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December 04, 2010 @ (usa)

Tags: e

My ex and I had been together just a few months short of 9 years. The last four had been very serious looking at rings and all of that. The past year we have had been in a long distance situation but that was about to end. Well she meets some guy and dumps me over the phone a week before she was suppose to come visit. The whore couldn't even tell me to my face.



November 30, 2010 @ (home)

Tags: write, spell

Does anyone know how to spell on this website? I can't understand half of you people.



November 30, 2010 @ (NC)

Tags: Crazy girl, Psycho

So I dated a girl for a little over a year during my freshman and sophomore years at college. She was pretty cool, bit crazy but you know wasn't anything bad at the time. Well she went to college for around 2 weeks and basically lost all control, went crazy on pills and alcohol and parties and ended up sleeping with some random guy. When she confessed she tried to make it seem like it was no big deal by saying, "It's okay, he couldn't even go all the way in before shooting off." So, needless to say, I was feeling hunky dory. I tried to stay with her but it wasn't the same. She was trying way to hard to stay with me and thought that being a sex maniac would fix everything. Negatory. So I sat her down when she came over one day and I said we needed to talk. I explained how I felt. She then said, "Are you breaking up with me?" I responded with, "Yes, I am." She then went wild-eyed and psycho and bellowed, " Are you breaking up with mmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?!?!" (When she said me, she started out softly then progressively got louder and louder) She then stormed up the stairs and out the front door to her car. She ran past my sister, which led to my sister saying, "Greggggggg, what'd you do (smirk like it was some joke)?" I then sat down with my sister, we watched an episode of the office and laughed heartily.


Kayla Marie

November 29, 2010 @ (Tennessee )

Tags: Boys

Okay so I'm 13 and this guy I'm completely in love with is 15. I met him at my moms old friends apartments becaus he was living there at the time. Well I saw this really amazing guy on this lawn mower and I told my mom he was gorgeous. Well my aunt and mom decided to embarrase me by singing big green tractor. Later that night I was thinking about him constantely. I asked his cousin (moms friend) for his number. Which he gave it to me. I called him and he sounded so cute over the phone. So country. Well we texted fr a while and asked him to send a picture so he did and turns out I thought he was realy ugly. Well he was so sweet .. I texted him just so i wouldn't be mean and he was talking to me while I was sick. Well later on I thought it was annoying so I just ignored his txts. Months went on by, my aunt was moved in at the apartments and so I went to visit here there. Turns out I was dating this other guy and Blake texted me and asked me to meet him outside ". Well first i was scared but I went out and he wouldn't get out and talk to me. He had music full blast on in his truck and so his cousin made him come meet me. Finally I seen him closeup. He was gorgeous. Most amazing guy I had ever laid eyes on. We wen out for a drive with my mom and his cousin. We started talking in the cat, got along very well, then I noticed I started to get flirty. I scooted up very close to him and we looked At eachother phones. We bonded very quickly. After that we was together. Off and on like crazy! I was falling head over hills for him. My aunt let him stay with her one note wen I stayed got 2 hickeys then she tried to cover them up. Me his sister and his little brother got along. We would walk down to the creek a few times and make out in another room in the dark and acted like we seen a mouse but everyone knew better. Later on my mom noticed we was getting very comfortable with eachother. We broke up about a month ago. My fault :( now he won't tlk to ne at all . I think he hates me but I am SOOOO in love with him. I miss him so much and I try my best to get him back but it never works. He is a big and bad country boy who thinks he's all that. I need him. He is still to this day my world and my everything.



November 25, 2010 @ (Michigan)

