December 03, 2011 @ (illinois)

Tags: first part

alrighty i met her 4 day into school she came into class and i noticed her quickly we began talking and 3 weeks later we were freinds she broke her leg and i would take her to class carry her books until i told her i really liked her and she told me we needed to talk about it we did but i was only expressing myself to her and went ahead and asked her to homecoming we had lt of good moments and the day of homecoming during a song i kissed her we went at it crazy and i asked her to be my girlfreind she said yes and we had a great night during a week we loved and lueghed and on the tenth day she said she wasnt ready and left me stranded with a note i read to myself alot im going to try getting her back but i need some advice help a bro out thanks



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