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July 23, 2011 @ (FL.)

Tags: time

My husband said the words I needed to hear, "you'll never be alone again"... and I believed him. His actions behind closed doors were mentally abusive, he even was able to convince our novice church counselor's that it was me. His assault was ruthless and without mercy all the while appearing to all others as the nicest guy ever. I went to a professional counselor and right away she recognized his behavior as narcissistic. True to the disorder your complete emotional,mental and circumstantial destruction is their goal. I lost my friends, had to move from the place I loved, lost my home, my career, my dreams, any respect I had from my peers in college. I still want to move back to that area (I love the mountains) but have nothing left there. He still works in the ministry (I introduced him to)there as far as I know and attends the church we went to together. I am hoping to trust again in another relationship.


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Nikki G

July 18, 2011 @ (Canada)

Tags: heartbreak, crying, lying

I dated my first boyfriend for 7 months. We loved each other. We did have our ups and downs, but we were always okay in the end. He always spoke about marriage and having a life together and me and him running away together as soon as we got the money. We were both 14. I broke up with him twice because I was going through some stuff like moving out of town and I didn't get to see him often already. The second time he broke out crying saying he loved me. That put me over the edge and I wanted him back sooo bad. Then it turns out because I heard him cry, he found some ugly piece of shit chick. Then one night we were talking and he said he was breaking up with her and getting back together with me. The next morning he lied and said he didn't remember any of it. I cried myself to sleep every night. Now he won't even acknowledge my existence.



July 14, 2011 @ (Desert)

Tags: heartbroken, lost

I just broke up with my boyfriend 2 days ago. He says that he is devastated, but I caught him telling girls that he was single and giving out his number. I also caught him telling another girl that I was clingy and it made him want to vomit. The worst part about it is that he is the clingy one. he is constantly upset when I have to work, or if I can't stay the night with him. He is also telling me that we are single, because we dont live together. But I had a guy from my work randomly call me and he lost it. He said that I should never have guys call my number. He is also addicted to xanax, hell take 5 bars and not remember a thing. And while on these pills he is very mean to me. Why am I so addicted to him? He has been very good to me in the past. For my birthday he took me to $100 dinner. He also always answers when I call or text. I know that he is not cheating on me currently, but I am afraid that its coming to that. Now I am questioning whether I did the right thing. I miss him so much. We used to see each other everyday, on his choice. He was my friend advice giver. Im completely heartbroken and I have never felt this way about a guy before.


Summer Of Love

July 11, 2011 @ (usa)

Tags: firstlove, teen

I was 14 and hadn't ever had a boyfriend. When I found out he did actually like me, we starting falling together. Once it was "official," we were practically inseparable. He was the first guy I'd ever hugged, held hands with, had a arm around me (all romantic firsts of course, I'd hugged guys before, but not like this.) I was even all of those firsts for him, too.

About a month into it, we were at a party late on night and we all decided to play hide-and-go seek tag in the pitch black darkness. I wasn't chosen to be "it," so I ran and hid behind these bushes that I knew were the perfect spot. A couple minutes later, he dove back behind with me, although he didn't know I was there. I moved closer to him and, through the darkness, found his hand. He just whispered "missed you" so softly, and we had only been apart those couple minutes, I just.. fell. He was the nicest, sweetest guy I had ever known. I leaned my head in towards him, and we just kissed. It was one of those "I hope my first kiss goes like this:" stories.

He lived about 15 minutes away, so we weren't together every single day, but that made our time together every couple days even more cherished. Sometimes we'd go to our park and just sit there and talk about everything there is to talk about, for hours! Every time I would have to leave or he'd have to go, we hugged, and kissed each other. It was the best summer I'd ever had.

After a few months, he had become more than just my boyfriend, he q



July 08, 2011 @ (Manitoba)

Tags: Me, he

Read this and tell me if you think that this is right. We where happy together he was happy , I was happy
We were together for almost 5 months and we would always put eachothers feeling first. He mad me so happy, but one night he got really mad , not at me just at life and he sent me a inbox on facebook. Saying that it would be better to be friends and that he didn't love me anymore. This was a day after he told me he loved me 13 times in one day. When we got back to school, he released that he still loved me and made a mistake, so he asked me out. I didn't know what to say so I just said I'll have to think, the day went on and that night he told me that he loved me and would catch a grenade for me and do anything for me but he didn't want to be my boyfriend . 2 days after he asked out my best friend. And it's been at least to months since, I still cry about it .



July 08, 2011 @ (ohio)

Tags: t

me and this guy dated for 7 months, everything was near perfect, we had our ups and downs like everybody but he was the love of my life and he said i was the same for him, then one day randomly out of the blue he breaks up with me because apparently i talked about kids and marriage to much even though hes the one who always brought it up, a few days later he said it was because he just didnt love me anymore he just randomly stopped feeling like that toward me, even though he promised me forever. not only did i lose my boy friend i lost my best friend so this all kinda sicks.
p.s. i hate that i still love you T.


