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November 02, 2015 @ (Los Angeles )

Tags: Everything happens for a reason

We met my sophomore year of high school, his junior. He was tall, lean, blonde and gorgeous. At the beginning, I was normal. I treated him right and gave him everything. Gave him my virginity a couple months in, there was nothing I wouldnt give him. But a year and a half had passed so quickly. I didnt notice how awful of a person i had became. I was so irritated by his stupidity, even when he was not stupid. I was angry and I felt trapped, I blamed him for my sadness. I treated him so terrible and I took his love for granted. Though, after a year I had began noticing my abuse to him and decided i wanted to be better for him. I began changing, showing him my love, spoiling him. I wanted to make it up to him. But my damage was done. In the remaining months of our relationship when we first got out first job, he began talking to this girl. He started to not call me, text me, see me. I would ask him why and he responded that he didn't know why. That he forgot. The now and then we did hang, he was texting her. He said she was helping him pursue his dream of drawing. I said okay. He just grew so distant and I was growing so attached. The day he broke up with me was outside my house, I was late for work but needed to see him since he used every excuse to not see me. He finally did, and we broke up. I lead it on. I knew he wasnt happy, that i didnt make him happy. So i encouraged him to break up, and that we were going to be okay. He cried. I did too. He agreed and he ended it. Except... he kissed me goodbye. That was when I felt such pain and disbelief, how could i have let him go? i drove to work in tears, almost got into an accident. I was such a mess and in such a shock. I texted him i didnt want to break up, he didnt reply. I ended up calling and he picked up, explaining this is what he wanted, then saying it wasnt, then saying it was, then saying it wasnt. So i indeed kept hope. We made a deal that he would come to his decision the following thursday a week from then. I kept hope. I called him that monday asking id he had made a decision, he said yes. He made it a while ago, but he wasnt going to tell me till friday. That break up was the most painful thing i have ever dealt with. I had a lot of problems that he only knew about, i was open with him completely. Trusted him. Love him. I had made him my world and left all my friends. When he dumped me, I had no one. So i rebounded. cried. rebounded. cried. Then realized that everything happens for a reason. In this case, i was a terrible person to him. He brought out the worse in me. He didnt deserve it. Im glad he dumped me, i wouldnt have worked hard to change my ways. He wouldnt have been so happy. Hes the one who got away and I miss him. Will always love him. And I am sorry.


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November 01, 2015 @ (Toronto)

Tags: Tragic Love story

So I can't believe I'm doing this. Maybe some therapy so that I don't lose my head.

When I was about 12 or 13 I woke up from a horrible nightmare that wasn't easy to understand or describe. I was in a sweat and could hardly breath. The only way I could put into words to my parents was that it felt like I had a 10 million dollar ticket and watched the wind blow it from my hand and was gone forever. I feel now that this was a premonition for things to come. Almost like an intense ripple felt through time.

Flash forward 13 years, I'm 25 and I see the most beautiful girl sitting in the lunch room at work. Keep in mind that I'm a very shy type and for just once in my life I through caution to the wind. I had to talk with this girl she was a dream. I think from that point we talked on the phone every night, we had incredible adventures through conversation I felt like I had met my soulmate. Also we had an incredible physical chemistry. Late nights in my parents basement by the fire and nothing else mattered...the body heat and passion was intense, 2 souls coming together and best of all talking about life into the early morning hours. I was a struggling artist you see, working evenings at the shop and trying to make my dreams come true during the days. She didn't seem to care, we were lost in our own little world.

1 year turned into 2, and 2 into 3...and I never lost the passion, every day seeing her was like Christmas eve. Around that time she was finishing school and I was away in Europe doing fashion modelling. God she hated me doing that, being around other women but she had nothing to fear. She was my everything, my whole world and I was just trying to find a way to make life work with the struggles of being an artist.

Years passed and the modelling did not yield the money I had hoped. The girl I loved was growing up, she graduated school and was just offered her first grown up job. At the time I was starting my software company, god damn I wish some days that I could just put on a suit and tie. She was doing great and I can say that I just was not at my best...that's when I'm sure thoughts of children and a white picket fence crossed her mind. From every day after that she grew more distant. It's a horrible feeling of helplessness. Like sand sifting through your fingers.

