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November 07, 2016 @ (A place)

Tags: bad breakup, cheating, deserve better, sad

I met this guy three years ago through friends and it seemed to go really well. We were both in high school and the first year was lovely with us going on adventures and going on dates. However, during the first year of college, he turned incredibly immature (he had failed his GCSE's and I had just started A Levels), stopped making an effort with me and there were rumours he had cheated on me. We broke up for 2 weeks but I was stupid to take him back after he begged me that he missed me.
The next two years sucked. I would put in all of the effort into the relationship whilst he spent all of his money on cigarettes and spent his time playing video games. I felt trapped and lonely.
Recently I started university and he is still stuck at college. As all of his decent friends are at university or working, he started to become friends with some very dodgy people (known to do drugs and commit crimes). He started to get close with a lot of girls and it became obvious he was cheating on me when he suggested we go on a break. I ended it after receiving a text from him saying he was sleeping with another girl and yesterday we gave each others things back (three years worth of his things given back to him in two bin bags). He had hickeys all over his neck and random girls kept calling him whilst he was saying we should remain friends.
I know I deserve a lot better than him and I'm going to try and focus on my degree and find someone who will make an effort with me. It's just that it is hard to move on from three years of confusion, bittersweet memories and him in my life.


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November 06, 2016 @ ((Around))

Tags: Bad breakup, betrayal, BoysAreTurds

Okay so two years ago I met this guy and when I first met him I absolutely hated him. He was obnoxious and irritating and got under your skin on purpose!! UGH! But, as life would have it, our seating charts in classes started putting us close to each other, so we began talking. And he surprised me by not being as bad as I had thought. We ended up becoming best friends somehow and he kept me smiling. I quickly realized I had caught feelings for him (how, I have no idea. I hadn't imagined myself as one to fall for an arrogant, popular guy). And, well, soon we started dating. We grew closer and I knew I had fallen for him bad. But sometimes it was as if he knew but didn't even care. Some days he would just be a total jerk to me, or (yeah, even better) I would find him flirting with another girl. I brought up these things to him and we ended up getting in a big fight about it. In the end, he yelled "Maybe we should just break up!" and I said okay. and he said okay. And he's moved on since.



November 05, 2016 @ (Around)

Tags: Dishonesty, FOMO, boysareajoke

About a year and two months dating, my boyfriend broke up with me.. saying he couldnt do long distance anymore. I had only moved away 3 months prior due to family changes and school etc. He said he was still in-love with me and that we could be together once i moved back in a few years. The day after he had a new girlfriend, in which i realized thanks to facebook. I was heartbroken, and when i asked him if it was true he told me it was a dare” and they had to wait a week before taking it down from facebook. I then later found out it wasnt a dare, he had just lied about that. The best part was finding out they had sex 3 days after being together and he broke up with her the day after and asked to be back together with me.


Sophia Styles

November 03, 2016 @ (San Antonio)

Tags: Dishonesty, lack of communication, fear of commitment

I met him at a party in December 2015. It was obvious that we were both attracted to each other and we started dating straight away. On our first date he tells me he loves me, that freaked me out and I saw it as a red flag, but decided to dodge the bullet to give him a chance. Being with him was amazing since I loved spending time with him, but we barely ever saw each other. We only saw each other twice a month for 1 hour or 2. I wanted to see him more than that since we only lived 30 mins apart. I told him that, but it never happened.

Last month he broke up with me because his feelings weren't as strong as mine and his feelings were diminishing. He never communicated this to me at the time and instead he repressed this since he wanted to still be with me, so he pretended like everything was ok and was telling me how he loves me and misses me when he wasn't feeling it. That made me feel like the past few months was all a farce and was leading me on. The fact that he wasn't honest with me is what hurts the most.

A few months later he still wants me around since he is inviting me to events, so I am left being really confused.



November 02, 2016 @ (Eugene Or)

Tags: Smh

So this was last year (8th grade) and he lived in Springfield for a while but moved to Carolina but cane to visit. I didn't really know him at the time. I hung out with my friend and she would FaceTime with me around and he would say I'm hot and stuff (I hadn't dated anyone in a year at this time) and I started to catch feelings. We hung out for the first time and the mall. He was a little shorter then me but I didn't care. He came to my basket ball games and we would FaceTime everyday. Then after about a week he said he didn't have time for me and thought it was ridiculous because he lived so far. I cried because I really liked him. A lot. But I accepted it. In the summer I went to the fair and saw him kissing another girl (who lived here) which Pissed me off because he broke up with me because he lived too far but then..idk. It was stupid. But now I'm in a happy relationship for almost 5 months now. 🙂



October 30, 2016 @ (California )

Tags: Long distance, relationships, breakup, ldr

So about a year ago I was single and I decided to make a dating profile just for the fun of it. I started casually talking to guys on this online dating app and I came across one and got a good laugh at a joke he made on his profile. Now I usually don't message guys online but his was pretty funny so i decided to message him a response to his joke. We talked a bit. I'm from California born



October 29, 2016 @ (Ontario Canada )

Tags: Break up

My girlfriend "Lisa" went to Newfoundland for two weeks to visit family. I never saw or heard from her again. I found out years later that in that two weeks, she met a guy at a bar and decided to stay. I've never got over her, I have no closure.