Tags: 2

My situation is unique for why i have such a shattered heart.... i was with my boyfriend for 6 months...i know its not that long but i loved him more than anything he was my best friend and i trusted him...and he got me pregnant....When i first told him the news he was excited and wanted me to keep the baby. Even though we're both really young and I myself am not ready to be a mother. But because i loved him and i wanted to be with im forever i thought maybe we could make this work. Then the next day he broke up with me through a text messege while i was at work. You can imagine how hurt i was. I couldnt even work the rest of that day because i was soooo hurt and confused. You're probably thinking that hes just an immature 21 year old and yes that is true but i cant shake the horrible heart breaking feeling over this. He will not give me an explination of any sort. He wont talk to me at all.
That's not even the worst part. I found out a week later he has a new girlfriend who has a baby. He is posting facebook status' that say how much he cant stop thinking about his "wife" and "baby" and he is as happy as he has ever been in his life. I know now that i shouldnt have looked at his facebook, and after reading that i promised myself i will NEVER look at it again. Its unbelievably heart breaking to know that he left me to be with that girl who has baby. I felt i had no other choice but to get an abortion. I dont want to be a single mother at this age. I dont think i could do it alone. I am so confused because i dont know what i would have done for him to leave me like that. I dont understand why he would want me to keep our baby then throw me away like trash and then run off with that other girl. He's rubbing my nose in it with those facebook posts. The pain i feel with this is excruciating. While im here miserablely heart broken wondering what i had done wrong he is out there with his new girlfriend he calls his "wife" and hes being a father to her baby. Also that girl he is with changed her last name on facebook to his last name, as if they were married. It is absolutly rediculous because i almost feel like he is doing all of this on purpose to get at me, but i also think maybe is real between them and they really do want to be married after only knowing eachother one week. Well for all i know they could have been going out when me and him were together, but i try not to think of it that way. I do have to mention that he didnt help pay for the abortion after i asked him to. He completely ignored me. So i have talked with his mother about my situation. She is on my side with this which is somewhat comforting but doesnt change what happend...
I dont know what i should do to work past this. I cant stop thinking about it. I have had past relationships and i thought i've been heartbroken before but nothing like this. This is pain i have never felt before and its horrible. I want answers. Everyone says I am young and ill move on and forget about all this over time. I just keep waiting around because maybe he will give me a explination for all of this. I NEVER saw this coming. Me and im were happy together and we also seen eachother every day so what happend makes no sense to me at all. I can imagine he met her one day and then BAM desided to get "married" and be a happy family. It's confusing and i dont understand.


Heart Broken

November 24, 2010 @ (md)

Tags: ?

Well i was 15 when i meet this guy who did magic.He caught my attention so i built the courage to ask he to skip class with...remember i just met he said yes and we went to a lake near our middle school.when ended up kissing and it felt so we went out.unfortunately it was to much of a physical relationship so we broke up over the mom was so glad because she hated him.then school came around and we got back together and things were so different.i loved it,i loved him.and loved me.then we end up breakin up again over the phone when i was in a different when i come back we start talkin and clearing things out.turns out he cheated on me with his best friend who just happened to come from illinois when i left to nicaragua.nice right.he ripped my heart out right from my chest and threw it into a matter how much i wanted to hate him, i couldnt.then school comes around again and now im 16.Neither of us wants to give up on us being together.we think we are the ones for each other.shit is so complicated right now with us.we fight one day and then the next we are happy to see each other.and now to boot; a friend of mine comes out sayin he has like me since last year.truthfully when we are texting i like hm to.but then when we are at school there is no spark.i dont find him attractive.but is still love talkin to him cause he makes me smile.i dont know what to do.i cant deny the love i still have for my ex bf.



November 22, 2010 @ (France)

Tags: depression, self-esteem

I had this friend that was going through some stuff just like I was. Both him and I were very depressed and so we started talking with one another. One thing after another, we ended up dating.
He lived in another city, so we couldn't see each other much but we talked/emailed each other nonstop everyday. We both thought things were pretty serious. On our official first date, he told me that he loved me and we had our very first kiss. And of course, this is lame but I had felt something when he kissed me. The very next day, he told me on the phone that we had to breakup. His mother told him to not date me for my good. She was afraid that he'd hurt me. I was really torn and depressed but we continued being friends but "with benefits." So it basically still felt like we were still dating. We'd still talk on the phone whenever we could and he'd always tell me that he loves me and other romantic things.
........But then I find out ONLINE that he started going out with this girl WHILE he was still talking with me and saying all that sweet stuff. And to add to it, I found out two WEEKS after they were dating. I was so pissed off and torn that I yelled at him to never talk to me. AND he had the nerve to say that he'd breakup with her if I wanted him to. I didn't want to hurt the other girl and so I told him to do whatever he wanted. He broke up with her and I added her as a friend on ----------. She blabbed out everything to me and said that they were true loves and etc. Then she had the nerve to say that he never liked me in the first place and that he was just thinking that he had feelings for me but in reality, he was madly in love with her.
Things got worse when I wanted to get the truth from him but I couldn't get into contact with him at all. But luckily, I was best friends with his sister and she told me about some things that he told her when he was dating me. He didn't feel anything when we kissed and he felt like he was pressured into saying that he loves me. She did me a favor and did a 3-way phone call and I listened into their conversation. I know it was wrong to do so but it cleared everything up. I heard him say that I reminded him of her ex from 3 years ago and so thats why he dated me. I became depressed and sad from that point on.
There were moments where I thought to myself that I should hate him for everything but I couldn't bring myself to do that. I blamed myself for it. I blamed myself for not noticing that he cut the time we usually talk together down. I blamed myself and said to myself that I deserved it. Even now, I think how could a plain girl like me ever get a guy like him to like me....I eventually gave up and now I don't enjoy everyday life and feel like I have to drag myself to make it through the day...