Once A Cheater Always A Cheater

July 06, 2011 @ (florissant, mo)

Tags: (cheater!!, heart breaker)

i dated my boyfriend for 1 year he was my first love and our relationship was amazing! he always spoiled me whenever he could he was so nice and he always told me he loved me. we always knew since i was only 15 and him 17 that we wouldnt last 4ever. but we did promise each other a few things 1. no dating or hooking up with anyone for a couple months after breaking up. 2.if u cheat on me tell me! 3. we will still be friends after we break up. so as time went on he constantly said i had an attitude about everything he did and we were always getting annoyed with each other we promised we would both work on our flaws but the last month i felt like he didnt care anymore and that he was cheating on me.In that month i always cried at night because i thought he was gonna break up and was cheating on me. He kept picking up more hours at work which kept making me so upset because i missed seeing him and i would get annoyed when he promised 2 hang out with me but worked last min. he never wanted 2 stay the night anymore, he stopped calling, after work he always went to parties he never asked me to go anymore and kept saying he wanted 2 go home 4 alone time but would go out and hangout with his friends. a week after our 1 year anniversary he came over and i was so excited 2 hangout with him but he told me he had 2 work... i was really upset so he left. i got online and his facebook status said about done i asked him if it was about me and then he broke up with me over a facebook message according to him it was because of my attitude and i begged him to give me another chance until a couple days later i found out he was cheating on me when we were dating and as soon as we broke up had sex with a couple girls... all the promises he made me were a lie and he never kept any of them i recently found out he is now talking to another girl that i hate and he always called a whore when we were dating and i am still not over him its only been a week!


Miss Boo

July 06, 2011 @ (UT)

Tags: break-up, crazy

The summer before my first year of high school I started dating one of my best guy friends, Jesus. He had been my best friend since the beginning of middle school and we were so close. I had liked him for awhile and he had no idea entire time. Right before school ended he told me that at first the only reason he had started talking to me was because he thought I was just some hot girl he could get with and be done with but after we started talking he realized that I was actually I really funny, nice person that he decided to just be friends with me.
I didn't tell him that I liked him I just said "Oh! That is so sweet, blah, blah, blah." My girl best friend is the one that told him I did because she was mad at me and didn't realize that he liked me a lot and it as actually good news to him. The next day he asked me out and I was more than surprised. I said yes of course and then we started dating.
Not long after that his crazy started coming out. I'd wake up with like 80 text messages from him. If I didn't call him back or answer a message from him in like 5 minutes he would send me 10 half angry half worried. I just wrote it off for awhile. Just thinking he really must love me or he must really be bored.
I had to go out to visit my dad in Alabama for 3 weeks and I told him I probably wouldn't be using my phone that much so he shouldn't worry. That is when he went REALLY crazy. He would send me pictures of my house at like weird times of the day and if I didn't answer he would slice up his arms and legs and send me pictures of it bleeding and gross. It was all just to weird. I told him when I got back we needed to talk in person. He said okay but still kept up the weird stuff. When I got home we went to a park to talk. It was all just a really weird day. I told him we needed to take a little break so I could decide if I wanted to move to Alabama to live with my dad. He went insane.
End of story summed up real quick. He got violent. I had to change my number. Change our locks. Only go outside with someone else and I never stayed home by myself. We almost filed for a restraining order, instead we just got him sent to a different school.



July 05, 2011 @ (Semmes, AL!)

Tags: two years, jerk, wasted time

So me and this guy had been dating almost two years and he is on the poorer side but i didnt care i "loved" him and he "loved" me so i would go get him take him home (30+ mins) and then we'd go out to eat, I'd pay, and then we would go back to my house and chill. Sometimes we'd hang out with friends but I would still have to get, pay, and things like that for him, but i didn't mind because he promised he loved me and one day i'd never have to pay for him ever again and money is just an object to me anyways so i did so lovingly until about three months ago i started asking him if he could meet 10 mins down the road or drive over because i felt to stressed because every fight started being about me not doing enough for him and i asked him to meet me half way. He started acting rude towards me like he changed he acted like he didn't care about me anymore then i told him if this was going to last he would have to meet me somewhere or drive over because i can't go all the way out there, just to make a point i do everything, and he told me why stay together because he wouldn't do that. so we took a break, and i ended ending it. Well it's been a month since the two year break up and he has a new girlfriend. and i feel used, and left for someone new because i've been thinking about how he acted towards the end he stopped caring, about me and was very weird when it came to his phone. so now, i feel like i shouldn't have let him in, i should have kept my walls up, i should have said "no" to everything we did because i can NEVER get that back and now. i just can't even imagine her saying his name, hold his hand, replacing me. so this is my first break up. and it really honestly sucks.



July 03, 2011 @ (Ohio)

Tags: Sad, jerk

Well, me and this girl had been dating for almost 2 years. We were FB official and everything. Our parents didn't like us being together because well, were two females. So we snuck around and went behind our parents back. I did everything to make her happy. I mean everything. Like I would've gave her anything. I thought she was happy. We planned our whole future together. She wanted kids. I didnt but I was willing to adopt or do something just so she could get what she wanted. Well I went out of town for a few days and I get on facebook and she changed her relationship status to single, Deletes everything that has to do with me but didnt delete me as a friend on facebook. She wouldnt answer my phone calls. Wouldnt respond to me messages or anything. She basically dropped off the face of the Earth!


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