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December 05, 2009 @ (South Carolina)

Tags: man code

A friend of mine was finally taking the plunge. I drove 3 hrs to the wedding with my girlfriend, made it to the church on time and introduced her to all of my friends. We get to the reception hall and everything is going great. One of my good friends is chatting her up but I am thinking that he just was trying to be a nice guy, keep her company... We end up going to a bar after the wedding to continue the drunken fun. I go to the bathroom and as I am returning I see my girlfriend with this particular friend...kissing in a booth behind the bar. I went to the bar took a few shots and went back to the hotel. Left her ass there. She came back to the room in the morning...her shit was outside the door. I told her to get a ride with someone who cared. Haven't seen the bitch since or talked to my friend. What the fuck man.



September 21, 2015 @ (Uk)

Tags: Breakup

I met this guy online. I was in the process of ending a 3 year relationship. He came out of the blue, we started talking, texting, skype and we talked hours on the phone. He told me I was Mrs. Right and that he was going to marry me. I fell so jard for him. He lives in another stTe and i was making plans to visit him next month and eventually move there we had so much in common. He used the right words, he was everything I wanted. I was in lo e like I habe never been. He needed to get a job because his mom was going to kick him out and since he wasn't studying because his parents are facing a financial situation he needed a job and also because he has a project and needs money to accomplish that. He found a job and it was good he was happy and I was happy for him. He wanted to be the best at it and just succeed I totally understand that I told him I support you, we are a team. His schedule was hectic and some days he worked 16 hours. We barely talked and he told me that this was going to be at first until everything settle. We fouvht because there were days I didn't heard from him, and we fix it, then we fouvht again. He became distNt and stop saying i love you. I sent him a package with stuff and he put it as his profile picture then 2 weeks ago changed it. I told him lets forget our problems lets just focus on the future and support each other blahblah he didn't reply so i said okay nextday he said sorry i just read it and i was having a bad moment so couldnt reply. We havent talked he said that two saturdays ago so last wednesday i texted saying whats up noreply but he texted wuth my friend he ignores me. I turned my phone off since thursday because i have been crying for two weeks, i feel dead inside. I dont eat, cant sleep i am so depressed and i have my plane ticket and i dont know if i should go or not. I dont know what to do. This is the first breakup that made me feel like there is no more hope that maybe he has anew gf or he just played with me. Or that i am not worth fighting for.ido feel worthless and cant stop crying. Also i lost mu job so i dont have anything to look forward



April 27, 2012 @ (new york)

Tags: breakup

We met back in high school, good friends I can say. Yes I was attracted to him but never paid attention to that. he's older so he graduated before I did and we lost contact. 3 years later I randomly thought of him and look him up on Facebook. We exchange numbers and make plans to hang out. We hung out a few times just as friends,it was great I had a blast with him. We spent every night together just hanging out for about a month then he invites me to his place and, we hook up. He admits to me he had a thing for me back in high school too. We start seeing each other and after awhile we discuss ”us” and we agree to take things to the next level later on cause we're not ready. I loved everything about being with him, everything. We often had fights but that never really effected us. The situation at home took a turn for the worse when I had to make the decision of moving out of state, rather far. I try to find an alternate solution before breaking it to him but no luck. I break the news to him - I'd never seen him so angry. Not the reaction I was expecting. Everything went downhill from there. I wasn't suppose to leave for another 2 months though but we started to drift before that. I start seeing someone else - rebound I guess, I was both hurt and angry at him. He cuts me off when he finds out about it. It turns out Im staying and not moving out of state, still moving from that town though. I was over him, I thought. All my things are packed, half of my furniture is out. He lives maybe 10 blocks from me, 3 minute drive. I feel so guilty about the way things ended so I get in contact with him and ask him to see me. It took some convincing but he agreed to see me that night. He picks me up, the car ride is silent until I b lurt out how sorry I am. We never officially ended what we had, so when I got with this new guy, he was under the impression that we were still together and that's why he cut off - a total misunderstanding. That evening/morning was amazing. I thought everything would go back to normal, maybe even better than before. He drops me off in the morning, says he can see himself falling in love with me and that even when I was with that other guy I was still his girl and all this other bullshit. I go to bed, and wake up to his texts. We talk all day and all night. But that's the last day I saw him. The Next day he doesn't reply to anything I send him. Days go by, and still nothing. I was so utterly confused and hurt. I resort to Facebook I finally get a reply and all he says is ” what do you want?” I get the hint, just don't understand why. But okay, whatever.
It never occurred to me that I didn't mention to him that I wasn't moving out of state.
Months go by. I'm with other men but none of them phase me - the way he did. I get in contact with him and we end up having a very casual conversation. At the very least I thought we could keep our friendship but again, cuts me off. Wtf!
Here I am a year later, still thinking about him. I can't have a successful relationship because I still have some very strong feelings for him.
All my friends tell me to let it go... How many times have I tried that already? It seems impossible. It's not that I want to be with him, I just want an explanation so I can sleep at night.
If I had the opportunity to talk to him, do you think I should? I wouldn't know what to say or how to say it. I don't know how he'd react to me..


