May 08, 2020 @ (Stevens Point)

Tags: bad breakup

So. I was recently dumped by my GF of almost 4yrs. She left due to some issues we were facing this last year. TL:DR she walked in on me after I kissed a friend who was comforting me and saw me nervously laughing about the situation because I couldn't believe what I had just done. We had a talk about everything and she came back in the early hours of the morning. I've tried to do everything to prove that I was sorry it happened and that she was the sole focus of what I wanted. I started planning trips for us. Continued to make sure she was happy by taking care of her needs, pushing her to do certain things independently, and promoting her to make more content for her hobbies.We got into a few conversations about how she was feeling, but would always circle back to the friend I kissed. Which made me dismissive of the conversation. I did eventually realize most of my external stressors, so I quit my old job because I saw the stress affecting how I treated her. I stopped giving words of affirmation as I figured nothing I say would show her, so I let my actions do the talking. But she stopped talking about her feelings to me and relied on some of her friends who definitely had a bias based on what she was telling them. Meanwhile she never saw that I was fixing our financial situation to be able to move into our own place. Or that I was gauging my ability to be able to support a family. She broke up with me and claimed that she felt unloved and unappreciated. Brought up the "cheating" situation again claimed she would not be a fool to allow her to marry/date someone that cheated on her. Now I sit here in my home I feel like a stranger in. Because the person I had opened up to and thought of settling down with, decided to listen to her friends advise and leave me at the drop of a hat. And then demanded to be friends. Instead of trying to figure out where we both went wrong and try to overcome it without the inclusion of her biased friends.



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