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August 20, 2011 @ (Melbourne)

Tags: bleh

I was dating this guy and at first everything was great, but then I starting to feel like something wasn't quite right(and I've always had really good instincts). So I asked him if he was seeing someone else or sleeping with someone else, and he said he wasn't and convinced me that my instincts weren't right. Then all of a sudden he just stopped talking to me, he literally ignored my calls for a week, he told my best friend more about what was going on then he did to me. He claimed he had no money and was getting evicted,although this I heard from my best friend who also told me that he said he had more important things to worry about then me. Two weeks later I went to the doctors and found he had given me an STI, I was furious, because this proved that he either lied to me and wasn't clean or he was but then started sleeping with other girls. I told him the day after and he insisted that it was my fault and put all the blame on me. I was absolutely furious because I had been tested before we had sex and I was clean. The next night while I was asleep he sent me a text saying "This isn't working...I'm sorry" I was so angry, then to add to my anger I went on to Facebook only to see that he was in a relationship with someone else, literally less then 10 minutes after texting me. Not to mention also that while we were dating he said he couldn't put our relationship on Facebook because he just never did it wasn't his "thing" too, but that was clearly a lie, he was dating this other girl, for who knows how long.


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August 20, 2011 @ (reading, pa.)

Tags: example 1

I met a wonderful man on We were instantly attracted to each other. He came on very strong and I told him to take it slow, which did not happen. In the long run it was flattering to have this handsome man say he was falling in love with you. By the third week of dating he did a turn around saying he needed time and was confused. I responded with an email telling him to take the time he needed but in the future no matter who he is with to go slow. We ended up seeing each other again and we were back in the same boat with him telling me he wanted to live with me and he loved me. Again 2 weeks after the first episode he started to pull away saying he was not sure. At this time I was schedule for surgery and he was suppose to take me and be there when I woke up. Well Mr. Wonderful said he was sorry and he just needed time. I told him take the time and I would find another ride to the hospital, terrible timing. Also I told him I could not continue with this roller coaster and to please stop contacting me. We talked a few more times with him saying he was sorry and this whole thing had nothing to do with me!!! I asked it there was somone else and he just said he was going through something. So now the surgery is over, I had lots of friends and family helping out. I am dealing with healing from the operation and the pain of not being with a person I truly cared for. Obviously he had some emotional issues and was not ready or open for a loving relationship. I still have great hope and look forward to my wonderful partner who I know is just around the corner!!



August 12, 2011 @ (australia)

Tags: holidays

My boyfriend of almost 4 years broke up with me after coming back from Canada. Before he left, i could see absolutely no problems in our relationship. We were happy, saw each other often and he had used up his saving to buy me a new phone.

During his trip to canada he became distant, deleted me and all our mutual friends off facebook, asked for his space and extended his trip without advising me prior. He came back telling he that he has been seeing other girls.

On the bright side since breaking up, i've scored a date with a doctor however i'm still not over the bastard ...



August 08, 2011 @ (Orlando, FL.)

Tags: Liar.

I probably deserved it. In fact, I know I did.
I created a fake IM to text my boyfriend of almost 1 1/2 years to see if he was as loyal as he says.
I made the girl my perfect opposite- nothing like me down to the typing.
I talked, flirted, tried my hardest to get him to like "her". It wouldn't work. He said the cutest things about us that made me fall in love with him all over again. The next time "we" talked though, I sent him a picture of some random hot girl on the internet. He exchanged pictures.
He said she was "adorable." all the while texting the REAL me, and saying I'm the only girl he has eyes for, the only one he finds adorable, pretty, gorgeous, beautiful, cute.
My heart dropped a thousand miles.
My throat choked up.
My eyes began to downpour.
"I" asked if his girlfriend would like this. He said he didn't know, then said that, "we could talk just as friends."
I wanted to tell him I caught him in his lie.
I was so hurt. We'd been together that long- I gave him my EVERYTHING, just for that in return.
I can never forgive him.



August 05, 2011 @ (Miami)

Tags: pregnant, crushed, sad

She was pregnant, she didnt know it and when she decided to start a relationship with me she would never expect it too end the way it did.