November 21, 2010 @ (great britain)

Tags: any advice...

Ihave dated someone for 9 months. He proposed me and even asked my family for permission to get married...
Then it wasnt going anywhere, I wanted to talk about the future, he didnt, was always too tired or any other excuses... Then things became very violent, from his side and mine. We both have bad temper, but we both got worse. I asked him to go and talk to someone, somewhere, so we could sort ourselves out. I do love him... but then he's got a depression, I think it's a lot worse than he wants to admit... and he promised me he was gonna stop smoking marihuana, which turns him into a different person (in a bad way) and makes him very angry and irritable and I think has to do with his depression too... so, he smoked again, inspite of the fact he's on anti-depresants and we argued because of that and his mood swings, his behaviour and all that...... he kicked me out the house, i cried my eyes out. I am in a foreign country with no friends or relatives, so you figure out the rest of the story. I am destroyed, confused, crushed, feeling guilty, lonely and cold. Thinking, I could have done better than getting angry... but then we've been together for 9 months and always argued about his smoking habit..... relations are problematic enough to be adding a drug addition weight on top of all... I even bought tickets to leave the country for Christmas with him.......he doesnt realise how much smoking his thing makes us argue and puts pressure on us....... then he thinks I am yelling because I am a bitch with no other reason but nagging; and I cant put up with the fact that it's always his house and he can kick me out of it when he feels like it; that i always gotta give in if I want things to go smooth, otherwise, we argue....
I wish I had never met him, so I wouldnt be in this position now. I'm 30 and feel terribly sad and lonely, with no friends, family or place to go. I can't talk to anyone, cuz I dont have friends in here really, so I am writing this here, so I can get it out of my chest... I love him so much but I dont even think he realises how much it takes for someone to have the courage to come after the one you love in a foreign land... next time, I'll be more selfish and think more about me...
I feel left alone, sad, disappointed, heartbroken!!!!!!!!!! I thought he was the 1 and I adore him. It just that I dont know what else to do!!!! It's like a battle I cant never win and if he doesnt want to help himself and us, then there's no point in me trying to get this right... but it hurts so much!!! I was gonna spend the rest of my life with him!!! I even thought I could jump out of a building and end this!!!! .... I am just so sad...
Any advice???



November 13, 2010 @ (Florida)

Tags: Honor

I want to ask a general statement.

Why is it that we live in a world where people have no sense of honor toward another person? Where cheating today is the norm. Where we don't respect ourselves or the other person we are with. Why is it that we as people dont start with ourselves and raise our kids not to be like this. Lets end this cycle starting today. We all have come here to find answers because we are hurting. While most will say it will always be there why not make a difference and not be like the rest of the world. Be better than who you were yesterday. : )


Lil Fatty

November 10, 2010 @ (Cali)

Tags: Dirty Sanchez

I went to Spencer's last week and saw this hilarious book entitled Dirty Sanchez Nation: The Ultimate Illustrated DICKtionary of Obscene Sex Terms. I had to get it, and being the pig that I am, at least try some of the terms with the chick I've been hooking up with. So I figured start off small. I've given her facials a few times, but this time I told her it was my fantasy to pee on her (golden shower p. 40). She was a little apprehensive at first but eventually let me do it in the shower.

The next night, we got into some really hot sex and I was nailing her form behind when I decided to do the Tony Danza (p 109). I asked her "Who's the boss?" They she turned her head back and said "what?". Then I smacked her in the face (lightly) and said "Tony Danza bitch!" Needless to say wasn't happy and threw me off.

She was kind of getting on my nerves lately and I kind of wanted her to break up with me so I figured I'd go for gold. A few days later we meet up and started to have make up sex (isn't it just fabulous). So I'm banging her from behind and I figured why not be a pig. I stuck my finger in her butt. She kind of liked it. But unbeknownst to her suddenly I discovered some nuggets. Oh yes, this was the grand finale. I pulled the finger out and reached around and gave her a shit stache to remember!

There she was - Dirty Sanchez in the flesh. I was officially the biggest asshole on the planet. She cursed me out and ran out. Haven't heard from her since. This book has got me messed up. But for some reason I can't put it down and stop laughing.


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