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January 17, 2011 @ (New York)

Tags: hair, dumb

I recently got my hair cut in a new style and was receiving compliments all day and when I saw my boyfriend that day, he said that he hated it and couldn't see me anymore because of my haircut.


MaryAnn Summers

January 16, 2011 @ (Arizona)

Tags: suicide, Mike

Tiffany, you selfish, evil, b****! I worked with you and Jessica Michelle in the office and she was my best friend. I always said you'd stab her in the back for her job, and that's pretty much what you did. I should call the police since you are essentially responsible for her death. She was a dedicated employee and a great friend and she loved Mike enough to give up her career. You and Mike destroyed her life and now you've destroyed Mike's life too. BTW, I'm going to email Max a link to this site and let him see what a back-stabbing b**** you really are and let's see how long you keep your precious job when he gets a look at this. I hope you never find another job anywhere so you can't hurt anyone else like you did Mike and Jessica Michelle. There is no end to your evil. I hope you burn in hell.



January 16, 2011 @ (Arizona)

Tags: Mike, suicide girl

I just ended a relationship with the worlds most gullible man. I used to work as a personal assistant for his fiance Jessica, but when Mike used this website to break up with her, she hung herself because she miscarried. Course, Mike freaked out when he found out she was dead and she had been carrying his baby. He used the money she left him to go on a weeks long booze and drug binge. Not a real surprise to me, cause I used the lure of some good weed to get his ass back to my house on Halloween and make him believe I was pregnant with his kid. I knew he would act like the ass he was and break up with Michelle, and I knew that would make Michelle fall apart 'cause she was a mentally fragile wall flower, desperately in need of attention. After she killed herself on New Years Eve, Mike left me all her things and went and got high. He spent two days at her grave, drinking and getting high. Now I just left him at rehab and and cleaning out his apartment. Bye "M&M" lol, thanks for the new car, clothes and job!



January 15, 2011 @ (Wisconsin)

Tags: For, Fred

So, I met this guy on facebook. His name was Fredi. I had a boyfriend already so we were just friends. He used to tell im perfect for him & that im the girl of his dreams.. & i believed him. Later on, I broke up with my boyfriend to be with him. One week later, he came to my house and we made out and he kept on making me take off my clothes and i kept on telling him that no. He said okay. Later he asked me out and I said yeah
After one week, we had sex already. & we kept on having it at least one time a week. But the first time we had it, we used no protection. & i realized i miss my period. Thats when I realized what I did. I had sex with a guy I barely met. I didn't want to do it anymore. I told him that I don't want to have sex anynore. He kept on asking me why. So I told him i missed my period. But really... I didn't know why. Was it because I really didn't love him or because I might be pregnant. We went through 2 weeks without having sex and he sended me a text saying he didn't feel anything for me anymore. I started crying. I can be pregnant with his kid! Im so stupid for believing all his lies. He told me he loved me and that we're gonna last for a long time..and we only lasted for a month. I was scared I might be pregnant & I was sad the whole week. I started smoking & I didn't care about my grades. But Yesterday, I got my period and we barely broke up one week ago. I was so happy. Im going to take this as a learning experience.



January 03, 2011 @ (Pennsylvania)

Tags: risk, suicide attempt, inverted nipples

Dear Lisa,

For the three months we dated, I had picked up on the fact that you dropped out of and left college quickly, but never inquired as to why. When I finally found out that you had cut your wrists amidst a breakdown and your roommates found you bleeding in your room, it was too much. Maybe it was an isolated incident, but the chance that a dispute between us in the future could lead you to do the same thing is to much of a risk. Relationships are difficult enough without also having to worry about your significant other potentially physically hurting themselves or others. Instead of denying you have deep rooted psychological issues, I hope you get help and eventually find happiness.

Also, you have inverted nipples and despite my best effort to ignore it, it's a turn-off. Not a deal breaker, but a factor non-the-less.




