October 25, 2011 @ (US)

Tags: indecisive, indecision, flip flop, back and forth

It is apparently over. It feels that way. I have not been able to say the words to her though I think my heart feels it is.

It isn't that I don't love her, its that I am so unsure of what I want for my life that my instincts (or my goddamn brain) won't let me find clarity. Maybe that means I don't love her...I dunno. Or maybe I don't need clarity and I'm just ignoring my instincts which say that this relationship can not work considering the re-evaluation I am undertaking.

I haven't been able to wholeheartedly agree on the direction she would like life to go mostly the children issue. But its not because I'm so against it or worried she isn't good enough to build a life with. I just haven't found a way to say yes or no, to reconcile what I want with what she does so maybe the indecisiveness is my answer.

Even if it means that I change my mind a year from now, I think the answer is "no I can't be what you need and deserve right now." If that's the case and she has a clearer plan for her life, I should let her go so she can find it with someone else. It may be the worst decision of my life and I may regret it but I just can't see a way to put love, attention and energy into this relationship AND try to figure my own shit out.

Part of me feels plain dumb for not having figured myself out at 33, but part of me also doubts that every married with kids person really gave it all as much thought and followed their instincts either. It feels so odd to not inherently agree with the way society goes about relationships, marriage, kids and just maturing in general. Everyone feels like they are on auto-pilot with their life choices. Maybe I'm just trying to make myself feel better about my indecision.

I think in many ways my spirit is flawed, broken...but not irreparable. I will take the time to ask my heart what it really wants and I will keep asking until it responds....because it will. It wants me to be happy and maybe it doesn't even yet know what it wants but when it does, I will fight for it with all I can. I only have one known chance at living. I've got to try and live as best I can. I hate that I don't know that she could represent living life the best way I can, but if we are done and it was a mistake, it just feels like a mistake I have to make, otherwise I am doomed to create the same indecision and same mistakes time and time again.



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November 04, 2011

I can tell you the pain she is feeling right now is unbelievable, probably as much as yours. She does love you, and probably will for a long while. Do your best to figure out what you want and there's a good chance she'll still be there for you.



October 28, 2011

You story sound just like my ex. Tell her now what you feel and move on. Don't waste her time and your. It sound like you love her. What are you so afraid off. My Ex used me and wasted 5 years of my life. I always knew he would not married me, but I loved him so much I keep hoping and praying. The longer you wait to tell her the harder it is going to be on her. It took me years to get over my Ex, But I found the most wonderful person and we have been married for 18 years. God help you in you decision.



October 26, 2011

Man o' man Ac sounds like you love her.If you need to figure yourself out who says you have to do it with out her.All this you wrote tell her about it or make her read it If you can't say it.You can't make the choice that she can find someone else, what if she doesn't want to and stick by you. I'll never know unless you talk to her first


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