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December 28, 2017 @ (Sydney)

Tags: bad breakup, broken heart, crying, tears

So there was this guy that my aunty had mentioned she wanted to set me up with and said he was a lovely, good looking boy, kind sweet and that we would be a great match. She had mentioned that we knew each other as kids but I was probably too young to remember. Beside the fact, I said no because it was a really weird idea and I didn't want to meet him that way. However, I did know that he had dated a girl at my school for quite a while but had broken up badly with her. My best friend was also really good friends with him, but never really talked about him much. Then a week passes by and me and my best friend are at a party which she told this guy to meet us at. Me and my friend got separated at the party and he tried getting in contact with her by she wasnt responding.But he somehow knew I was with her and messaged me on facebook, asking if we were still at the party, so I called him (keeping in mind i was almost drunk) and told him where we were. he came with his friends and picked us up and came back to my house around the corner. We were there for a long time, from like 10pm to 3am in the morning. He ended up inviting me to his 18th birthday that was in 2 weeks time and ended up kissing. The next day he has messaged me and asked me out on a date (or so i thought was a date.) We were talking for that week until the date, and had a blast but he didnt seem himself. Then he completely ghosted me and ignored my messages, so I gave up. He ended up messaging me saying that he liked me and didnt want a relationship at the moment, which i completely understood considering the fact that he was turning 18 and just starting to go out clubbing etc. Then i found out he was talking to a girl, not even a week later who he probably was messaging whilst talking to me which made my heart break into pieces because for days I thought i wasn't good enough, or pretty enough or that I was ugly and that it was all my fault. But in reality it was just him being an asshole. He then asked her out a month later, and we saw each other at a dinner, he had asked me if I was talking to any boys, and I told him that it was none of his business because I was just finally getting over him. He was being extremely flirty, and I keep right back in love with him. I asked him if he was talking to any girls and he said no, even though i knew he was. He broke my heart into pieces, and the worst thing is that I still like him, even though he did so many horrible things to me, even made me cry. He is the reason why I dont let boys into my life or heart so easily. Because he broke it and now the only thing that can repair it is time.



April 28, 2017 @ (Japan )

Tags: Bad break up dramatic

We met in college. Dated for two years, he joined the army, he got send to another country. We were separated for 6 months before the reunion. I realized that he changes a lot after joining the military. He became so busy and tired.
I found myself not being introduced to his new friends anymore. I found that he has been using social media a lot. I saw him leaving flirty comments to some girls. He wanted to break up with me for a few times.every time I said no to him and told him :we can get through this long distance relationship. I flew back to my country after that
reunion(1semester of study abroad). He asked for a break up again. I couldn't deal with it anymore, as he has no willing to come to visit me or even come back to me anytime in the future. I see him dated a girl who I saw he left the flirts message with. I tried to ruin his relationship with that girl by making him feeling guilt about cheated on me. Then I kinda successed, he expressed he WANTED ME BACK, while he was still with that girl .
I said no. Shortly after, they broke up for whatever the reason. and I heard that he is dating another girl.
I am still feeling sad, because I still miss him.



June 18, 2015 @ (Alabama)

Tags: Hurt, betreyal , overlapping , rebound

I met him at work, we got to know each other and start dating. We were madly in love for 3 years and we were planning to get married, our obstacle were our parents. They did not get along, we tried and tried and it did not work out. We decided that it was best to move on since we are not meant to be although we were still in love. He was much older than me and it was the time for him to get married. His parents and friends were constantly introducing him to women but he was never interested. Until he started talking to one girl, at first it was normal and i ignored until it became everyday. I told him it is time for us to moveon since i dnt want to drag this relationship to nowhere. He agreed and 1 week after we stop talking, i checked his facebook and read a conversation with her all flirty. I never expected he would move on that fast. It hurts so bad.. I dnt understand how can he do that if he was really in love with me. I talked to him and told him what i thoughy and he said that he doesnt have time to move on he has to move fast, and no mattee what he stil cares. i dnt believe him and i really feel betrayed. What do I do, is it his rightt to do that or just disrespectful?



