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July 10, 2017 @ (Mississippi )

Tags: ???

Me and my ex have been best friends since 6th grade. We started dating in 9th grade and it lasted 3 years. Our senior year is when we broke up and he started telling everybody we broke up because I screwed people for money. So I got called a whore the rest of the year by literally everybody. I went through depression. He still tries to text and call me when he ain't around nobody. Near people though is when he calls me a slut. I do miss him but it ain't worth what he put me through. That's what I get for going with a linebacker!!



January 31, 2017 @ (NY)

Tags: shitty breakup

This was my first time dating a guy. I'm a softmore in high school and he is a senior. Throughout highschool I talked to many different guys but I was always ending up being used. TBH it's hard to come around a respectful guy and I bet you all are aweare of that... anyway, out of the blue I started dating this guy and I had never felt happier in a relationship with someone. Even though I am still very young, through him i found out how I should really be treated and respected. He was my bestfirend and i felt so open and free with him , I never knew someone like him existed. Saying that sounds cliche but he was definitely a big part of my life. We dated for 6 months, which very much impressed me because i usually get over a guy fast! 2 days befor Halloween, I felt very strange about our relationship. He always had work and I got fed up with not being able to be with him all the time.. I didn't know how to handle my anger, so I asked for a break. I knew I was loosing feelings, not all to do with him, but more so the timing was awful. he was also leaving to collage soon. I just felt a little heartbroken. I knew he cared about me very much, when I told him I wanted a break he cried and that was so strange to see because i never had a guy cry over me. We loved eachother one day but the next i just couldn't be in the relationship any longer. He resipricated by telling me he doesn't want a full commitment beucase he's a senior and maybe we can get back together later if the timing is right. It sucked to hear but I knew he was right. He wanted to belive we could be friends, but at that time I felt as if the rest of his party life as a senior was the most important thing to him. We broke up on Halloween night, the day after we said all of this too eachother. He knew I wanted to break up with him BUT HE WOULDNT LET ME. I think it was somthing to do with his pervious relationship when his X broke up w him due to the same reason. So yep Halloween night he texted me a shitty breakup text saying he wants his independence . that made me so much more attached knowing i couldn't have him. We talked a little as friends after but we both agreed if we would ever want to get back together we can't be friends. I haven't talked to him for 2 months now and I don't know how i have made it this far , all I know is I deserve better , but I miss my best friend. Knowing our past and how alike we are , I somtimes do belive we will get back together but i never want to hurt myself again. What is your opinion on this type of breakup and any advice ???



November 18, 2015 @ (Australia )

Tags: broken heart

OK well a few weeks ago a guy broke my heart into millions of pieces and i couldn't do anything about ..... could i ??? honestly i still have hope that we will get back together but in my mind he has made it pretty clear he doesn't like me anymore cause he has a crush on someone else and has successfully started dating her ...But people have different ways of moving on and im just doing it slowly he has his reasons for breaking up with me that i didn't see and still dont know why . This would have been the 2nd time we went out the first time was as good but the 2nd time was better we improved on the things we needed to be improved on and i am still strongly in love with him and its going to take me a while to get over but honestly YES i am ONLY 13 but age is just a number all my friends have told me i will get over it just like he has but i honestly cant he is the only person i want my heart to be broken by. the reason im writing this isn't to show people, i just want to get this out of my head and see if it it sounds as stupid as people think. i don't know why but he has broken my heart twice and every time i haven't been able to hate him or dis like him or love him less than i do i know his feelings are gone and he doesn't like/love me anymore but no matter how hard i try and trust me i have tried these feelings wont disappear but why aren't i surprised this one absolutely amazing guy has taken my heart and cased a spell on me i don't no how to deal with these things im only 13 and i have fallen deeply in love. All my friends think he is an awful person for breaking up with me the way he did which was through my friend on a phone call and obviously i was in tears but it was kind he said he didn't want to do it in person cause he didn't want to see me cry.... which i did in fact cry quite ALOT. i have honestly never cried over a guy besides him both times i have cried when he broken up with me and every single time i always fall for him again why... THIS PAIN that i get every time im around him kills me i struggle some days seeing him smiling and laughing with other girls it makes me notice that he has moved on and he actually deserves a better girl than me i made his life stressful that's all i could give to him not love and comfort but stress. i still love him like seriously who couldn't fall in love with a guy like him he is all i think about every single second minute and hour of the day. know im looking back and the time we shared together, the best days of my high school year was the days i spent with him. If i did show any one this i know they will say im just 13 i will find someone again and all of that, that i have heard PLENTY of times. One of the reasons why i have fallen in love with him is cause when he is with me he is a completely different person he is loving comforting and over all just AMAZING and i feel like a different person, every time we were on the phone would be the most memorable moments, we would talk about the future and what it would be like and all of those amazing things but know that has all gone to waste In one letter he wrote me on our 1 month in the end it said i may hold your hand for a while but you will hold my heart forever and i don't know if that was true but at the time i did believe it and he does and will hold my heart forever. Everything i said to him was true, he may not believe it but its true. I AM TRULY SORRY FOR SCREWING THINGS UP WITH HIM and i hate myself everyday for it that it was my fault he is out of my life likely to be FOREVER and i cant control that. i have made a lot of mistakes in my life but loosing him would be the one that i regret and wish i could change the way things turned out for us but I cant control his feelings and at the moment i cant control my own feelings either at the moment all i do know is that i have fallen deeply in love with this absolutely amazing guy ......



