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I met a wonderful man on We were instantly attracted to each other. He came on very strong and I told him to take it slow, which did not happen. In the long run it was flattering to have this handsome man say he was falling in love with you. By the third week of dating he did a turn around saying he needed time and was confused. I responded with an email telling him to take the time he needed but in the future no matter who he is with to go slow. We ended up seeing each other again and we were back in the same boat with him telling me he wanted to live with me and he loved me. Again 2 weeks after the first episode he started to pull away saying he was not sure. At this time I was schedule for surgery and he was suppose to take me and be there when I woke up. Well Mr. Wonderful said he was sorry and he just needed time. I told him take the time and I would find another ride to the hospital, terrible timing. Also I told him I could not continue with this roller coaster and to please stop contacting me. We talked a few more times with him saying he was sorry and this whole thing had nothing to do with me!!! I asked it there was somone else and he just said he was going through something. So now the surgery is over, I had lots of friends and family helping out. I am dealing with healing from the operation and the pain of not being with a person I truly cared for. Obviously he had some emotional issues and was not ready or open for a loving relationship. I still have great hope and look forward to my wonderful partner who I know is just around the corner!!



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