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September 05, 2014 @ (California )

Tags: Sad breakup

It was my Junior year of high school and his sophomore year, we met through an activity that we loved greatly. At first I didn't really notice him until one day he came up to me and randomly asked for my was the first time that ever happened to me. He was cute but I didn't think anything of it since I was caught up with another boy who was a complete asshole in the end (dummy). So we became good friends, but eventually he'd fall in love with me but I wasn't sure if I wanted a boyfriend. Well senior year started and we went on a trip, we ended up holding hands randomly, I started to realize that he was someone I wanted to be with and I was ready to invest myself into someone. That night we shared an amazing kiss under the stars and our friends actually clapped with joy. We were together for 7 months, never argued, we were happy, so happy that I actually believed he was the one. He was my best friend, my happiness. Well once I graduated he started putting space between us, I began to be very depressed. After a few weeks he didn't think it would work. I told him we could make it work but he chose the easy way out and let me go. It pains me that he didn't want to go into this new chapter in my life with me because he promised he'd never leave. I'm still grieving after 3 long months, hopefully I can be happy again but only time heals wounds.



July 10, 2017 @ (Mississippi )

Tags: ???

Me and my ex have been best friends since 6th grade. We started dating in 9th grade and it lasted 3 years. Our senior year is when we broke up and he started telling everybody we broke up because I screwed people for money. So I got called a whore the rest of the year by literally everybody. I went through depression. He still tries to text and call me when he ain't around nobody. Near people though is when he calls me a slut. I do miss him but it ain't worth what he put me through. That's what I get for going with a linebacker!!



February 26, 2017 @ (Ec)

Tags: Bad breakups , sad break ups

Me and my ex , we met 5 years ago we were so in love , was the first time in my life I had boyfriend ( I was 22 y.o ) he treated me like no other ever... I was facing depression and he took me out of it ... after almost 2 years , he texted me saying he was getting enough of me and that he didn't loved me anymore wasn't the first time ,I did begged him before not to leave me anyways he did I was in a terrible depression for over 3 months I didn't almost left my house or my room I cried all the time he then texted me saying he wanted to remain friends I said yes because I still had feelings for him , he sometimes talked about a girl saying was like hypothetical situation . A month later I found out he was dating ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS , i couldn't believe it everything made sense then she never apologized he didn't told me into my face either , cried and yelled to him the pain I was experiencing became unbelievable, after a month he texted me again saying sorry and all and that he was having a really bad time with his family and needed me , at first I sent him to hell but because I'm so stupid I kept contact and tried to help him out 4 months later he was having issues with his current gf ( my ex friend) and turned still to me saying that he understood now who really loved him , to make it short we came back together I forgave him but things weren't that great since I was all the time afraid that he might cheat again he was patient but sometimes he wouldn't pick the phone and it rang as occupied very late at night . He would go freaking mad if i would quise took him about it ,he kept saying I was being crazy that he was sleeping as always I apologized all the time we went on a wonderful trip to Asia and was wonderful , after that I made some decisions of my career that he didn't liked much but accepted , he travelled a lot because of his job , I even fought him looking for prostitutes when he was in Vietnam , to which he said I was being mental because he didn't do anything and I was going through his privacy , i always caught him trying to talk to other woman and was exhausting ,he cried and everything so I decided to believe him always , so I gave up and became that kind of woman that he could yell at and say I was stupid , that kind of woman that couldn't be angry because he didn't replied in 7 hours but he could be mad at me for not doing it in 10 minutes , I was being called stupid ,asshole etc etc every time I tried to ask about something .... one day we fought so badly that we didn't talked for 1day , I felt the end coming and felt pity for myself I loved him so much but I cried every single day and couldn't do anything in any other aspect of my life , I texted him finally being so afraid telling him that he could decide our future since he last words to me were "I want to break up with you so many fucking times but I don't say it" I told him I would do what he decides ,fight one more time or end ... he asked me time to think , 2 days later or silent I asked him ,he said was hard that he loved me but he made me cry and sometimes he didn't even felt bad about it ... anyways he broke up and broke my heart for second time...
Now one month later , i get to know that he is talking to another girl , younger prettier... and even I was doing okay and slowly not crying for him . I went back to the pain of the first time we broke up , that pain in your chest that won't go , the feeling of the tears going down your face without you even noticing, because I still love him and miss him like I did almost 5 years ago



April 29, 2011 @ (NY)

Tags: never giving up, lost, confused

It could have been a year. it was 5 days short of a year.

To start off, He was the best, i wouldn't even think twice about that. This was his first relationship so It took us awhile to get comfortable around each other, but after a couple months he was like my best friend. We did a lot together and i thought he was happy, he told me these were the best moments of him life and they were mine. The previous boyfriends i had were assholes. They didn't care about me at all, but He did, which set him aside from the rest and i thought he was different.

About 2 months ago, he started to go into these pensive states where he began to doubt his love for me, but he always talked to me about it and he always decided that his doubts were wrong. I didn't know what i had done to him to do this to me, but he'd never tell me.

