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March 14, 2015 @ (from hell)

Tags: sad break up, bad break up, love

"The last chapter of our story" or "the brake up" is my best way to tell you how! Let me know what you think

Why did you go and left me alone
Did you think like I'll just move on?

Your memory is in every corner of my mind
Without seeing you, my eyes will go blind

Do you remember when we planed everthing together ?
And you said "baby, I'll be with you forever"

I believed your word like it was an oath
Because of it, now I feel loath

We had a bond stronger than bricks
After all these years, you say we don't really mix!

My problem is, I'm in love with your smile
To get over it, it'll take me a while

There is apart of me will never forget you
I'll always love you, regardless what you do

And when you realize how much I do, it'll be too late
You'll crawl back to me, but I won't take that bait

I wish you will always be happy, even though I'm hurt
Cuz once you love someone you just can't revert

That's how I love you, but you decided to forget everything we shared
It breaks my heart, but at least now I know how much you cared

That's how you wanted to write the last chapter of our story
Nothing will fix it now, not even "I'm sorry".


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March 14, 2015 @ (india)

Tags: bad break up.

I have been in a long distance relationship for a year now and my boyfriend has been acting really weird from the past two months. he has been desperately trying to end the relationship. the last time i met he seemed depressed and i thought its just the depression and the work pressure that has made him this way. we fight alot and he gets so upset that he ends up crying. we had a huge fight on my birthday which was a month back. Ever since then he seems to complaining of severe depression and that he hasnt been able to sleep and said he wanted some space. after two days he calls me and tells me that he is ending this relationship for good and that he hates me. he even said that he will be looking out for girls from april to get married too. I was shattered and i honestly didnt know what was going on. a week later he calls me again and says he was sorry and he cant live without me. I took him back but i was tooo hurt to heal so quickly and accept that he wanted me. it wasnt even three days when got into yet another fight. he then withdrew and stopped talking to me. i later get a call from his boss and his boss who is way older than us, said that its best i move on. I FEEL SO TORN APART . i dont even know why he did this to me. i dont know what is the actual reason for the break up. i loved him so much that in my mind we were already married. i saw him like my husband. why would a guy do this to me? i request him to meet me one last time in april when he comes here, but he bluntly refused. I REAALLY DONT KNOW WHY THIS HAPPeNED. i tried way to hard to make this work. something in me says he loves me. the other half tells me ive been only manipulated and kicked around like a football in and out of his life. I NEED SOME ADVICE.



March 12, 2015 @ (dubai)

Tags: bad breakup

He broke a six year relationship after he went abroad for his higher studies.I was waiting for him to complete his studies and waiting for the right moment to get hitched.But he felt the relationship was not working anymore because of the distance and my career which he thought was not stable enough.He just brokeup one day ,it was sudden,he told that he was going around with a girl ,someone his mother chose for him because she was an american citizen.Few months after the breakup and i hear that he married the girl.I guess he preferred a citizenship and a secure life over me.Just breaks my heart to know he left in the worst possible way.An year since the breakup happened and im still trying to move on in vain.



March 09, 2015 @ (South Carolina )

Tags: Lying cheating boyfriend

Ever since I met him he always had me wrapped around his fingers. He played hard to get, and when I got him we had a wonderful relationship the first 7 months we were together. He wanted to know If I would be okay with him having an Instagram. I said I didn't trust people on that site. Soon he would act like I was garbage. I poured my love, heart, and tears into this relationship. He broke up with me and talked to other girls, and when we got back together I tried my hardest to show him I love him. I always caught him talking to online girls and he promised each time he wouldn't break my heart again. He stopped texting, calling, and caring. I found out it was because he was talking to another girl. He lied to her about everything and she took him back. I gave him ANOTHER chance and he still didn't appreciate me. I felt lost and used. I finally had enough and said if you can't treat me right and give me attention, we need to break up. He told me we are done, and the same day he saw me to get his crap from my house I called over and over and his new girlfriend picked up, apparently they were on a date. If she only knew the shit he put me through. She is basic anyways she can have him. I am happy now but I still think what if? But I gave it all I could.



March 02, 2015 @ (Amsterdam)

Tags: bad breakup hurt

When you think you know someone but you don't know the person at all.

I think every girl can relate to the fact that your first break up hurts the most, it feels like someone ripped your heart out of your chest. You hope you will never feel this severe pain again but unfortunately I did.

I met this guy online and we had an instant click it was so strange because I never engaged in online dating. After we texted each other a week long we decided we should go on a date. The spark that we had trough social media was even greater in real life. I never believed in something like a soul mate but it seemed like it.

I was living a lie I did not know I was living, we had great times and introduced each other to our parents. He promised me a future and used to say the sweetest things.We were like a power couple ready to build an empire together. After a month he started to change laying in bed with him was like being with someone I didn't know. His kisses where cold and his words where empty .

Right before Christmas he told me he is done with the relationship, apparently his feelings where gone. He told me i was a great girl pretty, smart everything but it was not working. He said sorry 100 times but it was all fake. After a week I snooped on his account and found out he had been speaking with a girl on social media for months. They used to send each other the craziest things and laugh about the fact that he was basically cheating. I was torn and broken it felt like someone took my heart and spit on it as if it was nothing. I could not control my emotions and tears kept rolling. I decided to confront him and he kept saying no until I showed him the evidence. He told me he loves her more than he ever loved me and that he is done with me. I started to question myself, i'm i Ugly, not smart enough to fat. All the sweet things he said kept going trough my mind, was my relationship an act. What hurts the most is that I gave 100% in this relationship and I get threaded like i'm just a fool. This has made me really cold and I'm afraid to love cause the pain that comes with it is unbearable.