September 28, 2015 @ (yorkshire )

Tags: Sorry

I haven't been catfished but iv been dragged into to it all. This is my story... 6 months ago I met the guy of my dreams (not online in real life!) We got on so well and I fell for him deeply and he fell for me. 3 months into our relationship he mentioned he was talking to a girl online from america (he is from England) he said she was his "ex gf" and they talked for 4 years but she would never go on Skype or speak on the phone with him ( unusual ).He said he broke up with her a month before he met me because she wouldn't make the step of meeting him even though he has saved up money to fly to America to meet her but she said she wasn't ready. So he decided to brake it off with her(but still spoke as friends ). I asked him to stop speaking to her as it's not fair on me and felt he was cheating he would not do this an I ended it after 4 month. A week went by an we got back together and he said he wasn't going to meet her. Then another month went by N he said he was going to meet her as "friends " I was absolutely devestated that he could lie an it broke my heart but because I loved him and knew she properly won't come over I agreed. So 3 week later when she said she was flying over and gave him a date of when she was coming came an went she never turned up an her excuse was "u didn't talk to me" my bf at the time promised he would delete her after that date came an went but he didn't ! Another month went by and we're still waiting..It got to much for me and we had a big argument and he told me how he's not in love with me the way he loves her, it well an truly broke my heart in 2 and I'm suffering for it so much as we broke up a week ago. I tried convincing him it's not going to be her or she's not coming over can't u just forget about her N we can move on but he says he can't an needs to meet her. It's so hard for me knowing were over and he's wanting another girl it will devastate me even more if she comes over and it is her. Any thoughts any one???



August 23, 2015 @ (first state)

Tags: evil, wrong, cheating

Okay, so this is extreme. When I mean extreme, I mean this is some messed up Jerry Springer sh*t.
I dated this guy H for about 6 months. Oddly enough I really thought he was a good guy (big mistake). So one day I got a phone call from a friend.
She told me "k, you gotta sit down."
I sat and she says "H had sex with :blank:, right after you had sex with him. I mean literally, when you left, they did it. She listened in before and she's telling everyone they planned it out."
I threw up... a lot. Not because he cheated on me, because :blank: was 13 and H was 18 and she was listening in on me, us and they planned it. WHO DOES THAT????
The police were told and since :blank: kept telling the police different stories [she did stick with it was consensual] about how/when/where it happened, they didn't press charges.
A few months later I saw her (before the police dropped the case) and the first thing out of her mouth was "So, H will be out of jail when I'm 18." with a huge grin. I really thought I was on the twilight zone.
The whole thing has stuck with me for years. I feel so sick and angry when I'm reminded of it. Since we all live in a small state, I see them sometimes and I just want to puke. They date and worse of all, they act like what they did was ok.



May 07, 2015 @ (trinidad )

Tags: bad break up

I was 21 when I got into an accident so I was warded for around 3 weeks at the hospital. My boyfriend came to visit me on the Monday of my final week there and spent the entire time with me, he got me fresh roses and food.

His parents and his sister came to see me and they brought a friend along. They introduced me to her and I shaked her hand. Then she turned to my boyfriend and called him "baby" something she said to him that insulted me, I hardly remember what she said. Then she hugged him and kissed him and told him how she didn't expect to see him here.

I was more shocked than hurt, I couldn't even look at them. I started crying and I turned to face the other side of the room.

On top of that, she told him to invite me to their engagement party. WTFFF IS EVEN HAPPENING? ???

I never dated since, he was my first boyfriend and I don't think I got over it yet.



January 31, 2015 @ (Northeast US)

Tags: Whoodini

A few weeks ago I experienced a break-up. Except it wasn't really a break-up. The man with whom I felt I was falling in love with and whom I sincerely felt was in love with me....disappeared. I reached out to him twice within a week after his whoodini act, and have not received a response. Its as if he just evaporated. I feel like I've been imagining all the time that we spent together, all the mornings we woke up cuddling and all the amazingly passionate nights that we shared.