July 13, 2014 @ (where I belong)

Tags: bad breakup

Well, I'm with this guy since October last year. Our relationship was good. He was so caring and sweet to me. Like ohh he knew how to make me feel comfortable. I was really loved him. Till in February when he was sleeping beside me, I took his phone and there is a messages from other chick. He's such flirty with that girl. I never imagined he would cheat on me. Next day I told him about this and he admitted it and sorry to me. Ok, I was forgiving him. Our relationship was good again. And on April he's moved to another city. He promised to always call me and never ignore me. But, a liar is a liar. He never call me or text me. Everytime I calls/texts him he never reply. And then I went to twitter and I caught him had a conversation with different girl. I shocked and I was crying every night, I couldn't sleep cause I can't stop thinking about him. I was confused with this relationship. I talked with alot of people about this and they were giving me some advice and the last was always "break him up" . After I'm sure with this, I was breaking up with him by the phone cause there's no way to go to his current city and he was fine with it. And till now I'm still trying to move on from him, and yesterday he textd me and he want me to get back with him again. He told me her new girl cheated on him. And... oh my bad, I was evil laughs plus I think I'm fall in love with him again. So I was crying at that time, I'm sooooo confused. I talked about it to my best friend, and she said "he will hurt you again" . And until now I keep ignoring his text and never answer his call. But now I'm afraid to start a relationship again. Because of him I have a trauma. And now I think all of the boys are the same.



May 07, 2013 @ (San Francisco)

Tags: Crush, first, kiss, bad, relationship, teenagers, dumb, love

I have had a crush on this girl sinse the first grade, it started off as us hating each other but it was one of those cute kid cover up things. In middle school there were other girls I hooked up with, other girl friends, so I forgot about this girl for a long time. After dealing with a fair amount of drama with other girls, I started to have feeling for this girl again, this is by the time puberty has hit us both and she became more than just the girl I liked, she became beautiful, so other guys started hitting on her too. Around this time me and he started getting flirty, this lasted for a while until I asked her out, but she said no because she felt like we were too close as friends and she didn't want to loose me. So I was heart broken or whatever but I bounced back and everything was fine between us. We texted all summer and saw each other a few times, it almost felt like we were together, but we weren't. I got over her and started focusing on my studies so for a while all I did was study and party, everything was going fine, I was happy. Then my best female friend told me that she and my old crush were talking and that she found out that she kind of liked me but was going to wait for me to ask her out. So I waited, partied more, and eventually got around to asking her out, again, and she said yes. That marked the start of our month line awkward excuse of a relationship. I was her first boyfriend, and her first kiss, which she was extremely nervous for, so once we kissed I thought everything would turn around and that she would loose her shyness, the thing ruining our relationship. I didn't work, she and her friend started fighting and their fight was affecting out relationship. Spring break rolled around and I had only kissed her one day, on several occasions though, infact we made out. I was planning to hang out with her during spring break but she was out of town the whole time. The last weekend of spring break I was so exited to see her the following Monday. When I go to school I found out that her fight with her friend had gotten worse, they would even look a each other. That day I decided that I Was going to talk to her and either figure out why everything was going the way it was going or break up with her. Before I could do it I checked with my female friend and she had told me that my girlfriend had told her that she wasnt ready for a telationship and that she wanted it to end but she was to nervousness and shy to do it herself, so knowing that I ended it. I felt awful, I picked up smoking again that night and sat on my roof singing sad songs, what a movie cliche. Later people started saying that she just used me to get a first kiss and I was devastated because I thought she liked me. In a spiral of sadness I started smoking too much weed to feel happy again, which was fun while it lasted but now I'm broke. So I've been a sad, bitter, broke, lonely wreck. She seems like she moved on immediately, she's happy, and never regarded it, but I still feel empty inside because I don't know how to be happy again like I was before we got together. She said maybe she would be open to trying a relationship with me again next year but I can't hold on that long, even though I'm afraid I will and this silent sufference will last until then. Sigh... Where some weed when I need it.



July 10, 2012 @ (British Columbia)

Tags: flirty, distrust

Id met him on the first week of spring break, I was trying to get away from the chaos down in the city and had taken a bus up island to relax on the country side with a bottle of smirnoff in my hand. My friend who had gone with me found her spring break romance quickly and left me to my clouded mind. He (My soon to be love) had an unusual name, the name of a handbag and at first I wasn't sure if he was straight. We hit it off and after I had left to go back home we never stopped talking until the day I saw him again. He had a girlfriend at the time and I wasn't looking for anything in particular, but after several shots we found ourselves making out on the bridge in the park under the moonlit sky. He confessed to his girlfriend that he had been unfaithful and the trust she held for him slowly vanished. The night after it happened again.. a couple days later he ended his relationship with her and him and I started dating. I questioned his feelings for me, did he really know what he wanted? He told me that his relationship was beginning to fall apart anyways and that meeting me was just a push in the right direction. Because of how we had met, I tried not to fall in love with him to avoid being hurt but slowly began to give more of myself to him. He would tell me how much he loved me, how much he missed me and I would sit on my computer miles away from him and smile. One day when he had come down to see me, I curiously looked at the texts on his phone. I found messages that read "You're so cute" and "You have a nice ass" to two different girls. He tried to justify his actions by saying that he had "Weird" friendships with them. I grew to distrust him little by little, almost ending things with him on several occasions. The fear of being hurt interwined with the fear of losing him but deep down I knew he would never change, and he didnt. Whenever I would come up island he would text other girls, ignore me and have me buy him things. It became plainly obvious that he still held feelings for his ex girlfriend once she forgave him for betraying her and I realized that he was never mine to begin with. I could not wait for him to discover what he wanted because I could already see things beginning to fall apart.



