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June 03, 2014 @ (new york)

Tags: bad breakup cheater funny breakup

Ok so this boy lets call him matthew ok so i liked him for about two months and he was ny best friends boy best friends so one day she formally introduced us so he said i was cute then he told her that he really liked me and then from there he picked me up from school and he would hug me and then we were best friends then i guess she told him that i was going to ask him out so i when to the store and he came with me he was just keeped huging me and he was being nice so jhe he told the store dude that i was really cute and that i was his girl and my face turned red so did his and we was walking and he said that if i was going to asked him something i said no then he said i already know what oit is and i was so scared like my stomach keeped having butterflies and i said i cant do it then he said ok will you go out with i said yeah!then he said just yeah then i said i mean yes he just started laughing and he walked me home he said bye babe i said bye<3 then the next day he came with ne to pick up my brother and sister from school and he hugged me and grabbed me and gave nme a tight hug and then he kissed me on my cheak and on Friday my aunt was baby sitting us and she said i can go see him i said thanks so much love you and then u when over to my friends house and she took me out side we when alot of places so after he came and he wasnt talking to me and he he said cece sat on my lap and fell asleep on me btw(cece is my best friends name) i was like what why then i said iyts ok and they were like brother and sister after that he inboxed me and said its over then i said its ok but why not tell me in person don't be less of a man and tell me over facebook. he said that he didn't want to see me cry i said im not crying and then we just stopped fighting i said can we be friends after a week bc it was our one month anniversary and he was yeah i would like that so we stared being friends but then my other best friend told me that he called me a side hoe and he told everyone that he asked out my other best friends so i asked him he said no and then over spring break he asked me out being the dumbass that i am i said yes this time we made it a whole month and then one day. My guy best friend told me he saw my cece and Matthew making out and holding hands i told him he keeped denying it so be for i could say it was over he told me first so the week after he called me his side hoe and i meant nothing to him so now that im dating this boy he wants to get mad and then he asked out my beast friends both of them and they when out then broke up and then him and my other best friend and him when out he told me the only reason that he is dating her is to get back at me
But now that i found someone new he told nme that he loved me and i told him no so now everyday he rides his bike to my house and saids hi and me being nice a say hi back but i told all of them that karma is a bitch and he ended up in love with me and. Doesn't like anyone eles



March 01, 2012 @ (Florida)

Tags: text, mom, jerk,

I've had this on again off again relationship for a while (3 years) and currently it is off. However this last breakup, broke my heart. I'm pretty young and still live at home. He and my mom were pretty close and they texted often whenever he needed help with something he couldnt go to his parents to. However, this one night my mom gets a text "hey can i talk to you for a minute" my mom shrugs it off and agrees to talk. "Ok well I've been thinking of breaking up with Lex. I just don't know how to do it." My mom's jaw drops. He continues with "Just tell me how to do it without pissing her off" My mom (being awesome) had the best reply. "Dont..." at this point my mom is laughing her butt off. He goes on "But I want to can't you just tell her for me?" Yes you read that right. So I walk into the room and ask my mom what's so funny. "Well... Your texting me about creative ways to break up with you." My eyes got so wide I thought they were going to pop out of my skull... So you heard everything in this extremley long paragraph right. My ex broke up with me over text... via my mother.



September 21, 2009 @ (California)

Tags: California

i just got dumped.
i'm reading break up stories to try to chear me up a bit.
we had gone out for four monthes
and he told me i was really special and he loved me alot and never was gana leave me
then he dumps me on aim.
and he was real cold about it too.
as if i had cheated on him or somthing.
and i would never do something like that.
i know this story doesn't compair to urs.
but i know how u feel.



November 24, 2009 @ (Ontario, Canada)

Tags: funny breakup, recent breakup, bad breakup

A couple of weeks ago I went in to write my Psychology midterm in one of the school's larger lecture halls. Everything started off fine: papers were handed out, I had all of my identification, I had actually put a couple of hours of studying into this test and I even brought my own pencil; what a glorious day. Sitting in the front row of this lecture hall I hear snickering starting from the back and then gradually making its way down towards me. Near the front of the class, I'm one of the last people to get the attendance sheet that everyone has to sign to prove they were actually there to write the test. At the top of the list I see my girlfriend's name and signature and, beside it, my name, with a simple message: "I can't do this anymore. It's over. Sorry." The best part? SHE DOESN'T EVEN GO TO THIS SCHOOL.



