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A Red Head

March 31, 2017 @ (Canada)

Tags: A ginger Sob story

As long as I can remember I belive my personality said more about myself rather than my appearance.  Growing up what ever style it was, weather "grundge", "punk" or "gangster" my only real feature that stood out was my red hair. Though I wouldn't alow these styles to define me as a person I often felt predgism. This feeling often played a part in choices and morality as I grew up to never judge a book by its cover, and try to veiw things logic ly from Nemours perspectives. This led me to having a lot of friends from very diferent walks of life. This is the story of my last relationship spanning three years, from the time I met and fell in love with her at first sight, to my life right now, falling apart and absoltly hating myself. I am an asshole.

For some time, at the age of 23, I had been struggling with my housing situation. I was a first year heavy duity mechanic with two years experiance working maintenance for a pretty large transportation company in an oil city. Growing up here my entire life had given me at a young age a veiw into the world of drugs, gluttony, and a lot of narrow minded people just trying to stay busy and get by. During this time, the geting by was alright. The economy was booming and at this time were you to leave your job three more opertunity opened up. The realy problem at this point where the housing situation made it dificult was juggling my job and dealing with a series of drug addicted roomates. One of witch during the 2012 incident was telling me how he was goig to eat me. After that moved in with a friend growing up from high schools familie. Let's just say there was a series of murders going on with a particular gang that growing up i was affiliated through.  That was a unsafe fucked up situation I don't wish to discuss to much about Friends dieing and going to jail. This made me become more distant from more and more friends and focusing on my career.
Eventually, after some time couch serfing and sleepig in my car I had moved in with a two co workers. It was a old and small house, but it was nice. It was me and a coworker up stairs. My room was pink. Another country worker and his lesbian cousin and her other down stairs. With all that said, this is the setting of my tale. Where I first met her.
My roomate had started going through a dark period after his girlfriend had left him because he relapsed on meth. His down ward spiral kept geting worce and worce. Living with a meth head is the most unpleasant living I had delt with. Money, belonging, go missing, weird people come over. Mood swings. To cope with it I had began drinking more. Eventually he had lost his job and there was little I wouldn't do to get out of the house and meet new people. After one night at the bar I get back home fairly early. Being drunk and hearing music from un known origin I begin to follow it into the basement.  My down stairs roomates were having a few drinks and the girl I was in love with is there.
My first words to her were, " Oh your friends with those two? Are you a lesbian as well, because I think your cute."
She wasn't a lesbian. She was queer. Not that I realy understood much of that at the time. We ended up making out and I drove her to work the next day. I latter find out she had recently decided to transition into a man and begin her hormones. I was pretty sad that this girl who I just met that I already had feelings for was undergoing a change that wouldnt lead anywhere for us.
Regardless of where we both stood about my feeling we began hanging out. And for a time, a beautifle friendship blossomed. She inspired me to be myself, not let others take advantage of me, to stick up for myself have faith in making the right choices to better myself. I soon moved out of the house and got a small town house with my best friend growing up. For a time things seemed pretty good. How ever, I knew this girl I was already in love with and knew things how they were wouldn't last forever... nothing good lasts for ever, and once again things would get rocky. this is the end of part one.



July 25, 2010 @ (New York)

Tags: J

So I was datinq this quy since march[on&off relationship]and after a few weeks of us datinq he[lets call him J] cheated on me. I found out on my own because J did not bother to tell me himself. So i was depressed cause I had really liked this J. I broke up with J&we qot back toqether a week later.A month later J cheated on me aqain & J wanted to try and work it out but I said no. So we were not toqether for about a few months then we started talkinq aqain.J told me he really loved me& that he was sorry for what he had done.I qot back with J for 2 days but broke up with him cause I realized I was still stuck on one of the other quys I dated while me & J were not talkinq. So J was the one hurt & I was with the other quy.So me & J kept talkinq as friends but we still flirted A LOT. So after a month of me beinq with the other quy, me & J qot back toqether.



