May 07, 2015 @ (trinidad )

Tags: bad break up

I was 21 when I got into an accident so I was warded for around 3 weeks at the hospital. My boyfriend came to visit me on the Monday of my final week there and spent the entire time with me, he got me fresh roses and food.

His parents and his sister came to see me and they brought a friend along. They introduced me to her and I shaked her hand. Then she turned to my boyfriend and called him "baby" something she said to him that insulted me, I hardly remember what she said. Then she hugged him and kissed him and told him how she didn't expect to see him here.

I was more shocked than hurt, I couldn't even look at them. I started crying and I turned to face the other side of the room.

On top of that, she told him to invite me to their engagement party. WTFFF IS EVEN HAPPENING? ???

I never dated since, he was my first boyfriend and I don't think I got over it yet.



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June 09, 2015

Are you cute?



May 31, 2015

I don't think you will find the better person but I surely feel you will find the bestest guy in the world.



May 22, 2015

How can people find this funny?! To the girl who wrote this. Not all men are like this. When you are ready you will find someone better.


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