It's been about 3 years (I think) since we broke up. She has since moved on and met someone else. I was really angry when I first found out, but I'm just not convinced that she would have the life she wants if we were still together. I'm married to my work and she deserves better.

The saddest part of the story? I'm sitting here telling it to you over the internet. I've dated other women, but I just can't stop being in love with another. These relationships fail because I have to end them, it's just not fair for the other individual. Never in my life have I been wounded like this, and the years haven't healed a thing.

It's unbearable dealing with all the pain and anger, but deep down knowing that the woman I love more than anything else in the world would be better off without me....



October 29, 2015 @ (Australia)

Tags: Bad Breakup, Funny Breakup

After recovering from a rough two years of isolating heart ache, I finally felt happy within myself. I reunited with my old high school crush, who's company needless to say was pure enlightenment and began to build a strong, trusting relationship. we spent weeks at a time going back and forth between each others homes until my father had become ill and required my share of over night care and regular visits. so my girlfriend would make use of the spare time by going out with her friends reviving her old night life. i was endorsing her late night adventures and encouraged her to have fun while i was away; as i had complete trust in her loyalty.

As it was necessary for me to be away for some odd days of the week, it was common for my friend to regularly turn up unannounced at my home, this time to her welcoming hospitality. This i thought was positive company as he had previously supported me through my years of isolation which ended some few months before.

I became excited to have my relationship compatible with my friendship as i hadn't as much spare time for my friend as i had done during my great depression. though it dawned on me that my girlfriend had developed a noticeable distance that had become to evolve either from the nights out with the girls or to the least of my suspicion my closest childhood friend.

Until one morning on my way home from my fathers house i had thought to stop in to my friend's home with the intention of beginning one of my few days of rest, out with this friend.

Only to find my girlfriend under his sheets, sitting upright by her elbow staring daringly into my eyes as if to spell out the inappropriate deed i had committed by walking into the house unannounced.

Two days later i had met a stranger in the street in attempt to salvage my newly found personal strength. leading me to a small friendly gathering, a gathering of which was attended by my original break up accomplice looking ever so happy hand in hand with her new found lover.

..Aint ..Love ..Grand



October 28, 2015 @ (Canada)

Tags: This could be top 10

I was living with a girl for 10 years, she owned her house and recently decided to buy a condo and put the house up for sale, all this with me as not more than passing thought in much of it in fact when we did view the condo together her question to me after agreeing to buy it was are you in or out? So that should have been a clue , anyway s about a week before possesion date she asks me if i wouldn't mind staying on my boat until it was time to move in, i returned the next day and sits me down and says she thinks its best if i don't move into the condo and that we never were a couple and that was that instantly homeless, i think if there was an award for coldest breakup this would be a contender



October 20, 2015 @ (Carpenter)

Tags: Embarrassing Breakup

One day in my 6th grade school year a young biy in my class asked me out and said he wanted me to meet his parents THAT night so without his parents knowledge. So I knock on the door that night and he got the door I came in and he said hey mom thiswas the one I was telling you about. His mother said you never said anything about company coming over for dinner, and you never said that you had a girlfriend!! Since his father screwed around, he had 26 siblings somehow. I had dinner there. During dinner he brought up the topic that he wanted to take me to the Valentine's day Dance at our school the next day. I said sure so the next night we went and guess what he broke up with me at the dance. I was soooooo embarrassed. I haven't gone to a school dance since. And there's been about 25 of them



October 13, 2015 @ (Somewhereintheus)

