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March 01, 2015 @ (Malaysia )

Tags: LDR's not my thing

My life was perfect until I met Srishti. I knew Srishti for quite some time, however I never liked her neither did I crave for her attention. My friends how we've teased me with her as she had proposed me(it was a dare given by her friend). At first it did not affect me at all as I had a wonderful girlfriend. One night as usual Srishti and I were chatting on Whatsapp. For some reason we began to talk about kisses and we decided that we would kiss each other. At first I thought of it as a prank and came up to her and asked for a kiss. However this prank did not remain a prank anymore and she really kissed me. I had goosebumps all over my body and I felt as if I was on cloud 9. After a while I felt awful as I already had a girlfriend and I basically cheated on her. Srishti and I began to meet up on regular basis and our kissing still continued. She also had a boyfriend at that time and we did not realize that what we did could give a spark to a beautiful relationship.

After a while I broke up with my girlfriend as I really wanted Srishti to be a part of my life. On 15th September 2014 I started dating Srishti. At first things were great. As time passed and since now I got to know her even better I realized she flirted a lot with boys. She gave her number to a guy she doesn't know personally and is a friend of our best friend. I had to step in so I started putting restrictions on her because I cared for her and loved her unconditionally.(im a very over possessive boy) I had never cried for a girl in my life before.Life got interesting with her because we always had common interests, we shared everything about each other, we never hid things, we just could wait to see each other. I mean her cute face, lovely smile,breath taking kiss..I felt special when I was with her. I never admitted this infront of her but I WAS INDEED THE LUCKIEST GUY TO HAVE HER AS MY GIRLFRIEND.She cared for me, she was there for me when I needed her. I just never showed the appreciation. All I ever did was scold her for her flaws. And now I realize that what I did was the most awful thing. Today her dad decided to send her to another university and me being insecure and not trusting her sadly had to break up with her. The moment we broke up I burst into tears. I still have watery eyes.


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February 27, 2015 @ (OC)

Tags: Confused, scared, cheat, best friend, no trust

"Joe" and I were never really together. We never were friends, I just knew he went to my high school. After graduation he added me on Facebook and we started talking. I was really falling for this dude. Joe would call me and text me every morning and throughout the day until I'd finally fall asleep. Slowly he stopped all this. Turns out he had started dating my best friend. Double slap in my face. They were both dating behind my back. I stopped talking to them both. I lost my best friend I'd known for over 12 years and my crush within the same hour. About to months later he comes back. I ignore him but he tried to contact me through every media outlet... Finally I give in and just say hi. He pulls me back in and we begin talking again. Today we're not official but together. Omens are telling me to end it with him, but I don't know how I'd take it not talking to him thoughout the day. It's become a habit to go to his house and hang out. I can't trust him though. After he found out I was talking to someone else, he said he wouldn't be able to trust me. So I wonder what we're both doing together still.... I'm just scared to end things with him for sure. I'm scared to cry. I've been heart broken once and don't want to go through it again, although every time I'm with him my heart dies a little.



February 26, 2015 @ (UK)

Tags: Bad break up, wierd break up

Okay.. here we go...
Everything was great in my relationship we had been together for 9 months and known each other since we were babies- our mothers used to have play dates!
One Tuesday night, he seems a bit strange. This was wierd, a bit distance, I id never seen him like this ever before and I was going to call him on it but the moment passed. Before he dropped me home he said how he hoped we were going to be together forever and how he never wants to let me go.
The next day - Wednesday I arrange to see him to see if he's ok because the previous evening had made me think.
We go out for a drink, we sit there and he says we should end.
I was stumped!!!
He said we just have to end and he was soo sorry and how this was the hardest thing he's ever done and that he still didn't know if he had done the right thing.....
I was so shocked.
Out of the blue.
This was my first proper relationship, first love and now first break up?!
I managed to hold it together till he dropped me off home (the most awkward car ride I have ever experienced) we hugged in the car, I get inside my house and then totally break down, I cried for hours. No exaggeration.
Well that was a year ago, we still see each other - in the same volunteering program - but haven't said a word to each other.
It was just so wierd. He started going out with this girl in September, they got engaged in December and are getting married in June.
Still wierd though.



February 25, 2015 @ (Michigan )

Tags: funny break up

Ahhh, this site is so nice to hear all these stories. I think I'm going to share all of my break ups story by story, so here's my first one:

My first boyfriend, I dated from beginning to end of my high school freshman year. He was a dorky theater and choir kid, and I was (and still) an art nerd. We were really shy and had a calm relationship, no drama, doing things from going to theater productions or getting lunch. One day, at the end of my freshman year, we had a mutual break up. We felt like we were too different and it was simple and there were no tears at all. It had a nice ending.

Funny thing, 6 months later, he started dating a close friend of mine, which I had no issue with at all :) We even hung out sometimes. I'm 20 now, so that was 5 years ago.



February 19, 2015 @ (san antonio tx)

Tags: #heartbroken

so my ex gf decided to move on from me after 11 months of the deepest relationship i have ever had been in, shes moving on with one of my friends. she has blocked my number and theres nothing i can do. being hurt is the worst feeling ever.



February 18, 2015 @ (USA)

Tags: bad breakup

I dated a guy for four years who continually cheated on me. The last time we decided we would get back together he begged and begged and said he was serious so I gave it another shot. The third day home for my christmas break I called him and he accidentally answered the phone while with another girl..



February 18, 2015 @ (USA)

Tags: bad breakup

I was dating a guy and right after we got to third base, he told me he was still a virgin and broke up with me because he felt like he's betraying God. we didn't even have sex.


Em B

February 16, 2015 @ (Auzzie)

Tags: bad breakup, sad story, crazy love

So we were best friends then we dated then one day he said 'i'm sick of your bullshit youre a $lutty wh0rey little b!tch' and he left me



February 09, 2015 @ (Conneticut)

Tags: bad break up

I'm a girl, i was dating a girl for months. Then we split up alot, she cheated,lied. Etc. And i still thought she was worth it. One day, she came over and said she had to leave early to go to the doctors. But before that she has been talking talking to a diffrent girl and fliting. I asked her about it. she didnt wanna talk about it. And left. That day we broke up "all my fault" and i cried for days and days when she was flirting with my bestfriend. Turns out the girl i asked about likes me. Sorry. I still love her though.


Sanu S

February 07, 2015 @ (New Delhi)

Tags: breakup pains

November 2, the messy day of my life.
after 3 days fights, since my condition became
worset without her.....i was suffering my pain all the moments.
suddenly got a call from her no. n i felt alive......again.


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