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January 26, 2011 @ (Minnesota)

Tags: Text, Dating, Friend

So, he texted me saying were over.. told me he didnt want a girlfriend. Then 3 days later texted me "it was one hell of a run". After our 6 month relationship and him not deciding he wanted a girlfriend he starts to date my friend a month later... i introduced them...



January 25, 2011 @ (Arizona)

Tags: Tiffany, Mike, Jessica

To MaryAnn, and the rest of you! Thanks for the link to this site, but none of this is news to me; between Facebook and MySpace, I know all the crap you sneaky little twits are always pulling on each other. Nice to see how much office time you people waste on the internet when you're supposed to be making me money!

Jessica killing herself may have been tragic. But, we all knew her clock was wound a little too tight for the corporate world so it was probably just a matter of time before she cashed in her chips anyway.

As for Tiff's little deception, well, I require an aggressive attitude by my salespeople. Those who succeed in this world are those who are willing to do whatever it takes to win! Not only do I admire her grit, but also her unconventional tactics. I will probably give her a raise! Mary, you should spend more time reading Sun Tzu, and a hell of a lot LESS time meddling in other peoples private affairs!

NOW, all of you assholes GET BACK TO WORK, before I fire the lot of you!



January 23, 2011 @ (Oklahoma)

Tags: example 1

so long story short, I think i may be prego with my bosses kid....... im only 18 i think i may need a new job consiering my boss is married with two young children FML



January 23, 2011 @ (cedar rapids, ia)

Tags: example 1, example 2

I was befriended on Facebook by a hot guy who had 10 mutual friends as me. He said in the first message "You look sooooo familiar...blah blah blah..." We talked back n forth via FB and txting for a few weeks before he asked me to come over for dinner (he was cooking). RED FLAG ignored by me!! So I went over (stupidity), we had a great time talking, laughing and had a lot in common. We watched a movie, kissed, and so on. That night on my way home he sent a text: you are wonderful!! we talked and text everyday. He asked me out the next night. It was awesome! Then 2 more days that week we got together. he was talking about taking me places, doing stuff together and how beautiful I was. Well, the day after our last date, I didn't hear from him. I sent a txt, he responded 3 hours later...with no XO's or happy faces. Then I didn't hear from him ALL weekend so I sent him an email monday night asking what's going on in a very friendly way. He responded that I'm a wonderful girl, but something just didn't feel right. I kept him as a friend on FB. Yesterday his status changed to "in a relationship". I'm kicking my own ass for falling for that player. DELETE FRIEND!!! I'm really having a hard time understanding why I was so easy and available to him. He dissed me and it was probably someone he was dating before me. I couldn't believe it!



January 23, 2011 @ (uk)

Tags: heartbreak

I met this girl when were 16/17 we had a great relationship from from the start. We did everything together and lost our virginity together. We were together nearly two years and she out of the blue she didnt love me anymore. I wanted nothing to do with her but soon realised i missed her like hell. We tried being friends but just ended up sleeping together for a few more weeks. Until she broke it off again. We went seperate ways and barely spoke since apart from arguments which always ended with us meeting up, kissing and her crying. Its been nearly two years and i cant get her out my head. I have had relationships but ended them because i was still in love with her. Recently weve been txting again and it was great to catch up, until she got drunk and began txting me saying how much she misses me etc. I have been a wreck since she left, drinking and smoking etc. And i am now so confused, she has asked to meet up and as much as i want to i am terrified if meeting her and the thought of her with someone else tears me apart. I feel like i should walk away but i have tried and i get nowhere. I just dont know what to do....



January 23, 2011 @ (sweden)

Tags: ray

my gd and i broke up after 3 years of relation , we loved each other so much , after the break up we talked to each other and still in contact , and acting like we still in relation, after she knew that i knew that she is dating someone else she called me and cryed and i tell her that her new bf he s ugly, after 2 days i called her to apologise and she was angry and said do not call her again, i just wanna now what she is doing and why she cryed and if she wanna called me again?



January 18, 2011 @ (NY)

Tags: breakup

My boyfriend of 8 months was amazing. He treated me like a princess. Last Friday night, we had a date and everything was perfect. At the end of our date, he asked if he could see me Saturday. We made plans, and I never heard from him...until Saturday night. When he sent me a text breaking up with me. No reason. Nothing.



January 17, 2011 @ (atlanta)

Tags: liar

i was with this one boy for about nine months on and off. at first everything was great and he said he was a virgin like i was.we eventually did it,had a pregnancy scare,and then i found out he actually had sex with three other girls. he denied it then finally confessed.then he dissappeared for three weeks.we reconnected against my beter jdgement.everything was great and he told me he loved me and such.recently we were in a car accident i thought the fact that we almost lost each other would bond us further but i just found out he has a new girlfriend.



January 17, 2011 @ (New York)

Tags: hair, dumb

I recently got my hair cut in a new style and was receiving compliments all day and when I saw my boyfriend that day, he said that he hated it and couldn't see me anymore because of my haircut.


MaryAnn Summers

January 16, 2011 @ (Arizona)

Tags: suicide, Mike

Tiffany, you selfish, evil, b****! I worked with you and Jessica Michelle in the office and she was my best friend. I always said you'd stab her in the back for her job, and that's pretty much what you did. I should call the police since you are essentially responsible for her death. She was a dedicated employee and a great friend and she loved Mike enough to give up her career. You and Mike destroyed her life and now you've destroyed Mike's life too. BTW, I'm going to email Max a link to this site and let him see what a back-stabbing b**** you really are and let's see how long you keep your precious job when he gets a look at this. I hope you never find another job anywhere so you can't hurt anyone else like you did Mike and Jessica Michelle. There is no end to your evil. I hope you burn in hell.


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