For Mike And Tiffany

December 30, 2010 @ (Arizona)

Tags: suicide, secretary

Dear Mike, Since you refuse to take my calls and you have blocked my email, I am left with no options but this. I know you will read this, because you chose to end our relationship on this site and I know you enjoy reading these things. First, I was devastated when you disappeared on Christmas Eve, so much so I had a spontaneous miscarriage. I'm sorry I didn't tell you before. I was going to tell you everything on Christmas morning, sort of your present from me. Mike, my dearest love, the reason I had been eating so much, and gaining weight was because I was pregnant with our child. When we were in Milan, I hadn't taken my birth control for a while. That was on purpose. After out fight in August about having kids, I really thought about it, and I decided to make some changes in my life. I wanted to show you I was committed to you, so I made the decision to get pregnant. (That is why those sheets were special to me. Our baby was conceived on them.) I'm so sorry that I just didn't tell you sooner, but I wanted to be sure I could carry it to term. Mike, I was so scared about bringing a child into this messed up world. When I lost my parents at 6 years old, I promised I would never make my children grow up the way I did. That is why I told you I never wanted to have a child. Mike, I'm sorry, I was afraid I would fail as a parent. And now, I'm sorry, I have done exactly that. Mike, they did all they could, but she was just too early. She lived for a few minutes, just long enough for me to hold her. Mike, she was so beautiful. She had your nose. I could see both of us in her tiny face. I named her Sarah Rose, after your G-Mom.
Mike, please forgive me for not telling you everything sooner. I did so want to make this Christmas a new beginning for us. I had already told Max, I was quitting after the new year. That is why I was pushing Tiffany so hard; she was to take my place when I left the company. Please tell her to call Max, the job is still hers.
Mike, I just wanted you to know, you are and will always be my forever love. I never wanted anything in this world but to make you happy. I realize now I have failed at that too.
You asked for a present for Tiff's and your child. So here it is. I've left everything to you, the house in Tahoe will be paid off, and everything else is here in Scottsdale. I've signed everything into your name. I've always known I never "fit" in this world, and now that you are gone, I see no reason to continue this charade. I wish all three of you all the happiness possible.
Please go to the bird lady's house and get Pete and Polly. I told her they now belong to you. I am going now to be with our little girl. Maybe, if there really is a heaven, we will all be together some day. Until then, I will always be loving you and looking over you. My dearest love, farewell.



December 29, 2010 @ (413)

Tags: 1, 2

Ok, I have been thru hell n back...I met my 1st love @ 15 when I was a freshman in HS n he was a junior. We dated that summer and my sophomore yr I get prego the day I lost my virginity...later I found out he cheated on me w/ his ex n she was prego, exactly 1 mth a head of me...after a paternity test the girl named after him isnt his n we eneded up getting married when I was 19 n him make a veryyyy long story short, i grew insecure. I turned psycho thinking he was always lying n cheating becuz i couldn't believe him...after being on n off for 11 yrs n 2 kids later, i ended it...the ONLY reason y i stayed as long as I did was for my kids...becuz although he was a liar n not cold, he was n still is an amazing father n great provider! on paper we had it all, beautiful house, cars, clothes, n handsome kids, but i was living a lie for my kids n realized i was doing more harm than good by i ended it...he was devastated (especially because the last few yrs he was doing sooo good!!) but my heart wasnt in it anymore...n it hurts to be cheated on, i was so sad n heartbroken, especially being 16 n pregnant...but reading these stories has made me realize how mature i was through out the whole thing...i finished school, graduated w/ honors, worked...i'm on here wanting to read real stories of break ups n it seems that there's just a shit load of little kids on here who have no self respect for themselves! yes i went back to a cheater but that was after mths of no communication n having him prove himself...on here these girls get dumped, then the next day sleeping w/ the dude n wonders y they got dumped again!! Then saying things like "should i keep trying?" or "we're friends w/ benefits still" like how ridiculous do u sound!!! u sound pathetic n then the stories of the girl getting dumped n still sleeping w/ dude KNOWING he doesnt want to be w her n getting pregnant??? WTF!!! someone commented saying it sounds like she did it on purpose n i agree!! girls these days don't respect themselves nor value themselves! they revolve their worlds around douches instead of focusing on school n their futures. its just sooo sad!!! what is happening with these younger generations!!?? I am blessed to have such a wonderful, strong, supportive family who has taught me morals and taught me that i dont need a man to make me happy!! where are these kids parents??? Sorry, had to vent!!



December 27, 2010 @ (Boulder City Nevada)

Tags: Cameron Cuny

Let's see. It's December... 6months ago.

I was dating this doucher, and I met someone online.He was, perfect? No, perfect is an under-state-ment. Anywys, we fell in love. We both did, instantly.

God, I'm getting flash backs; we celebrated Fourth of July together. July 3rd we met and fell inlove, and became the greatest relationship ever. Hours and Hours on the phone, everynight. Webcams, phones, Im's. But, everyone was right.. Long distance doesn't work.

