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March 06, 2012 @ (Vermont)

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My sister gave her friend my number and instantly we started hitting it off. We talked everyday and all day long as well as hung out as much as possible. One day I asked her if she wanted to be official and she agreed. We were together for a few weeks and in that few weeks she said she loved me. I on the other hand wasnt ready to tell her that. Then a few days later she texted me in the middle of the night saying she rushed into the relationship and wasn't ready to be with someone. This was strange because days before she was saying things the COMPLETE opposite. She said she still wanted to talk and hang out and be together but just not officially. So I agreed and things kept going for a week until one day I was at her house playing a game on her iphone when randomly this kid texted her calling her "babe" I was skeptical so I went through the conversation while she wasn't looking and I found days worth of conversations with stuff like her saying "I want you" and "I miss you babe" (stuff she usually says to me) So i showed it to her and she freaked out and begged me not to leave and me being the idiot i was spent all night listening to her explain herself. She said that he meant nothing to her and one of the main reasons she broke up with me in the first place was that "there was another guy" which turned out to be her ex. This devastated me but when we were making up and spending the night together I told her I loved her. We were so close for a while until one day she texted my sister and told her "I make her feel like shit sometimes" which makes no sense because I had done nothing wrong. She told me she needed space from me and said If i dont do so then I'll "lose her forever" I spent two weeks not talking to her and in those two weeks I was in a deep depression and couldn't enjoy anything I once loved doing. So one day she texted me saying she missed me and took me back but once again she went through this stupid little phase she had where she just wouldn't talk to me or wouldn't call me "babe" or call me "her boyfriend" I checked her facebook and she flirts with SO many guys she calls them "babe" and "boo" and I just couldn't believe my eyes. I texted her 8 pages of everything that I felt and told her that she made no effort in the relationship and treated me like an idiot. She then proceeded to deny flirting and talking with other guys when I can clearly see her doing it on facebook. I broke up with her and she told me it was all my fault. Pssh yeah right. I know Im a good guy and I didnt deserve that. Fuck any girl who is a tease and thinks flirting with a million guys is cool. You aren't cool. It's unattractive and makes you look like a slut/idiot/bitch that no one likes



December 27, 2011 @ (CT )

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We met at a flirt website, it was chemistry at first sight. He had told me that he had previously met someone from the same website, met up with her and had sex. This fact held me from being the first to text every single day. Hence, he was the one to sent it first, always? After two weeks of non stop texting from our personal phones we decided to meet. We didn't have sex, we made love and admitted this two days after. Again we spoke about it because he would text me first. Two days after we met he stopped calling.



December 14, 2011 @ (Clagary)

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So I knew him since I was in grade five, he dated my best friends' older sister for 3 years, I never thought about him romantiaclly back then, and never really thought I would. They broke up but stayed friends, they are still friends to this day.
When I was 16 my best friend and I started hanging out with her older sister her friends (him included). I didnt really think of him that way stil, until one night my friend told me he was texting her and told her that he thought I was the most beautiful girl hes ever seen, he was shy of me I guess. (But he didnt have a reason to be)I was surprised and excited and I felt awesome. I decided to go try talking to him, when I did he still acted shy around me. But he eventually let down a little of his shyness and started talking and acting more freely around me. Then one day, we were sitting in the backyard with a few of his friends, when all of a sudden they all just started dispersing, once everyone else had cleared he took my hand and asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. It was so cute; planned out. I said yes. He was so amazing to me in our first few months, he was my first, and he didnt push me, and I thought everything was perfect. Then we started fighting. All he wanted to do was spend time with his friends and never even thought to invite me to come. I was seeing him twice a week at most, and our sex life was faltering to say the least. We broke up a few times, off and on again and again. I was the first one to break up with him, he begged me back, cried and pleaded. He seemed like he was actually sorry, so I did. About a year later (off and on) one of his friends started seeing this girl who they met one night at the bar. She seemed alright, not goodlooking by any stretch, but she had something in her personality I guess. I was going to mexico, we were all talking about it one night and this new girl was like " so are we going to be going snowboarding while our partners are in mexico?" and he kind of brushed it off, like he didnt want me to be around while they made plans. It kinda got me going, and all the times he brought her up. Once I actually was losing my mind about it and decided to ask him if he had a thing for her. He brushed it off and said she was annoying...

