February 01, 2015 @ (Delhi )

Tags: Dumbme

About a year ago I became friends with this guy through Facebook. He seemed really sweet and genuine. Then we started talking everyday. He made it clear from the beginning that he didn't want to get into a relationship with anyone because of his past. He was cheated by his girlfriend and that changed him. So we were just friends and one day we casually flirted and decided to be fwb. The worst thing is i fell in love with him. It was one sided. He didnt love me back. We used to text often before and he was the bestest friend that i didnt have before. We texted everyday for hours. Then suddenly one day he stops texting, as in i texted him and he chose to ignore me. He ignores me for about 2 weeks and then again texts me as though nothing happened, and asks if we could meet. I cant get over him because he truly is one in a million. The way he talks etc..he keeps ignoring me now and then..I dont have the courage to ask him why he does that. And now again im being ignored. Im depressed and dumb. But i dont have the strenght to ignore him or stop talking to him. And now he isnt speaking to me. Now i feel like shit.



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