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April 28, 2019 @ (The Bennett on Bayview)

Tags: Hyundai, Veloster, Hyundai Veloster, KDM, carspotter, The Bayview shopping mall.

Hyundai Veloster red at The Bennett on Bayview



June 20, 2014 @ (philly)

Tags: bad breakup

I have had the same boyfriend for five years I left him for three months because I needed a break to focus on school.
He would hit me up everyday begging for me to take him back and he was sorry for treating me badly. After three months I gave in and took him back. Everything was going well until I found out he was talking to someone else which I didnt mind we werent together and he said that he didnt tell her we were back together and he would end it now. I trusted him and he claimed he ended it. It never ended comes to show that he was in a realtionship with her a month before we got back together he fought for her and denied me. He said hes been single the past five years, I am crazy, He doesn't want me, that i ruined his life and all these things to everyone. He actually denied me when I gave him everything I had I sacrificed so much for him career wise, school wise, family wise, and he broke my heart. He denies it all still but still reaches out to me and says hes sorry and claims he is alone. The girl told me stop trying to steal her man and posts pictures of them everyday I HATE HIM he blaimed me for everything he claimed if i never left him this wouldnt have happened to begin with what hurts the most is he was the one i planned to do everything with and the girl claims i was stilling her man they only been together two months and he takes her to family functions and i feel like i lost out he calls me still and as much as i want to tell the other girl look what ur man is doing cuz she boast to everyone he chose her n he is living with her after a month n he denies it all when there are piks everywhere and my name is destroyed now and my reputation i never deserved that I stopped answering him and deleted him everywhere but keeps claiming he needs me he is alone suffering but is in a relationship with her I just want to feel better I cant believe he would deny me :'(he told her he was living with his mom when he has his own place and because of me she found out about his place and he started to take her there he just replaced me n the girl flaunts it every chance she getshe hit me abused me verbally emotionally he cheated on me so I left him he keeps trying to hit me up but is still with the girl he cheated on me with I don't want him but she's insecure cuz he still wants me n suck of her so she keeps harassing me in every possible way I blocked her everywhere but she found old sexts ok his phone n saying she gonna use them against me how do I cope I've prayed n prayed my heart is so heavy



February 17, 2014 @ (Australia)

Tags: bad breakup turned inspirational story

In this story, the breakup lasted almost four months. Stupid, I know.
When I was 20 I completely fell for my housemate, we'd been living together for a few months and he was a wonderful friend, we ended up dating for ten months. The first six were amazing. We had compatible future plans and lived together like an old married couple, we knew each other better than ourselves, or so I thought.
Over the course of the last four months, things started changing. He still did all the physical things that you'd expect a loving boyfriend to do, lifts home from work, random gifts.. but he started making me feel like I was a screw up. I couldn't do anything right, he was mad all the time at the stupidest things. Sometimes I would cry in our shared bed and he would just roll over to sleep. (remember this, it's relevant.) When my anxiety peaked to a point where I couldn't handle it, I told him it was over. He basically told me that he'd been wanting to leave me for months but didn't want to deal with dumping me, four months of emotional turmoil because he couldn't be bothered just talking to me! He moved out the next day.

There's an inspirational message in here though. After him, I dated a few people who lied and manipulated and all but gave up, until I met someone who I immediately bonded with over our emotionally damaging exes. The first time we had a minor disagreement, we made up right away, and then he rolled over to sleep. Because I'd always known this to mean "I don't like you right now." even though I knew it was ridiculous, I started crying. I tried to hide it, but when he noticed he immediately cuddled me and apologised, turns out he rolled over because his shoulder was really hurting but he refused to get comfortable again until I was happy again and falling asleep. We're still together.

There's never a good reason for anyone to make you feel like you're not good enough, or that you're not loved. If this is happening to you, just know that the worst that can come out of leaving someone who does this to you, is that you'll be single for a while. The best thing that can happen is a major self confidence boost from standing up for yourself and a better man just around the corner.

I'm sorry for making this so deep, but whilst that four months was the worst, most damaging thing that's ever happened to me, I came out the other side better off.