A few months later she and his friend broke up.

We broke up again, like normal I thought we would get back together again, we talked, made plans and he blew me off. Then one night there was a party, I had to work that night so I couldnt attend. But my friend was there. The next morning she called me and told me that he showed up there with her. I was frantic. I went over to his house. His roommate answered the door and told me he wasnt home. I asked if I could get a few of my things, she let me in.
I went into his room and ther on the floor was her bag, a pair of nasty panties and a bunch of her shit. Oh man did I ever want to burn it, but I didnt, instead I just grabbed everything I ever gave him, and left. I went on a vacation. He texted me a few months ago, and I stupidly replied trying to be just his friend. He texts me now and then telling me how much he misses me, and was stupid. But never really saying anything. Whatever, I have an amazing boyfriend now who I have been dating for 6 months and I am happier than I ever was with him.



October 06, 2011 @ (Los Angeles)

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My boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 months. There is a fair age difference between us. His 26 and I'm 14 I've known him since I was about 8. I love him more then anything. And he loves me the exact same way. The age difference has always worried us. Everything was going perfectly. But then we had an argument over a phone bill, which he had made after calling my mobile off his parents house phone. I hated it when he spent money on me. Even the slightest bit. He continued to tell me how he was going to pay for it himself. Our relationship was something that no one knew about. And we planned on keeping it that way. It was long distance, but it was a sacrifice we both made. During the argument about the phone bill, he tells me how his mother found out exactly how old I am,after talking to a friend of hers from my home town. He tells me how she refuses to have him live under her roof. at this point I start to cry. Because I knew the outcome. He texted me saying how bad he felt about it, and how he felt like he had broken my heart ( that he did) but he wad going to have to think the situation through, and put our relationship on hold.I didn't reply to that message. And writing this two hours later, I don't plan to. It scares me, because his suffered depression and Suicide has been an outstanding option for him, his always told me that if he ever had to live without me he would kill himself. Lying in bed, I've deleted all his messages, and his number. The only thing stopping us is other people's opinions. I'm worried, and I miss him. I live in a small town, so it wil probably make it's way around anyways.. I really don't know what to do. His so protective, and he hates it when I talk to other boys. Even if it is just a polite conversation. The fact that my bestfriend was a boy means that I've lost him too. At the moment my phones turned off. And I'm just going to stay in bed. Just pray that he makes the right decision.



September 01, 2011 @ (Oregon)

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Ok so my ex and i had been together for 11 months everything was great at first then i left to a summer camp for a week. When i got back i could tell something was wrong.. but he just wouln't tell me wht it was. So then here we are talking on the PHONE not even in person.. nd he tells me " im tierd of you always arguing about everything i just want to not fight anymore.." nd some more BS .. he dumps me that night .. here i am crying like a dummie. BUT, wait here i am i love this kid with all my heart soo im willing to go all the way were he lives nd try to work things out. To my surprise i get their and he's getting high so i try to seduce him lol nd he gave in .. for like a million times but then after said ... " no im not a cheater i dont cheat" i was like WTF do you have a new GF? and it turns out that while i was sitting their crying my eyes out nd all those restless nights he got with this girl eathier the day he dumped me or the day after.. this happened yesterday .. i am sooo hurt and idk what to do i feel like im never going to get over him .. I HONESTLY HOPE HE GETS HIS ASS KICKED SOOOOON!!!



August 31, 2011 @ (texas)

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I'd never know that my ex was still in a relationship when he tried to date me. I wasnt interested at first but seeing his effort made my heart melted. So I accepted him in my life. Everything, of course was great at first until one night when he confessed that he was still in another relationship when we started dating.

I was so mad at first but when he explained that his ex is the one who cheated on him first and he also showed some evidence of it (text from that girl), I decided to forget about it and continued with our relationship since I already fell for him (my first love)

Few months later, I further my study in college which is about 400km from my hometown and thats mean I was away from him and could only met him once a month. While I was away, his ex kept trying to win him back and it really annoyed me to death. He said he got no feeling anymore with this girl.

