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March 10, 2012 @ (Indiana)

Tags: YoungLove

We didn't talk much and he was one of those "to cool" kids.I am a mexican girl in like a white school.So i never actually got to grab his attention.I then was in his class for 5th grade.At first we didn't talk much.But then i gave him my number.We talked all day long every single day.We got closer and closer.The thing is he had a girlfriend named (changing name) Sam.They have been dating for a while and he loved her very much.As time went by i had huge feelings for him.I Then Told Him I Liked Him So Much.We were the best of friends.As time passed again he told me he had feelings for me too.Then summer of 2011 he broke up with Sam.We then went out June 1st.We were such a cute couple in school.I Would Always Kiss Him Hold His Hand Everything You could imagine was cute in the relationship.I Then Became Jealous of him Talking to Sam.He was jealous i talked to boys too.We would fight after the next 3 months in our relationship.I loved him sooo very much and still do.Then February came of 2012. I Became very frustrated and had so much stress on me.I Broke Up with Him.He kept begging me back and asking me out,i would always say NoNoNO and change the conversation.We were both a mess.I Cried every night.His friends would tell me he was a mess.But the next thing i know i get a text.He said he was with Sam again.My heart collapsed.He cheated on her kissing me like three times.I Caused them trouble and he told me to keep quiet about him cheating.I Then Busted out with anger and said stuff i wish i didnt.Now we have a awkward friendship with hate.He is still with sam.And i still love him more than anything but im moving on and i Am annoying telling him i want him back.He then said it feels bad when the one you love rejecting you doesn't it.I Then Still waste my time thinking about him and being forever alone.


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March 08, 2012 @ (London)

Tags: David

So my worst breakup happened around a year ago. I was with a guy, David, who was really into religion and basically saw everything from a religious perspective. I am a Protestant but I don't take things to the extreme, unlike him.

2 years into the relationship I was bored and sick of him. Don't get me wrong, he's a good person, but his possessive nature would drive me up the wall. I could not stand him preaching about this and that.

Anyways so one day he started saying that I am cheating on him with many of the guys I know.. I mean seriously.... I really took offence at what he started saying about me. Then one day he started shouting and saying that I am cheating on him with his best guy mate. And I'm like no I'm not. I was debating leaving him (and had been for nearly under a year) when he spat at me. I broke up with him on the spot. I mean what sort of mutton spits at his girlfriend?

He cried and begged me not to leave him. He spent 5 months constantly stalking me and even threatened to kill himself. This was a very rough time for me but through the help of my friends and family I kept strong. I avoided all contact with him and blocked him from my phone. Things got so bad that we had to get a restraining order from the police.

I occasionally do see him and he gives me the shivers. Oh well :/



March 06, 2012 @ (Vermont)

Tags: Example 1

My sister gave her friend my number and instantly we started hitting it off. We talked everyday and all day long as well as hung out as much as possible. One day I asked her if she wanted to be official and she agreed. We were together for a few weeks and in that few weeks she said she loved me. I on the other hand wasnt ready to tell her that. Then a few days later she texted me in the middle of the night saying she rushed into the relationship and wasn't ready to be with someone. This was strange because days before she was saying things the COMPLETE opposite. She said she still wanted to talk and hang out and be together but just not officially. So I agreed and things kept going for a week until one day I was at her house playing a game on her iphone when randomly this kid texted her calling her "babe" I was skeptical so I went through the conversation while she wasn't looking and I found days worth of conversations with stuff like her saying "I want you" and "I miss you babe" (stuff she usually says to me) So i showed it to her and she freaked out and begged me not to leave and me being the idiot i was spent all night listening to her explain herself. She said that he meant nothing to her and one of the main reasons she broke up with me in the first place was that "there was another guy" which turned out to be her ex. This devastated me but when we were making up and spending the night together I told her I loved her. We were so close for a while until one day she texted my sister and told her "I make her feel like shit sometimes" which makes no sense because I had done nothing wrong. She told me she needed space from me and said If i dont do so then I'll "lose her forever" I spent two weeks not talking to her and in those two weeks I was in a deep depression and couldn't enjoy anything I once loved doing. So one day she texted me saying she missed me and took me back but once again she went through this stupid little phase she had where she just wouldn't talk to me or wouldn't call me "babe" or call me "her boyfriend" I checked her facebook and she flirts with SO many guys she calls them "babe" and "boo" and I just couldn't believe my eyes. I texted her 8 pages of everything that I felt and told her that she made no effort in the relationship and treated me like an idiot. She then proceeded to deny flirting and talking with other guys when I can clearly see her doing it on facebook. I broke up with her and she told me it was all my fault. Pssh yeah right. I know Im a good guy and I didnt deserve that. Fuck any girl who is a tease and thinks flirting with a million guys is cool. You aren't cool. It's unattractive and makes you look like a slut/idiot/bitch that no one likes



March 03, 2012 @ (Atlanta)

Tags: Matthew, John

So basically I used to date a guy, let's call him Mark, for almost 2 years. In the meanwhile his best friend and I were getting super close. You see Mark was a very possessive and religious person and would really get on my nerves. Moreover I could not trust him as he would spill all of my secrets and said some pretty personal things to others about me :/

So John (the best friend) was nice to me and comforting and we would occasionally hold hands. My friend Matthew, who is currently my best guy mate, would tell me to break up with Mark..