October 26, 2016 @ (kuwait)

Tags: half happy and half sad

she was my bff idk how i know her one day on school when i was grade 8 {13 age} and she is grade 9 {15 age} , i was stopped on a mirror do my hair she look to me and laugh bc my hair was so messy loool ok that was the first time i meet her , then after many days i think she give me her number to talk on whatsapp i put her number on whatsapp and on 12pm we talk together the first voice she sent to me {she said why ur sister love u and everyone love u should every1 hate u } she meaning me :) then she be my daily routine if id talk to her one day my day look baaaaaaaaaaad day im not kidding after thats all days and mouth , one day no one we broke up bc many of days she dont talk to me . me 2 , i started to chating with her and i told her { how are u , i miss u , where re u its spend a days and we dont talk , and she answered me u should start talk and u dont know whatt happen to me and like that in behind if i didnt start chat we will dont talk right idk how to told u but i hope u understand anddddd now i with her in hight school im grade 10 and she 11 yesterday she talk to mee and im soooo happy but we willnt become like the first we re friend right now



October 25, 2016 @ (1311 willingham drive)

Tags: bad, upsetting

so me and him kinda was dating..rn im in pain im more depressed then freshmen year i started liking him never talked to him till my 10th gr year which is rn im a 10th grader and he is a he talked to me thats how it started we got to know each other more and more and then we started with kissing each other hugging holding hands taking pictures together matching etc...he would write me these love letters i still got them although wen i reread them im always breaking down into tears...he asked me to homecoming we went we had a whole argument he was being mean and i was acting up bcus i started feeling depressed i didnt tell him bcus i didnt wanna ruin our special night but he even told me i did ruin it and i was sorry for being a bitch to him bcus of my we talked still we werent official even tho i had been wanting to b with him since last year..we had our first slow dance and my god i sung to him it was real special to me i was really happy..he made me real happy he made me feel special and i loved his personality and i started falling for him...i fell so hard that i considered him as my bf to my friends and me and him laughed and did lots together he would give me piggy ride backs and hickies and every time we met after every class and wallked each other to class and i appreciated him i gave him my devotion i gave him everything i had i did everything for him i did what i could to make him happy and i gave him all my support i motivated him to b a better person to do good in skool and b someone in life i believed in him.ppl kept telling me shit about him i didnt wanna believe them bcus i trusted him but all this time he was stabbing me on the bac and did hurtful shit to me it hurt me but i still stayed with him i stayed after he had hurt me i kept forgiving him time after time he kept fucking up and he promised he wasnt gunna fuc up and he did multiple times and i forgave him all the time..then he was telling me he loved me and shit and how he missed me and that he was loyal to me wen wasnt he was having me looking stupid out here wen i was defendin him and believing all his lies..



October 19, 2016 @ (Canada)

Tags: my fault, i'm sorry

So there are all of these "my boyfriend did something to me" but this time its a little different, its actually me that did something not very cool to my boyfriend and I totally regret it! It all happened on THAT day, at my friend's uncle small cinema ( about 30-40 places). My friend told me I could bring some friends but only 2-3 since our whole "squad" was there and some other people she knew would come. So I went over there with my boyfriend and his brother and we sat at the complete back of the room, if i remember, we were on the 4th seat from the right side of the alley. So the movie started and my boyfriend went to get something (I don't remember what it was but I think it was food). He left for a good 5 minutes, so I started talking to him (yes i am part of these rude people at the movie theatre) and the more we talked the more I thought he was cute. I then put lip balm on since I am a lip balm addict and I always put some on so his brother told me "you must have very soft lips" and i said "well i guess your brother must be very lucky" and then he said "maybe one day" and I had the great idea of saying "why waiting for some other day when we can do it now" (i know its cheesy) and we kissed... The worst part is that I liked it! When my boyfriend arrived, I bursted in tears and ran to the washroom. I stayed there really long until I finally got out. I told him everything that happened but suprisely he didn't seem to care. I invited for him to break up with me because he did not deserve that but then he said that he wanted to stay with me : "why would I leave you? you like me so much you couldn't hide it from me and you care about me so much that you want me to leave you just because of that." I hugged me and we left the place and went at his house but the only problem and the one thing I didn't tell him was that since the kiss, I developed a small feeling for his brother. At his house, he made a test, he left me in a room with his brother to prove me it was an accident and that he trusted me. Now his brother kissed me and i didn't stop him, i kissed him too, a long and honest kiss. Then my boyfriend didn't trust me anymore... He broke up and we didn't talk anymore. Now its a bit better and we still talk together but not as much as we used to. During 3 months I secretly dated his brother and a few days ago, I told him about it. He was not that mad and he said one sentence I am always going to remember:

- love is like a wild animal, it seems nice but can be dangerous and even if we think we are its friend it will either jump in your face and attack you or run away to someone else's arms. No matter what you do or how you do it, you can't stop someone from loving as long as you can't stop the horse from running.

I dont freakin' know where he got this quote from but I will always remember it! This guy is the sweetest guy ever! he can be so stupid sometimes but is always full of wisdom!!! I really feel sorry and I am really thankful for him understanding my situation!


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