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November 03, 2013 @ (Denver )

Tags: bad break up

A Few of the Things:

Your beautiful eyes
That were the color of waves;
A few of the things
I will always crave.

Your lightning touch
that thundered through my nerves;
A few of the things
I felt I didn't deserve.

Your adorable laugh
And marvelous grin;
A few of the things
I fell in love with again.

Your short gentle hugs
And your plain little kiss;
A few of the things
I will constantly miss..


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November 03, 2013 @ (LA)

Tags: young love, sad, bipolar, jerk, young, bad break up, boys, guys, high school

I told him everything. I made myself completly vulnerable.. and I regret that. I really do. I already knew it wouldn't last forever, it never does, especially when you're so young. That feeling just.. wore off. He used to type a long paragraph just about how gorgeous he thinks I am but that slowly resolved to one word replies.. And remember that girlfriend? Yea, that came back to bite me in the butt. She started all this drama, constantly texting



November 03, 2013 @ (Denver, CO)

Tags: douche, bad breakup, young love, love, like, sad, depression, boys, guys, girls, jerk, douchebag

Well, this guy and I started dating last summer. I've known him for such a long time (since elementary school maybe) and we were just like best friends. At first.. I thought it'd all turn out fine. There was still that shimmer of doubt but my heart blinded me to the point where I was convinced that we were unbreakable.

I remember when we used to pull all nighters on the phone and my dad would be SO mad because I didn't sleep at all that night and didn't want to get up in the morning.. The thing was, he had a girlfriend. He dumped her for me. Of course, I felt really guilty, but, I really liked him and the truth is, I was very flattered because I didn't think anyone would ever do that for me. He was literally my everything. I adored him in every way possible. He was so funny; he'd always make me laugh and I could have sworn we were made for each other. All my friends LOVED him, his personality is literally the best.. he's sensitive



October 24, 2013 @ (Florida)

Tags: Bad break up

At the beginning, I knew better. I knew better than to date someone who I hadn't been friends with for a while.
I knew better.
Yet still I was determined that this guy I was seeing, was worth it all and that everything would work out. He promised me. Doesn't he know how to keep promises?
His parents got in the way. Always. I learned to accept that, and even though they would insult me to the point of tears, I never gave up on this guy. I never lied, cheated, or never kept my promises.
I let him in, and we enjoyed eachothers company. Just two lovers, happy with no interruptions.
I learned his likes: Baseball, Christ, Spicy Food, Powerade Zero Orange, Orange anything, Food always, and much more.
I learned his goals: Finish college, own his own Chick-Fil-A or sports bar.
All of my friends loved this guy, because I was happy.
I really was happy.
He never really went out of his way unless I begged though. I wasn't sure how to take it, but I never got really upset. I just asked him to please do something to make me feel special.
He ALWAYS promised.
I mean he always said he had a surprise for me, and the times he actually gave me a note, it would be two sentences.
Still, I was happy.
Suddenly I became less important.
Morning texts consisted of "Good morning, love you." You're telling me you had 30 minutes ride to college and all I got was that?
It used to be "Pick me up at 10:30AM, let me ditch school to be with you."
Suddenly, I didn't feel like enough, and even though he reassured me that I was, he never showed it anymore.
My birthday weekend was terrible. Last minute he decided what was more important, It wasn't me. Not even on my birthday weekend.
I was upset. I forgave him.
We moved on, but he no longer kept his word that he had surprises.
Why lie?
I became a part of his life and suddenly he could lie to me.
I loved him anyways.
I don't know if I expected too much, but I didn't ask for a lot.
I gave him so much.
I always supported him with any decision he ever made.
I tried to make him happy still.
I recieved broken promises.
My sister died. It hit me so hard, but I never showed it.
I didn't want to bring him down.
He never asked if I was okay. Not once.
I wasn't okay. I'm STILL not.
I loved him anyways.
He lied to me and said he would go to the funeral with me.
I felt special.
Then he said no... I felt worthless.
He could see how much pain I was in, he still said no.
I forgave him. That is unforgivable. I needed him and he walked away, work was more important.
I still went to his work, I hugged him and cried. He made everything okay suddenly.
Suddenly, I didn't feel worthless.
Then came Sunday.
I was broken. My mom was in the hospital, my sister died.
He broke me MORE.
He walked away from me at the worst time.
I let him go, he didn't fight to stay.
Suddenly, those endless nights talking, random walks, the aquarium, my birthday, the baseball games and laughing in bed... were to be broken memories.
We talked that night. He lied. He gave me false hope.
We got back together and suddenly it was okay. We could fix this. Love could fix anything.
I forgave him.
He broke me even more.
Suddenly he ignored me all day. We spoke only late at night.
His parents got in the way. I could see how much he let them control him and his happiness.
He hid me from them, like I was the dirt beneath them.
He toyed with my emotions. We were together, he just wouldn't tell anyone.
I broke even more.
I tried to forgive him.
It was my turn to stand up and walk away.
I did.