Eventually John was a bastard and spread a rumour around school that I was cheating on Mark with him and well I dumped Mark.

Fast forward to 7 months later and I started dating John even though he was really horrible and mean. Throughout the relationship he would ignore me, would not tell me where he was headed, and basically really hurt me. Matthew was upset as he told me that John was using me.

Things were pretty intimate with John, but one day, out of the blue, he said and I quote 'I was only with you to use you.. and anyway I'm not ready for a relationship bla bla bla... Its me not you'

This happened in July and it is now February.. he has a girlfriend and seems so loved up with her.. I have a boyfriend who loves me and respects me and cherishes me for who I am.. The day after John dumped me I went out with my best friend but after some intense make out sessions he decided that he doesnt want to be more than friends..

So that's the story of my life




March 02, 2012 @ (Texas)

Tags: Bestfriends, Friendship, Heartbreak, Love,

Hey everyone,

First of all, I'm going to change his name to...Johnny. Anyways. So Johnny and I had been bestfriends for a while. We were the best of best friends. We memorized eachother's daily routines down to when we got up to when we slept, what class we had on what day, and had a lot of insiders. He went to a school a little far from where I live so we never really saw each other because we met on Facebook but we had Skyped a lot. It wasn't until he said he was in love with me but at the time, i was in another relationship with a guy I had been with for a year and some months. Very sweet guy. But when it came to communication, my boyfriend at the time would never really talk to me. Every time I'd cry or feel sad I always went to Johnny because he was always there. At any hour of the night, i could call him and even though he was asleep he'd wake up just to talk.

So October cam around and I had feelings for Johnny as well but I knew I had to probably break up with my boyfriend at the time because things became very distant. My boyfriend at the time was going to San Francisco for 2 months. He couldn't even keep up communication when we were apart (and him living in my same area) what made you think he'd still talk to me when he left so I broke up with him. 2 Weeks later I started dating Johnny and he made me the most happiest girl in the world. And soon after that, we started doing things in bed (not necessarily sex but things extremely close to it) In fact we tried but we couldn't because it was difficult.

Anyways, so around last week (Feb.20) I noticed I hadn't gotten my period and suffered a lot of symptoms of pregnancy. I told him and he reassured me that I wasn't. Guys take it easier but for a girl, its tormenting, especially if it wasn't planned. So, I told him we needed a test. He agreed to buy me one when I saw him. (I only really saw him on Saturdays due to gas and distance) But my mind was dying to know so, I told my mom what was going on, because I was concerned. She took it okay in the beginning but when I told Johnny, i could tell he was upset but took it cool. My mom bought me the test and it came out negative thank god. But I had a feeling I did it wrong because I still felt bloated and it was already the 8th day of it. Soon, my dad found out and had a talk with Johnny and I just saying that we were lucky and what not. And to try and abstain from it.

My paranoia took the best of me because I still felt really sick so I went to the doctor to go get blood work done and thank goodness, it was negative again. I started the next day and things ended like that. But I told Johnny we'd have to be more careful and that even if its not real intercourse, its still possible. Soon after, I noticed that he became more distant so I kept telling him if something was bothering him, he could tell me. I still loved him a lot. But apparently, he didn't feel the same for me anymore.

He claimed that he never used me and it wasn't because of what happened but according to all the things he said through text (Oh by the way, he dumped me over TEXT) he didn't care much about anything I had to say. And after that, bam. He deleted me off of facebook and all communication ended there.

How can some guys be so mean...especially since he was my bestfriend and boyfriend. I trusted him so much. But I felt more anger/disappointment than sadness. I guess its true what they say..Don't date your bestfriend.



March 01, 2012 @ (Florida)

Tags: text, mom, jerk,

I've had this on again off again relationship for a while (3 years) and currently it is off. However this last breakup, broke my heart. I'm pretty young and still live at home. He and my mom were pretty close and they texted often whenever he needed help with something he couldnt go to his parents to. However, this one night my mom gets a text "hey can i talk to you for a minute" my mom shrugs it off and agrees to talk. "Ok well I've been thinking of breaking up with Lex. I just don't know how to do it." My mom's jaw drops. He continues with "Just tell me how to do it without pissing her off" My mom (being awesome) had the best reply. "Dont..." at this point my mom is laughing her butt off. He goes on "But I want to can't you just tell her for me?" Yes you read that right. So I walk into the room and ask my mom what's so funny. "Well... Your texting me about creative ways to break up with you." My eyes got so wide I thought they were going to pop out of my skull... So you heard everything in this extremley long paragraph right. My ex broke up with me over text... via my mother.



