June 07, 2016 @ (Niagara)

Tags: Womenrcheaters

Its my story too after 5 years of our relationship out of which 3 years we were married. She left me for her ex. I did everything for her she was my life. I ws fight her fights when she was talking to her ex on my back. I was fighting her cases when she was sleeping with him on my back.Her parents supported her and they all screwed me.
Above all she said its all my fault. She accused me of our fail marriage. She ruined my reputation. She is still causing trouble in my work.
Now its been 6 months since she left me and I can't sleep knowing what she did with me. I think women are like this. All are back stabbers, cheaters.



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June 08, 2016

how do i cope with this ?



June 07, 2016

Sleeping is the worst... I have been ill for 2 months now, because i can't sleep at night