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July 19, 2012 @ (Corpus Christi, Tx)

Tags: Birthday, Scumbag

First off, let me start by saying that this sounds fake, but I promise, every detail is real.

My boyfriend and I had been together for 3 years when I notices he was acting strange. We were out of state visiting his family for Christmas, when I saw he was receiving texts from the slutty secretary at 6:30 pm (well after she was off work). I couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong, so the next morning when he was in the shower, I did something I'd never done before in 3+ years together - I checked his texts. She had set him messages, wishing he was in bed with her. He blew it off, but never told her to stop. The worst part is, I work with both of them; she knows me and she knew he and I were together.

We argued all day, but promised eachother to work on our relationship.
He told me I needed to contribute more around the house (even though I work and go to school full-time), and I told him he needed to quit treating me like I was the pile of dung stuck to the bottom of his shoe.

Fast forward to February - I found out I was getting laid off April 30th. This caused alot of stress on my part, as I was losing my only source of income. I decided to use the layoff as an excuse to go to school full time, living off of whatever student loans I could get. I told him that my financial contributions would be minimal, but he was incredibly supportive.

Fast forward to April 29th - It's his birthday. I scrimped and saved from my last few paychecks and spend over $300 on him. I baked him cookies (because he preferred that over cake), and settled down at 1:00 to work on some homework. An hour later, he breaks up with me, knowing I'm losing my job the next day.

He broke up with me on his birthday, after I'd given him over $300 in gifts, knowing that the next day I'm losing my job, and have no way to support myself.

The worst part is, It's July now, and I'm still living with him because I can't afford to move out.

I can't wait for December.


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Blue J

July 18, 2012 @ (Ocean avenue)

Tags: Off and On

It was a high school relationship. I was a junior and at the moment I never truly been in love or actually dated someone more than a couple months. By the end of junior year, I met a guy. It was obvious he had a crush when he would text every day and wink at me in the middle of English class. Slowly I begin to like him and one day I ask if he wants to go see a movie for his birthday. I decided to kiss him and since then we began a relationship. We fell for each other pretty quickly. He would get jealous of many of my guy friends and that was always an argument. By the time we made a year the arguments got worse and we broke up by the end of senior year. At prom we got back together since we both agreed we missed each other. Then a couple weeks later we break up. We see each other at a party. He texts me the next morning that he misses me. We try it another time. Today we broke up. I deleted him on fb and his number. He texted me once he noticed I deleted him. I ignored it since he says he wants it to be over. Is it bad that we always come back to each other ?


J. Dorean

July 16, 2012 @ (CA)

Tags: Breakup

I met Isaiah in school and we started off as friends. I had recently gone through a bad break up, and he was my sounding ear. After a while a romance bloomed between the two of us. I knew I shouldn't have gotten involved with him because I kept having this feeling that it was all just "too good to be true". However, I ignored the feeling and allowed myself to fall in love with him. He assured me he loved me too, would never hurt me, and that we would always be friends no matter what. I still had that gut feeling though and when he had a phone call from a name I didn't recognize that feeling grew. I asked him if there was anyone else and he promised me there wasn't. I found out later that Isaiah was also involved with two other women. I was and still am completely heartbroken. I feel as if he targeted me, he lied to me, and what's worse we aren't even friends anymore.



July 11, 2012 @ (HK)

Tags: breakup, ow

I'm 15 years old, he's 16. Let's call him by his initial, D. We started as good friends, and it slowly morphed into something more, like he would say 'I miss you', when I went out with friends and stuff. We had a common friend, my best friend, and he told me that he liked me, I was relieved because I thought he liked my friend. So we were together for 3 months, we rarely argued and it was all good :) But during the winter holidays, we barely talked, and he left for Japan with just a quick 'oh btw im going to japan'. So when he returned, we talked again over Skype, but I realized something was wrong. He wasn't the same. So I asked him if he liked me, and he said he didn't know, so when I tried to talk it through, he just said brb, cos his friend was calling him. Then when I asked whether we could talk in person, and he said he was busy tomorrow. So he promised to talk the day after. When the day after finally came, he said he was 'too tired in the mornings' and didn't even bother. So we decided on 'a break'. Meanwhile, he went to my best friend for support, though he didn't need it. I, in turn, somehow became close with the friend he had ditched me for, on the day that we broke up. During Easter, we got close again. He started making sexual comments, and touching me..but he never once said he liked me. It was all over by the time Easter ended. I had gotten into a fight with my best friend over my actions in the past year, for she didn't like how I had changed with sadness. It hurt me to see my ex making statuses for her like 'cheer up' or 'go online', But what hurt most was, on his steam profile, he said he loved a special person with a description so fitting her and the things they talk about. I don't know what to do, we still talk but it's awkss. I just need some advice.