February 29, 2012 @ (Cali)

Tags: Lesbian, blindside, experiment, straight

Background knowledge: I am a 24 year old lesbian, known my whole life and came out at 16. She is a almost 23 year old "free spirit" never had been with a girl before but always said she'd never closed it out of her options.

We first talked in May of 2011 and there was instantly a connection between us. She asked me to hang out in the beginning of June for the first time and we hit it off. We went out with a group of friends but me and her were inseperable. I knew she was "straight" so I didn't make any advances but she sure did!! She kept telling me how hot I was, she invited me to stay at her house that night(even made sure to mention I wouldn't be sleeping on the couch), and grabbed my hand to hold it to the next bar we walked to. As we sat there talking she grabbed my head and began making out with me. Wow! We walked back to her place and innocently kissed and fell asleep. She walked me to my final college class the next morning and we were glued to each other since that night. Our "relationship" grew over the next 9 months into something I saw as perfect, one of a kind, unique, and new. She told me she felt the same way. She had never felt so real before and that this was truly the relationship she always dreamed of and I was the person she always dreamed for. I was "the one". The sex was aweesome(in my opinion), and she would tell me how she couldn't wait to spend her life with me, have babies with me, and how truly amazing I treated her. So things are rolling just like they had been when suddenly she tells me, "I don't know about us anymore. I'm so confused and I'm just not sure what our future holds." I let her think for a week and hope she is just saying crazy things and we can make it better. We have a PHENOMENAL weekend but things seem distant still as the week comes. I ask if things have gone back to normal and if she still believes I'm the one and what we have is unique and one of a kind. She doesn't reply. I ask if she wants to break up. Her response, "No! I mean.....I don't know". That kind of said it all. So we hung up after that and she didn't contact me for an entire fucking week!! Blindsided by this breakup, everything seemed perfec for 9 months, then she gets confused and ends it. We finally talk after a week of not taking and she was supposidely so sad and miserable over the situation. After giving me BS reasons that we broke up for 30 minutes, she finally "got honest" with me and let me know that she loved me as a friend and as a person but got that confused with being in love and that she tried to convince herself that she was "in love" but that she doesn't think she is. She could never see a future with me she said. AKA she isn't gay/can't be with a girl! Talk about a fucking slap in the fucking face. It's the closure I needed but now I'm just pissed that I was apart of her experiment that she likely knew the results of early after we met but didn't let me know till now. Plus for her to pretend she was in love with me and wanted a future with me is BS. She isn't the first "straight" girl to do this to me but she is the first to let it last 9 months. She wants to be friends and will talk/text but I feel like it's not a good idea. I think any "pain" she felt is gone now and she is relieved and fine because she "cleared her conscious" and got honest. I don't think she has any pain over losing "us" or this "relationship" and that sucks because I thought it was something different for 9 months but I guess it was all a lie.



February 28, 2012 @ (Australia)

Tags: (trust, love, friends, life)

Second year of high school we became friends. But he wasn't one of my usual friends, we would poke and push each other around playfully. We would compete over little things. Our friendship slowly grew, he didn't let anyone in easily. But even at that young age people always teased us about being together. Four years later he was my best friend and much more, we went out and it started off great. I was suffering from depression at the time and he got me help, he helped me through all of it. I felt safe with him. He didn't really have many close friends except me, i felt like his only one and i loved it. We would fight a lot but we always made it through. Then when high school finished we broke up, we had enough. I still wanted him but maybe only because i felt lonely. We were determined to stay friends. But as soon as he moved out of home and into the city he made his own friends and one night we found ourselves throwing abuse at each other, i missed him and i was angry that he was absent in my life. Anyway as i began to cry on the phone telling him how much i actually missed him, he began to laugh, saying he didn't need me, he didn't care. I can't even recognize him anymore.

Early in our relationship he said he would never break up with me. He said we would always be best friends. He seemed so great but in the end he turned out like every other selfish bastard. I've lost my trust in people, i hope one day i can regain it. More than anything though, i see how much he's enjoying life right now and how i'm not and its difficult to get through.



