November 03, 2011 @ (Tx)

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We started talking after I got out of a really bad relationship. I had some work done to my vehicle so I could make a trip a few hours away to see friends I had been kept from during what seemed like the worst relationship ever. The guy working on my vehicle passed me his number and I was willing to get over my ex so bad that I took the chance with this one. Before we hooked up, I did my research and found out he was engaged. Though I didn't confront him immediately, I had planned to when we decided to see each other outside of his work. I met him at the place he was staying for some sexual tension release after a week of txting. That's when I confronted him about his fiancée. He told me that she hadn't been showing any interest in him and although I felt wrong for agreeing to have sex with him while he was engaged, I took pity. Before we had sex I asked "are you sure you want to do this?" And he said yes. After that, a week later or so he broke up with her and we started dating....
I should have know... it was wrong. They were high school sweethearts and I felt like I was a monster for stopping a love like that but I fell in love with him. I was more than a fool. I was the worst person in the world.
One night after he got out of work, I went over to his house. And broke up with him. This on and off relationship of three months of him going back and forth from me to her was pathetic. I told him me should go back to her.. and that it was stupid for him to be apart from her. They belonged.
I haven't gotten over him. I still love him with all of my heart. But I'm hoping I did the right thing. Even if it cost me my mind and my heart.



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November 11, 2011

I don't think of him how I did when I wrote this. Finally.



November 04, 2011

Hay At least you acknowledge that you made a mistake, although it was intentional. I say you take this as a lesson and never rebound ever again!! Rebounds never work, they'll make you feel good for a while then after that you'll feel bad. I mean, you're using the person to get over a guy from tha past!! That's wrong... Imagine if you were the one being used, not so nice huh?! All I can really say is you have to face your problems head on and stop trying to eliminate them by using other things ((in this case rebounds)) just face it head on. If you're willing, you'll get over your ex without interfering in other people's relationships! Good luck :)


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