We only knew each other for 5 months, but a connection grew. She started off liking me more and soon the feeling was mutual. This girl was a blast to be around, strong emotionally, funny and independent. She was confident and her presence brightened up the room.
She began to feel symptoms of being pregnant (which we initally thought were food poisoning) but after several test it was determind she was indeed pregnant.
She thought it was mine and for a moment I did too. But she came too the reliazation that it was from a past brief encounter from an old relationship. My gf was pregant with another mans child. I was crushed and although our new found fresh relationship was just begining, I relized then it had just ended. I was numb and hearing her have to end it, bawling and wishing she could change it was gut renching. I played it off but later in the day became a mess.

Our short relationship was more rewarding, enjoyable and stressfree than some longer ones I have been in. I wish her the best of luck but she will always be in my mind.



July 30, 2011 @ (Michigan)

Tags: facebook formspring myspace

I still cry over him everynight and its been 2 years since he left me. We have been together for 9 months. We were madly in love, and then it just stopped. He started telling me all the stuff he hated about me, and being aggresive. One night we I snuck out to meet him. He pushed me to the ground and yelled at me and said it was over. He left me crying there in the middle of the street. I cant live without him, its just to much pain. Everytime I start to miss him I add one more cut. Im numb inside cant feel anything. I miss him so much, he was everything to me. Well to get back at him I did something bad I had sex with his bestfriend. And he got together with mine.



July 27, 2011 @ (Hell)

Tags: Biggest Jerk Ever

My ex and I were in a long-distance relationship. We had been dating for 2.5 yrs. I had left a job in South America for him to move to the states. After two years in California and many dead-end jobs, I needed to relocate to the East Coast to find work and provide a stable living for us. We agreed that he would meet me a few weeks later. After six months of waiting for him to get his act together he announced that he wanted to move to Central America with or without me. We argued for what seemed like forever. One night we got into a horrible fight, and did not speak the rest of the week. When I tried contacting him to see what was happening, I found out that he had moved to another country. He never contacted me again or answered my e-mails.



July 23, 2011 @ (FL.)

Tags: time

My husband said the words I needed to hear, "you'll never be alone again"... and I believed him. His actions behind closed doors were mentally abusive, he even was able to convince our novice church counselor's that it was me. His assault was ruthless and without mercy all the while appearing to all others as the nicest guy ever. I went to a professional counselor and right away she recognized his behavior as narcissistic. True to the disorder your complete emotional,mental and circumstantial destruction is their goal. I lost my friends, had to move from the place I loved, lost my home, my career, my dreams, any respect I had from my peers in college. I still want to move back to that area (I love the mountains) but have nothing left there. He still works in the ministry (I introduced him to)there as far as I know and attends the church we went to together. I am hoping to trust again in another relationship.


Nikki G

July 18, 2011 @ (Canada)

Tags: heartbreak, crying, lying

I dated my first boyfriend for 7 months. We loved each other. We did have our ups and downs, but we were always okay in the end. He always spoke about marriage and having a life together and me and him running away together as soon as we got the money. We were both 14. I broke up with him twice because I was going through some stuff like moving out of town and I didn't get to see him often already. The second time he broke out crying saying he loved me. That put me over the edge and I wanted him back sooo bad. Then it turns out because I heard him cry, he found some ugly piece of shit chick. Then one night we were talking and he said he was breaking up with her and getting back together with me. The next morning he lied and said he didn't remember any of it. I cried myself to sleep every night. Now he won't even acknowledge my existence.



July 14, 2011 @ (Desert)

Tags: heartbroken, lost

I just broke up with my boyfriend 2 days ago. He says that he is devastated, but I caught him telling girls that he was single and giving out his number. I also caught him telling another girl that I was clingy and it made him want to vomit. The worst part about it is that he is the clingy one. he is constantly upset when I have to work, or if I can't stay the night with him. He is also telling me that we are single, because we dont live together. But I had a guy from my work randomly call me and he lost it. He said that I should never have guys call my number. He is also addicted to xanax, hell take 5 bars and not remember a thing. And while on these pills he is very mean to me. Why am I so addicted to him? He has been very good to me in the past. For my birthday he took me to $100 dinner. He also always answers when I call or text. I know that he is not cheating on me currently, but I am afraid that its coming to that. Now I am questioning whether I did the right thing. I miss him so much. We used to see each other everyday, on his choice. He was my friend advice giver. Im completely heartbroken and I have never felt this way about a guy before.


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