April 13, 2010 @ (Calgary)

Tags: Liar....

So I am 21 now and I have known this guy since i was 15.. he was my first love... we dated and lived together for 2 years when my dad left and then he cheated on me with my friend... after 2 weeks I moved to the states and went to college. After being there for about a year i wanted to come back....
We ended up getting back together... even though I felt I shouldnt i loved him... all I could think about was him...
This time it seemed good... I moved back in with him... we were happy so I thought... he told me if he ever felt unhappy we would break things off...he said he would never do that to me again... that he could never hurt me cause he loved me so much... that I saved his life

So i go on a trip to Toronto for 10 days and the day after I left he was already out at the bar with some girl he used to say he hated and that she was a slut.... a couple mroe days in to my trip I found out he was sleeping with her that she thought he was her bf... he told her all the things he told me.. that they would go on trips together and travel....

When i got home i went there to get my stuff... he was crying said he wasnt going to be with her anymore... that he knew he messed up and it would be healthier if we were apart... he needed to find himself.

So I call the other night cause I left some things there and she picks up... says he loves her now that he doesnt love me and she hung up on me.

What kind of guy can move on so fast after 6 years? how could he let her hurt me? and of course LIE LIE LIE he says he wants to be alone but now hes with this girl? He says that he is only with her to get in her pants cause she looks like a porn star and i dont... and that he wants to marry me in 2 years.

WHAT kind of bullshit is that? I am so heartbroken and depressed when I know I deserve better... I just dont know how to stop being sad...



March 11, 2012 @ (California)

Tags: Morgan

Me and my ex were together for 4 years. Last year he got into drugs. It ruined our relationship. He lied, stole and cheated.
When we first got together I had just gotten out of a relationship and he was in a bad one. We leaned on each other for comfort and ended up falling in love. I felt we had the perfect relationship. It was us against the world. We brought a beautiful child into the world and had the perfect happy family.
The stuff he has done to me while on drugs is unthinkable. The person I fell in love with was sweet, understanding, funny, considerate, everything I wanted out of a partner.
For 3 weeks prior to our breakup he got clean. It was great. I felt like we were falling in love all over again. Things were happy and he was being a wonderful father again. Then he left for the store that one faitful day and did not come back. He gave me some excuse about being kidnapped by old druggie friends. Came back the next day with my car wrecked and a girl. He stopped coming home after that and finally 4 days later I had enough and I packed up me and my son's stuff and moved out. Apparently that girl moved in the same day I left and they were together since then.
In the following 2 months he turned our family home into a drug house, went on leave from his job, totalled his car, and ended up in jail, oh and lost our home because he was jailed.
A couple of days into his jail stint we talked on the phone and he cried and appologized for everything he had done. We kinda reconciled but a week after he got released he started lying to me about texting someone. He got really defensive about who he was talking to just like he would do to me when he was doing drugs. He wont stop lying and I do not think I can get over the pain he has caused me and my son. He used to be wonderful and now he is the complete opposite. I am at a crossroads with our relationship and not sure what to do. My gut instinct tells me to run screaming into the hills and my heart is saying work it out with him.


A Red Head

March 31, 2017 @ (Canada)

Tags: A ginger Sob story

As long as I can remember I belive my personality said more about myself rather than my appearance.  Growing up what ever style it was, weather "grundge", "punk" or "gangster" my only real feature that stood out was my red hair. Though I wouldn't alow these styles to define me as a person I often felt predgism. This feeling often played a part in choices and morality as I grew up to never judge a book by its cover, and try to veiw things logic ly from Nemours perspectives. This led me to having a lot of friends from very diferent walks of life. This is the story of my last relationship spanning three years, from the time I met and fell in love with her at first sight, to my life right now, falling apart and absoltly hating myself. I am an asshole.

