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April 18, 2019 @ (Snowcrest Ave)

Tags: Carspotter , BMW

2011 E90 BMW 328i 3 series X drive Estoril blue on Snowcrest ave



April 18, 2019 @ (Ruddington Park)

Tags: Carspotter

Estoril blue E90 BMW 328I x drive at Ruddington Park


Eazyano HOK

April 18, 2019 @ (Parkdale)

Tags: Music, Santasquad100

Diamonds in my chain, if a lady wanna fuck me my pants go down


Eazyano HOK

April 17, 2019 @ (Parkdale)

Tags: Music, Santasquad100

Trappin Azz niggaz REMIX ft D Money Dollasign


East Don Parklands Record Group EDPRG

April 17, 2019 @ (East Don Parklands)

Tags: Music, Santasquad100

BayviewBeemer ft Suspect Marmel


East Don Parklands Record Group EDPRG

April 17, 2019 @ (East Don Parklands)

Tags: East Don Parklands

"East Don Parklands" - Poop Boy 416 ft W1lliam Wilson, Mars Bouchees and Bayview Beemer.



April 17, 2019 @ (Parkdale)

Tags: Eazyano , Hok , SS100, Santasquad100, caca gang

New song coming out on APRIL 20 2019!

"Blazed" - Poop Boy 416 ft Eazyano HOK, Jackie St Clair, and Strif905


A Guy Who Belived In True Love

April 14, 2019 @ (Somewhere)

Tags: breakups depression

Hey, im a guy in my twenties and i meet this girl who is 20 years old this year last summer. I have been together with her since then into recently. She have struggled with depression and school, and she told me she wanted to break up and be alone. She did this twice and came back twice after 1-2 weeks. Long story short, but i just keep wondering because today she told me it is over like really over. And i have tryed everything, like literaly anything. It has even gone out on my mental health, because i have tryed so hard to make things right. Everytime i tryed to move on then she was there again but now it seems like its over for good. I have had the best time of my life with this girl, and i dont want to realise that this is true. I have always belived in true love, much like in the disney movies kinda, and my parents have been together since they where at my age. Im a very sensetiv and empatic guy who just want to find someone to build a life with, its like my missing piece in life. So i wonder. I have never given up on anyone i have been together in, in my life. Is that strange? Its like im so in love and i would do anything to be with that person. Can a person love you even when they leave you because of depression and timing in life. Because this girl has said that to me several times, still this is compliated to tell and its a short story of the whole picture but i wonder about those questions. Is it strange that i want to build a life with the girl i love even if im in my tweenties? Is it true love when i never give up on someone? But i have never seen that in any girl og friends i have or have been with. Im i just weird?



March 23, 2019 @ (Europe)

Tags: worst ever

We ere together for the most intense 2



March 12, 2019 @ (Virginia )

Tags: Hard breakup

My story goes like this. I started college this year and when visiting back home over winter break i found that someone down there liked me, after going on a few dates we began to seeing each other. Over the course of the next 3 months we laughed together, cuddled, and just had a blast. When things began to get busy for me again in college i made sure that i texted her everyday but i couldn't really go down there for weekends as my education needed me to study, or i wanted to spend some time with friends i hadn't seen in a while. I thought things were going good and was planning on going back down more regularly after spring break, but she stopped texting after a few days even when i texted her good morning which she told me that she loved waking up to. And we were going to go see How to Train your Dragon 3 together, but the day before we were supposed to we had a talk and she said that she wanted a relationship that wasn't so distant... This hurt... I told her we could try and make it work but she said " I don't want to force anything that wouldn't happen naturally." But still... I respected her view on the topic and that's where the relationship ended there... and now I'm just wondering if i did something wrong or should've gone down more even during my exam weekends... I just needed to get this off my chest... Because this was my first real relationship and I can't help but wonder if she just wasn't interested in me anymore, because after being bullied for years in elementary and middle school, I'm a bit self conscious of my looks even though I know that, that shouldn't be what matters in a relationship... But I can't help from thinking if it was just me you know?


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