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August 20, 2011 @ (Melbourne)

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I was dating this guy and at first everything was great, but then I starting to feel like something wasn't quite right(and I've always had really good instincts). So I asked him if he was seeing someone else or sleeping with someone else, and he said he wasn't and convinced me that my instincts weren't right. Then all of a sudden he just stopped talking to me, he literally ignored my calls for a week, he told my best friend more about what was going on then he did to me. He claimed he had no money and was getting evicted,although this I heard from my best friend who also told me that he said he had more important things to worry about then me. Two weeks later I went to the doctors and found he had given me an STI, I was furious, because this proved that he either lied to me and wasn't clean or he was but then started sleeping with other girls. I told him the day after and he insisted that it was my fault and put all the blame on me. I was absolutely furious because I had been tested before we had sex and I was clean. The next night while I was asleep he sent me a text saying "This isn't working...I'm sorry" I was so angry, then to add to my anger I went on to Facebook only to see that he was in a relationship with someone else, literally less then 10 minutes after texting me. Not to mention also that while we were dating he said he couldn't put our relationship on Facebook because he just never did it wasn't his "thing" too, but that was clearly a lie, he was dating this other girl, for who knows how long.


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