June 29, 2016 @ (West Virginia)

Tags: gay, heartbroken, sad breakup

He was my stepbrother's friend, having moved in with us two years ago. He never showed any signs of liking me--or men in general--at all. In fact, I always thought he was a bit homophobic until he told me otherwise. He said, "As long as you don't like me." Well, of course, I kind of fell for him. I never told him, but I always tried to underhandedly flirt with him. I wasn't sure if he knew how I felt about him. Then, just this past weekend, I caught him looking at me and smirking. I asked why he was looking at me like that. He said, "Nothing." I then asked him if he knew how I felt about him. He sat down and grabbed my hand and asked if this was what I wanted. It was such a great feeling, being with him. Then he tells me that he'd had feelings for me since he first got to know me, but he never did anything because his dad was super homophobic and would literally kill him. Then he tells me he's leaving for a job in Virginia, so we couldn't be together anymore. It wasn't until two weeks from now, but he got kicked out due to bad blood between he and my stepmother. I'm completely heartbroken, and it's all I can think about.



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