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June 30, 2014 @ (Sayreville NJ)

Tags: heartbroken

Last night my boyfriend of a year and 11 months told me he hadn't loved me for a few months and that he no longer wished to be with me anymore. He said he loved me as a friend though... then he hugged me said "you'll be okay pal..." and left me in his apartment to collect my things while he took a walk. I get a text from him this morning saying you forgot some things should i throw them out or do you want to pick them up. I never saw it coming. I mean we had fought a few times but never about anything alarming to our relationship. I have spent all night and day in bed crying because I seriously believe the love of my life just left me and he's not coming back....ever.


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November 24, 2011 @ (Ohio)

Tags: mom, jealous, hatful, pathetic, envious, loyal, family, breakup, sad, relief

I was with the same person for about 5 years. Just this person only literally. friends started drifting away and it was just us 24/7. i loved the person i was with but their mom i found to be very viscous and evil, not even to me but her one and only daughter. she use to talk about my girl to her friends back home and to family members about my girl private business, use to only call her to gossip, when my girl needed her, usually she was never there only was there, here and there financially. she acted more like a obsessed x girlfriend then a mom. i use to feel like knocking sense into her ass constantly.99 percent of our physical and verbal fights have to do with my girlfriends mom and as wrong as her mom is to her and how hurtful her mom is to my girlfriend she continues to call her and emails her and tells her she loves her regardless of the pathetic wrongful relationship they have. sometimes when we fight about how her mom treats her she says to me that regardless thats her mom and if she really needs her she will be there no matter what. thats why we broke up. because when she needs some money her mom knew eventually she would come back to her and what she did wrong to my girlfriend would be washed away because my girlfriends needed her for money. its emotionally distressful honestly and noone really should be with someone that either dont get along with their mom (in particular) or who wouldnt get along with someones mom because whether they are in your life everyday or not, when they come around it will just be a pain in the ass and you'll just be sitting there looking stupid wondering what the fuck is out there better for you. this is a great website to to let shit out. its hard investing time and love in something that comes with the opposite of what you have to give. not worth it.



January 08, 2012 @ (United States)

Tags: errands

We had been dating a year and a half, tonight was supposed to be his housewarming party so i got all cute for for it. We had been having some problems in our relationship but they were things that just needed to be talked about and worked on. And i was already having a bad week, i was late to work and got fired two days before, so this party was going to be a good time to just relax and have fun for a night. Around noon he texted me that we needed to have a talk, I already agreed to it but i was thinking wed get all upset and it might ruin the party for us. So about an hour before it starts he comes over, gets in my car with me and tells me its not working for him. He doesnt like my personality, im always getting on his nerves, and hes just not happy with me. Just like that. As ui cried he continued to check his watch and then said "Well i have some errands to run" and left.



May 28, 2020 @ (Earth)

Tags: Painful breakup

I broke up with my gf 3 days ago. More precisely got dumped by her. She never showed any discomfort nor any hatred, and on that morning out of the blue, she said she wanted to break up. It is still painful trying to get over her. I really loved her with passion. But, just after the breakup, I woke up. I started thinking rationally about her. Now, what looked like the perfect girl for me from the heaven looked like an evil. She's been talking crap about me to her friends. She never loved me from the start. She hates rejecting absolutely anything so she just felt bad rejecting to my confession. What I thought was love, was all an act. She just wanted a close friend. I still can't get the handle of the fact that the "I love you" and my first kiss with her was all fake. After the breakup she, without hesitation, blocked me from social media. She never loved me and never will. Moving on is hard but I'm starting to realise she actually has lots of faults, and wasn't as pretty as how it seemed. She never had a clear goal or plan for her future. Didn't try her best in school. Just wants to stay at home and rejected a great job offer just because she was lazy. She was gaining weight but didn't do anything about it. She lacks self confidence. Her relationship with her family was really bad. In fact I can't find any pros about her. Her appearance was actually average. I could say I was charmed by her appearance and personality at first but when I found out who she really was, it was shocking and felt betrayed. I hate myself who still miss her. It's still painful to break up with her even though I knew from the early days of the relationship, she might not be the girl for me. We still carried on thinking if I worked hard it'll work out. But it's still hard when someone so close to me is now gone.



September 10, 2015 @ (Lucknow kanpur India)

Tags: Sad breakup

Okay here we go
I was in class 7th when i was attracted towards a girl but when i went to talk to her she got to know that i was attracted towards her thats why she refused for friendship also but i tried once more n yes this time i was successful n then everything was going good n after 4 months i proposed her n she said that she needs time to think n then next day i said whats your decision to she said what you think i said it must be a no yrr bcoz you will think i m like others but it was a yes n i was very happy n then our relation continued happy for about an year n then she said to me that my family has got to know about this so we will have to end this relation but i said its okay yrr i can understand but then again we started talking like lover after a month of brkup but we were not committed but we said luv u n all those things n this continued for 2 yaers n then our school took us for a trip to rajasthan (city i won't mention ) n then those things were more than lover bcoz we discussed abput our future n our families n some memories ,some laughs that we can never forget n after the trip everything ended bcoz she said tp me that she wanted to study n then i said that i will wait for you till my last breath n then she stopped talking slowly n gradually but i waited for her n after 2 months i heard she was committed with her best friend n i was crying like hell n i broke completely n then also when there were fights in her relation i used to sort them out but his bf didnt liked this n then she never replied to me again but yes i m still waiting for her bcoz i know that she will come back n people who helped us in our relation are against her today...