And now it's been a week and I found out I'm pregnant. He knows this, and I'm pretty sure he wants to get back together because of it, and because he says he wants to be with me because it was a mistake to break it off.

A couple days later, I figured out he deleted every picture of me and us off of his facebook (he says he didn't do it), like the 11 months we were together didn't exist, I didn't exist and I could be erased that easily.

So I took him out, between college classes, and we fell back into the routine. He made me laugh, smile, even looked me dead in the eyes and said he wanted me back. Well it's a little embarrassing seeing as his mother is his friend on facebook and probably saw everything erased of us. Still, I was considering it.

I went to drop him back off at College, and I sat there in my car asking him if he had flirted with any girls. He said no. So I said, alright... Well let me see your phone (I honestly wasn't snooping, I just wondered if he still had pictures of us in his photo album. He did.)

Right then a girl messaged him and it opened up, and I know I shouldn't of read any of it, but I did. Shame on me. IT WAS ON FACEBOOK CHAT. It went like this:

Him: Hey
Her: Hey
Him: How are you?
Her: Didn't you just break up with your girlfriend?
Him: How do you know I had a girl?
Her: Look I don't have time for this nonsense.
Him: Do you want to get to know me?
Her: Go sit in front of a TV with a tub of icecream.

And that was it. I told him to get his shit and get out of my car. Generally, if you want someone back, you don't go around flirting?

He texted me saying he was sorry, that it was just a question. I was pissed, he sat there and acted like I didn't even exist, talking to other girls. How serious was he about getting back together, because HE was the one who suggested it. Turns out that wasn't the only girl he had been talking to.

He then turned it on me saying, "I thought we were done and you were talking to other guys, that's why I did it."

No, actually I don't play with peoples emotions. I hadn't talked to any guys. I wouldn't of anyways, but the fact that I'm pregnant and knew he needed to be there in this childs life, pushed me even further to try and make it work out.

I'm so confused!



October 21, 2013 @ (the AMERICAS (NORTH))

Tags: It was interesting

I had left work due to medical reasons and shortly afterwards I was rushed into ICU for heart complications, and multi-organ failure. Meanwhile my girlfriend at the time was fired from her job and unannounced to myself left the country all together. Weeks in ICU attempting to contact her to finally receive the message "It was nice to know you, I have no need in that country anymore" hangup. Meanwhile here I am on my deathbed pretty much going wth ...



October 20, 2013 @ (india)

Tags: End of a relationship

Finally its over a mother daughter relationship between a teacher and student, about 6 years i hold on with a person who doesn't loved me back. I was with her in her good and bad times. I helped her as much as i could. Gave my full attention,love and trust but,, its not enough to being loved back. I dont want to complain about her coz its my mistake to hold on with someone very long time after been neglected so many times. its very hard to forgot her i used to text her all the time.. thanks for her patience to bear my disturbance. i got my clearance now. tones of time i tried to break this relationship but i couldn't but its clear now its the time to give up and not looking back anymore.. The past has nothing new to say.. she hated she hates and she 'll. Now i got a job. I am gonna give my sincerity to my company rather than wasting time like this.. may be im wrong now but i'll be right someday.. Thanks for reading ..



