March 08, 2010 @ (Texas)

Tags: texas

I caught him over the weekend with one of my friends... he was 'working late'. how fucking horrible, really



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April 16, 2010

*chico rush - Don't be a tard. *OP - Kudos for not freaking the fuck out on him.



March 09, 2010

No, i really liked him. and things were very good with us. I guess not, I didn't get any warning signs either. usually you get some type of pre cheating behavior. Sped, i've ended it. i didn't make a big production of it, despite my anger toward him.


chico rush

March 08, 2010

you're just pissed that he fucked around on you before you had a chance to fuck around on him



March 08, 2010

I hope you have the common sense to break off whatever you have with him right away


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