Anyways, 2 weeks ago, He came back from vacation and he was sad and quiet. He said he wasnt sure if he could balance school work and me, but i reasoned with him because i love him and i wanted to be with him no matter what and i thought everything was fine. We kissed and he seemed normal, we hung out after school and He seemed just like he had before he left. However, the next 4 days he didnt talk to me, he treated me like a friend and he wouldn't tell me what was wrong. I felt like crap because all of that trust and friendship that we had build wasn't there anymore, and he wouldn't allow me to talk him out of his pensive state. After those 4 days, he agreed to talk to me, and told me he just didn't want to be in a relationship and that he didn't love me anymore. I was in tears, but he just stood there and watched. He isn't the type of person to just watch me in pain, but he starred at me. Before he left, he said he wanted to remain friends, and that he'd try to keep some stuff we normally did together the same. But nothings the same anymore. He feels awkward about everything and i feel like i've lost everything we've ever had together and its literally all i ever think about. I feel like he's lost, but he avoids the subject and he just says we're never getting back together. He always gives me different reasons for breaking up with me, and i just dont understand. Maybe i'm just in denial but i feel like theres a piece of him that still loves me and i just wished he'd give me another chance, we were happy. I truly love him more than anyone and i refuse to give up.



April 17, 2013 @ (California)

Tags: long distance

We met through a mutual friend who was very close to both of us. Before meeting, the mutual friend actually told my ex that we were "perfect for each other".
The first few times we hung out, always in a group of friends, I thought he was cocky and full of it, but I was intensely attracted to him. One night at a party, I noticed he was kind of following me around. Every where I was in the house, he was too. He was adorable and shy, and I was forced to re-examine my first impression of him. We ended up talking for hours alone that night and we somehow intuitively knew so much about each other despite having been acquainted for such a short time. It was one of those magical moments in life when two human beings who are basically strangers really "see" each other, and love what they see.
We fell in love very quickly and intensely over the next few weeks. Time was always running away from us; he was supposed to leave the state in just a few months.
A year of long distance bullshit later, he stopped responding to me. Said he needed to have some time to himself, to figure things out. A week later he broke up with me. The reasons were never really clear but I think mostly he needed his independence to carve out his own place in the world, and he didn't feel he could do that with the pressures of our relationship. He said we were like two kids caught up in a fairy tale, and he had been hit with reality. Our fairy tale was the most important thing to me. We shared dreams of building a treehouse and living there in the wilderness with our kids and dogs and little vegetable patch. We called each other soulmates and "love of my life". I believed in it with everything I had. For me, this was my partner in life.
I was in a state of physical and emotional shock for some time after the break up. We vowed to remain close, to remain best of friends, because we both believed that love never really dies - even when two people part ways. Six months later he told me again I was his soulmate. Three days later he started to ignore me, which he has continued to do since (4 months and counting). This has truly been the most painful part of the whole experience. I believed so completely that this person, regardless of the current status of our relations, would always support and love and acknowledge me . By ignoring me, he has made me feel invisible, worthless, and crazy. Sometimes I think I made everything up in my head or that it was some crazy dream. More than I grieve for a lost lover, I grieve for the loss of a genuine connection with a person, the kind which is very rare in our world.



March 01, 2017 @ (US)

Tags: funny

My gf broke up with me in a week!



September 30, 2009 @ (ny)

Tags: ny

get this one.. if we stay together love will for sure die. nothing lasts, or so he says. a breakup is the only way to save love.. or maybe its b/c he's getting his coworker. hrm



August 23, 2015 @ (NY)

Tags: bad break up toxic love lonely depressed loveless

We started to date back in February and it was long distance, I convinced him to come to my college. He moved into my family house and stayed with me, I had work so he'd stay home with my little sister. Who is 3 years younger than us. He fell in love with her, I told him to please stop being foolish and think about our future plans...when I put all my trust in him I saw he was acting weird and questioned him...only to find out he kissed her...multiple times... we broke up then. And he's been living in my house since, I'm sitting here watching them fall in love while my love was just thrown away like paper. I told him to leave several times but he'd make me feel bad about bring him here and abandoning him. I'm in so much pain. I decide to separate the two and he calls me a bitch and mean names. Sad thing is I still love him I cant throw away 7months like that.



August 25, 2012 @ (Australia)

Tags: sarsha , pheoeb

well this is how the story goes... years ago i feel in love with a girl in high school, i was in love with her since she was my first ever girlfriend. About 2 months into going out she left me ,without a reason and 2 weeks later she was dating another guy( who ended up cheating on her). i was soo upset but soon after i found a girl that was completely perfect. we ended up dating for 2 years but then one day she turned around and told me she didnt love me no more...and as much as i fought for her back and tried my hardest i ended up losing her... i found it really weird that she couldn't really give me a reason for breaking up for me , but turned out she was in contact and flirting with the guy that took my first girlfriend, and its pretty clear i lost he girl of my dreams to the same guy !:,(



June 18, 2015 @ (Alabama)

Tags: Hurt, betreyal , overlapping , rebound

I met him at work, we got to know each other and start dating. We were madly in love for 3 years and we were planning to get married, our obstacle were our parents. They did not get along, we tried and tried and it did not work out. We decided that it was best to move on since we are not meant to be although we were still in love. He was much older than me and it was the time for him to get married. His parents and friends were constantly introducing him to women but he was never interested. Until he started talking to one girl, at first it was normal and i ignored until it became everyday. I told him it is time for us to moveon since i dnt want to drag this relationship to nowhere. He agreed and 1 week after we stop talking, i checked his facebook and read a conversation with her all flirty. I never expected he would move on that fast. It hurts so bad.. I dnt understand how can he do that if he was really in love with me. I talked to him and told him what i thoughy and he said that he doesnt have time to move on he has to move fast, and no mattee what he stil cares. i dnt believe him and i really feel betrayed. What do I do, is it his rightt to do that or just disrespectful?


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