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August 22, 2015 @ ()



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August 22, 2015 @ (usa)

Tags: regret

Long-distance relationship. we both loved each other very much but she didnt have time for me. i got mad at her for not caming with me during her summer vacation but i didnt let her know why i am mad cuz i wanted her to find out on her own( my biggest mistake was testing her if she could find out on her own). she had some family members that were seriously ill and she was feeling down. i couldnt talk to her due to my work and she texted me about how bad she was feeling but due to bad connection i never recieved the text and i guess that really hit her and she started to hate and broke up with me but maybe if i had been in touch with her she would be still with me.

My advice is never ever hide the reason for acting mad to your partner and having wishful thinking he or she will never break up with you no matter how much u push them over the limit. i wish i could turn back time and make different choices. All i have in my life is regret.



August 21, 2015 @ (Canada)

Tags: Bad breakup#broken#betrayed#used

I met this guy during my college's 2nd year.He was friend of my senior so he was not from my college.He saw me in my friend's b'day party



August 19, 2015 @ (London, UK)

Tags: Bad break up

I was dating a girl I met at university for 6 months. We got on really well and our relationship was highly sexual. Then, end of term happened and we both went to our homes. That night I text her and asked how she was. Her reply was this: "the sex is fantastic, Scott, but I think we should see other people now." I didn't know if she was being serious or not, so I asked her and she told me not to "bother her" any more. And that was that. Still had to spend another year in the same classes as her. We haven't spoken.



August 03, 2015 @ (europe)

Tags: Bad break up

Once upon a time I was dating a girl for a few months, I was in love with her and was really enjoying it. We had our ups and down , on the last month though we were doing pretty well. until the summer break came , so we were going to spend about a month apart, in our hometowns. A few days after she left she started to show some kind of unconcern about me, and phone calls reduced. the duration of phone calls also reduced. I understood that things were going bad, even I was complained some times to her .But I believed that it was just the distance, or that I was overreacting and overthinking it. I was very sad, angry and unsecure at that time but I tried not to show it, most of the times, not to make things worse and I just waited to get back together to see what is actually going on. But the last few days before we return to the city we were studying, she started to talk to me really cold on the phone without any obvious reason. So I decided not to talk to her again and see how far this apathy and unconcern goes. So one day we closed the phone, and didn't call her again. Neither did she. She detached and then she got lost, just like that... So I decided after a few days to call her, as I knew she had already arived, and I asked her to meet and talked,she agreed but she said she was very busy with going out with friends and she told me me that she wasn't sure about when we are going to meet. This was very offensive, I felt very bad that it was so hard for her to find 20 minutes to discuss with me the problem..just because she was going out a lot with friends. I was sure then that we were breaking up, So the next day I just sent her a text and I said her that we were breaking up, with the hope that if it was important for her to be together, she would try a just a bit. But she replied and said that she also wanted to break up. My heart teared apart at that time. Something that once was good, ended with a 2-lines text and a goodbye. I am very sad about it, some day I will feel better I suppose, but today is not that day.

I talk to people about it and most of them act like it's nothing, and respond to me with stuff like you will find another one etc. At first I was feeling but about being so hurt, but a loss like this causes pain , and it feels better now that I accepted that pain is just normal in cases like this and eventually it will pass, but not today.



July 26, 2015 @ (manila)

Tags: Sad breakup

i met a man that i fall inlove with. But he's always been a player and a womaniser. He hurt me emotionally many times since the beginning. But i still keep believing on him though i have so many doubts. He cheated on me so i decided to break up with him and i never contact him again since we were on long distance relationship at that moment. Every after a week i will receive a message from saying he made a big mistake and he hopes to see me again. Apologising but still i didnt accept him for almost 10 months. All this time im still inlove with him and i really dont know why. I always wish to see him again and be with him. One day he miscalled me and we started talking again. He came to see me right away to make things right, thats what he said. It was good, we were very happy together. Now he have to leave again for few months for work, back to long distance relationship again. I always worry about it coz i know its possible for him to do the same thing he did to me before. He knows how much i wanted him so he took it for granted. Well i found out again that he's entertaining someone other than me, and he's been lying to me all the time. Though he always tell me about being serious about me and promising that someday we will be together marrying me and have kids, everything which is really good to hear. When i found out about the other girl, he goes defensive and everything was messed up. So we decided again to finish the relationship, i dont know why he's the one who gets mad after i found out about what he did. Telling me that i should've not talk to the girl and ask questions about what is going on between them since the girl told me that she's his girlfriend and been talkimg for 2 months already. My ex now tries to make up things about what is really going on. I hate the fact that im so inlove with him that i let him broke my heart into so many pieces. I wanted to forget him.