March 12, 2019 @ (Virginia )

Tags: Hard breakup

My story goes like this. I started college this year and when visiting back home over winter break i found that someone down there liked me, after going on a few dates we began to seeing each other. Over the course of the next 3 months we laughed together, cuddled, and just had a blast. When things began to get busy for me again in college i made sure that i texted her everyday but i couldn't really go down there for weekends as my education needed me to study, or i wanted to spend some time with friends i hadn't seen in a while. I thought things were going good and was planning on going back down more regularly after spring break, but she stopped texting after a few days even when i texted her good morning which she told me that she loved waking up to. And we were going to go see How to Train your Dragon 3 together, but the day before we were supposed to we had a talk and she said that she wanted a relationship that wasn't so distant... This hurt... I told her we could try and make it work but she said " I don't want to force anything that wouldn't happen naturally." But still... I respected her view on the topic and that's where the relationship ended there... and now I'm just wondering if i did something wrong or should've gone down more even during my exam weekends... I just needed to get this off my chest... Because this was my first real relationship and I can't help but wonder if she just wasn't interested in me anymore, because after being bullied for years in elementary and middle school, I'm a bit self conscious of my looks even though I know that, that shouldn't be what matters in a relationship... But I can't help from thinking if it was just me you know?



October 14, 2009 @ (Ohio)

Tags: ohio

This is how we broke up. she says "You can't leave me, or i'll kill myself". Now note: this girl is a drama queen to the core. my reply: "Well, I hope you've enjoyed your ride."



August 09, 2010 @ (Edinburg)

Tags: archie1

My girlfriend broke up with me because i was a total jerk to her, 2 months went by she would text me here and there and eventually got back together. Things were going great just last night she got mad at me becuase of an arguement we had together we sat down and talked about it she told me that things weren't going to be the same anymore and my feelings for me either. She told me she didn't want a boyfriend right now and wasn't planning in looking for one right now due to family,work,school issues. She told me that she didn't love me anymore and this realationship wouldn't be the same.i cried for a bit but not as much as i did before. I told her thanks for being a big influence in my life i told her she would always be in my thoughts and that i will never forget her. Now i hope we did right thing because she would tell me i was the best boyfriend so far, until i screw it over..hopefully she realizes despite the fights we had that i was there for her all the time and loved her for who she was...



November 21, 2010 @ (great britain)

Tags: any advice...

Ihave dated someone for 9 months. He proposed me and even asked my family for permission to get married...
Then it wasnt going anywhere, I wanted to talk about the future, he didnt, was always too tired or any other excuses... Then things became very violent, from his side and mine. We both have bad temper, but we both got worse. I asked him to go and talk to someone, somewhere, so we could sort ourselves out. I do love him... but then he's got a depression, I think it's a lot worse than he wants to admit... and he promised me he was gonna stop smoking marihuana, which turns him into a different person (in a bad way) and makes him very angry and irritable and I think has to do with his depression too... so, he smoked again, inspite of the fact he's on anti-depresants and we argued because of that and his mood swings, his behaviour and all that...... he kicked me out the house, i cried my eyes out. I am in a foreign country with no friends or relatives, so you figure out the rest of the story. I am destroyed, confused, crushed, feeling guilty, lonely and cold. Thinking, I could have done better than getting angry... but then we've been together for 9 months and always argued about his smoking habit..... relations are problematic enough to be adding a drug addition weight on top of all... I even bought tickets to leave the country for Christmas with him.......he doesnt realise how much smoking his thing makes us argue and puts pressure on us....... then he thinks I am yelling because I am a bitch with no other reason but nagging; and I cant put up with the fact that it's always his house and he can kick me out of it when he feels like it; that i always gotta give in if I want things to go smooth, otherwise, we argue....
I wish I had never met him, so I wouldnt be in this position now. I'm 30 and feel terribly sad and lonely, with no friends, family or place to go. I can't talk to anyone, cuz I dont have friends in here really, so I am writing this here, so I can get it out of my chest... I love him so much but I dont even think he realises how much it takes for someone to have the courage to come after the one you love in a foreign land... next time, I'll be more selfish and think more about me...
I feel left alone, sad, disappointed, heartbroken!!!!!!!!!! I thought he was the 1 and I adore him. It just that I dont know what else to do!!!! It's like a battle I cant never win and if he doesnt want to help himself and us, then there's no point in me trying to get this right... but it hurts so much!!! I was gonna spend the rest of my life with him!!! I even thought I could jump out of a building and end this!!!! .... I am just so sad...
Any advice???



