October 20, 2012 @ (us)

Tags: ss

So there is this 1 guy i like for about a year and finally we started talking to each other frequently and he also asked me out. we went on dates and liked each other. i knew he was a player since the beginning but he said he has changed. none of his EXs last for more than a month. you can say im stupid but i believed in what he said. we were in a relationship but he likes to hang out with other girls and even told me when he hang out with them or when he had a fight with them. i listened to all of that and had never got angry. i knew i couldn't be too possessive for him and should give him a little of freedom. i convince myself that they were just friends. so this went on quite a lot.. he went out with lots of girls. he broke up with me yesterday and i should have known that it would be coming sooner or later..



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