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June 13, 2015 @ (Philippines)

Tags: hope, love, time, heartache, pain,

You know what's hard?it's when you wake up one morning and you're no longer wanted. That's how I felt when he broke my heart for a one night stand... AGAIN. My friends think that I'm stupid by staying in a relationship that we all know is doomed the first time he cheated on me. But I can't help it. I love him, more than his mistakes. I thought that if I'm gonna give him a chance he'll change. And he told me he would. I hold on to the hope that I was the one he always wants and need. Then one night as he was sleeping beside me I had this weird feeling that i need to check his phone. I know its my fault. I should not go thru his stuff coz I believe that what you don't know won't hurt you. But I did and hell I found out every thing. He saw me and he knew by the look in my eyes that I'm hurting. I'm not mad and I'm not even sad. I felt like I'm going to explode. Maintaining my calmness I took his had and gave him the phone, I made sure that when he look at the screen he would see everything I saw on his phone. I dressed up and leave but he would not let go of me. He was crying, begging for us to talk and make things right. I can't even say a word. My eyes just burst in tears, my heart beats fast and my breathing starts to be so deep feels like I'm drowning. Maybe I'm drowning with everything. I felt tired and all I want is to sit beside him. He was crying and I never expected him asking for my forgiveness. He was like a child, as I looked at him I felt something breaking inside my soul I feel responsible for the pain he's feeling. I'm not sure why, but it feels like I have to stay...with him and make sure that things will be okay. Maybe someday I will learn to walk away with everything. I'm not sure when and I don't know how but maybe just maybe I can still hold on to that hope that people do change... hopefully for the better.


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February 05, 2017 @ (California)

Tags: Breakup

Well 2 years ago well this will sound pathetic but whatever anyways 2 years ago I met this girl on call of duty now I know what you're thinking but still read on. We met each other in a zombies game and immediately hit it off so a year or so passes then I admit O actually liked her and she liked me but at first I didnt think it would last long but still the more we texted Skype in video chats and long conversations we went to the point of loving each other however, I joined the army and couldn't talk to her as much we both were about 17 and since I was in the military I asked of we could wait until I finally got home. Then once home she started to ignore me more and more ignoring my messages and when I asked her out she said "I dont want a relationship right now im sorry" it was heartbreaking but being the patient man O am I said ok but then weeks later I found out she fell in absolute love with my best friend who was a complete jerk to her ive seen how they texted each other and he says mean things and even though our long distance guess where my friend lives. Canada and she's living i. Arkansas I was absolutely furious then but then way before this occured I said I would pay an expensive plane ticket to see you graduate as soon as my honerable discharge comes through but she said it wouldn't work and now I know why keep in mind I said I would do this and sooo much more for her but she leaves now almost two years of a man who treats her beyond fairly like a queen yet she throws me to the side for a jerk who she knew at the time of their first dating week only two weeks TWO weeks let alone my 2 years what should I do we rarely text but if they break up she'll have nobody do I cut her off or be friends with her?



May 13, 2011 @ (San Diego )

Tags: 1

Well I am still in a space of hoping against hope we will not have to break up. I am on the edge, knowing that where we were heading was not working and he has put the brakes on. I want to make it all about him because I do not want to look within me to see that there were definitely things that were not working for me i.e. He still has a lot of anger towards his ex (thin line between love and hate) and he is very gun shy to move forward with me, hence he is probably not finished with his last gal, nothing truly available for me. We do not have tons in common, and he does not have his financial life together at ALL !!! He is pretty immature also. Yet there is this amazing connection we have. OH GOD I can see how I am hanging on to a thread hoping hoping hoping it can change. I know even if there is a chance for the future. What is now needs to be over. DAMNIT !!!! I do not want to freaking admit this. So for today I am going to release the relationship that was. Do a ritual to let him go release him from my energy. What will happen will happen



October 24, 2009 @ (California)

Tags: Freak

hey everyone what's up. i had to post my story, it unbelievable! been dating ally for close to year. I've got a real perv buddy. the guy that watches porn on a daily basis. well, hes a little weird so i don't like hanging out with him much so when he called the other day i didn't pick up. he kept calling and calling and this isn't like him, so i called him back. he told me to log in to my email he just sent me a link. well, the link was to an amateur porn site. guess who the star of the film was? need to call the Dr. asap. fuck me.



August 20, 2011 @ (reading, pa.)

Tags: example 1

I met a wonderful man on We were instantly attracted to each other. He came on very strong and I told him to take it slow, which did not happen. In the long run it was flattering to have this handsome man say he was falling in love with you. By the third week of dating he did a turn around saying he needed time and was confused. I responded with an email telling him to take the time he needed but in the future no matter who he is with to go slow. We ended up seeing each other again and we were back in the same boat with him telling me he wanted to live with me and he loved me. Again 2 weeks after the first episode he started to pull away saying he was not sure. At this time I was schedule for surgery and he was suppose to take me and be there when I woke up. Well Mr. Wonderful said he was sorry and he just needed time. I told him take the time and I would find another ride to the hospital, terrible timing. Also I told him I could not continue with this roller coaster and to please stop contacting me. We talked a few more times with him saying he was sorry and this whole thing had nothing to do with me!!! I asked it there was somone else and he just said he was going through something. So now the surgery is over, I had lots of friends and family helping out. I am dealing with healing from the operation and the pain of not being with a person I truly cared for. Obviously he had some emotional issues and was not ready or open for a loving relationship. I still have great hope and look forward to my wonderful partner who I know is just around the corner!!