Love hurts



March 01, 2015 @ (Malaysia )

Tags: LDR's not my thing

My life was perfect until I met Srishti. I knew Srishti for quite some time, however I never liked her neither did I crave for her attention. My friends how we've teased me with her as she had proposed me(it was a dare given by her friend). At first it did not affect me at all as I had a wonderful girlfriend. One night as usual Srishti and I were chatting on Whatsapp. For some reason we began to talk about kisses and we decided that we would kiss each other. At first I thought of it as a prank and came up to her and asked for a kiss. However this prank did not remain a prank anymore and she really kissed me. I had goosebumps all over my body and I felt as if I was on cloud 9. After a while I felt awful as I already had a girlfriend and I basically cheated on her. Srishti and I began to meet up on regular basis and our kissing still continued. She also had a boyfriend at that time and we did not realize that what we did could give a spark to a beautiful relationship.

After a while I broke up with my girlfriend as I really wanted Srishti to be a part of my life. On 15th September 2014 I started dating Srishti. At first things were great. As time passed and since now I got to know her even better I realized she flirted a lot with boys. She gave her number to a guy she doesn't know personally and is a friend of our best friend. I had to step in so I started putting restrictions on her because I cared for her and loved her unconditionally.(im a very over possessive boy) I had never cried for a girl in my life before.Life got interesting with her because we always had common interests, we shared everything about each other, we never hid things, we just could wait to see each other. I mean her cute face, lovely smile,breath taking kiss..I felt special when I was with her. I never admitted this infront of her but I WAS INDEED THE LUCKIEST GUY TO HAVE HER AS MY GIRLFRIEND.She cared for me, she was there for me when I needed her. I just never showed the appreciation. All I ever did was scold her for her flaws. And now I realize that what I did was the most awful thing. Today her dad decided to send her to another university and me being insecure and not trusting her sadly had to break up with her. The moment we broke up I burst into tears. I still have watery eyes.



February 27, 2015 @ (OC)

Tags: Confused, scared, cheat, best friend, no trust

"Joe" and I were never really together. We never were friends, I just knew he went to my high school. After graduation he added me on Facebook and we started talking. I was really falling for this dude. Joe would call me and text me every morning and throughout the day until I'd finally fall asleep. Slowly he stopped all this. Turns out he had started dating my best friend. Double slap in my face. They were both dating behind my back. I stopped talking to them both. I lost my best friend I'd known for over 12 years and my crush within the same hour. About to months later he comes back. I ignore him but he tried to contact me through every media outlet... Finally I give in and just say hi. He pulls me back in and we begin talking again. Today we're not official but together. Omens are telling me to end it with him, but I don't know how I'd take it not talking to him thoughout the day. It's become a habit to go to his house and hang out. I can't trust him though. After he found out I was talking to someone else, he said he wouldn't be able to trust me. So I wonder what we're both doing together still.... I'm just scared to end things with him for sure. I'm scared to cry. I've been heart broken once and don't want to go through it again, although every time I'm with him my heart dies a little.



February 26, 2015 @ (UK)

Tags: Bad break up, wierd break up

Okay.. here we go...
Everything was great in my relationship we had been together for 9 months and known each other since we were babies- our mothers used to have play dates!
One Tuesday night, he seems a bit strange. This was wierd, a bit distance, I id never seen him like this ever before and I was going to call him on it but the moment passed. Before he dropped me home he said how he hoped we were going to be together forever and how he never wants to let me go.
The next day - Wednesday I arrange to see him to see if he's ok because the previous evening had made me think.
We go out for a drink, we sit there and he says we should end.
I was stumped!!!
He said we just have to end and he was soo sorry and how this was the hardest thing he's ever done and that he still didn't know if he had done the right thing.....
I was so shocked.
Out of the blue.
This was my first proper relationship, first love and now first break up?!
I managed to hold it together till he dropped me off home (the most awkward car ride I have ever experienced) we hugged in the car, I get inside my house and then totally break down, I cried for hours. No exaggeration.
Well that was a year ago, we still see each other - in the same volunteering program - but haven't said a word to each other.
It was just so wierd. He started going out with this girl in September, they got engaged in December and are getting married in June.
Still wierd though.



February 25, 2015 @ (Michigan )

Tags: funny break up

Ahhh, this site is so nice to hear all these stories. I think I'm going to share all of my break ups story by story, so here's my first one:

My first boyfriend, I dated from beginning to end of my high school freshman year. He was a dorky theater and choir kid, and I was (and still) an art nerd. We were really shy and had a calm relationship, no drama, doing things from going to theater productions or getting lunch. One day, at the end of my freshman year, we had a mutual break up. We felt like we were too different and it was simple and there were no tears at all. It had a nice ending.

Funny thing, 6 months later, he started dating a close friend of mine, which I had no issue with at all :) We even hung out sometimes. I'm 20 now, so that was 5 years ago.



February 19, 2015 @ (san antonio tx)

Tags: #heartbroken

so my ex gf decided to move on from me after 11 months of the deepest relationship i have ever had been in, shes moving on with one of my friends. she has blocked my number and theres nothing i can do. being hurt is the worst feeling ever.


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