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December 03, 2014 @ (United Kingdom)

Tags: bad breakup bitch whore waste of space

I think that the worst thing for a woman is that the man that she considers to be the love of her life remembers her as another failed relationship which will be replaced and emotionally forgotten.

It's a duty for a man to sabotage a woman's life when she deserves it. At least she will not make the same mistake again. It's actually an act of charity to be horrible when breaking up with a useless retarded waste of space.

Put some sense into this empty skull; everything in there is just a pile of fairy tails and porn fantasies. Leave a trauma so that she changes her ways when you leave her and ignore her for good.

Today's women have no clue what being in a relationship means. The western culture has offered them the concept of freedom but they use it with very little intelligence.

There comes man's role which is: to correct the woman and to put her in her place; i.e a degree below.

S**** stupid bitch. You have wasted 3 months of my life. I gave you love you didn't deserve. I hope you suck dicks of fire in hell.


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November 30, 2014 @ (Unknown)

Tags: Bad breakup

I knew the guy for 3 years I went to school with him but he graduated a year ahead of me. He was in the military and I hardly saw him... I only saw him twice but he would tell me all the stories about him and his chick friends! Im okay with a guy having chick friends but compared to what they were doing it was stressing me out! I got suggestive messages that were for another woman! He told me stories about girls trying to get him to have sex with them, them ending up in his hotel room naked, One wanting him to sleep in her room and then getting a boob job after I had him stop staying in her room...It was stressing me out and I don't know why! The distance was also killing me So i had to break it off with him.. I told him how i felt and the fact I couldn't handle it any more. we agreed to be friends but he sent me good morning texts and we talked one last time he was trying to understand my reasons... I cried for a long time and had trouble eating... found out he was harming himself too



November 29, 2014 @ (Tampa FL)

Tags: brokenheart Badbreakup

Dylan and I were never an official couple. But we went on dates and met each others family. i could tell i was falling in love with him from the start. No one had ever made me feel how he made me feel. I went over to his house to have dinner with him and his family and the whole time i could feel something was wrong. After dinner he took me home and asked me how i felt about being his girlfriend and i told him id love that. He said he wasn't ready for it though so like why did he even ask me? So then he starts talking about how he's graduating soon and it was all just really depressing hearing about how he had to leave. We're standing in front of my house and i cant recall anything that we said to each other other than the fact that he was ending things. Even though it was over he still kissed me, and in my heart I knew there was nothing i could do to change his mind. I went to bed crying and as soon as i woke up for school i fell apart. I will never forget the feeling when my mom came in and started crying with me. Because of him I cant let anyone else in. He blamed the breakup on him not wanting to date anyone in high school as he was going to college but the thing that really gets me is finding out that only 1 week after we ended, he was going on dates with another girl in my grade.


Joey G

November 29, 2014 @ (New York, New York)

Tags: Bad Breakup

So I was dating this girl for a little over 6 months and she had this ex boyfriend that was still obsessed with her while I was dating her and thoughout our relationship he would always text her and it would really piss me off. While we were going out they also hungout twice! Just the two of them. So my birthday rools around and the whole day she was acting weird around me and she had a volleyball game that night but I told her I couldn't go because I wanted to spend time with my family on my birthday. As I'm spending time with my family she sends me a message that she doesn't really like me anymore and that she's leaving me for her ex boyfriend... ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!



November 24, 2014 @ (Iowa)

Tags: Be Careful

I was dating this guy at one point and I was warned many of times he was a "player". At one point I was starting to get a feeling that something wasn't right, he was treating me the same but I had this gut feeling something was wrong. So like the worried girlfriend I was I checked his messages between his ex and he was cheating on me. I figured that out right before I left for Fall Musical which I had to perform in. I was crying the entire night and luckily was surrounded by friends. Then a month later I took him back, yes I know dumb idea, it was going good until the day of my Honor Band where when I woke up and went on Facebook it read, "when u relise u are trying to get over sumone and it just duse not work no mader how happy u are with the person u are with now..." (Word for word sadly he doesn't what grammar is) and I cried for a bit went to school and sat in the band room crying and spent the entire car ride crying for the fact that he broke up with me through text after he sent me that.I had the same people comfort me there as I did at Fall Musical. The next day though he started going out with what I thought was my best friend.

It has been 10 months and it still pains me to know that there are people out there that will use you. They will tell you they love you and you will believe it and hang on every word they said. So listen to your friends when they tell you that person is no good because they might know better than you at the time.


