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March 26, 2014 @ (Los Angeles)

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As a seventeen year old girl I have been told that I am beginning to start out my life. But I can't seem to wrap my finger around it I don't know why but I truly hate being a teenager.. Well anyways I grew up in a very Christian family where as a small child I was not exposed to much of the outer world I was literally locked up at home with only gospel music and movies of Daniel in the lions den. I guess you can say I was an innocent child, when I started high school I had everything planned out I would go to school stay in my books and study hard to graduate with no drama . Life however decided to throw me the unexpected. At the age of fourteen I met a guy who was like no other or so I thought, he showed me everything that I didn't know existed for example music genres, because of him I found out that I love alternative rock, yea yea I didn't know what that was xp.. I really thought we would be together forever like he told me, we even ran away together. my parents did not like the fact that I started to date an "outsider" a guy who wasnt Christian so they did everything possible to break us up, I was sent to Texas for a couple of months but that didnt work. Nothing they did worked, my family would warn me about how guys only use you or that he will find someone else then leave you stranded I didn't believe them, I admit I am a stubborn person. I loved him with all my heart and but to this day I still do, I love him so much that it hurts v.v We had dated for three years, he then broke up with me right after our three year anniversary. I gave up everything to him, my innocence, my trust, my love everything even money. Everyday we would spend together and when he broke up with me I felt as if I was being hit by trucks. It has been 5 months since our break up and I still can't move on. I have tried just about everything there is to forget but it's hard, especially since my school is literally one hall way. I see him everyday and it hurts, just yesterday I saw him with another girl.. And it hurt since yesterday would have been 3 years and 5 months. To make matters worse i recently found out that he had cheated on more than once throughout our relationship, and honestly that just made my depression worse..He was my first boyfriend ever and probably my last, guys are too complicating and I'm not good with relationship. I was told to never run away from my problems but there are times where you have to get away to continue with your life. I'm a senior with only two months until graduation, but because I decided to take the teenage love life experience I am forced to transfer schools. Life as a teenage girl.. .-.



March 31, 2013 @ (USA)

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[Too Funny to Completely Delete]

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May 04, 2010 @ (Fort Worth)

Tags: texas

So how's this for a break up story? I went out with my friends this past weekend. We were having a great time, pretty random night actually. We hit up this townie bar that my bf had always talked about. the drinks were cheap, but the place is a complete dump. In the back there is a pool table and a few couches. my one friend pointed out there were these two people really going at it in the back of the place. we watched and giggled for a while, until I got a glimpse of them. It was my bf and is ex girlfriend. What a dagger to the heart. That asshole. I wanted to beat him with that pool stick, but i left before he could see me. But i didn't leave with out taking a photo on my phone. I went home and posted it to his facebook, my facebook, and about 5 of his friend's facebook. Mainly so he couldn't delete it. Its was a nice blowout fight. Breakup complete!



March 08, 2010 @ (Texas)

Tags: texas

I caught him over the weekend with one of my friends... he was 'working late'. how fucking horrible, really



January 11, 2010 @ (Dallas,Texas)

Tags: texas, hearbreak, breaking up, breakups

Nothing like starting the new year by seeing a picture on facebook of your girlfriend making out with some dbag at a party. Best part is i haven't talk to her in about 2 days. When, and if she calls im going to break up with her on the spot. Get this, her friend has been hitting on my for the past month. I'm thinking i might actually make out with her and post it on facebook. That would be a fun breakup story. Karma doesn't exist.


Breaking Up 101

November 16, 2009 @ (Texas)

Tags: texas, hearbreak, breaking up, breakups

We were driving over to his parents house a few weekends ago to visit for the weekend. We got in a huge fight in the car over some stupid issues. It's really too much to get into, so sorry uBUH readers! I hate fighting but its health every once in a while, right? But I don't think pulling over to the bus station and telling me to get a ride home is an ok end to the fight. he pulled off and came back after 5 mins or so. i hate having to put on a happy face when i was so furious with him!!! the fight continued, he yelled I don't even love you anymore.. I'm leaving. He storm out of the house going to god knows where. he came back to his clothes in the front lawn... breaking up is easy



October 27, 2009 @ (Dallas,Texas)

Tags: texas

I cooked my bf a nice dinner and drove over to his house. he wasn't expecting me, but i wanted it to be a surprise. Well upon arriving to his house, i walked in and caught him singing in a hairbrush to Brittney. I know its a shitty reason to breakup, but i like a real man.. not that kinda of man. lol



October 15, 2009 @ (Texas)

Tags: texas

I woke up with a note left on my pillow, sorry i can't do this anymore. she won't even pick up my phones calls now. i have no idea what i even did. it was our 1 year.



September 21, 2009 @ (pittsburgh)

Tags: pittsburgh, life, love, heartbreak

ok, my friends told me about this site. here is my story. moved back from texas to find that my EXGF was on eharmony and dating while i was gone. to come back to find out on FB that out engagement was over, b/c she was now engaged to him.



September 18, 2009 @ (Texas)

Tags: life, texas, engaged

My ex and I were engaged, we lived together, and my children were very close to him. In the middle of the night last week, he up and leaves. He never came back. All of his worldly possessions are still in my home.