Breaking Up 101

November 16, 2009 @ (Texas)

Tags: texas, hearbreak, breaking up, breakups

We were driving over to his parents house a few weekends ago to visit for the weekend. We got in a huge fight in the car over some stupid issues. It's really too much to get into, so sorry uBUH readers! I hate fighting but its health every once in a while, right? But I don't think pulling over to the bus station and telling me to get a ride home is an ok end to the fight. he pulled off and came back after 5 mins or so. i hate having to put on a happy face when i was so furious with him!!! the fight continued, he yelled I don't even love you anymore.. I'm leaving. He storm out of the house going to god knows where. he came back to his clothes in the front lawn... breaking up is easy



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November 30, 2009

just ask Tiger Woods how healthy fighting is for a relationship. His old lady was trying to be so healthy she was coming after his ass with a golf club at 2:30 in the morning. She got two SUV windows but no Tiger.



November 30, 2009

fighting is healthy in a relationship, every once in a while. Nothing physical of course.



November 30, 2009

Actually, fighting is never healthy. You hate having to put on a happy face? How do you think he feels having to deal with your bitchy self? You're lucky he came back. No wait, you're lucky he let you in his car. Where was your car? Oh thats right, BACK TO THE KITCHEN!



November 20, 2009

you're lucky you're a woman.if he'd have thrown your shit all over the lawn it would have been domestic violence or something like that



November 17, 2009

well you are just a spoiled nasty cunt


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