Tags: breakup

I met him online. He was different than my abusive ex-husband or any of the other pigs I had "dated" after ending it with my ex-husband. He seemed stable and career driven. We were inseparable yet we made a long distance relationship work for 3 yrs. He would come and see me every weekend. It felt normal. No arguing, no stress.I thought it was how a relationship was supposed to be. He got out of the military and moved in with me. We talked about a future but not in this way, not this soon. He had a hard time finding work and I found myself taking care of him financially and emotionally. He became like a 4th child. Things changed between us but not in a drastic way. He was married when I met him. He was going through a divorce but not on his own accord. Deep down inside, he did not want the divorce from his wife even though she did. He secretly took care of her even though he had no money to take care of himself. He continued to lie to me for years about his intentions with getting a divorce and every lie seemed believable. I held on because he was living with me and giving me more than he gave her. After 4 yrs of no divorce and no real commitment (Ring), I started to raise questions. He became nervous and fearful of losing what we had. He did the stupidest thing that sent our relationship spiraling. He proposed to me with a fake ring and lied to me about the value of the ring. His intentions may have been pure but his motives were not. He was fearful that I would ask him to move out and he had to do something to secure his spot in my home. It was only a matter of time (1 day) that I realized the ring was fake. He still lied about it. The lies continued for months about anything and everything to include the divorce that he "supposedly filed" but never did. Each lie drove me further away from him until it came to the point that I asked him to move out. It was a hard step for me because although I did not enjoy the lies, I enjoyed the companionship when I wanted/needed it and I enjoyed the security that he offered. He moved out with hopes that we would be back together. After he moved out, I realized how much I did not miss the lies and the stupidity he brought into my life. I realized we were not the perfect match that I thought we were. We still keep in touch but he thinks there is hope for us and there isn't. I have closed that chapter in my life ( I think anyways).



October 12, 2015 @ (Fredericksburg Va)

Tags: "Let's be friends"break up

I really thought that he was the one. After 2 failed attempts at marriage and a failed long term relationship of 5yrs and countless miserable dates... He walked into my life and was what I thought I needed. The lies came slowly despite my inner thoughts of knowing the truth that he was indeed married. He assured me he wasn't and we continued what seemed to be a solid connection. We laughed, we shared jokes, we made love.... The quickies and the long passionate kind. Then he dropped the bomb on me that he had 4 kids and was unhappily married. He allowed me to make the decision to keep seeing him telling me that he was soon to get a divorce and said he had been looking at places to live and gave me a date of when he had planned to move out. A plan that seemed like it had been thought of for sometime. I believed him and continued to see him against my beliefs. We continued to get to know each other on a personal level. He acted like he didn't care about anything in his world except me (and his kids of course). I just knew he was going to divorce his wife. Not for me but for the simple fact that he too wanted to be happy and just wasn't in his marriage which happened to be dead before I came along. He traveled often taking me with him but definitely calling me religiously on the trips where he couldn't. Then one day it all changed. The day I said the "L" word. We had only been dating for 8m and I only knew for 2 that he was married. The L word scared him... It scared me but it was how I felt, so enamoured by him I couldn't help it. After that moment the phone calls became lesser and lesser. The good morning and good night text messages slowed down. After weeks of frustration I confronted him. It was then that he told me that he didn't feel the same way as I had felt and that he didn't know if he ever would or could. It stabbed me in the heart b/c I sacrificed so much of me, my morals, my beliefs to be with him. I stopped dating other people and was exclusive only to him. I was happy living in the moment but often times thought about a future with him. He decided that maybe we should cool off and it would be best to stop it now before I got hurt anymore than I already had been. He said he liked me a lot like a lot (his words) and wanted to still be friends. In that moment of anger I wanted it all and if I couldn't with him or have him love me after 8m of daring and sacrificing then we should stop talking all together. I reached out to him a week later. We cleared the air and realized some things were said out of anger,fear and a lot of alcohol but the truth is they were still said. We still talk some but just as "friends" conversation initiated by me mostly because although i know I need to let him go it's too hard to.



