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Left To Live

October 30, 2012 @ (ESTONIA)


I broke up one month ago- to be exact on My Birthday.
I was in relationship with this girl for around 4 yr..Did everything for her never cheated on her, neither betrayed her or said any lies to her..but always use to bring her Past whenevr I find her mingling with other guys. She had few things of her past which were not told to me and when i came to knew I lost all trust. Though blinded in love I tried to build up my trust again and she did everything she could to make me trust her but at last she ended up making some mistakes which would make me angry. Now Everytime I caught her lying I would abuse her and will bring the Past. She used to apoloige and I used to forgive but couldnt forget her lies. Later For my job I was required to move to other city for six month. I had trust that after 4 yr she will nt betray me but for my faith I kept a check on her mobile sms and FB. and one fine day when i found a colleague of her flirting with her on FB i blasted her again. and this time abused her too..She with broken heart told to discontinue this relation as she cant take any more..Feeling guilty of my behaviour I went to apologize her. Promised not to spy her again but she was done makin me believe. Still I felt she will come back as we have been fr 4 years and its not easy to move on and she can forgive me once and give me a first n last chance to improve myself. Only the next day I found her to be roaming with the guy who ws flirting with her..Got to know that he proposed her 2 month back and she rejected but kept her contact. Now got the real story Abuse ws just a cover up. She ws bored of me and cant live with me out of the town. Learning all this I was just shattered that the girl for whom I did everything fr last 4 years could cheat me like this. First thought Abuse was a big thing for girls. Yes it is but not big enough to be not forgiven once. Anyways If she would have loved me once in 4 yr she would have taken few days off after my break up but she is with her life again enjoying with other guy. I just wish i would not have forgiven her and would have walked off the first time she broke my trust..damn i carried for three years. But at the end I believe she will get back what she has given. A palace built on someone else grave is bound to be haunted in time to come


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October 28, 2012 @ (Maryland)

Tags: Love, Betrayal

I'm actually here to resubmit my video because I had to take it down once on YouTube. It's roughly an hour and a half. Basically what I will summarize here is that I opened my heart and home to a girl that would later end up leaving because she hated the location. I was always there for her when she needed me, but she wasn't when I needed her. She never had the proper parents to raise her. She moved in with me when she was 17 and stayed until a little after she turned 18 so it's an interesting story to follow. Her mom is a crook. She abandoned her child, didn't help us pay for her, and still had the nerve to claim IRS taxes on her. I can't stand the woman at all. I've always been a selfless person tending to other peoples needs over mine. I guess now I ask for people to watch my video and those that have been hurt like me to please give some form of advice.


A Girl With A Broken Heart

October 28, 2012 @ (Lebanon)