July 30, 2012 @ (Love lost)

Tags: Young, love

We had went out over the summer of leaving the fifth grade. He had said he loved me so much,I meant the world to him, etc.. Young love. We had our little arguments here and there, but they didn't matter. Anyway, the next summer, we dated again. But it wasn't the same. My feelings for him had increased, but I could sense that his feelings for me were not the same. One day over the phone he broke up with me. I was so sad. But he said that we could still be friends. But he never talked to me afterwards. Later on I found out that after we broke up, he started dating my friend. I'm now going to the 9th grade. There isn't a day I go without thinking about him. Some people might call it pathetic, but I call it in love. We no longer talk to each other. Don't get the wrong idea, I'm not obsessed with him or anything, I just think about him. How can I get over him? I don't want my feelings for him to affect my current relationship. Or future relationships. I want him back in my life. :(


Ruby Redford

July 24, 2012 @ (Miami, Florida)

Tags: Text, drunken hookup

I got together with this guy that I was into for maybe about a month at a party. We were both drunk and he was getting over another girl but we made out the whole night. In the morning when we sobered up we talked it out and decided "to take it slow". After about a month I decided we were in a relationship and he just went along with it. We have the same friend group at school and we were planning Euro trip with a club of 19 people that we are both in. I asked him after 3 months of dating if he wanted to stay together during the trip over text he said sure, but didn't sound excited. One thing led to the next and he broke up with me over text.
I sent him a long fb message explaining that I was at first upset but I want to remain friends with him... no response.
So the next week I got drunk with one of my friends who is a guy. He just broke up with his girlfriend and they were dating for over a year. I'm really good friends with his exgirlfriend, probably better friends with her than I am with him... however I made out with him and they had only been broken up for 5 days.
We were both trying to get over the people we were with. Here's the catch though, ALL OF US: me, my exboyfriend, the guy I hooked up with and his ex girlfriend are ALL GOING TO BE IN EUROPE TOGETHER for TWO WEEKS night and day... this will be interesting/painful.
Not to mention, everyone in the club is taking sides. At least some people will be on my side since i was broken up with via text, though my actions after the break up are unjustifiable.



December 24, 2012 @ (Lost)

Tags: emotional, regret

so back in october I started talking to this guy (he's 18 and so am I), at first we weren't fond of each other because of a certain situation but slowly we started talking on good terms, I got to know him and he took the time to get to know me, we hung out a few times and I started developing feelings or a crush towards him. soon after on november 1st 2012 we started dating officially, we would see each other every day and sometimes he would come over out of the blue unexpectedly. I found these gestures sweet at a point and we would constantly spend time together. Myself, I really don't have many friends and I have a real fear of trusting people because of my past but I let that go with him. I was head over heels up until now when I slipped into a depression. I got sick with bronchitis and we couldn't see each other for a few days but he still wanted to see me although we could not kiss because of my sickness and he was pretty sick himself. I started having doubts in the back of my head was this what I really wanted. He treated me so well like a princess, we had our little arguments yes but that never changed how I felt and we always had great communication with each other and he all around cared about me and never have I ever been treated that way by any guy and it sort of gave me hope that things were going to change for me for once. he always complimented me although I never felt beautiful and I was also having problems with my life ie. college, family problems but he was there to asure me he wasn't going anywhere which scared me even more. I started feeling as if when I kissed him I didn't feel right because he said he was slowly falling for me but I was trying hard to keep myself from falling for him seeing as the duration of the time we've been together. He makes me so happy, he brightens my day and since we've broken up these past few days I feel empty and regretful and just guilty. I feel as if I let something good go and I'm not sure if I'll ever find that again, but I had to let him go if I did not feel right at that time because I slowly started feeling depressed again. I felt as if I couldn't feel for him the way he wanted me to and it hurts because I hurt him and he did nothing wrong. Was is that he was clinging on too much that I started to feel this way? I'm so confused and lost, that I'm not sure if this was right or if it was. I'm scared I may have lost out on my forever.


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