Anonymous Gal

March 01, 2017 @ (Singapore)

Tags: #breakup

When I was in university, I went on exchange overseas. Being a shy and quiet girl, I was prepared to spend the 4 months there alone by myself and doing things independently. Perhaps, god loves to spoil your plans because I ended up spending almost all my time with a boy from another country that I met there. I don't usually get along easily with people but somehow we just clicked and I really enjoyed his company. Though it wasn't by any means official, he started treating me the way you would your girlfriend. He sweet-talked me by calling me the "prettiest girl", persuading me to run errands for him, and I started to think something was amiss because it appeared that he was spending all his time when he was not with me, with another girl. I started to be very skeptical and suspicious of him though I had already fallen for him. Soon I noticed that this girl appeared to be runniing the errands he asked me to run for him.
Then she mocked me with him one day and making it very clear that she didn't want him or herself anywhere near me, when I met up with him later that day... He pretended like nothing had happened and even asked me to accompany him one on one to day trips to various tourist destinations. One day, he even asked me out and tried to persuade me into entering a sexual relationship with no strings attached. I was shocked because I was a very good girl who never had a boyfriend and I had never heard of anything like that. He dropped the idea perhaps knowing he had gone too far. I started to plan to dump him.
We had already signed up for two tours together to see some interesting sights so I planned to dump him after the tours. I made up my mind not to have anything to do with him.
It would have ended like that but no, he started messaging me and asking me out again. I told him straight in the face my issues and highlighted to him that "I may like him" because of the way he behaved. He had the cheek to act like he was attracted to me. Staring deeply into my eyes and telling me to "chase him, buy him something"
I obviously would not do that.
He and his other girlfriend were as close as ever and mocking, intentionally avoiding me when together refusing to sit with me in the dining hall.
I decided to try my best to find out what was going on. Was he cheating on, doing things behind my back he knew would hurt me and lying to me? I asked him if he was together with the girl. He denied it vehemently.
Finally, the day when it all ended came. We were friends on MSN and I decided to prank him in a final effort to find out the truth. I mock-pretended that I was truly heartbroken to fool him in hope of him telling me the truth that he had been doing things behind my back. Instead, he replied me by telling me I was never his friend and that he could not be bothered should anything happen to me. He denied that he had said those stuff previously and said that he said some of them to intentionally hurt my feelings. I was outraged!
Recently, I found out he was getting married to that girl. He had been lying, cheating on me outright. I had no buisiness to be his girlfriend, I entered his life wanting to be his friend because we could get along. He was the one who started behaving like I was his girlfriend. He did things behind my back that he knew would hurt me but he still did it. I have no words for such a disgusting jerk.



January 18, 2010 @ (davao city, philippines)

Tags: 1

i gt a relationship way back in march 10,2008.. i fell in love with a so happy whenever we are together.i just dont know if he truly loves me but he always tell me that he loves me.the only thing is that i don't trust him.every time he don't text me i easily got angry it is because we don't see often hats why i want him to text me..we always broke up but we patch things up again..but until the time came that he told me he don't love me anymore. that was april 23, really hurts me.and i got a news that he had a new we are 9 months broke-up.and i heard a news about him that he is going to marry his new gf because her girlfriend got pregnant and im so hurt



March 08, 2010 @ (Texas)

Tags: texas

I caught him over the weekend with one of my friends... he was 'working late'. how fucking horrible, really


The Unstable Entrepenour

November 21, 2016 @ (United States)

