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January 11, 2016 @ (minnesota)

Tags: bad breakup

its been awhile since me and my ex boyfriend broke up but nothing has changed i think about him all the time. we still have communication and let me tell you i am still in love with that boy, he was my first true love my forever type of love thing we dated for a year i know its not to long but i fell in love with him everyday. breaking up with him was a huge mistake because hes the boy i want to be with just dont know how tell him we use to say " ill go threw misery to see you happy" me too baby



October 05, 2009 @ (PA)

Tags: pa

my girlfriend and i broke up last night. two and a half years. i wanted to be rid of her, but now i'm sad beyond belief.



Karma !!

September 16, 2010 @ (glendvielle)

Tags: example2

ight my story started about a month when i got back from college for the summer me and my girl was very happy together and we been dating for about 2 years and some months. i can honestly say we were in love because we texted each other everyday and we was always together when i was home, she slept over my house biscially everynight and i try doing little things for her jus to make her happy. but everything went down hill when she negin to hang out with certian friends and some dudes that didnt like me and they was puttinq lots of bullshit in her head about me biscally telling her i was cheating on her and all tht. and unfortunaly she believed them and not trusting me she up and left me one day over a text message i was very hurt becuz she was my everything and she jus up and left me after everything i gived up for her. also she supposely left me becuse her friends and fam thought she made a cute couple with some other kid i cried over her for days calling and texting her but she ignore my phone calls and even changed her number on me i tried my best to get over her but couldnt.. months went by and now im back at school a new man with a bright future ahead of me, and suddenly one day she text me saying she made a mistake and she regret ever leaving me & i felt bad becuz i really love her and i still had some feelins for her but when i sat down a thought about everything she had put me through crying over her and all tht i decided to stand my ground and not fall for her again so i simply told her that i was all set & tht im focusing on school but we could be friends and she agreed but she was really sad another month went by and ive found someone else who makes me happy and when im with this person i dont even think of her!! i spoke to couple of my friends from back home and they said she found out about me and this other girl and she's going crazy knowing i no longer care about her she calls me everything and hangs up wen i pick up she constantly text me saying she loves me and asking me would i ever come bakk to her but i dont respond becuz i believe when one dooor close jus ask god cuz theres always another one open for you !! NOW LOOK AT HER PATHETIC GURL LMAO



October 15, 2009 @ (Pittsburgh)

Tags: coin, breakup

Well, this might be a complete first for everyone. Has anyone ever had their girlfriend say let's let the world decided on us. what the hell is that about? she takes our a coin, "Heads we stay together"... needless to say it was tails. guess i'm lucky i found out she was crazy only 6 months in. wow that was a close one!



February 02, 2016 @ (DC)

Tags: sad

Wow.... were do i start . Me and him had a long thing me and have broken up at least 6 times. I dont know if me going back and still making me love him makes me dumb or the defenition on ride or die. Right now we are not dating. Cause these 2 bitches have drama with me and he dosent wanna be inna middle of it . It hurts me like crazy when he broke up with me i cried like never before. Why he leave me in difucult time ughhhh im crying rn



September 21, 2016 @ (Canada)

Tags: Sad Truth, LDR, Bad Breakup

June 2015 I dated a girl I met online. We were friends for about a month first though. I've never felt this way for someone before. She lived in the United States and I am in Canada. I gave her everything I had. We were originally suppost to meet in March for spring break of 2016. But In Augest she broke up with me for like a day lol. And I broke up with her a little bit after that cause of my insecurities. We got back together and literally a month later we got back together saying all these happy things to do when we finally meet in March!....Until November.(this isn't the worst part). She told me that her parents and her were busy on spring break. I was still in school (year after grade 12) when she told me this. I of course broke down upset. But in a week I got over it. So about a month later around Christmas we talked about seeing each other for our anniversary in June. I was so excited! I bought us matching necklaces with our names and anniversary date printed on them and alot of great stuff! So In February I was getting to the point of booking my flight to see her! I kept asking her where I should go to stay that's closest to her and where we would meet. She seemed really hesitant telling me and she finally told me she needed to work out her band schedule before I book anything. So I waited for about 2-3 months and she said it would probably be easier to meet half way in July. I couldn't belive it. So I said what would your parents think about that? You're only 17 and I'm 18 almost 19. So this is the thing....she never told her parents or anyone about me there! She told me she would when we first met but still she never did. She finally told her mother about me when I convinced her enough. I was so scared. Before she told her she said "I love you babe" I was waiting around for 15 minutes to hear back from her or her mother. It felt like an hour. I open my snapchat and it's a message from her saying "hey Curt....I don't want you dating my 16year old daughter ANYMORE"at this point my heart sank. I begged for her to give me a chance but she just kept saying "ITS DONE" I know she didn't wanna be with me anymore for whatever reason. But she told her mother to break us up to make it easier on herself. She lied about her age too after a year of being together. I've never felt so betrayed in my life.