January 22, 2010 @ (California)

Tags: cali

It's been close to a week now since i've talked to him. We had a huge fight and now he won't pick up my called or even respond to a text. the fight was really over something quiet stupid. He wanted to go meet up with his ex girlfriend for lunch. He claims that they're still friends and talk every so often. I'm not really friends with any of my exs, so i guess its hard for me to get a grasp on this. I didn't make a huge deal about it, but i did do the while, im not going to talk until you ask me what is wrong 100 times. That whole situation never leads to anything good. I know he went to lunch, with her. So instead of it just probably being a lunch date. He prob did meet up with her again later on. Eh. Terrible way to break up. After reading other posts on here, whats the deal with people not even responding after a breakup. You at least owe it to the other person to tell them its over. Breakups suck.



June 04, 2015 @ (Seattle)

Tags: Awesome relationship, clean break up

2 years ago, at the age of 17, I met a guy at a night bar and the week after I resaw him at a party of a friend of mine. We got on really well and everyone at that party could tell he was attracted to me. He asked me out for the day before my birthday, which doesn't happen often, but it was the coolest thing ever. We dated for 5 months.

One night I planned on surprising him, since I hadn't seen him in a month as we were in different schools. That night, I could tell that something was bothering him, but I didn't know what till the end of the evening. At the end of that evening, he told me that we needed to take a break since he couldn't hang out with me as much as before and he wanted to be done with senior year. Senior year was over and we were still broken up, even though I wished that things between us were different



January 18, 2016 @ (Brasil)

Tags: Sad breakup

I met her 4 years ago, i remember it like it was yesterday. I was at home when one of my friends called me and asked if i wanted to go out with him, as soon as i arrived he introduced me to this girl. At the very first moment when i saw here my heart just stood still. She was beautiful. We talked just a few minutes but it was enough. Later that day, at night time, she came to me in Facebook and Skype; from that day on we talked everyday, for hours and days we shared our love. At that time, i couldn't see my life without her. All i was able to think was about her, her day, what she possibly been doing or thinking. I would have done everything to make her happy. When i kissed her, i felt peace. Every kiss was magic, everytime i touched her skin i could feel my heart beating like it was for the last time. But, last month, we met a few days before the new year's eve and we kissed for the last time, i felt nothing. I just had a sudden realization. Our love was over. I gave her a hug and a kiss on the forehead while i whispered "Be happy, i'm sorry."We haven't talked to each other since then. I miss her. I feel the loneliness and regrets consumes me. At the same time i want her back, i know i can't love her as she deserve to be loved. I'm sorry.



November 10, 2014 @ (England)

Tags: Bad breakup, cheating, Sad, heartbroken, young, betrayal, boyfriend, depression

I was with my boyfriend for 3 years, roughly. He’s cheated on me around 7 times, and broken up with me for another girl. He always comes back to me in the end, and of course, I love him so much that I always take him back. This is my first serious relationship and it’s killing me. He was always telling me to change, and made me feel really bad about myself at times. He would also always talk about his ex’s in a negative way and call them psychopaths, but now I’m starting to relies that he did that to them through his manipulation, and I too am falling victim to it. We would break up once every two weeks on average, usually because I would bring something up about him cheating, and he would figure out some way to spin it round on me. Every time we broke up, I felt worthless. Some days I wouldn’t even get out of bed. As soon as we got back together I’d be happy again and it felt like an instant weight had been lifted off my chest. Until the next break up that is. On Saturday he went to a ‘friends’ house and switched his phone off all night. I told him I was done with him, and the next day he text me agreeing that we should end things for good.
I obviously begged him to stay and told him that I didn’t mean what I said but he hasn’t replied and won't answer his phone. I know I can’t keep going through this as it is making me so depressed. But I can’t stand to be away from him. I don’t know if this really is the final break up. I just don’t know what to do anymore.