June 30, 2011 @ (CA)

Tags: short-term, fun

I suppose it had to be done. It was ugly. Though I suppose there's no other way to break a girl's heart. Awkwardness will ensue, as we work together. The thought of leaving her room at 3:30am with her sobbing under her covers while her nasty roommate goes at it with her boy toy in the next room -- ugh. I hate hurting people. I should never have let it drag on so long. It was inconsiderate. I should not have told her that I regretted letting it drag on so long. That made it worse. Can't take that back.
I don't regret the time I spent with her. Not one bit. It was fun. She shouldn't feel dumb, although she probably does. It wasn't her fault that the relationship turned out this way. If I was the slightest bit open with my feelings, it wouldn't have ended so badly.
And I miss her already. I got so used to being with her every night. It's going to be hard to go back to being alone and miserable in this house. Lame friends, nothing much to do. I actually thought it would work itself out. I thought she was going to move away, and that things would work themselves out eventually. I was too much of a wussy to take it into my own hands.



January 24, 2013 @ (los angeles)

Tags: #worththeread #breakup

2010 I graduated high school and got a job at a hardware store. At the time I was a ridiculously friendly and outgoing (innocent) eighteen year old girl. So it being a hardware store there's a lot of men. One which I fell for without him saying a word to me. An fellow employee at that. I'm a petite girl he was this adorable petite 25 year old guy with sexy tattoos. So I tell my other coworker/nfriend I have the hots for him. And this girl goes above and beyong to get us talking. So a few months later we start talking. He had an age issue with me, but we had a long talk one day and he got over it. He told me he really like me. On our first official date I lost my vcard to him..I gave him the goods. (Which at the time he didn't know) I told him I had done it before. Whatever I thought that was going to be it. He got what he wanted...but no. He asked me to be "his girl". I was the happiest girl in the world. This was october 29th, 2010. So a month passes everything is fine. Then christmas time came along. I was really excited because I got him the coolest gift. So that year xmas eve was on a Friday. He was off fridays. coincedentaly he worked. As I walked in the girl who hooked us up hands me a bouquet of roses and a gifst and says "here from miguel" I'm like "WTF!I don't know a miguel" I take the flowers and gift to the break room and he's there. My everything. He looks at the roses looks at me tthen ignores me for five torturous weeks. I run into him at work one day still hurt. He says "hey Delete my number and pretend I don't exist. You'll learn its not good to be as friendly as you are"



December 08, 2015 @ (USA )

Tags: Sucky break up , heart broken, life sucks

So I started a job last year met a real cute guy there, we had instant chemistry. He has a few kids two different girls but I accepted it. I also have a child and he really seemed like a nice and misunderstood man. He told me first he fell in love with me, we started to date and things were good. We started to have baby mom and baby dad drama and it clouded the whole thing. I lied to him he found out he probably also lied to me. But I admit all I did wrong. I didn't cheat. We had big fights that turned physical. It hurt our love even more he started to let go, I hung on. I'm still hanging on. He recently texted me saying he is talking to someone and for me to move on he can't trust me and he doesn't want to deal with the stress.. I feel like a fuck up and I still love him I don't want to leave him this sucks. I'm hoping that maybe he will realize he still cares for me but you never know... I don't know how to deal with this...


Pat =(

September 23, 2009 @ (Columbus, OH)

Tags: horrible

Lost my job, can't make rent this month, and got a call the other night. she can't be withme anymore. i don't have anymore money to take her out. wasn't she a winner.


Little Ol\

February 24, 2011 @ (Winnipeg, Canada)

Tags: (example1, example2)

I had moved to Ottawa to live with my mom when I was 16. Shortly after my 17th birthday I met this guy "D" who I fell head over heels with, my first true love so to speak. Though we never really branded ourselves as an "item", we did spend a lot of time together and would make out often. We told each other EVERYTHING. This would only last for a few months as my mom announced that we were moving back to Winnipeg. I was devestated, but me and him kept in contact while I was back in Manitoba.

Fast forward four years... I went back to Ottawa to see if we still had anything left from before. We were still close friends and told each other everything, but, he was not ready to commit to me or anyone, I was crushed but wanted him in my life in some capacity even if we were just "friends". Then it happened, some one made up a story about something I did and he believed it. We had a huge fight and he vowed he never wanted to see me again. I went back to Winnipeg again with a broken heart.

Over the next decade I ended up getting married and having a son, but my thoughts would always roam to "D". Sometimes fond memories, sometimes anger, but a huge piece of my heart still belonged to him.

My "husband" turned out to be a chronic cheater and we were in the process of ending our marriage. I had gone online and ended up talking to one of my old friends from Ottawa and the topic of "D" came up and I had mentioned that I missed "D". My friend had to go offline as did I but we ended up online again later that night, this time he brought "D" into our conversation.

"D" and I talked that whole night, and every day since then. We STILL had feelings for each other and I flew out a month later for a visit. It was amazing, we laughed, we talked, we kissed, we made love, and we cuddled.

For seven months we did the long distance thing, then I took the big plunge and moved to Ottawa for the third time, this time it's been four years together, we are in the midst of planning our wedding and our future lives together.

I know that this was not a break up story per say, but I wanted to show that you can break up a few times before getting it right. A break up doesn't always have to be forever.


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