April 13, 2010 @ (Calgary)

Tags: Liar....

So I am 21 now and I have known this guy since i was 15.. he was my first love... we dated and lived together for 2 years when my dad left and then he cheated on me with my friend... after 2 weeks I moved to the states and went to college. After being there for about a year i wanted to come back....
We ended up getting back together... even though I felt I shouldnt i loved him... all I could think about was him...
This time it seemed good... I moved back in with him... we were happy so I thought... he told me if he ever felt unhappy we would break things off...he said he would never do that to me again... that he could never hurt me cause he loved me so much... that I saved his life

So i go on a trip to Toronto for 10 days and the day after I left he was already out at the bar with some girl he used to say he hated and that she was a slut.... a couple mroe days in to my trip I found out he was sleeping with her that she thought he was her bf... he told her all the things he told me.. that they would go on trips together and travel....

When i got home i went there to get my stuff... he was crying said he wasnt going to be with her anymore... that he knew he messed up and it would be healthier if we were apart... he needed to find himself.

So I call the other night cause I left some things there and she picks up... says he loves her now that he doesnt love me and she hung up on me.

What kind of guy can move on so fast after 6 years? how could he let her hurt me? and of course LIE LIE LIE he says he wants to be alone but now hes with this girl? He says that he is only with her to get in her pants cause she looks like a porn star and i dont... and that he wants to marry me in 2 years.

WHAT kind of bullshit is that? I am so heartbroken and depressed when I know I deserve better... I just dont know how to stop being sad...



July 01, 2011 @ (ab)

Tags: it sucks

We've been on and off for 9 months. So not overly long time but there was so much feeling there that kept us to keep coming back. But the other night, the way it ended. I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach that something was wrong, something was telling me to go to his house. He wasn't replying or talking to me all day. I show up at his house to find him sitting in his ex's car with her. I get out, well I had 2 kids I was watching in the vehicle so I tried to keep my cool but I asked him what the hell he was doing and all he said was he was busy talking so I took off. About a half hour later I get this voice mail that said ' I asked her to come talk to me, I kinda needed her too. I think there's still a chance here and I'm going to talk to her about it so I guess I'll talk to you later' and that was the end of it. Later came and he phoned me and told me that we were never actually dating because it wasnt fb offical. After already a month into it. I didn't think FB was such a huge deal or mattered. That night came he made me wait all night thinking he was going to come talk to me but he never did. The next night he phones me and tells me that this will be the last conversation that we ever have and that he doesn't want to talk to me or have me text him again. He said we were never together and that he wants to be with his ex. Now I'm left broken hearted crying in a hotel room because I had a family wedding to go to that he was suppose to be attending with me.



August 15, 2012 @ (Slovenia)

Tags: Sara

Our story is now almost 7 years long. With zillion of breakups, cries, backtogethers, now I can finally say it's over. When I look back now, there's been more bad than nice times, I often felt rejected, humiliated and not loved.. What took me so long? Low self esteem, not a drop of self love and addiciton. The last drop over the top was last month of our "relationship". In May I got pregnant.. Then he fell in love with someone new - so he said. We talked on the phone about the situation we had to solve somehow. I've decided that the abortion is the best solutin for me.. The day I went to the hospital, he wasn't there for me. Yet the "good" thing came out of all, I didn't have the abortion since I misscarried the child. It was probably somekind of a sign, that that person is really the best to stay away from. But the pain of his actions was and still is sometimes unbearable. I am moving on now, day by day, hour by hour with thoughts of lonliness mostly in my head. But my goal is now to get over him and find love in myself, the long missing self esteem and the partner I deserve. I know I will be ok! :)



April 21, 2015 @ (toronto)

Tags: bad breakup

OMG SO SORRY. I swear i SUBMITTED it once but i guess i clicked the submit button too many times? I was taking my frustration out on the submit button


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