January 11, 2010 @ (Dallas,Texas)

Tags: texas, hearbreak, breaking up, breakups

Nothing like starting the new year by seeing a picture on facebook of your girlfriend making out with some dbag at a party. Best part is i haven't talk to her in about 2 days. When, and if she calls im going to break up with her on the spot. Get this, her friend has been hitting on my for the past month. I'm thinking i might actually make out with her and post it on facebook. That would be a fun breakup story. Karma doesn't exist.



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cleavland grover

January 16, 2010

maybe if you weren't constantly playing world of warcraft or * stalking in your mother's basement then maybe you'd have gone to that party and she wouldn't have made out with that other're the deserve to get fucked around on.seriously how many creampie's did she bring you? could you taste the difference between her regulars?did you hand wash the stains out of her panties for her?i don't think you're angry about her hooking up with're angry she posted it before telling you all the juicy details while you lick up all the evidence.does she call you cum gargeler?


don corneo

January 12, 2010

fuck your girlfriend, take pictures then fuck her friend, take pictures, then send them to everyone on * ;D Plus post links to them on here if she is hot.



January 12, 2010

George: You're a pussy. You see pictures of her with another guy on her * and you wait for her to call to break up with her? Guess how long she's been getting her pussy tapped by real men before she posted on *? Probably the whole time she has been your "girlfriend". She has no respect for you. So now it's over. You walk away. You don't answer her calls (if any but I doubt you will be getting any calls....). She is dead to you and that's how you treat her. None of this making out with the girl's friend to "show her". If you do that and post it, all that shows is that you are a whiny bitch who acts like he's in 6th grade. Man up, deal with the breakup and move on. Jeez


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