October 27, 2009 @ (Dallas,Texas)

Tags: texas

I cooked my bf a nice dinner and drove over to his house. he wasn't expecting me, but i wanted it to be a surprise. Well upon arriving to his house, i walked in and caught him singing in a hairbrush to Brittney. I know its a shitty reason to breakup, but i like a real man.. not that kinda of man. lol



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January 02, 2010

I'll go there Hich. Susan, you are a bitch. It's his house, he can do whatever the hell he wants. Like Fred said, he wasn't out in public doing this, he was in the confines of his own home. And you lol at the end like someone is going to agree with you or that it was funny, you deserve herpes from your next boyfriend.



November 24, 2009

I won't say "You're a bitch"... But that act was consistant with being a bitch. And it was a bitchy thing to do. Agree with Fred. Get over yourself.



October 30, 2009

I wish there was an age limit (or an IQ limit) to posting on this site. OMGZ HE WAS SINGING BRITNEY LULZ!!11!! Yea, nice, I personally think that's sorta gay, but here's the thing, it was in his own place while he was alone, not on a stage or in front of your friends. Get over yourself.


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