August 12, 2011 @ (australia)

Tags: holidays

My boyfriend of almost 4 years broke up with me after coming back from Canada. Before he left, i could see absolutely no problems in our relationship. We were happy, saw each other often and he had used up his saving to buy me a new phone.

During his trip to canada he became distant, deleted me and all our mutual friends off facebook, asked for his space and extended his trip without advising me prior. He came back telling he that he has been seeing other girls.

On the bright side since breaking up, i've scored a date with a doctor however i'm still not over the bastard ...



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August 18, 2011

Hun, You Will Be Okay .. Time Will Heal Your Broken Heart ;; * Im Very Young And I Posted My Story On Here On The 3RD Page I Think And If You Wanna Read It And See What Im Going Threw,Go Right Ahead ;; * But Yea Dont Worry Hun,It Hurts But You'll Get Over It Cause Time Will Heal That Pain


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