July 10, 2012 @ (British Columbia)

Tags: flirty, distrust

Id met him on the first week of spring break, I was trying to get away from the chaos down in the city and had taken a bus up island to relax on the country side with a bottle of smirnoff in my hand. My friend who had gone with me found her spring break romance quickly and left me to my clouded mind. He (My soon to be love) had an unusual name, the name of a handbag and at first I wasn't sure if he was straight. We hit it off and after I had left to go back home we never stopped talking until the day I saw him again. He had a girlfriend at the time and I wasn't looking for anything in particular, but after several shots we found ourselves making out on the bridge in the park under the moonlit sky. He confessed to his girlfriend that he had been unfaithful and the trust she held for him slowly vanished. The night after it happened again.. a couple days later he ended his relationship with her and him and I started dating. I questioned his feelings for me, did he really know what he wanted? He told me that his relationship was beginning to fall apart anyways and that meeting me was just a push in the right direction. Because of how we had met, I tried not to fall in love with him to avoid being hurt but slowly began to give more of myself to him. He would tell me how much he loved me, how much he missed me and I would sit on my computer miles away from him and smile. One day when he had come down to see me, I curiously looked at the texts on his phone. I found messages that read "You're so cute" and "You have a nice ass" to two different girls. He tried to justify his actions by saying that he had "Weird" friendships with them. I grew to distrust him little by little, almost ending things with him on several occasions. The fear of being hurt interwined with the fear of losing him but deep down I knew he would never change, and he didnt. Whenever I would come up island he would text other girls, ignore me and have me buy him things. It became plainly obvious that he still held feelings for his ex girlfriend once she forgave him for betraying her and I realized that he was never mine to begin with. I could not wait for him to discover what he wanted because I could already see things beginning to fall apart.


Alex B.

July 09, 2012 @ (New york)

Tags: cheating?

Alright so where do I start.. We met at work, the girl I'm dating now, and we've been together for about 2 years now. I am 20 and she is 18. I guess I'm writing this because I'm confused and I need to get this off my chest. 
Since we have started dating she has texted and messaged every guy at our club (over 20+). Now this would not have bothered me if she had not been writing to them nasty messages like she wants their dick or wants to show them a "good time". 
I found all this because I felt that something wasn't right and everyone at our club would tell me that I'm too good for her and she doesn't deserve me.
Well long story short I confronted her about this and at first she denied it up until I showed her proof.. So she started to cry.. A lot.. and apologized and kept assuring me that nothing ever happened.. She said she needed to do all this to feel like she has "power". At first I didn't understand until she explained to me that as a child she was sexually abused by a close friend of the family. In the end she kept reassuring me that nothing happened sexually with the people at our club. So I believed her. 
I have always been faithful and true to her because she is my first. But once I found all that was going on behind my back, the trust I had for her is broken.. I try but I can't seem to trust her anymore. But she keeps promising me that she will never do this again because she doesn't want to loose me. 
We have talked about living together, getting married and having kids but.. A part of me doesn't want that anymore.. Because I feel like it will happen again. I don't want to waste my time with someone who will not be faithful and give it her all in the relationship.
 I don't know whether I should stay with her or break up. The reason I'm contemplating is because she is going to be moving across states from me to live a "stress free" life for a couple of months. And I can understand why... her family treats her like a maid or nanny and doesn't really acknowledges her as part of there family, and they don't really approve of us being together. Things are basically not going her way. I just feel that she will mess up and cheat on me. I don't want that to happen. I can't go with her because my work is here.
So what do you guys think I should do? I need advise. I am really lost.



