August 08, 2011 @ (Orlando, FL.)

Tags: Liar.

I probably deserved it. In fact, I know I did.
I created a fake IM to text my boyfriend of almost 1 1/2 years to see if he was as loyal as he says.
I made the girl my perfect opposite- nothing like me down to the typing.
I talked, flirted, tried my hardest to get him to like "her". It wouldn't work. He said the cutest things about us that made me fall in love with him all over again. The next time "we" talked though, I sent him a picture of some random hot girl on the internet. He exchanged pictures.
He said she was "adorable." all the while texting the REAL me, and saying I'm the only girl he has eyes for, the only one he finds adorable, pretty, gorgeous, beautiful, cute.
My heart dropped a thousand miles.
My throat choked up.
My eyes began to downpour.
"I" asked if his girlfriend would like this. He said he didn't know, then said that, "we could talk just as friends."
I wanted to tell him I caught him in his lie.
I was so hurt. We'd been together that long- I gave him my EVERYTHING, just for that in return.
I can never forgive him.



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August 30, 2011

if the worse thing he said was adorable, then you have nothing to worry about. a guy or girl can think the opposite sex is attractive in some way, but it doesnt mean that he/she love you any less. i learned the hard way...



August 24, 2011

He only responded as 'adorable'? I tell my female friends they're adorable and it means nothing. Hell, it's a good put down if a girl's coming onto you and expecting you to call her sexy. He was trying his best to make sure the 'other' girl knew nothing was going to happen but was trying to be kind about it. You've got nothing to be angry about.



August 21, 2011

I love how women set guys up for failure the act SHOCKED AND SURPRISED when he fails. What you did was like shooting yourself in the foot, then getting mad at the GUN!!!! Also, reverse the situation, if he had done the same to you, would you REALLY have just ignored another guy telling you that you were hot? GET REAL-- you got the broken heart you deserved!



August 12, 2011

Technically you created the doubt and yet something inside said to test him. While it was probably not a good thing to do, you obviously had a reason. Like others said he didn't have sex etc. The decision is yours


Chico Rush

August 11, 2011

so maybe i'm missing something here.Did he take the picture you sent him out to dinner or dancing?Did he have sex with the picture you sent him?i guess i could see how him wanting to be friends with a picture would be upsetting.especialy since you introduced him to the picture.i myself have been guilty of finding a picture adorable.


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