her hand, being in her arms, and looking into her eyes that made me forget everything. Now I fear she is destroying her future. All I can do is pray



December 02, 2009 @ (Tampa)

Tags: tampa

My girlfriend flipped out and started screaming at me because she said I was cheat. For the record, I wasn't. I came home and she started going all Tiger's wife abusing me. She chased me through the house with a pot. I did go running out like a girl because I believed her crazy ass was going to actually hit me. I feel ya tiger, ouch. a tiger woods breakup story =/ , who would have ever thought that one?


Henry Lee

August 10, 2014 @ (Singapore )

Tags: Bad break up nasty person

I meet my first serious gf at uni thru mutual friends. We really clicked and we dated and became a couple about 3 months later. She told me her last serious relationship was 2 years ago. Then 5 months after we first met, she told me that she had broken up with someone 4 weeks before she met me. And that she needed space of course. To cut a long story short , she broke up with me soon after. I was heart broken feeling sad and also very angry . I felt she tricked me into investing emotionally into her. I loved her and thought she could be my wife .
I went no contact to heal . The first few months were bad . Insomnia, severe low mood . I wept and cried daily . After 4 months, I began to feel better. Then our mutual friends started telling my ex was sorry she lied and then told me the truth later and yada yada. I wanted so much to ask why tell me the truth 5 months into dating if she was sure of her feelings? But I thought nay forget it she does not even have the courage to speak to me in person. So I told our mutual friends not to relay messages for her. When I began dating again 8 months later , my ex gf tried to speak to me. I shut her down completely . Then she stared rumours . I met my next gf and future wife 18 months after the breakup.



February 18, 2015 @ (USA)

Tags: bad breakup

I dated a guy for four years who continually cheated on me. The last time we decided we would get back together he begged and begged and said he was serious so I gave it another shot. The third day home for my christmas break I called him and he accidentally answered the phone while with another girl..



June 27, 2018 @ (Kansas)

Tags: Cheating

She was amazing. I told myself that I wouldn’t date anyone for a long time and then she came into the picture. 6 months into our relationship I was put on probation and sent to a mental hospital and she cheated on me with out best friend. Then 3 months later cheated on me again. Somehow I thought that I could forgive her and we kept going for another year, only to find out that she lied to me for the last year and she was completely over me.



February 02, 2016 @ (DC)

Tags: sad

Wow.... were do i start . Me and him had a long thing me and have broken up at least 6 times. I dont know if me going back and still making me love him makes me dumb or the defenition on ride or die. Right now we are not dating. Cause these 2 bitches have drama with me and he dosent wanna be inna middle of it . It hurts me like crazy when he broke up with me i cried like never before. Why he leave me in difucult time ughhhh im crying rn


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