Tags: exboyfriend, how to get

I was with this guy for about 10 months, we were in a long distance relationship. He works abroad. He comes twice a year to Lebanon. The second time i saw him in Lebanon he broke up with me for about one month and half i started begging him and telling how much i love him and than we started arguing so i started to ignore him than we came back together. He came so nice and good to me than he came back to the country he works in. We broke up for the second time and than came back after ignoring him, when he came back he refused putting our picture on BBM and so i told him why, he said you keep fighting me while he does all the fighting, and i have no word. So i was okay with it, like what can i do i cannot force him, but on whatsapp he kept our picture with my name as a nickname. ( on BBM also he kept my name). But 3 weeks ago we broke up i didn't know why, he was desperate changing pictures on BBM and he removed my name so i asked him why, like u removed our picture already and now my name, later on what? he was fighting me all over and broke up with me after being so good to him and trying to make him calm, he broke up and i called him several times he didn't reply so i wished him good luck and that he lost me because of his bad treatment. And he said u lost me before i lost you because u didn't care. so i ignored him. He started to put sad faces on BBM so i ignored him but after a few days i said that he lost me forever because he was so disrespectful and im not gonna stay like this forever and i think he has a new girlfriend so i said many things... and he started bringing up my old relations. MY PAST! and say that i didn't care and i m not a good girlfriend and i wasn't by his side (truth is i always have been by his side and never left him, spoiling him with love and sacrifices that i have done to him... i don't go anywhere because of him because he's jealous and i don't want him to feel alone so i go to uni and go home, i don't even see my friends because of him because i don't wanna make him sad). So i didn't reply to any of his talk. The next day i said i wanna give this relation a chance so i asked him a question : "Do u still love me, did u ever love me and will you always love me?" so he replied :" I got the answer but i won't tell you" so i said " I have to know so i can know how to deal with things from now on" he was like " Deal with it the way you want, you already did enough" so i didn't reply to him and didn't talk to him after that that was 3 weeks ago. This wednesday i said him on bbm hi and he replied hey and asked how is he and he was normal and u? i said im okay and he said good. so i didn't say any word after that. after 2 hrs i put a picture for me on whatsapp and BBM, so he said please remove me from here sorry for disturbing and block me on whatsapp if u care about not hurting me anymore. so i didn't reply to him and after a short time he said thanks for being disrespectful so i didn't reply to him and at 2 am he sent me on BBM " Hope when i wae up in the morning u will do the favor i asked you to and not putting more disrespectful behavio and the hurt you're doing to me. wish u the best but don't go to your past with such immature pictures and bad ones it doesn't go for you from an old friend and i prefer there won't be a HI between us cz you treated your ex's better than me and respected them but u didn't respect me knowing one took you to his home from the first day and the other one cheated on you, that's called not respecting, you left me i didn't say a word, you hurt me and i didn't do anything, i m not like your ex's but you all girls are the same there's no difference. if you're not gonna do the favour so i do it in the morning but please tell me that you won't do because you really did hurt me and i didn't expect that from you to go back to your past. wish u all the best regards, ur old friend" so i didn't reply to him because it's all untrue i didn't leave him and i did respect him i was more than good to him really i was. and after that he sent me "bye good luck on whatsapp with such pics" and i didn't say anything so he started pinging me a lot and than he removed me i didn't say anything. not even a word. I really loved this guy i don't know what hapened to him i wish i can get help to make him come back but with good intentions :( i miss him i don't understand why this hapened. Help


Ambassador Of Eros

October 26, 2012 @ (USA)

Tags: Facebook, long-distance, lying

I was with this girl, and we started dating. After about 2 weeks she called it off because we would be seperated the following year. I agreed, and we have kept in touch ever since. Since then , I have kinda had dibbs on her. She found me on facebook yesterday and friended me. Today I looked closer at her profile and it said:
Relationship Status: In a relationship
I wasnt sure if it was true because she forgets to chang a lot of things after something happens. So I messaged her asking if she had a boyfriend. I have not gotten a response yet. What II'm ad about is that she lied to me about having a bf. She had emailex ne asking if I had a gf, and I said no. I asked her the same (with bf instead of gf) and she said no.
Still waiting for the response to the fb message. It's kinda creepy thinking thatfacebook could change my life...



October 21, 2012 @ (canada)

Tags: first heart break

my gf recently broke up with me and heres the story;
we were together for almost 2yrs and i thought she was the one. my family loves her and she gets along with my friends and vice-versa. she was my longest girlfriend and i let all of my guards down. we recently went on a trip too and i can remember a month before the trip she told me she doesnt feel the same way. but, me, blinded by love i ignored the warning and thought everything was ok and she was just having mood swings. as days, weeks went by she was back to normal. the day of the our 1 week trip comes, we were really happy and in love(atleast i was). so we get back from the trip(it was a great trip) and i thought everything was going fine. its september so we planned to spend the holidays together because my whole family is leaving the country for a month to spend the holidays over-seas. a few weeks after the trip its was september 28 to be exact, i was having a shitty day at work and looking forward to seeing and talking to her. that night, she just wanted to end our relationship, my heart sank while i asked her why and her reasons were: she's still young, she wants to figure herself out, she wants to experience life and she needs her own space. i talked her out of breaking up with me but i would give her a month break to have her space and to do her own thing. i tried to let her do her own thing but i failed, i still called, texted and saw her. that went on for a couple of weeks. she would still say i love you to me but whenever i was with her it didnt feel right anymore i mean i love her but i could just tell that she's fallen out of love with me. i was too stupid to be honest to myself and face that there was no point of me still trying, giving my absolute best to make things work out and make her fall in love again. but she would say the littlest things that would give me the biggest hope. so there i was again, lying to myself, prolonging my own agony, torturing myself. until a fews ago, i faced my fear. we were in her place we watched a movie after the movie we had a serious talk about our relationship. she was still trying to fall back in love with me but she also knew that there was really nothing there. so i told her if theres nothing there anymore dont bother. she wants to stay friends but that would be impossible for me. she loves me but not inlove with me. so i walked out of her house crying my eyes out my face was hurting alot for holding the tears for so long, carrying the bag of chips and dip i bought for the movie(she didnt want them). that night was the night i felt so bad for myself. only a few people know that we're broken up even our FB relationship status says we are still in the relationship. everyone thinks we were perfect for each other. i still need to have my question answered "why/how did she fall out of love?". it gets tougher everyday because i still have that little hope. im trying to be strong and busy to get over my first heart break. its so hard for me to tell people what im really feeling inside. my friends see me as a strong man yet i feel like a little kid inside hoping to be loved. im doing the best i can not to contact her. im trying to get back on my feet and just let things be. i dont know if she'll miss me and come back but i best not expect anything.

