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October 18, 2010 @ (facebook)

Tags: facebook, idiot

after dating this guy for 3 years he dumps me on facebook by sending me a message to my inbox then signing off line. he said he never really liked me.....



October 17, 2010 @ (California)

Tags: jealousy, ossessive, cheating, moving on, fake

I dated my ex for 13 months and it's been 2 months since the breakup, but I still feel lke crying every now and then. He told me that if I ever broke up w/ him he'd never date,marry, or have kids with anyone else because he'd love me forever and would nver break up with me. What bullshit. I broke it off, and it seems like it's taking a toll on me and not so much on him.Just a few minutes ago I accidently went to my friend's page, who's also his friend because of me, and saw a post by him and,consequently, his new profile pic.It's indeed pathetic that he's probably trying to make me jealous by posting some pic of him and a girl,but it was enough to make me feel even worse. How do I move on?He told me he's started smoking,so I kno it was hard for him too, but i think it's even harder for me because he always lied to me and probably cheated on me, who knows. He gave out his number to his girl-friend on facebook and I found this out b/c I had his account info, but I thought he'd have the decency to tell me instead of having me find out like that.I wouldn't've been mad at him for that if he hadn't lied and said he didn't wanna talk to any girls but me. Not to mention he admit he took me for granted the first 10 months of the relationship, chose his friends and work over me, etc. I wanna unlove him so bad and meet someone better and worthy of my love.It hurts me because he was my first love and the first person I lost my v to, and I've heard that you can never get over your first love. I hope that's not true.My best friend said she always hated him and sensed his fakeness from the start,and now I regret dating him and losing it to him. I may have cheated on him twice, but I never felt so guilty because he treated me so bad. He started trying to control how I dress and what I do.He was so jealous and possessive,but deep down I knew he was just using me for sex and cus he wanted to have his cake and eat it too. It's just so hard to move on after knowing his family and reminscing about all the good times, any advice for me?



October 14, 2010 @ (Santa Cruz, CA)

Tags: Marines, Texts, heroin

I started dating this guy right before he left for Marine Corps bootcamp. We wrote letters back and forth, and when he got home it was absolute bliss, we were both in love. So he finishes his training, during which he flies me out to NC from CA just to see me for 3 days. He tells me about his most recent ex, and old friend of mine whom I hadn't seen for years, who he broke up with because she was addicted to heroin. So sad, he just wanted to let me know she called him from rehab, apologizing for making him dump her because she chose the drugs over him. Just so you know...
Fast forward several weeks, he's back home, were still in love, he wants me to move to SD with him, but Im going to school in SC so it couldnt work out. But I spend the weekend with him, roll out of bed on Monday to go to class, we each say I love you...

...Apparently they got married while I was at school.
...While we were still dating.
...Before he broke up with me over a text message.
...And his MOM told me.

Ya. A motherfucking Marine. Thats honor, courage and commitment if I ever saw it.



October 12, 2010 @ (Va)

Tags: hurt cry

I'm not going to sit here and explain this whole breakup cause its still so fresh so itd make me tear and also he screwed me over WAY too much for me to try to put it in words know what really hurts you you can go through your day and not in your room all alone and not about ur ex to ur friends and get sad but not tear..heck you can even go to sleep @ night and get really upset and MAYBE shed a few tears..but this is what hurts me...when I wake up in the morning for school..around 6:45 and its all dark in my room im laying in the bed where my ex use to is quiet..and im just laying there in the dark..THATS when it hits me..and thats when I break down and cry my eyes out...



October 08, 2010 @ (KY)

Tags: ex, boyfriend

Well it all started about two years ago when I met Connor. He was shy and sweet and knew how to make me laugh. We had a lot of things in common but I guess the one thing we didn't have in common would be the downfall of our relationship.
To keep things simple he had money,he was rich, well his family was rich. He was just in highschool so he didn't have any money of his own. He had the easy life.He stayed home and played his xbox and never had to lift a finger. Me on the other hand, I had to work and save up my money to just to go on dates. I never thought any of that mattered to him. Cause well its just money it has no sentimental value in a loving relationship. I was wrong. Towward the end of the relationship he started to leave me out of things and I finally confronted him about it.
He went out to eat with some of his "rich" friends and didn't invite me and his excuse was "I didn't think you would like a fancy restraunt like that" So to sum it all up one day we got in an argument over something stupid but he took it wat to personal and rolled off something like "at least my family HAS money!" well that was the final straw. I slapped him across the face,kicked him in the crotch and said "eff you and your money! We are done!"



