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SantaSquad100 Compton, Ca

April 28, 2016 @ (Compton, Californai)

Tags: Niga pls

Hoes ain't loyal my digger



October 13, 2009 @ (UK)

Tags: cheating, christian

So I was with this nice young christian girl for nearly 2 years in total. First few months were fine, we got along really well and quickly got pretty serious. Then I had to go back to uni (my final year), but it was only an hour down the road so it hardly counted as long distance. We kept it going for that year, then had an amazing summer once I'd graduated.

Then she went off to the same uni that I'd just graduated from, so since it was still only an hour down the road, we figured we'd done that distance before so we could do it again.

A couple of months in, I get a call from her in tears saying she'd got really drunk and made out with one of her close friends up there. I liked her a lot and she was clearly quite cut up about this, so I said we'd work past it. I asked my best friend (who was still at that uni on a four year course) what I should do. He gave some good advice and I ended up speaking softly to her friend asking him not to make her choose between us because he'd lose and their friendship was special. My best mate also said he'd look after her from that point.

A couple of months later I find out that both of those two guys had basically been taking turns with my girlfriend for ages behind my back!!

The lesson here is that long distance is hard, and rarely works out. And that sweet innocent christian girls usually ain't!



January 23, 2012 @ (adelaide)

Tags: hurt, confused

So i was at school walking around when this guy called me over too him, wed been talking alot on facebook but hadnt officially met. he was such a sweetheart and anything you could ever want as weeks past i started getting feelings for him he admitted he was too wed text, latenight phonecls, hug and his when we seen eachother at school. I really feel gor him and he always said he had really big feelings for me too until oneday i found.out he got into a relationship with another girl. he just kept lying and saying he wasnt but i knew it was true. i was so hurt how could a guy lead me on so far then just act like nothing happened. we stopped talking for awhile and then oneday he told me whenever he seen me hed remember the feelings he had for me and stuff. then 8months past and him and her broke up and he started texting me again and he got his bestfriend too text me and i was getting along well with both of them until james(the guy who played me) stopped txting me but me and beau (james bestmate) kept texting wed talk everyday and night and id tell him how i still had feelings for james and hed tell me to tell him and then a month later beau and mine texts got flirty and he ended.up coming to my house after showcase he parked behind.the fence and i snuck out to see him and we were play fighting then wed hug and then we starting kissing and we were talking and mucking around then.kissing again.and then.he had to leave to pick up his mate and he kept txting me after that we got along well but when i wss with him id have huge butterflies and a warm fuzzy feeling and this was the third timee being with him then the next day after school he picked me.up and i went back to his and we were being goobs and kissed againand i was there for awhile then id left to go home. tthen a few weeks later he asked me if it was ok to tell james that hed kissed me and stuff and i was like yeah then james started txting me saying beau and - kissing in the tree blah blah acting all jelousy now its been 2months and i thought i had feelins for james still and told him i wanted to be with him and he told me he felt the same but then.his ex told me he had kept ringing her telling her he still loved her and how he was flirting with other girls so i soughted my shit out and stopped talking to him and ive realised i like his bestfriend and his bestmate says he still likes me abit and his who i imagine myself with now. i honestly am so confused i dont know what to do cause i want tk be with beau so thats why i stopped talking to james but i dont know whether to tell beau how i feel or just stay friends with benifits cause i really like him and i know my situation could ruin their frienfships but it wont. and i dont know what to do ? Please help guys xx



January 27, 2010 @ (Apple Valley)

Tags: ca

Well I'll keep this short. I walked in to find him trying on one of my thongs. He was bending over to see how his ass looked in mirror. DONE!



October 14, 2009 @ (California)

Tags: lobotomy girl

I was dating this girl who was pretty cute, and after a couple dates we were at her place making out on the floor , (no furniture) as she sitting on my waist she leans over and says, "there's something i have to tell you, I have herpes." this is after she told me that she had a metal plate in her head from the surgery where they took out a good chunk of her frontal lobe because she partied so hard for two years, taking so much e and everything else she killed a part of her brain. I couldn't run out of there fast enough.