The Struggle Is Real

November 18, 2014 @ (savannah, missouri)

Tags: #ithurts

we never really dated , he added me on facebook one day and we started talking. no friendship to start with nothing , he told me he was falling for me, and he wanted to be with me , it was like we was together , but we weren't he was mine and i was his , he said everyday , but we never really made it offical , he called me everynight since we started talking , he texted me good mornign every morning we'd talk for hours on the phone without loosing a smile , the way he made me feel when we talked with irreplaceable , he hasn't talked to me in days , and it hurts to think he's givin up on me , considering the fact that he told me he loved me and then up outta no where stops talking to me , i don't wanna assume anything , i dont know if he's done talking to me , if i did something wrong , or if something happened . i havent really been happy since he quit texting and calling ... i haven't been the same , i never really could have guessed this would have happened , things were great , we were going to good . and i feel like everyones givin up on me..



November 14, 2014 @ (Houston)

Tags: #confused #confused

we never really dated i guess you could say. he said we did but ever exactly made it official. i like him a lot to the point where i get so jealous when hes around another girl. No im not a jealous freak but i could at least have some respect when i tell him that i don't like that. anyways, not the xcase. We never had a freind ship to start with but it never was a ok your cute i like you no we talked i fell. and they did warn m,e he was a player. but did i happen to listen? nope, i ignored it and as he told me "they just cant stand to see us together." Well turns out he had a girl he was always kissing holding hands and hugging and callin her beautiful and sexy and babe and baby. (we known each other for a year or so vbut never really kissed just held hands and a hug and flirt) i didnt find this pout till today anyways planning to end this "relationship" monday. itz sunday btw so goodbye for now at leasty



November 12, 2014 @ (Melbourne)

Tags: What

Hi I am gonna break up soon. It is just about on its way. I could not say this guy is my boyfriend because we never in any kind of relationship. We are not girlfriend and boyfriend. We are not in an open relationship. We are not in partnership. Do you think we could call it non string sex relationship ? But we are for beyond this. I would not go for non string sex relationship with someone for more than 3 years. Will you? We love each other we have to break up because too many issues : age difference culture parents ...Honestly speaking he could not make me satisfied at all. Oh well what the hell... I have been thinking sex life does not really matter and I do enjoy the period of time he make my mind in peace. I think I should say thanks to him for giving me more that 3 years peaceful time. He does not wanna listen to his parents to get married as he said. Well also as he said he was not into marriage and kids. It seems like that we are really in common on these views. Anyway he said he could not leave his parents so I am the one he is gonna to leave. Mom's boy right? If I knew it He was mom's boy from the beginning I would not go further breaking up now. Ehem nothing to be regreted anyway I love him I have been loving him and I am still in love him It sounds very stupid for sure. However I am the one who believes still there must be Sth forever oh my god stupid again Anyway that is my story. By the way we are meeting up tonight. Sry guys my break up story to be continued ...



November 11, 2014 @ (Miami, FL)

Tags: Funny breakup, bad, ridiculous

Well it comes to a very funny ending my friends... I was with this guy i really loved and still love at this moment for months then one day i felt like he was going to break up with me so before that even happened i asked him if he needed space but later i saw the 3 dots in the message and i told him if you're going to break up with me dont do it through text at least call me... 3 seconds later i get a call i was already belligerent and ecstatic... After telling me how such a great person i am and that he still loves me he says "hold up, mom can you pass me the ketchup" as the call end with me hanging up he broke up with me through the phone while eating dinner with his family. Pass me the ketchup always gets me till this day



November 10, 2014 @ (England)

Tags: Bad breakup, cheating, Sad, heartbroken, young, betrayal, boyfriend, depression

I was with my boyfriend for 3 years, roughly. He’s cheated on me around 7 times, and broken up with me for another girl. He always comes back to me in the end, and of course, I love him so much that I always take him back. This is my first serious relationship and it’s killing me. He was always telling me to change, and made me feel really bad about myself at times. He would also always talk about his ex’s in a negative way and call them psychopaths, but now I’m starting to relies that he did that to them through his manipulation, and I too am falling victim to it. We would break up once every two weeks on average, usually because I would bring something up about him cheating, and he would figure out some way to spin it round on me. Every time we broke up, I felt worthless. Some days I wouldn’t even get out of bed. As soon as we got back together I’d be happy again and it felt like an instant weight had been lifted off my chest. Until the next break up that is. On Saturday he went to a ‘friends’ house and switched his phone off all night. I told him I was done with him, and the next day he text me agreeing that we should end things for good.
I obviously begged him to stay and told him that I didn’t mean what I said but he hasn’t replied and won't answer his phone. I know I can’t keep going through this as it is making me so depressed. But I can’t stand to be away from him. I don’t know if this really is the final break up. I just don’t know what to do anymore.


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