September 29, 2015 @ (Seattle)

Tags: Bad Breakup

I met a guy online and we had a wonderful year together, until he got laid off from his job. He ended up taking year-long military orders in the Army Reserves in another state. Before he left, he told me that after his year was up, he was not going to come back but move to another city where his son lived. I had lived and worked in this other city for years, and so he convinced me to relocate with him there after a year. I got a job back there (across the country, I might add), almost immediately and moved out there to wait for him to finish up his orders and arrive. Well, his one year orders turned into two, and at the end of two, he still had no job and no prospects in the city I had moved to for him. He kept saying he was going to have to move into his parent's basement if he didn't find permanent employment soon. I wrote him this long romantic letter inviting him to come and live with me instead while he got on his feet, and then we could stay there or both find jobs elsewhere, but that we were stronger together. He responded by dumping me via email two days later, saying that he didn't want to move in with me, and didn't want me to move to where he was. This after three years of planning our future together down to the last detail. To console myself I checked into the Four Seasons and got wasted. He called me 72 hours later, all manic and excited, and told me that he thought things would work out if I just moved back across the country, to the city I had uprooted my life from and left my family and friends in, while he did another year or two in the same place he was. I'm moving back home to the city that I left, but not for him.



September 28, 2015 @ (yorkshire )

Tags: Sorry

I haven't been catfished but iv been dragged into to it all. This is my story... 6 months ago I met the guy of my dreams (not online in real life!) We got on so well and I fell for him deeply and he fell for me. 3 months into our relationship he mentioned he was talking to a girl online from america (he is from England) he said she was his "ex gf" and they talked for 4 years but she would never go on Skype or speak on the phone with him ( unusual ).He said he broke up with her a month before he met me because she wouldn't make the step of meeting him even though he has saved up money to fly to America to meet her but she said she wasn't ready. So he decided to brake it off with her(but still spoke as friends ). I asked him to stop speaking to her as it's not fair on me and felt he was cheating he would not do this an I ended it after 4 month. A week went by an we got back together and he said he wasn't going to meet her. Then another month went by N he said he was going to meet her as "friends " I was absolutely devestated that he could lie an it broke my heart but because I loved him and knew she properly won't come over I agreed. So 3 week later when she said she was flying over and gave him a date of when she was coming came an went she never turned up an her excuse was "u didn't talk to me" my bf at the time promised he would delete her after that date came an went but he didn't ! Another month went by and we're still waiting..It got to much for me and we had a big argument and he told me how he's not in love with me the way he loves her, it well an truly broke my heart in 2 and I'm suffering for it so much as we broke up a week ago. I tried convincing him it's not going to be her or she's not coming over can't u just forget about her N we can move on but he says he can't an needs to meet her. It's so hard for me knowing were over and he's wanting another girl it will devastate me even more if she comes over and it is her. Any thoughts any one???



September 21, 2015 @ (Uk)

Tags: Breakup

I met this guy online. I was in the process of ending a 3 year relationship. He came out of the blue, we started talking, texting, skype and we talked hours on the phone. He told me I was Mrs. Right and that he was going to marry me. I fell so jard for him. He lives in another stTe and i was making plans to visit him next month and eventually move there we had so much in common. He used the right words, he was everything I wanted. I was in lo e like I habe never been. He needed to get a job because his mom was going to kick him out and since he wasn't studying because his parents are facing a financial situation he needed a job and also because he has a project and needs money to accomplish that. He found a job and it was good he was happy and I was happy for him. He wanted to be the best at it and just succeed I totally understand that I told him I support you, we are a team. His schedule was hectic and some days he worked 16 hours. We barely talked and he told me that this was going to be at first until everything settle. We fouvht because there were days I didn't heard from him, and we fix it, then we fouvht again. He became distNt and stop saying i love you. I sent him a package with stuff and he put it as his profile picture then 2 weeks ago changed it. I told him lets forget our problems lets just focus on the future and support each other blahblah he didn't reply so i said okay nextday he said sorry i just read it and i was having a bad moment so couldnt reply. We havent talked he said that two saturdays ago so last wednesday i texted saying whats up noreply but he texted wuth my friend he ignores me. I turned my phone off since thursday because i have been crying for two weeks, i feel dead inside. I dont eat, cant sleep i am so depressed and i have my plane ticket and i dont know if i should go or not. I dont know what to do. This is the first breakup that made me feel like there is no more hope that maybe he has anew gf or he just played with me. Or that i am not worth fighting for.ido feel worthless and cant stop crying. Also i lost mu job so i dont have anything to look forward


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