May 20, 2012 @ (plainview)

Tags: ex 2

so me and kyle he says everything is fine but last week i called him crying saying how i cant do it if he was gunna leave and ignore me and he cried to saying how he wasnt. but now i feel like when he goes out and gets fucked up i feel he hooks up with girls. but idk ... and today i saw him and he was so cranky but hopefully later and this week it will all be okay and well be together idk



November 07, 2009 @ (Pittsburgh)

Tags: ho

Tyrell is an asshole. That player done stole my bus pass to go see his ex!!!!



May 29, 2015 @ (London)

Tags: rebound Instagram text

Things were going oh so well. We were a couple without the label. In the beginning he was so crazy in 'love' with me (more like an infatuation, in retrospect). Then his ex bad mouthed him over the phone one day and I should have seen the red flags then and there. Next thing I know he's more distant and we don't talk as much. He's oh so different. Then one day he doesn't message me at all! So I message him and ask if he's dead. We argue a little and he says "ok then bye". Little did I realise that this was his way of ending things. Next thing I know, my friend calls my up asking why he's following his ex on Instagram and viola! The end.



June 17, 2010 @ (New York)

Tags: new york

me and my girl were together since high school. she played volleyball and soccer. i played football and baseball. we were homecoming king and queen. to all the guys that read this i know it sounds gay but its true. we were completely in love and whatever. then i had to go serve in the army. i had no choice, its a family tradition. we first broke up because long distance does not really work, but we wrote a lot and thought we should at least try to stay together. she said she did not want to have anyone else.. at the time.. then i found out from my best friend, kyle, that she was hooking up and having orgies almost every night. that did not sound like her so i asked her in my next letter. found out it was true.. so fucking pissed. i guess since i was gone she changed and missed me so much or something and had to be with other people.. which i think is bullshit. i came back to new york and hooked up with her best friend to get back at her. i ended up actually liking the best friend because i hooked up with her we talked. we went to Starbucks. then my original girl wanted me back. fuck that. me and her best friend are engaged right now. so yeah.. thats my fucked up life..



January 07, 2010 @ (Delhi)

Tags: Family, control, dominating family

I was in love with some girl, when I met a girl who became my friend (very good friends). I broke up with my love just to offer her a chance to be with some one who was better for her than me. She would ignore her but he would wait. I thought of moving out so he could get his place which, he did. My love hated me for leaving but I could live with the thought that atleast she'll be happy all her life without me.

I was coming out of that love and discovered my friend had developed feelings for me. For the first thought I had her by my side in my low time so I accepted her but her sister and I had an ego clash. Her sister always ruled my friend (now my GF) and I opposed it. This took her sister be against me and I certainly could not accept her sister. I took a promise from my GF to not let her sister get involved in our life and in simple words leave her for me. She agreed but kept the contacts with her sister, this reason brought so many fights between us but nothing changed. After marriage till date, many fights and many chances to break up, she still wants to sail in 2 boats.

No breaking contacts at the cost of my happy married life. I realised some times you as a husband is expected to accept all you get but you are unable to....Can't be a doormat and can't keep fighting everyday when the reason is her family. I think of moving out but get blamed. Along the way the fights have made me hear things that haunt me now and I see my feelings for her are not the same anymore.

I regret to have given my LOVE in somebody's hand and sacrificed. 2nd time I was taken for granted. Now I am all broken and just dragging myself with her as we have a child as well.

Can't live with her and can't leave her. Living with her has a cost to pay and leaving her has a cost for my child to pay.

Sometimes life gives you a fruit that looks sweet but its bitter when you bite. I am responsible for my own mistakes and will have to learn to live with the memories of my Fisrt and only love. What is more ironic than this?


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