January 23, 2012 @ (adelaide)

Tags: hurt, confused

So i was at school walking around when this guy called me over too him, wed been talking alot on facebook but hadnt officially met. he was such a sweetheart and anything you could ever want as weeks past i started getting feelings for him he admitted he was too wed text, latenight phonecls, hug and his when we seen eachother at school. I really feel gor him and he always said he had really big feelings for me too until oneday i found.out he got into a relationship with another girl. he just kept lying and saying he wasnt but i knew it was true. i was so hurt how could a guy lead me on so far then just act like nothing happened. we stopped talking for awhile and then oneday he told me whenever he seen me hed remember the feelings he had for me and stuff. then 8months past and him and her broke up and he started texting me again and he got his bestfriend too text me and i was getting along well with both of them until james(the guy who played me) stopped txting me but me and beau (james bestmate) kept texting wed talk everyday and night and id tell him how i still had feelings for james and hed tell me to tell him and then a month later beau and mine texts got flirty and he ended.up coming to my house after showcase he parked behind.the fence and i snuck out to see him and we were play fighting then wed hug and then we starting kissing and we were talking and mucking around then.kissing again.and then.he had to leave to pick up his mate and he kept txting me after that we got along well but when i wss with him id have huge butterflies and a warm fuzzy feeling and this was the third timee being with him then the next day after school he picked me.up and i went back to his and we were being goobs and kissed againand i was there for awhile then id left to go home. tthen a few weeks later he asked me if it was ok to tell james that hed kissed me and stuff and i was like yeah then james started txting me saying beau and - kissing in the tree blah blah acting all jelousy now its been 2months and i thought i had feelins for james still and told him i wanted to be with him and he told me he felt the same but then.his ex told me he had kept ringing her telling her he still loved her and how he was flirting with other girls so i soughted my shit out and stopped talking to him and ive realised i like his bestfriend and his bestmate says he still likes me abit and his who i imagine myself with now. i honestly am so confused i dont know what to do cause i want tk be with beau so thats why i stopped talking to james but i dont know whether to tell beau how i feel or just stay friends with benifits cause i really like him and i know my situation could ruin their frienfships but it wont. and i dont know what to do ? Please help guys xx



December 31, 2011 @ (bacolod)

Tags: 123

Hey.I'm ladiesman from philippines(obviously just an alias). It's my first time to experience this kind of pain from a break-up, cause I've invested too much on this woman. We got into a relationship through a dare game, in a text message. We got along,flirted,calling each other every 10:00 in the evening, been making out 4 times.., but never had an actual sex(just oral). The thin g with our relationship is she doesn't want to go out with me in public, telling me that she doesn't want her friends to know about it and that they will be shocked, I've also asked her about the guys that had been tecting her and calling her, and she would just tell me that these guys are nothing to worry about. Deep inside me I know that she's hiding something from me, but everytime I've asked her about this one she would always tell me the same thing, that I don't need to worry, they are just old acquaintances/ friends. It got to a point that I couldn't take this kind of thing anymore, and that I wanted our relationship to be open, so I told her about it, we broke up, and after an hour I told her that I was sorry and I want her back again. She just agreed, but starting that time, things got weird. She would not call me every 10:00 in the evening like what she's gonna be doing before, always delayed or sometimes not replying on my text messages anymore, started to make excuses for us not to meet, it was too much for me that I tried to call her for 33 times, she didn't answered back then. She then texted me on why have I called her for that many number of times, and I told her that I thought she was trying to avoid me, she was pissed, and told me that she's starting to lose interest on me because of what i did, and that caused our break up. I still made an effort to contact her, and even called her once asking for one more chance, but she told me that she just wants to be alone during christmas, and that she won't be giving me a chance
"for now" she says. 3 days passed, i never texted her but I would still call her from time to time, cause I was badly missing our daily routine of calling each other, and also spending time with her too...The last time that she answered the phone, after my 5 attempted calls in one day, she said"hello?...., I'm still busy", and then she dropped the phone. That hurted like hell for me. I felt like it's really 100% over already. I couldn't get over it that much, i became a paranoid and tried to seek advice from a lot of people around me, even those that I don't know. It came to a point that I've realized that I'm starting to get over it already, and had been trying to check her fb walls if there are other guys posting some stuffs. Lo and behold, there was a guy that I really have doubts to have a sexual reltionship with her that posted in her wall, I checked his fb account, checked on the pictures and his walls, and there I've discovered that my girl was actually trying to flirt, and chase the guy(cause he's a model) and had been posting a lot of flirty comments to each other since the day that my girl and I started making out(only lasted for about 2 months and a couple of weeks). Right now, I already consider her as a bitch, and is still trying to move on from the lies that she's been doing to me. I never realized that she's this kind of person, but a girl like this are the type to just be thrown away and be ignored(that's what my ego tells me to do....), and that's what I'm trying to do right now. Thing is, she still has a small boobs and a smelly cunt, so, I wanna wish the other guys who's gonna be meeting with her vagina a goodluck.



