October 06, 2011 @ (Los Angeles)

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My boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 months. There is a fair age difference between us. His 26 and I'm 14 I've known him since I was about 8. I love him more then anything. And he loves me the exact same way. The age difference has always worried us. Everything was going perfectly. But then we had an argument over a phone bill, which he had made after calling my mobile off his parents house phone. I hated it when he spent money on me. Even the slightest bit. He continued to tell me how he was going to pay for it himself. Our relationship was something that no one knew about. And we planned on keeping it that way. It was long distance, but it was a sacrifice we both made. During the argument about the phone bill, he tells me how his mother found out exactly how old I am,after talking to a friend of hers from my home town. He tells me how she refuses to have him live under her roof. at this point I start to cry. Because I knew the outcome. He texted me saying how bad he felt about it, and how he felt like he had broken my heart ( that he did) but he wad going to have to think the situation through, and put our relationship on hold.I didn't reply to that message. And writing this two hours later, I don't plan to. It scares me, because his suffered depression and Suicide has been an outstanding option for him, his always told me that if he ever had to live without me he would kill himself. Lying in bed, I've deleted all his messages, and his number. The only thing stopping us is other people's opinions. I'm worried, and I miss him. I live in a small town, so it wil probably make it's way around anyways.. I really don't know what to do. His so protective, and he hates it when I talk to other boys. Even if it is just a polite conversation. The fact that my bestfriend was a boy means that I've lost him too. At the moment my phones turned off. And I'm just going to stay in bed. Just pray that he makes the right decision.



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April 18, 2012

honestly wen i was 14 i dated a guy who was 36 ppl told me it was sick dat hes a pedo bt i didnt care age is just a number tbh nd if u love each other then it will all work itself out but just remember ur still young so if it doesnt work dnt worry bout it cus u have ur whole life ahead of u



October 09, 2011

Gurl, you should go out with guys your own age... This guy should be looking for a wife right now!! You deserve better than a pedeophile!! Come on, deep down you know it's wrong to be with such an old guy. It's not about society dictating how you should live, it's about putting your best interests at heart & protecting you. This guy should know better than to go for such a young child! He's 12 years older than you...that's crazy!! It's even against the law! Sweety, focus on guys your age. Better yet, focus on school & things you love!! Pick yourself up!



October 06, 2011

His not like that though. I'm fairly mature for my age. My sister was pregnant at a young age. I've seen it all happen before. I guess that's the only thing his ever wanted though.



October 06, 2011

He's a pedophile. Disgusting. Date someone your own age honey. Guys that age are looking for only one thing.


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