for other guys out there: growing up we were always taught to be tough, strong and not to show any kind of weakness. while, girls are taught the opposite they show emotions, how they feel and all girls out there expects to have their heart broken by a guy one day. us guys would never expect that. so when we guys get our hearts broken it would be unexpectedly fcked up for us.

atleast thats how i see why im having a difficult time coping with this.

well i got some out of my chest! thanks for reading



October 20, 2012 @ (us)

Tags: ss

So there is this 1 guy i like for about a year and finally we started talking to each other frequently and he also asked me out. we went on dates and liked each other. i knew he was a player since the beginning but he said he has changed. none of his EXs last for more than a month. you can say im stupid but i believed in what he said. we were in a relationship but he likes to hang out with other girls and even told me when he hang out with them or when he had a fight with them. i listened to all of that and had never got angry. i knew i couldn't be too possessive for him and should give him a little of freedom. i convince myself that they were just friends. so this went on quite a lot.. he went out with lots of girls. he broke up with me yesterday and i should have known that it would be coming sooner or later..



October 19, 2012 @ (California )

Tags: Breakup long term relationship

I was in a relationship since September of 2009 and it just ended recently, not to long ago, in May 2012.
I was confused, lost, in denial, anger. And I still am, it's been really hard.
I really thought he was the one, well I still do.
Me and him did everything together, I saw him everyday until late night and he would spend the night on the weekends quite often.
We went out a lot to the movies, the beach, Disneyland, and new places every weekend. He took me out to dinner almost every weekend, he did anything to make me happy.
We always spoke about the future, college, getting married, having kids, growing old together.
I just don't know what went wrong. One day, he suddenly wanted to break up because he is 'not ready to commit' and wasn't aware of the seriousness of our relationship - after 2 years, he finally decides he was too young to be in such a serious relationship.
And the worst of all, he never ever said anything about being unhappy with me until the day he broke up with me. He was hiding all his feelings from me, while I was being honest with him all along.
I just don't understand. To me, our love felt real. Like really real. I honestly feel like he is the one, still today after 5 months of being broken up. I still love him, I will always love him. He never did anything bad to me. He treated me like a princess, he was my best friend. We had so many good laughs and memories together. We were practically married. We were so comfortable with each other. Every one of our friends thought we were going to actually get married and when they heard that we broke up - they thought that I was the one who did it, but incidentally it was the other way around.
Every one thought he would never leave me, that he was so in love with me. And I thought so too, and I felt secure with him because I thought he was one of those rare guys who actually stays committed in a relationship. But I guess I was wrong.
It's just so hard, I'm trying to let go. But I think about him everyday, he was the only happiness in my life. Now I'm trying to find my own happiness, and I have managed. But nothing makes me as happy as he did. I loved him more than anything, more than my family. I know it was wrong of me, but it was true. He was my first priority and I was his. I never treated him badly, I never cheated on him, or anything. I loved him with my whole heart and soul and this is what I get in return? A broken heart.
I just wonder if he ever thinks about me. I wonder if he misses me.
Oh and we don't speak. Well atleast, he doesn't talk to me. From what I have heard is that he hates me because he realized that he missed out on life because of me ('life' referring to parties and drinking and what not). So he hates me because he didn't get to experience life the way he wanted to. Which is stupid because he knew what kind of relationship he was getting into since day 1. It took him two years to realize that he was missing out on life? We weren't missing out on life, I mean we didn't party like the way he does. Instead, we went on dates to new places every weekend. We had movie nights, dinner dates, etc etc. I mean we weren't a boring couple, we were always doing something. But I guess he just want to party and get smashed or something. Well that's what he's doing now from what I've been hearing.
I hope one day he realizes that he messed up, I hope one day he realiZes how wonderful our relationship was. I hope one day we can be friends again. I just miss him so much, and I know it's not good. I feel like I'm missing a part of me. And I know time heals all wounds, it has definitely been a bumpy ride in the last 5 months, some good and some bad times but I try to stay optimistic about the future.
Any advice?