February 27, 2012 @ (Texas, California)

Tags: Long distance1, internet, dating, sad, breakup

Bitter sweet Internet love life

This is a true story about my own love life and how it started.. and sadly ended

I looked to my right and then to my left, I saw a guy with a cat head on? He seemed pretty interesting, but being the random person I was I walked up to him and said "Hai how's life?", "It's awesome right now" I giggled, "So what's your name?" the crowd around him answered "--------" I didn't even notice they were there and made me jump out of my skin! 
------End of Flashback------
The day we first met was a memory turning hazy, but I never knew he would become my best friend. At the time I first met him I was a 1st year in middle school and was pretty dumb, but I didn't care as long as I was having fun at school, I was the type of person who could make anyone smile! I didn't take anything seriously at the time as in friendships, and relationships, I was all about living for the moment and always acting silly, but that would eventually change. Jerome was a well known person, I'm pretty sure he had more friends then I would ever have in my school years, but he was funny and also serious, he always put his friends as his number one priority and that's what I liked about him! I started talking to "------" everyday, and I would always learn something new about him, my friendly feelings eventually turned into love. One day my friend Christopher and I had started talking about the most random topics and I saw "-----" walk over to me and sit close to like he always did , I told Chris, "HEY CHRISTOPHER, are you going to pay for our wedding!" I realized what I had just said and started to blush, "but I have to pay for mine first!" he whined , ever since that day "------" and I became girlfriend and boyfriend, we exchanged numbers and the first thing he said was, "YES, I can prank call you now!" "Oh shush and text me cause I have to go, BAI "------" I LOVE YOUH!<3" "Love you too!<3" After that he imminently texted me, he made me feel special inside like I was the only girl he could have, I guess he had me falling head over heels for them, but things change... The day of my birth was coming up and I was so excited on what he would get me!! It could be anything I ever dreamed of. It finally came and what I got was a diamond ring as in an engagement ring!! He purposed to me after just one month and I felt so happy!! But after that my life would change forever... It was Friday may 20th that I received a text saying he had asked a girl out and she said yes. I wasn't happy about it, but I tried to act happy, but failed miserably. Inside I felt real jealous even though this relationship was just over the Internet I couldn't help but feel a little ache in my heart. As the weeks had gone by we started texting less as he distanced himself from me, but then his friend had died one day and that made the distance seem even longer, as he was always busy helping out others, even though I was a priority I felt like an option which hurt me the most... as a result I... cheated on him, I cheated on him because I wanted him to feel what I felt when he told me he had a girlfriend, that was The lowest point I  had ever gone to in a relationship, and I felt empty inside. I told "------" all about "Joey" (a.k.a moo moo) at first he seemed completely fine with it but as I told him more, we had arguments that were pointless, he eventually  found out that moo moo wasn't in real life but was on the Internet, I made a fatal mistake of hanging out with "Joey" that day as he gave me a '<3' sign right in front of "------" After that day "------" no longer talked to me, he ignored me, and all their was left was for "Joey" to fill the void I had in my heart. After a successful relationship "Joey" finally ended it, saying we were going to fast... I no longer had anyone to cover up the sadness that they left me, and started to cry everyday waiting for them to come back to me. I became obsessed and eventually had thoughts of suicide, but I never did have the courage to cut into my arm. In my mind I knew no one would want me anymore from the terrible thing I've done to "------", and decided to never love again. All I ever wanted was Jerome's attention and acceptance, I had eventually got it but lost it so easily. 

"Yes, this whole relationship thing was over the Internet, but it didn't matter to me because I felt so close to him that even distance couldn't tear me apart from him, I know it was naive of me to think it would last even though I cheated on him, I still hoped the relationship would still make it through"



February 25, 2012 @ (fg )

Tags: me me me

Well this break up was all me.. So me and my boyfriend had so many fights this year. Him disrepecting hanging up on he all the time i wanted to talk. He chose XBOX or me WTF. Anyways i said lets go to a dance he said okay. Then the next day he calls me and says Hi um i am up north at my cousin house i got to go. I got pissed and called him back and said did you forget about the dance? its tomorrow. He said yeah i forgot about that sorry. I said fine whatever. then hung up so i txted him and said why did you forget about what we was doing tomorrow? If you loved me so much like you say you do then wouldnt you have forgotten about tomorrow. I am sick of you doing this to me all the freakin time i can not and will not stand for this. BYE! He never called never txted back nothing so i thought i was over. Then Trent txted me and wanted to hang out so i said sure why not. He said okay i will be at your place in a min. I was scared i was nervous. I have only hung out,made out, shit like that with my boy. I knew what Trent wanted and yet i went with him and did everything. His friend Kyle txted and got mad at me for doing stuff with Trent when i knew Kyle liked me i just said sorry it shouldnt have happend. Kyle wanted me to tell my boy so I told him and he didnt want anything to do with me :( so there forth i want him back and dont ever want to hurt or let him go :( help me!


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