Anyways... We were amazing, but we only lasted a short time. I remember the breakup so vividly. I was high off of life, hanging out with my best friend, walking home, and as I passed the alleyway across the way from my alley, I got a phone call from my baby. I remember him talking to his buddy breifly, and then getting serious. He just explained to me that it wasn't working. He then asked, if I was alright, and with tears in my eyes, I replied yes. He told me if I needed to cry I could.

Oh I needed to cry alright. But I told him I didn't want him to have to hear it for, I didn't want him to feel bad. I told him I had to go...

My friend Devin was concerned.

I turned around, facing away from her, and cried, silent at first.

I tried to walk, i was so shaken, I couldn't walk, so I stumbled and fell. I sat against the wall, and Devin rushed over. I just started to scream. I couldn't breath, and I was screaming. Devin helped me up while I was still bawling, and she hugged me. I was so crushed. It felt as if he took a kife, rammed it into my heart, and then twisted the blade. After about an hour, I regained enough of my composure to get home..
As sooon as I was in my room, I began to cry again. I turned up my music and cried. After like... roughly 3 hours, Devin went home. I never stopped crying.

I did something I have never done before too.
I became numb. I was in such denial. It was so not over.

I couldn't even feel my heartbeat anymore, and pathetically, I cut myslef. I didn't want to die, I was making sure I was still alive.

He called me. I swear, I just sat there, with the phone muted, crying, screaming, not breathing. he was apologizing. Which broke my heart even more, causing me more pain.

This was the first guy, the first person I have ever felt love for, and he does this too mee? I would tell everyone exactly why he broke up with me, stupid reson, but I don't want to be mean. Why would anyone do this to me? My first real true heart break.. and it still haunts me. 6 MONTHS LATER! Why?

I have cried so many times, just at random, and if any of my friends even say his name, itnsta-cry. Little things remind me of him. Especially the song, It's Not Over- Second HandSerenade. I have listened to it atleast 100 times in the last couple hours. It's 3:46 in the morning.. I have officially been crying for 3 hours. Yay. what an accomplishment. Are you happy Cameron? Knowing that the fucking thought of you makes me cry. And when i do cry, I can't breath. I put myself through hell, for you. And what's even worse... I still love you.




December 25, 2010 @ (Small town in Texas)

Tags: example

will i was dating a guy for three years he was my first love, im so deep in love with him. And he broke up with me a little over a month ago and im so depressed i feel like my world is coming to an end. this brake up happend so fast i wasnt expecting it even though we would always fight but we would always get over it some way some how, but this time he told me he just couldnt go on cause he wasnt happy being together so he broke up with me. it hurt me so much that it was so easy to just give up on us like that after 3 years and after all the stuff he told me. so he kept texting me, telling me he still loves me and wants to stay friends. And when he does text me he expects me to talk to him like if we were still together but i dont i talk to him like i would talk to any other of my friends, and that really bugs him, he wants me to be kissing his a** or something. so two weeks fly by and he text me telling me he hates that i act like i dont love him anymore and dont even tell him hi or even make eye contact with him at school and that he doesnt know if he should stop "trying". which i have no idea what he meant by that i thought he let go of what we had the day he told me it was over. im so confused does he want me back?


Mike Hawke

December 24, 2010 @ (Arizona)

Tags: christmas, secretary

I am currently at my girl friends house, using her computer. Its Christmas Eve, and she's sleeping on the couch cause we just got done having sex all night. SO, here comes the break up!

She doesn't know but I have been sleeping with her secretary, Tiffany, for the last two months. We met at the Halloween party, and when I said I was giving "Randy" a ride home, I had actually taken Tiff back to our house and screwed her in our bed. (yes honey, on those sheets you bought in Italy.) Now you know why they smelled like Chanel, when you wear DKNY.

So, later when I leave this web page open, and tell you I'm going to the store for cigarettes and you begin to wonder why I don't come back and wont answer my phone, Its because I'm spending Christmas at Tiff's house and I'm dumping your Dean and Deluca gobbling fat ass!

By the way, Tiff says she's giving her notice and good luck finding a new secretary you "slave driving bitch".

Oh, and if you want to know the "why", remember how you said your career was more important than having kids or even me? Well, our baby (Tiff's and mine)is due in July and we will be expecting a gift! Good luck with that career thing! and MERRY CHRISTMAS! Ho Ho Ho.


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