Where is my boyfriend????

I'm writing because I am confused and would like to share a bit of my story. I was aggressively pursued by a sensitive, attractive, fun and interesting guy. I didn't do any of the pursuing, it was all on his end. After 5 months of dating him and him telling me he wanted to spend his life with me and loved me, and took me out, and dinners, and drinks, and fun and blah blah blah....we spent New Years together and the next week he prepared this amazing "honeymoon night" in his apartment with candle and tea and incense, and everything perfect. He gave my a gift after we had sex and we cuddled and had a fun night...

We kissed in the morning and said goodbye.

I haven't heard from him since. This was a month ago. I'm totally confused and angry that I was sold on this bologna. After 5 months of dating. I don't understand. I now want to send him a message and tell him off and call him out on his lunacy, but I am stopping myself. I have so many questions. So much to say, but I don't want to give him the satisfaction of even knowing that I'm giving him one more second of my thoughts.

I seriously feel like I hate him right now. I hope he is miserable and I hope that he has the worst Valentine's Day ever. I hope he realizes what a coward he is for not breaking things off more respectfully. I feel hurt, confused, and disrespected.

I want to move on, but its hard when you don't have a real ending, and so many questions. I know I deserve more, but I was just blindsided!! I didn't even really like him that much until recently.

Moreover, I hope this experience makes me more aware in the future, and I hope I am able to grow from this. I'm happy to share my story and know that I am not alone. None of us are. There is someone better out there, but in the mean time, it is not easy.



November 21, 2013 @ (Los Angeles)

Tags: Funny breakup. Really???

okay. Well' i've been with this girl for 15 months. We had a great time together and it felt like we were in love and would be together forever. This whole time though, she loved to cuss. I just ignored it because I felt like I could overlook something like that. Then around the 15th month, it got really bad. She'd curse more often around me and even said fuck you to my face, addressed at me, and she eventually wound up telling me it started off as a "screw you". What ended it was that I told her to stop cussing at me and she said she needed space alone to think about why she was acting like that with me. After she told me that, I completely lost all interest and firmly resolved to end it. I did, 3 days later



September 28, 2013 @ (Cali)

Tags: bad breakup, heartbroken, perplexed, sad, tears, crying

I dated my last boyfriend for a year and a half. We met in a waiting room where we waited for our kids a couple times a week. We had so much in common and hit it off immediately. We went on wkend adventures and had a blast. After only a few months he told me he was in love with me. He said he wanted to tell me earlier, but he was afraid to. I was so charmed by him. His ex wife was a bit crazy and they fought over their kid all the time. His ex was mad that I had dinner with him and the kid and yelled at him that they agreed to wait until dating someone 6 months before they spent time with the kid. (Which of course, she did not follow). So he then has us wait 8 months before I can spend time with him and the kid together. When he finally decides it's okay, we all spend LOTS of time together and he and I spend all our child free weekends together. He tells me I am "the one", "It's meant to be", that he has never been so happy, he is so in love, etc. He texts daily, writes me a poem, declares his love all the time. In person he is affectionate and kind. We discuss buying land together and aspects of our home we will have. We plan a vacation together with our kids. We go on the trip and everyone has a lot of fun. He gets in some arguments with his kid related to her mother, but otherwise everything was fine. When we get home he tells me thanks for the awesome vacation and a text that says "I love you so so so so much, now more than ever".
Fast forward one month after vacation. He breaks up with me in an email!!
He says that some things have occured to him and that he could not live with me and so what is the point and goodbye.
I am shocked and ask to meet with him. He says yes, but then never does. He won't answer his phone. His kid calls me one day to say how much she misses me and that she is afraid that I don't like her anymore because of her dad. I assure her that is not true, but I have no idea what her father told her because he will not talk to me. He texts me the next day and says that telling his daughter anything other than "it didn't work out" is inappropriate!! and to lose her number!! As if I called her!! ???
Two months after the breakup he sends me another email saying that he is sorry, but not asking for forgiveness. ?
Then he proceeds to tell me the 3 kinds of love in the world, one for your kids, one for your sister/mother and then the kind you can't breathe without the person....and that I fall into the sister/mother category for him. After all those months of love declarations and of course lots of sex, I fall into the mother/sister category??? WTF?
I have no tears left for this freak and have moved on. Thank goodness.


Broken Angel

April 02, 2013 @ (srilanka)

Tags: broken girl

i wrote my breakup and cant see on here?????


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