September 20, 2012 @ (BLOCKED)


I was with the guy named, Don H. We met the first week Don moved into our neighborhood in (BLOCKED). I was 25. We dated off and on for about a year and a half. He denies that he was seeing anyone else but, I know he was sleeping with at least one other neighbor. We had great times together. He was always partying. He was always throwing parties and barbeques and stuff. He worked a lot at his brokerage but I think he was lying. I think he was sleeping with his admin. I met her she was maybe 20. He was always out on the boat but I never went with him. Kidding me!? In the end I knew he was cheating. So obvious. So, I confronted him about what I thought was going on. He invited me over and we had a great time. He actually told me he missed the memo we were exclusive. We had some drinks by the pool. It was a beautiful night. We had sex outside. Then again in the shower. Then again upstairs in his room for half the night. When I woke-up he was already dressed. Tying his tie. Hot. He left a note on a Post-It Said we were done. Are you f-ing kidding me!? A Post-It! My God who does that?



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January 03, 2014

You should have kept your legs closed !!



March 17, 2013

Sweetie its your fault for being so dumb and sleeping with him :)



October 02, 2012

Oh sorry dia never have sex in a relationship when u have dought with some one.Some guys all the need is sex and are not ready to be committed to love & cherish



September 20, 2012

Man whore. Girl. Really, a post-it.


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