October 05, 2010 @ (Boston)

Tags: 10 years of my life wasted

I meet this girl freshmen year of high school and started dating very soon after that . We dated all through High School and We even went to college near each other so we could continue dating .I consider this girl the love of my life since i have been with her since i was 15 and the only woman i have been with . Madly in love with each other through high school and most of college we had plans to get married got engaged as i proposed to her the night of my 22nd birthday . I though i had found everything I could ever imagine in a girl she was perfect . Towards the end of our senior year of college i felt her distant and slipping away , after graduation i took an internship away from Boston and i was going to be away for 3 months . I felt that i was loosing her even tho she denied it and i asked a very good friend of mine (one of my 2 closest friends , the only 2 people present besides us the night we got engaged) to keep an eye on her and take care of her when i was gone . 2 months later i get an email from her saying that she had thought about us while i was away and that it was best for us to go our separate ways , when i returned to Boston i tried to make things work beacuse i couldnt lose her after 8 years ( at 22 a lifetime) . I found out her new "boyfriend" while i was away was the very same friend i asked to watch out for her . I snapped and assaulted her knew boyfriend . I was charged with severe assault and battery and had to do 3 months in jail .
I am now 25 10 years after i meet the woman who ruined my life i am still very in love with her



October 03, 2010 @ (wisconsin)

Tags: example1, example2

I was dating this guy, and he was great. He was everything that i thought i ever needed. We fell in love, and we made so many plans that all sounded so great at the time. We had kind of a long distance thing going on, because he was two hours away. We didn't see eachother as much as i would have liked too. I want to be able to be with my boyfriend, and kiss him, and hug him, not just talk to him over the phone. Ya know? So i told him that. He asked me what i wanted to do, and i said i didnt know-when i clearly did. I wanted to break up until we could see eachother more often. As you can imagine, this was very hard for me to say. He was my world, and my everything. I loved him, and i guess i still do. but thats besides the point. He said he agreed, and it was the best for us. He promised we would talk everyday still, and he would always love me. I believed him. Which was dumb of me. Now, we bearly talk. It's like there's this empty space in me that just wont go away.. I miss him. Horribly. Things just arn't the same, and I wish they were. I probably brought it on myself, but.. he could have held up to what he said he would do.


Mac Mulla

September 28, 2010 @ (San Diego)

Tags: Cheating, Pregnancy, BreakUp

Me And My Girlfriend Have Now Been Knowing Each Other For 5 Years, We Met Back In 05' She Was "Wife Material" I Had Made It Clear On How I Felt About Her. However At The Time Gang Violence Was At A High In My Neighborhood So My Family Moved Me To Atlanta(The Other Side Of The U.S.). With Such Distance Between Us The Relationship Weakened And We Broke Up. Seeing How I Was Only 16 And She Was 18 You Would Figure. A Month Later I Called Her And She Was Pregnant, I Was Soo Hurt That This Girl I Stayed Faithful To, Had Moved On So Fast With Such A Big Step. . .Last Year I Moved Back Here To San Diego 09' We Seen Eachother, Messed Around, Had A Baby! It Seems We Have Grown Alot Since 16-18 were 23-22 "Her Bdays Next Month" But Since The Feeling Of Being Betrayed By The First Birth Of My Girlfriend I Find It Hard To Fully Trust Her. Around Friends, Family, Her-Friends I Might Not Noe About Pratically Any Opposit. Im Saying When I was 15-16 Everyone Was A Big Player And Pimping And Carrying On, I Was Too, But I Put All That Aside For This Lady Who Now Has My Baby And All It Took Was On Month Of Absence And She HAd A Child WIth Another Man! How Can I GEt Past That? (She Also Had Sex With A Close Relative)



September 21, 2010 @ (otown)

Tags: huh

ok sooo me and my boyfriend were together for three and a half years. he cheated on me once within that time period and i truly felt like i had gotten over that, but apparently i guess i didnt. i would find myself looking thru his fone and lookin at the phone bill to see if anything looked suspicious. looking back on that i kno i was wrong. if i trusted him i wouldnt have felt the need to do all that. but anyway i noticed a number comin up on our bill like crazy so i asked him whos number it was and he told me the name of a girl that like fucked everyone and their cousin in orlando. and shes known for sucking dick. wellll after that he tells me he can no longer be with me because i dont trust him and he cant trust himself. he doesnt ever want to hurt me and he thinks us being a part is the best medicine. jus like that after 3 years? wow i seriously think he jus wants to have sex with this hoe. who probably has NO walls.



September 19, 2010 @ (AZ)

Tags: breakup

Well, I was going out with a beautiful girl for a little under 2 years. Both of us were madly in love and all that stuff that goes along with it. We did everything together, always had a good time, knew everything there was to know about eachother, etc. It went great for the first year and a half besides some fights here and there. After that it went down hill. Our relationship started getting shaky. She tried everything possible to keep us together, and I gave it my all, too. To sum up 5 months of emotional pain and self evaluation, I fell out of love with her. I felt horrible and it showed, but I couldnt tell her why. Eventually I couldnt bear it anymore and broke up with her. I broke her heart and she went into depression and all her friends hated my guts including her. I really wish it didnt have to end that way. She wont talk to me and hasnt since then. If only she could be friends with me.. Our romantic relationship will never pick up again, but I would do anything to be her friend again.


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