December 12, 2011 @ (Edmonton, Alberta)

Tags: 1

I was clear on my intentions when I told the universe what I wanted "Somebody who loves me as I am" and he showed up. He was funny, flirty, nervous, self conscious and lacked confidence. Why? God knows because he was handsome, fit, funny and available. We worked together and at first i did not want to work with him because he had a sarcastic and surly streak, but over time he won me with his charm. It was an intense and passionate love right from the start, but i had to acknowledge that even with all his flirting, I was the one who asked him out. He reciprocated and we had afternoon dates over lunch and long walks. then we started sleeping together and I told him that I loved him. That didn't go over very well. We dated steadily for 2 months when he went on a holiday. The people he was going to meet up with seemd a strange mix but I didn't know him that well at the time.

Turns out he met up with a woman from his past who drifted into the spot of "platonic friend." I said he needed to make clear his intentions with her. She kept calling and he kept answering.
Then she became this regular part of his/our life but she lived in the states so was far removed. I started to get jealous and we had our first of many break ups over his lack of honesty and the way he painted the picture of her involvement in his life. i was in love with him, saw him every day at work and couldn't break free form his emotional pull. I took a transfer. that worked for a week or two and then we started speaking again and seeing each other again but it was not th same. He started to pint out my flaws, I saw his evasiveness and aloof behaviour more clearly. We started to disagree. Eventually i watched him openly flirt with another woman at a cocktail party and knew that it was time to move on. He denied it of course, called me jealous, said I was hot and cold with him. We had tickets to the company Christmas party so agreed to still go together. there was no magic anymore. He won a door prize of jewellery at the party and reluctantly gave it to me. My co-workers thought his distance was strange. I tried so hard not to belittle him or be angry with him but it was hard. He drove me home, we said our goodbyes, he was cold and distant, the man I knew hm to be in the beginning, the man i didn't want to work next to. I asked him why he would start dating me again if he wasn't that interested. He said he was sorry about that. And then it was over. Now I'm working on a different floor and working through this breakup so that I can continue on in finding love. I just wasn't clear in my intentions.


Kayla Marie

November 29, 2010 @ (Tennessee )

Tags: Boys

Okay so I'm 13 and this guy I'm completely in love with is 15. I met him at my moms old friends apartments becaus he was living there at the time. Well I saw this really amazing guy on this lawn mower and I told my mom he was gorgeous. Well my aunt and mom decided to embarrase me by singing big green tractor. Later that night I was thinking about him constantely. I asked his cousin (moms friend) for his number. Which he gave it to me. I called him and he sounded so cute over the phone. So country. Well we texted fr a while and asked him to send a picture so he did and turns out I thought he was realy ugly. Well he was so sweet .. I texted him just so i wouldn't be mean and he was talking to me while I was sick. Well later on I thought it was annoying so I just ignored his txts. Months went on by, my aunt was moved in at the apartments and so I went to visit here there. Turns out I was dating this other guy and Blake texted me and asked me to meet him outside ". Well first i was scared but I went out and he wouldn't get out and talk to me. He had music full blast on in his truck and so his cousin made him come meet me. Finally I seen him closeup. He was gorgeous. Most amazing guy I had ever laid eyes on. We wen out for a drive with my mom and his cousin. We started talking in the cat, got along very well, then I noticed I started to get flirty. I scooted up very close to him and we looked At eachother phones. We bonded very quickly. After that we was together. Off and on like crazy! I was falling head over hills for him. My aunt let him stay with her one note wen I stayed got 2 hickeys then she tried to cover them up. Me his sister and his little brother got along. We would walk down to the creek a few times and make out in another room in the dark and acted like we seen a mouse but everyone knew better. Later on my mom noticed we was getting very comfortable with eachother. We broke up about a month ago. My fault :( now he won't tlk to ne at all . I think he hates me but I am SOOOO in love with him. I miss him so much and I try my best to get him back but it never works. He is a big and bad country boy who thinks he's all that. I need him. He is still to this day my world and my everything.


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