A Girl With A Broken Heart

October 28, 2012 @ (Lebanon)

Tags: exboyfriend, how to get

I was with this guy for about 10 months, we were in a long distance relationship. He works abroad. He comes twice a year to Lebanon. The second time i saw him in Lebanon he broke up with me for about one month and half i started begging him and telling how much i love him and than we started arguing so i started to ignore him than we came back together. He came so nice and good to me than he came back to the country he works in. We broke up for the second time and than came back after ignoring him, when he came back he refused putting our picture on BBM and so i told him why, he said you keep fighting me while he does all the fighting, and i have no word. So i was okay with it, like what can i do i cannot force him, but on whatsapp he kept our picture with my name as a nickname. ( on BBM also he kept my name). But 3 weeks ago we broke up i didn't know why, he was desperate changing pictures on BBM and he removed my name so i asked him why, like u removed our picture already and now my name, later on what? he was fighting me all over and broke up with me after being so good to him and trying to make him calm, he broke up and i called him several times he didn't reply so i wished him good luck and that he lost me because of his bad treatment. And he said u lost me before i lost you because u didn't care. so i ignored him. He started to put sad faces on BBM so i ignored him but after a few days i said that he lost me forever because he was so disrespectful and im not gonna stay like this forever and i think he has a new girlfriend so i said many things... and he started bringing up my old relations. MY PAST! and say that i didn't care and i m not a good girlfriend and i wasn't by his side (truth is i always have been by his side and never left him, spoiling him with love and sacrifices that i have done to him... i don't go anywhere because of him because he's jealous and i don't want him to feel alone so i go to uni and go home, i don't even see my friends because of him because i don't wanna make him sad). So i didn't reply to any of his talk. The next day i said i wanna give this relation a chance so i asked him a question : "Do u still love me, did u ever love me and will you always love me?" so he replied :" I got the answer but i won't tell you" so i said " I have to know so i can know how to deal with things from now on" he was like " Deal with it the way you want, you already did enough" so i didn't reply to him and didn't talk to him after that that was 3 weeks ago. This wednesday i said him on bbm hi and he replied hey and asked how is he and he was normal and u? i said im okay and he said good. so i didn't say any word after that. after 2 hrs i put a picture for me on whatsapp and BBM, so he said please remove me from here sorry for disturbing and block me on whatsapp if u care about not hurting me anymore. so i didn't reply to him and after a short time he said thanks for being disrespectful so i didn't reply to him and at 2 am he sent me on BBM " Hope when i wae up in the morning u will do the favor i asked you to and not putting more disrespectful behavio and the hurt you're doing to me. wish u the best but don't go to your past with such immature pictures and bad ones it doesn't go for you from an old friend and i prefer there won't be a HI between us cz you treated your ex's better than me and respected them but u didn't respect me knowing one took you to his home from the first day and the other one cheated on you, that's called not respecting, you left me i didn't say a word, you hurt me and i didn't do anything, i m not like your ex's but you all girls are the same there's no difference. if you're not gonna do the favour so i do it in the morning but please tell me that you won't do because you really did hurt me and i didn't expect that from you to go back to your past. wish u all the best regards, ur old friend" so i didn't reply to him because it's all untrue i didn't leave him and i did respect him i was more than good to him really i was. and after that he sent me "bye good luck on whatsapp with such pics" and i didn't say anything so he started pinging me a lot and than he removed me i didn't say anything. not even a word. I really loved this guy i don't know what hapened to him i wish i can get help to make him come back but with good intentions :( i miss him i don't understand why this hapened. Help



October 13, 2009 @ (USA)

Tags: example1

Dated this girl for a year and a half and lived with her for a year before it became a long distance relationship. I became suspicious that she was cheating on me. She was, and everyone lied to me about it. Before I knew for sure, she broke up with me saying she couldn't be in a long distance relationship. Then I find out she was dating my best friend who lived where I did. Then I find out she had cheated on me several times. Then a few months later I find out the bitch gave me herpes. Worst breakup ever.



September 27, 2011 @ (Edmonton)

Tags: none

Slowly,over a period of time,often in my head. I went back in small doses and in large doses until one day he said he couldn't see me for 2 weeks because his girlfriend prior to me was coming to see him.It's a long distance relationship he maintained all through out our relationship. i work with him and find it so hard. I avoid him now and pray for (his name) free days. I know I am emotionally and psychologically hooked. I started a break up cleanse and was 7 days into, feeling free, and he made contact. Now I am starting over. again, please give me freedom, give me the opportunity to love being with me without him.

I broke up slowly, again and again, but not again. Yeah!!!



November 15, 2013 @ (Lincoln NE)

Tags: Bad break up

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