July 01, 2012 @ (California)

Tags: firstlove, heartbroken

Well, I met him our freshman year of high school. That summer, we became really close and I knew I had fallen for him. Flash forward to the end of our sophomore year, and we FINALLY started dating. I knew instantly that I was completely in love with him and thought he was "the one". But after a year and half of being together, in november of our senior year, he broke up with me right when I was caught in a ton of family issues and needed his support the most. Then TEN DAYS LATER, I find out he had sex with our mutual friend's older sister. I was devastated and couldn't believe the guy I loved so much could betray me like that. Now it's been more than six months since our break up, and I'm still just a little torn up about it. Isn't love wonderful?(sarcasm)



June 26, 2012 @ (Denver)

Tags: Isaac, caroline, me, isaacs parents

we were in 2nd grade when it all started- instantly he saw me and felt the need to protect me ( yeah I know puppy love) I dont know why but that day he asked me to be his girl I said yes, but then on the playground when we were playing star wars something clicked! I dont wanna date yet. I mean i was only 6 1/2 going on 7 ( I was a little behind) this whole thing went on until about 5th grade when we werw getting curious and getting the talk and that he took a shot again at it (he also tries in 3rd... and 4th :D lol.) I said yes and he was acctually a good Bf he gave me suckers from the sales and we even danced together in the 5th grade show (yeah i know- peachy. but i stepped on his foot alot...) He was acting weird, not answering my emails, I saw it coming and was prepared- BUT what he did I was unprepared for!! He finally emailed me that "my parents say we cant date anymore.. :(" I of course thought something was fishy and knew what it was before I even clicked out of that message- his parents wouldnt do that! They were totally happy for us and acctually cool with like everything so i replied with "um... No... they were happy for us. Oh my gosh what is up with YOU?" I sort it out through my head and start crying but am stopped dead in my tracks as my eyes scan at the message he just sent. I couldnt believe it! he had typed "I like someone else, Ok?" I instantly insist that he tells me who it is. im shocked but who he says. Caroline- one of my bestfriends!! he then says "my dad told me to lie to you." I reply with "thx." his words pierce through me "shut up and get over it you *itch!" I am tooken back. how dare he but heres the worst part, then he said "ill use a condom," that was way to far and made me want to kick his ass- that little PERV heck I bet he dont even got equiptment. Now im going into 6th grade and if he messes with me again he will hear from my brother.



June 23, 2012 @ (middle of nowhere)

Tags: lifedestroyer, breakup, ruined

ok well heres how it is. im 15, and will be 16 next month. i dated a guy called jerry for about idk 3 weeks i wasnt like madly in love or any of that, but he was keeping my mind off other guys. so yeah he was 19, good looking and really popular too. of course he was one of those tough 'i dont give a shit' guys with no feelings but he was funny enough. anyway, i caught him fucking one of his pretty 6th year classmates. guess where? on the way to school. i obvioisly dumped him in a heartbeat, skipped school for the day to eat my triple chocolate m&s cereal thing and watch maury. ok after a day of that, and texts of 'jerry is a dickhead he didnt deserve you', i got one saying exactly this "You must be so angry at Jerry, for posting that video online. Whatta dick!". hold the phone, what video? then i got a link from fran (my friend). holy fuck. it was a video of me and jerry 'you know what-ing'. AKA FUCKING and i felt like dying right then and there. he'd taken a video of us in secret, not only that it was online, not only that everyone i know saw it. i was about to run away but my step mum came home. she saw it too, god knows how. she got really mad and told me everyone she knew saw it too, even my granny. and of course the texts flew in about what a dirty whore i was, even my friends in singapore watched the video. ive kinda cut everyone off except from my really good friends. i left and am now staying in my house in the country alone (my dad died and i got the huge awesome house) and am lonely as fuck. my bet friend callum told me i should take him to court and sen him away for 20+ years on counts of child pornography, statutory rape and uploading a video without consent. this is without a doubt the worst break up of my entire life ands its destroyed me. hope you feel better thst your break up wasnt half as bad. but i could be wrong if they broke your heart, because thats really sad and hurts A LOT especially when you really really loved them x have fun reading more like i do x



June 19, 2012 @ (UK)

Tags: long-distance, cancer, depression, love of my life, soulmate

I was in a relationship with a guy for about 5 months. I had never experienced such an intense and caring love before. There were a few ups and downs but we grew closer and closer. He was constantly saying that I was the love of his life and that he would do anything for me. I felt closer to him than to any other human being ever before.

After 5 months, I needed to move to another country for my job. (This career move had been planned long before I met him.) After living in the new country for six weeks I was diagnosed with a tumour. When I told him about this tumour, he sent me an email saying that he still loved me as much as before but was planning on spending his next holiday with “some close female friend” and needed to let me go.

I hit rock bottom that night. I talked to him only once more on the phone. After that, I never heard from him again.

8 months later I am still struggling and on medication (both against the tumour and the depressions that set in after the breakup). Not one day goes by without me thinking about him.


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