Ally Marie

April 26, 2015 @ (Canada )

Tags: sad

My ex boyfriend and I started talking after we had played mw3 with mutual friends. we had never met before. At first it was only just texting like friends and then one night I just randomly told him.. whenever I like someone. I tell them. it kinda comes in handy sometimes. but anyways I said to him "look, I know we've never met and stuff but I kinda like you, I don't want to ruin things if you don't feel the same way so if you don't, let's forget about it." he replied with "only kinda..?" and I'm like "more than that". and he told me he felt the same way. we started dating January 17th 2015. we had been dating for maybe five days and my dad drove me to meet him at the movies. he walked over and shook my dads hand and we went to watch American sniper. he kept looking at me throughout the whole movie and smiling. I was so nervous so I kept biting my lip and giggling quietly. he had his arm around me and he kissed my cheek and my forehead a few times. he was so sweet and caring and I honestly fell in love with him. at the end of the movie. we made out and stuff but I had to leave because my dad texted me. once we got to our own homes we talked all night. he was the best guy I've ever met. I love him still more than I've ever loved myself. March 15 he went on vacation. we barley got to talk that day because he was on the plane. after that. a few days later I texted him saying hey and he just read it. so I just left it. the next day I still hadn't heard from him. not even the next. he would just read my messages. so I finally said "do you want to break up? I feel like you have lost feelings for me." he said no and that was it. on the 20th of March we broke up. he accused me of breaking up with him for saying "would it be best if we broke up because you don't seem happy and you seem distant." he got really mad and was like "wow. so we're over?" I said "no? I'm just asking you. I want to be with you". he just ignored it. so. after that there was a lot of fighting and mind games and he was being very rude and blaming me. we broke up after dating for two months. I know it was a short time but I was in love and he said he was too. now still, to this day. April 26th. we still talk. more so fighting rather than talking. he's put me through so much and I've gone to counselling because it's really hard to cope with it. he's called me so many names and I'm still so in love with him. Yes we are young. I'm turning 14 in June and on March 28th he turned 15. but I still love him and I don't find that love has an age. I know a lot of you may blame me for this like he did but yeah.



December 03, 2013 @ (belfast)

Tags: funny breakup


One day I was just walking around with my cousin kyla and we were walking my dog angel and then kyla said to me "becca, look over there that boy keeps looking at you" then I was going so red I felt like a tomato. Then my cousin said to me "ummm becca want to play dares" so I said "sure" so she then dared me to go over to him and talk to him, honestly I shit myself, but I then did the dare and got to know him and before we knew it we had been going out for just four months. I was the jealous type of girl but then our friend Tasha started to come out with us and she was acting like such a tart as she was flirting constantly with my boyfriend. I began to think what kind of friends does that and then I noticed him staring at her and flirting back but I thought it was me being paranoid the whole time. Then I kept going on about him looking at her and then one night he went nuts because I would not answer my phone as I was on the phone to my friend and he started to be really cheeky out of nowhere and I asked what was wrong and he said "you, all you do is accuse me of flirting with Tasha" and then I said "well maybe if you took your eyes off her breasts then I wouldn't be" then I asked again if he did like her and he then said "No, but I think shes hot" I thought to myself "hes a creep" so then he ended it but me and my cousin thought he cheated but we didn't care that much to find out and not long after we broke up he was with her and had sex and whatever else.



August 04, 2010 @ (USA)

Tags: pregnancy, birthday

Today is my 16th birthday. I'm five months pregnant; my boyfriend (well, ex now) and I had been going out for nearly a year. I loved him very much. We did everything together, even well into the pregnancy. He said we'd always be together, etc. He went out of town and I didn't see him for two weeks, during which time he didn't contact me at all. When he got back, he was frustrating and distant. But yesterday, he came over and said he wanted to take a step back because he was overwhelmed with how I've become a different person (of course I have; I'm pregnant and the stress he's putting on me is only making it worse). We compromised by agreeing to still hang out once or twice a week, not see anybody else, and let our relationship rebuild itself naturally. But he agreed to take me out to dinner and a movie today, since it's my birthday. It would be kind of like a first date all over again. And I was OK with that. I waited all day for him. When he was hours late, I finally texted him. Over a text message, he told me he was busy with some other girl and that we shouldn't see each other anymore. The baby will be born in a few months, at which point she'll go to live with adoptive parents. And I thought THAT on its own would be painful enough....



October 15, 2009 @ (Pittsburgh)

Tags: coin, breakup

Well, this might be a complete first for everyone. Has anyone ever had their girlfriend say let's let the world decided on us. what the hell is that about? she takes our a coin, "Heads we stay together"... needless to say it was tails. guess i'm lucky i found out she was crazy only 6 months in. wow that was a close one!



October 27, 2009 @ (Parma)

Tags: cleveland, oh

I was seeing girl #1 for close to 8-9 months. it wasn't completely serious, but we were hanging out alot. I was getting bored with her for some time now, but she is a cool girl. well my ex that i was completely in love with, the one that broke my heart just came back into town. we just happened to meet up and we hit it off again. I leave girl1 and started hanging out with my ex. we dated for a maybe 2 weeks and she left me again. sucks bad. I didn't end it bad with girl1, but i just had to try ya know?


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