October 14, 2013 @ (New Tork)

Tags: Bad breakup

So in short I started dating this guy in freshmen year and we were each others first everything. Relationship ,kiss I mean everything. We were together all threw high school and we were both going to the same college and were renting a cute little apartment together and I thought things were better than ever. Are sex life and relationship was more active than it's ever been. Then one day out of the blue I come home make a nice romantic meal and while we are eating he tells me it's over because my mean spirited boss flirts with me and being a woman him flirting and being my boss means I am defiantly cheats (I was not I never would). I was upset and went to my sister and come morning he is gone. So I am crushed but just keep going until I miss my period a few weeks later. I imminently called him (at this point he was in a band) and some girl answers talking about how she had him tied up and begging for it. Funny to me since he always made a big deal out of the fact that we had only slept with each other turns out 'mr sex is more than sex' was busy screwing a lot of people. I blocked his calls. A few months later his friend sees me in the store and tells him im pregnant and he shows up 'I made the biggest mistake of my life I love you blah blah blah' He left me for no good reason and at this point I heard about his MANY MANY hook ups (I mean people were telling me about how he is having 3 ways and screwing girls in bathrooms) I told him I didn't want some aids ridden band loser who would leave me for nothing and that he could have visitation. I just threw him out and can't stop crying.



October 07, 2013 @ (Philadelphia)

Tags: soooooo awkward

I've got comedy gold for you right here. I was dating this guy for about a month. We were at his house making out when I decided to play a rather off color prank. I asked him how he would feel if he discovered that I had been born a man. I realize it may have been over the line but I had no idea what kind of reaction I was in for. He took several steps back and said, "Were you?" I said, "Absolutely not. I was kidding." He did not believe me at all and said I made him feel sexually confused. He kept trying to get a confession from me and even asked to see a childhood photo album. After about 15 minutes trying to convince him it was a joke and about 10 minutes of really awkward silence, he told me that I am either a man or completely insane to think that joke was funny. I went home and we feuded about the joke for a while and decided that we are ultimately incompatible.



October 04, 2013 @ (NY)

Tags: bad break up

I met this girl in my senior year in HS. I really liked her, but i was neing the respectful guy and hide my feelings because she was with someone else. Anyway, we stayed friends for the year and when summer came we lost touch. At my second semester of college, I ran into her and we decided to catch up. While talking to her, i learned that she was single and i got a little excited because i still had feelings for her. so i decided to make it funny that i had a crush on her in HS and she told me she did too. This should have been a warning because she was with someone when she liked me, but i was naive. A little while after that i askerd her out and we started to date. It was great for about a week until i found out from another friend she was atlking to her ex when she previously said she didnt talk to him anymore. I confronted her about it and she admitted it. I then broke up with her, but we still kept in touch. This was my mistake because i decided to give her a second chance. I understood why she was talking to her ex. It was a 2 year relationship and i know that can be hard. So we dated a gain after a mont h after i broke up with her. The relationship lasted a little over 2 months and i found out from another friend that she was sleeping with a younger guy that was still in HS. I didnt want to jump to conclusions, but my friend said that this other guy knew about me and was only in it for the sex. Me and her hadnt had sex yet but that is my fault because i am a virgin. I still refused to believe it, but i went over to her house to confront her and she denied it and i believed it cuz im a moron. Then a few days later, i get a text from her right before im going out with some friends saying that she was breaking up with me because she had too much stuff going on. By this point i was soo done with her shit that i said ok and still wwent out and had a good time. I learned my lesson from that and will never let myself into a relationship lie that again. I am currently talking to this girl and we probably are going to be together soon :) thumbs up



October 01, 2013 @ (New York)

Tags: Bad breakups

After almost 9 years, a child and a house I thought we were set for a happy ever after.

We were planning more babies, looking to upgrade the house. But then one night he just never came home. He said he was alone, needed time alone to grieve the loss of his father. Said he wanted no one else. He quit his job and I supported him. I honestly thought he just wanted
Time alone. But once his inheritance cleared he stopped talking to me. And then the discovery of a love filled card from another women clarified the actual situation!!

He said she was great. A really good girl - aren't all mistresses great people!!! Hahaha. She was the one. Who knows how long they were seeing each other but that was that.

He moved in with her, took our son and introduced her and her kids as part of his new family.

All a bit quick? If only I knew he was cheating . . . If only he told
Me the truth instead of lying and lying. He was staying with me only until his inheritance was in his account. The other woman and him planned a new life together. He said he didn't tell me because he wasn't sure if they would work out! Hahahaha I was the back up plan!! Oh And he didn't want to hurt me! Brilliant.

Nothing as shocking, devastating and soul destroying like it. On the bright side, at least I'm no longer with a lying, cheating, unemployed, delusional moron!!


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