Tags: Bad Breakup

I remember that it hurt. Hearing the words hurt - and at the same time, it felt like something out of a movie, like it wasn't happening. After all, how could it? It had been merely a week since our second anniversary, and as an anniversary gift she had given me a card that said, "I promise to be with you for all the years to come."
I couldn't even begin to process it. "How do you feel," she asks me, trying to decipher my off smile and my wondering eyes. I only smile because I don't know what to say, what to feel. I don't fight it, I merely say all-right, shed a couple tears, and drop her off at her house. It took me a couple days for my emotions to catch up with me - and oh boy, did they come in force. Like a thousand crashing waves, every single negative emotion in the book comes, all at once, all clamoring for my attention in a sea of deprecating voices: "you weren't enough," "she got tired of you," "you aren't good enough for anyone" ; and as I struggle to get them in check, I was still left wondering: why exactly did it happen?
I never got a straight answer to that question; at least, none that I understood. She mentioned that she wanted to try being with a girl (she's bi, but not in practice yet), that I had been insensitive about one fight that we had more than a year ago, that I was too unstable in my life for her to think about settling down with me. "If my ex had asked me to move in with him, I would've done it in an instant" she said. Surprisingly enough, her life wasn't in any way better than mine: a education major working as a cashier at one of the lowest paying grocery shops in the area, with no car telling me, a computer engineering major with a car, and a delivery job earning 2.5x more per hour as her.
While I could see how she was right, since I had been thinking about dropping out of school, and I had changed my major more than three times in the last six months, I just didn't understand why that was an issue now, all of a sudden. The only answer I can come up with is that perhaps the spark, that magical, elusive feeling that binds people together just died over time for her, while mine grew stronger and stronger. While she was thinking about how to break the news to me, I was thinking what would be the best date to travel to Disneyland with her, since she had told me not too long before, that she'd like me to propose to her at the Cinderella Castle.
I write this now, two months later, even thought it feels like a lifetime ago. My speculating and unstableness paid off after all; because I was willing to take risks, I dropped out of school, and started working in Real Estate. In the first month, I rose from Intern to District Manager at a local firm, and when some shady situations came to light regarding the owners, I left the firm, and opened my own. I'm earning four times what I was before, and it'll only grow from here. Even so, I still look back and wonder what could've been. When she ended things, it felt like someone had taken a hammer to the glass sculpture that was my future with her; and even though I'm not crying over it anymore, I have yet to pick up the pieces, and start again.



October 20, 2009 @ (San Fran)

Tags: mother, mom, ah

Been dating Brian for close to 6 months. It was that time, to meet my parents. It's always a hard time for me because my parents are very protective and CRAZY. well he really hit it off with my parents. I thought wow, I'm in the clear... awesome. We get back from the little drive from my parent's place and he sits me down on the couch. He proceeds to tell me that we can't continue to get anymore serious about our relationship. My mother is kinda heavy set and he can't take that chance... what a prick!



December 04, 2015 @ (Indiana )

Tags: Bad Breakup Sad Breakup

When i was 13 i got in to a serious relationship... (Haha serious at 13) but he was my first love. Anything i could ever want, but after a year and 8 month it got dull and he started to pressure me for sex. I eventually ended it. Soon after i had a rebound and i went into a spiral of depression. Throughout dating my rebound i cheated on him with my first love repeatedly. I can to the epiphany that i was still in love with him. Its been years and I still am close with his family, and I'm still in love with him, so much so that the inside joke in my family is "He could say jump, you would ask how high?"



January 06, 2010 @ (Virginia)

Tags: Baseball

I had been dating a girl during law school. She lived about two hours away and we often spent the weekends together, with me usually driving up to see her. It was 1996 and the Yankees were playing in their first World Series in 15 years. I talked to her during the week about what we would do that weekend. I said that I didn't care, but that Game 6 was scheduled for Saturday night, and, whatever we did, I was going to watch it. She said fine, and we decided that I would go up to her place for the weekend.

Later in the week, she calls and says her parents will be in town for the weekend as well. No problem, I like her folks, but I repeat that I am up for anything so long as I get to watch the Yankees on Saturday night. (The Yankees had lost the first two at home, but now were coming back and making a series of it.) Saturday afternoon, my girlfriend says, "My parents want to take us to dinner." I said, no, let's eat here, the Yankees are playing, as I had told her before. (At this point, the Yankees are now up 3-2 and could clinch that night) She throws a tantrum! I interrupt her and say, "You have two choices, we can work out something where I watch the game, or we can break up and I can watch the game." Tantrum escalates; I leave; Yankees win Game 6 and World Series; I never return hysterical phone messages; I graduate from law school move to Manhattan meet a beautiful woman who loves going to Yankee games; I marry beautiful Yankee fan; so far, me and beautiful Yankee fan live happily ever after. Brings tears of joy just thinking about it.


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