For some time, at the age of 23, I had been struggling with my housing situation. I was a first year heavy duity mechanic with two years experiance working maintenance for a pretty large transportation company in an oil city. Growing up here my entire life had given me at a young age a veiw into the world of drugs, gluttony, and a lot of narrow minded people just trying to stay busy and get by. During this time, the geting by was alright. The economy was booming and at this time were you to leave your job three more opertunity opened up. The realy problem at this point where the housing situation made it dificult was juggling my job and dealing with a series of drug addicted roomates. One of witch during the 2012 incident was telling me how he was goig to eat me. After that moved in with a friend growing up from high schools familie. Let's just say there was a series of murders going on with a particular gang that growing up i was affiliated through.  That was a unsafe fucked up situation I don't wish to discuss to much about Friends dieing and going to jail. This made me become more distant from more and more friends and focusing on my career.
Eventually, after some time couch serfing and sleepig in my car I had moved in with a two co workers. It was a old and small house, but it was nice. It was me and a coworker up stairs. My room was pink. Another country worker and his lesbian cousin and her other down stairs. With all that said, this is the setting of my tale. Where I first met her.
My roomate had started going through a dark period after his girlfriend had left him because he relapsed on meth. His down ward spiral kept geting worce and worce. Living with a meth head is the most unpleasant living I had delt with. Money, belonging, go missing, weird people come over. Mood swings. To cope with it I had began drinking more. Eventually he had lost his job and there was little I wouldn't do to get out of the house and meet new people. After one night at the bar I get back home fairly early. Being drunk and hearing music from un known origin I begin to follow it into the basement.  My down stairs roomates were having a few drinks and the girl I was in love with is there.
My first words to her were, " Oh your friends with those two? Are you a lesbian as well, because I think your cute."
She wasn't a lesbian. She was queer. Not that I realy understood much of that at the time. We ended up making out and I drove her to work the next day. I latter find out she had recently decided to transition into a man and begin her hormones. I was pretty sad that this girl who I just met that I already had feelings for was undergoing a change that wouldnt lead anywhere for us.
Regardless of where we both stood about my feeling we began hanging out. And for a time, a beautifle friendship blossomed. She inspired me to be myself, not let others take advantage of me, to stick up for myself have faith in making the right choices to better myself. I soon moved out of the house and got a small town house with my best friend growing up. For a time things seemed pretty good. How ever, I knew this girl I was already in love with and knew things how they were wouldn't last forever... nothing good lasts for ever, and once again things would get rocky. this is the end of part one.



December 11, 2009 @ (West Haven)

Tags: west haven

I went over to pick up my girlfriend before we went out for the night. I get there and she was still in the shower. I sat at the table and was checking fb on my phone, just killin time and her phone buzzed. I dont read her messages, but i just happened to look over and saw the message, "are we on for *place's name* @ 7, i miss you baby". I want to just throw the phone at her in the shower, but i waited. i wanted to have some fun with this. I ended the night and we both went home, she had no idea. Well i went a little early and when they showed up, I walked up behind them. I got around and just said, hi. you should have seen the look on her face. she couldn't even talk. the dude was like, hey there (acting all cool and shit). I introduced my self to him. "Hey , i'm ryan... i'm her Ex as of this moment right now." I turned and walked away, all i could here is WTF. HAHA



February 08, 2017 @ (Russia)

Tags: Sad break up

Terribly hurst



September 19, 2010 @ (AZ)

Tags: breakup

Well, I was going out with a beautiful girl for a little under 2 years. Both of us were madly in love and all that stuff that goes along with it. We did everything together, always had a good time, knew everything there was to know about eachother, etc. It went great for the first year and a half besides some fights here and there. After that it went down hill. Our relationship started getting shaky. She tried everything possible to keep us together, and I gave it my all, too. To sum up 5 months of emotional pain and self evaluation, I fell out of love with her. I felt horrible and it showed, but I couldnt tell her why. Eventually I couldnt bear it anymore and broke up with her. I broke her heart and she went into depression and all her friends hated my guts including her. I really wish it didnt have to end that way. She wont talk to me and hasnt since then. If only she could be friends with me.. Our romantic relationship will never pick up again, but I would do anything to be her friend again.


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