October 18, 2012 @ (california )

Tags: love sucks

We started going out September of 2009. We were happy and in love. I honestly thought he was the one, we made love, we planned a wedding, we planned our lives. Then on April 2010 I fin d out he's been cheating on me. He says it only happened once but God who knows how many fucking times he cheated!! I was heartbroken. He left me for another. Fast forward to May 2010, my dumbass hangs out with him & what does he do? He kisses me and I tell him it isnt right since he has a girfriend. He didn't care and idk why i let him kiss me. He ignored me for the following months until September 2010 when he found out I had a new boyfriend. I guess it's true when they say that they want you back when they see you with someone new. He asks me if we can be together but that no one has to know. as much as i still had feelings for him, i didn't fall for that. Then the next month he finds out I broke up with the guy I was with and he goes to look for me he kisses me and I ask him "wait don't you have your Girlfriend still?" and he's like, "I don't want to talk about her, lets talk about us" and truth is I was really happy to see him again, he kisses me and I kiss him back but it doesn't feel right because in his girlfriend stays in the back of my mind. And as fucked up as she was to ruin my relationship and get in between it in the first place, I didn't want to be like her. but then he told me he was gonna leave her for me. Lies. Days pass by and not one single word from him. Then the following month his girlfriend sends me a message on facebook asing me all these questions about him. I end up telling her the truth that her guy has been after me since forever now. He denies it in her face but later he says that its true. Its a long long story. A story that should have been over with in 2010. But guess what? It is now 2012 and that asshole is still on my mind. And that chick still talks to me and pretends to be my friend but behind my back she talks shit. I don't know why! She is always Subtweeting me and all that and she always mentions him. She starts saying things like "oh im glad im talking with him again!" I have a feeling they'll get back together after all the shit that happened. I don't give a fuck though. Wait, yeah I do :/ I know I shouldn't but I still have those feelings. It's going to be two years now since I last saw him though so I don't understand why I still think about him, dream about him and cry sometimes for him. He really messed me up. I haven't been in a relationship in such a long time because of trust issues.He left me heartbroken and I don't think I can handle another one of those relationships. I honestly just want him out of my mind. I want him out of my heart but I don't know how. Maybe it does take time. Maybe I'll get over it little by little. I just hate the fact that I gave it up to a douche like him. I know I don't need him but sometimes I just want to tell him that I do. I don't know. Love is complicated.



October 16, 2012 @ (California)

Tags: sex

I was dating this girl for about 6 months. She was amazing, funny and beautiful. Little did I know she was a slutty ass bitch. One night I was going to her house just to hangout and walk in on her having a threesome with my brother AND my best friend. I got pissed and stormed back to my house. She followed me there and walked into my room and tried to seduce me into having sex with her. I said HELL no bitch, we're over. Get the fuck out of my house! She ran out crying..I wanted revenge so I called up her friend Rachel (she was really ugly) and asked her if she wanted to hook up because me and Sarah broke up and she said yes. The next week she called me and told me she was pregnant and that the baby was mine. I'm fucked and my baby is probably going to end up ugly.



October 16, 2012 @ (Georgia)

Tags: slut man whore

So this guy and I were friends for a while and we started to like eachother. I knew he was a player, but I decided to give him a chance anyways. We started to go out and the relationship was going well for like 2 weeks, until he started not to text back and hang out at this girl's house. I asked him about it and he told me she was just a friend, but I knew she was his ex-girlfriend and was suspious. I went to his Twitter account and saw he was mentioning her, so I went to her account and saw she posted a picture of them. In the picture they were in the bed kissing. I was so mad so I called him and he acted stupid and suprised. He tried to save himself by telling me that he was just whispering something in her ear. I'm not stupid so I broke up with him right away. The bad thing is the girl he was kissing looked like the Lion King.


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