August 22, 2011 @ (Ohio)

Tags: sex, young, love

I met him in the beginning of summer. Everything was perfect. We were in love, or i thought we were. It only took a week for us to start dating. I'm 15, he is 18. He was like my bestfriend. We were so comfortable around each other. I could tell him anything and not feel judged. It was the best relationship I have ever had. We started talking about sex, He told me he loved me, so I thought that it would be okay. We started havin sex. Everything seemed fine, then one day we did it in his car, and later that evening he told me he doesn't love me, and he thought he never did. I don't unnderstand how someone can do something like that. We spent almost everyday together. He wants everything to be the same, he still wants to hangout... as friends. Thats so selfish. How could I ever let myself get into something so messed up like this. I feel like such a fool. I'm scared to open up to anyone now.



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September 08, 2011

You know that guy could have gone to jail for having sex with an underaged girl right?



August 30, 2011

here read my story. It can be a lot worse http://www.youbrokeuphow.com/view_post.php?bid=265


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