So I just let it slip through my mind. However, one day, he wrongly sent a message to me which the intended user is his ex. In that msg he showed clearly how he still in love with his ex. Our relationship was on the rock. He accused me to be pushy when in fact I was not. I just demanded to know his whereabouts when he didnt call me for few days.

Next thing I know, he married the girl. and I spent 2 years and a half crying about it, when I finally moved on and didnt think about it anymore, his wife sent me a msg through fb and made me reminisce about the bad old things and made my life miserable again. I just wish that both of them will burn in hell.



August 31, 2011 @ (malaysia)

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My-then boyfriend of one year said that he needed to go to another island (within our country) to help out family's business (timber business) and he said that he would be back in a month' time. Two months passed, he didn't show any sign that he would come back and when I asked, he made a big deal about it and accused me of forcing him to choose between me and his family.

To make things worse, he also told her family about it and made them hate me.We fought like crazy, and he said he would be there for at least a year. I promised to wait for him. Even though it was so hard to contact him since he's in the jungle most of the time, but I tried my best to make it works.

Three months later, during my study break, I decided to pay him a visit. It was my first time to fly and to go to that island. He promised to pick me up from the airport and spend time with me. I was so excited since Id never flied before and Id never been to that island, because its on other part of my country.

The day before I arrived, I tried to call him but couldn't get through. I was worried but I still went there, hoping that he would keep his promises. When I arrived there, I couldn't get him through the phone.

So I settled down alone, looking for the guest house and all, with a very small budget (since he promised to pay my money back!). I tried to call him everyday but couldn't get through and couldn't stop crying because I was alone there and that place is so unfamiliar to me, couldn't afford to change my flight back.

I called his sister with the hope that she would help me a bit but she just show how much she and her family hate me. I almost faint when I know about it. They didn't even want to see my face.

Only on 5th day finally my-then bf contacted me and agreed to meet me for only two hours. He promised he would come back again. But until now.. after one year and a half I'd never heard from him again.



August 20, 2011 @ (reading, pa.)

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I met a wonderful man on We were instantly attracted to each other. He came on very strong and I told him to take it slow, which did not happen. In the long run it was flattering to have this handsome man say he was falling in love with you. By the third week of dating he did a turn around saying he needed time and was confused. I responded with an email telling him to take the time he needed but in the future no matter who he is with to go slow. We ended up seeing each other again and we were back in the same boat with him telling me he wanted to live with me and he loved me. Again 2 weeks after the first episode he started to pull away saying he was not sure. At this time I was schedule for surgery and he was suppose to take me and be there when I woke up. Well Mr. Wonderful said he was sorry and he just needed time. I told him take the time and I would find another ride to the hospital, terrible timing. Also I told him I could not continue with this roller coaster and to please stop contacting me. We talked a few more times with him saying he was sorry and this whole thing had nothing to do with me!!! I asked it there was somone else and he just said he was going through something. So now the surgery is over, I had lots of friends and family helping out. I am dealing with healing from the operation and the pain of not being with a person I truly cared for. Obviously he had some emotional issues and was not ready or open for a loving relationship. I still have great hope and look forward to my wonderful partner who I know is just around the corner!!


Holly Bod Bod

March 25, 2011 @ (Leicestershire)

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i had fallen in love with him as soon as we met, it was love at first sight - for me. and as i am a very attractive woman he fell for me quickly. we got on really well together and were always laughing and canoodling where ever we could find a private enough place. then the douchebag fell for a girl waaaay uglier than me called mildred, and she is disabled - who is this sick man? so we broke up. he has left me heart broken.



February 17, 2011 @ (Texas)

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not really a break up but here it goes... so i'm 13 and don't give me that focus on your studies crap... I've never been much of a G.F. B.F. type of guy but when one of the hottest girls at the school starts trying to talk to you, you dont just turn down the offer. So it starts off great but its just talking never dating. Then about 2 months later still just talking no dating and im beginning to question our relationship and if we'll ever be more than just what we had been. She tries to tell me we will but she's nervous. I believe her but im still skeptical. About a week later what do you know she says we should stop talking and that she sees me as just a friend. She has no new boyfriend or is event talking to anyone she just got tired i guess. "500 days of Summer" without the happy ending. I now know what it feels like to be heart broken...


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