July 05, 2015 @ (Uk)

Tags: #sad #horrible #heartbroken

I met this girl after I have just been out from a heart break relationship that lasted 3 years. Everything seemed perfect, we were so inlove and we literally spoke, seen eachother every single night. We never skipped a day for full two years. She literally was my everything, and I believed I was hers. Two months ago she started acting really weird and going out a lot at night (to party she said). I believed her but I always knew deep inside there was something wrong. She started to get so distant that I couldn't even reach her on her phone. Her parents kicked her out she said because she had a huge argument with them. I was so supportive, I called her and talked for ages to give her advice and even suggested to talk with her parents to convince them to take her in again. Days after that I get surprised she blocked me from facebook and Instagram, I was in shock and thought it was something wrong with my device, so I logged in with my friend's account to see her updated her new relationship with another girl. And posted their picture together with hash tag #Lover her my girl forever. I was deeply hurt and so heart broken that I couldn't eat for weeks and everytime I remember her or picture her with her new gf together made me literally sick. I couldn't smile, couldn't eat or do anything for weeks. Later that week I got my university results and I failed after two years of studying which made me feel even worse. I asked her why she did this to me and why couldn't she just respect me enough to tell me the truth from the start. Turned out her parents didn't even kick her out and it was all a play. Her bestfriend sent me a cruel long text telling me to leave her alone and that she doesn't want me anymore and called me every name in the book. I was so heart broken that I couldn't even speak or cry. She then tried to contact me after I left wishing her luck saying she still loves me and that her new girl was just a rebound. I believed her because I was desprate and talker to her again. At the end of that week she tells me that she broke her phone and that she can't talk to me until next week, and of course I didn't believe her considering all the lies she previously told me. I checked up her facebook and she updated a status of her meeting up her rebound girlfriend and them going camping for a week. I now cut her off completely, I ignore her texts and calls. I now am more grown up and ready to move on for good.



July 04, 2015 @ (indonesia)

Tags: bad breakup

my boyfriend broke up with me 2 days ago, 11 days before my birthday. we had a 10 months of long distance relationship and had not seen each other for 5 months. he planned to come visit me on my birthday but now it's very unlikely. truthfully speaking, i was in an emotionally abusive relationship where my boyfriend would yell at me all the time, i thought that i should be more patient dealing with him because he is actually a really nice person and he is just having a lot of work stress. his priorities had been clear since day 1, his work is his number 1. i love him very much and i tried hard to work on our issues but he just didnt care much about me or our relationship. after the break up i asked him why he fight for his work like no end but he easily gave up on someone he loves? he simply said because i disturbed his work. he blamed me for the breakup, saying i should have been more patient, just 2 more weeks and we can be together etc etc. and when i told him i tried hard he said it was because i tried too hard he became uncomfortable. i just dont understand his way of thinking and while i am very sad and devastated right now, i am glad i got out of the relationship. i guess i just got myself an early birthday present from him, a break up over the phone 11 days before my birthday :')


Gracie Mae

July 03, 2015 @ (Sacremento Ca)

Tags: Wierd breakup

Ok well, It was last year. His name was Jack H. We dated for about three months until valentines day. I got him chocolates and he opened them didnt eat any and gave them to his friend. I was so mad. The next day i walked up to him and told him i was breaking up with him. He didnt believe it so much he was resistent. He said that we broke up three months ago which was when we started dating.( i know stupid right😡) so i just let him believe that an left him for his best friend and ruined his life cause u was hanging around him all the time.


Ashley S

July 01, 2015 @ (il )

Tags: break up

I met this guy and we talked for years!! we started dating and we dated for 3 years!! I met this girl and she seemed really nice! We got to know each other better and just like that we became best friends!! I told my friend about her and she asked what her name was (my friend went to a different school) so i told her. I told her the girls name and what she looked like and how she acted. My friend from the other school knew her and told me that she breaks up couples! I didn't believe her so I went of on her and told her we couldn't be friends anymore! Im still dating the guy i have been dating for 3 years! I finally introduce my new best friend to my boyfriend. We grew to be so close the 3 of us. Little did I know my new best friend was stalking my boyfriend. They hooked up at my birthday party in my room on my bed. I walk in on the having sex and I scream!!! She said "Haha 58th girl that fell for that. Thank you for the new sex machine." I was devistated he dated her. He said she did a better job satisfying his sexual needs. I was heart broken! I was depressed in every way!! I couldn't believe that it was happening to me. I felt sick and couldn't look at myself in the mirror. I called my friend that told me about her! I told her how she was right about everything!! She didn't listen to me she said next time you will listen if you ever have a next time. She told me she never wanted to be my friend again. I said id kill myself before id be friends with you. I felt bad! I lost my best friend! My sister! Over this girl! I finally decided to text the girl and she said she was calling the cops. all I said was "hey" she sent 2 people to my house to beat me up. I was petrified. 4 months later my ex-boyfriend calls me and says he wants me back and said he messed up. I asked him what happened to him and the girl. He said she left him for someone else who had a girlfriend. I told him I would have to think. I invited him over and we walked to the girl my ex-bestfriend was talking to and trying to steal her boyfriend. I told her what happened and so did my boyfriend. She didn't believe us. I texted her after i heard that her boyfriend and her broke up. I asked if i could come over. She told me yes. I went over and we talked and we are now best friends! I decided to forgive my boyfriend but my best friend didn't for give hers. Her ex-boyfriend, was so upset he killed him self. I still miss my old best friend! I learned to listen to the people who care about me! And I always will!! me and my boyfriend are happy again and are going on 1 month.